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					                          CRESCO PARK
Briefing of members of your group
Prior to or on arrival at Cresco Park the leader in charge must inform all people in their group of the following safety rules and conditions of use:
         To protect our trees and soils, cars and trailers are only permitted on the formed vehicular track and turntable areas; they are not
          permitted in camping areas.
         Cresco Park is free of the soil pathogen, Phytophora. No soil is to be brought into the campsite and muddy vehicles are to be hosed
          down before entry.
         Tents must not be sited under potentially hazardous trees, including those identified by yellow tape or a metal tag.
         Open fires are only permitted in the shelter fireplace or in a fire drum unless prior written permission has been obtained from the
          Cresco Campsite Committee. Never leave any fire unattended. All gas stoves and wood fires must be used in accordance with State
          government fire regulations (including no fires on days of total fire ban).
         Look after all trees and plants. No live or dead tree is to be felled. Use fallen timber for firewood. No firewood is to be removed from
          Cresco Park. Pets and firearms are not permitted.
         Youth members must not leave the campsite without leader permission and must at all times respect the property of our neighbours.
          No loud radios or generators are permitted when others are in camp. No noise is permitted after 10pm or before 7am.
         All swimming and liloing must be undertaken in accordance with Scout Association rules and regulations (including, for joeys, cubs
          and scouts, use of the buddy system, picket with lifeline, supervision by a responsible adult – unless prior arrangements made for a
          patrol camp, etc).
         All rafting and boating must be undertaken in accordance with Scout Association rules and regulations (eg the wearing of PDFs for all
          those using rafts and boats, holding of the relevant charge certificate, etc).
         All facilities and equipment must be left in a clean and tidy condition or a cleaning fee may be charged. Any damage must be reported
          and the cost of repair or replacement of damaged property (including the incorrect discharge of fire extinguishers) is the responsibility
          of the user.
         Functions serving alcohol are not permitted without the prior written permission of the Cresco Campsite Committee.
         The Cresco Campsite Committee reserves the right to send home any persons or group who breach any of these rules and
Opening up of the John Pennington Shelter
         Turn on power at the switchboard inside the cupboard adjacent to the back wall (this activates the water supply pump and all lights &
          power outlets).
         Get out handles from the cupboard for the tap over sink and, if required, the outside male toilet.
         Place plastic supermarket bag or similar sized garbag in the receptacles provided in each female toilet cubicle for the disposal of
          feminine hygiene products.
        Toilet paper and soap are provided in the toilets, with extra supplies in the cupboard (and it is a good idea to “be prepared” and bring
         some extra supplies of your own).
Setting up camp
         Tents may only be erected in the designated areas at the 1st turntable and at the lower turntable (unless the prior written permission of
          the Cresco Campsite Committee has been obtained). No tents may be erected within 4.5m of a tree marked with yellow tape (which
          have been assessed by an arborist as being potentially hazardous). Set up tents away from overhanging tree limbs.
         No trenches may be dug.
         No live timber or standing dead timber may be cut and no ropes are to be attached to trees unless small branches are used behind
          the rope to protect the bark and cambium of the tree.
Opening up of the Bunkhouse
         Turn on the power at the power box on the outside wall (the light switches are inside on the right hand wall as you enter).
         When in use, insert the padlock in the pad bolt hasp so that the doors cannot be in avertedly locked from the outside.
         Place plastic supermarket bag or similar sized garbag in the rubbish bin.
         The bunkhouse is a no smoking area.
       Note that gas stoves may be used in the bunkhouse on a day of total fire ban.
The Water Activities Centre
         The Water Activities Centre will be at all times under the control of a member of the District Water Activities team, unless special prior
          arrangements have been made with the Cresco Campsite Committee.
         To open the centre and the roller doors, enter by the side door.
Sullage and sewerage from the shelter is connected to a septic tank on eastern side of shelter. Effluent is pumped from the septic tank to a pit
and sand filter near the boundary fence. The power to the effluent pump should not be turned off.
Should the alarm be sounding (ie the pump is not operating and water may appear at the top of pit), stop using water and stop flushing the
toilets. Check that the power is on at meter box on the rear wall of the shelter and at the isolator switch on the post adjacent to the septic tank.
If the power has been inadvertently turned off and is turned back on again, the pump will automatically restart. If this doesn‟t solve the problem
call Night Owl Plumbing on mob. 0418 342 940 and request assistance.
Do not use antibacterial or chlorine based cleaners or detergents –only those supplied (ie Earth Choice or pure soaps).
                          CRESCO PARK
       Ensure that any damage is recorded on your feedback form and, if possible, repaired or made safe.
         Make sure all fires are out (if you can‟t put your hand in the coals, it is not out!).
        Collect all rubbish and take home with you. Double check („emu bob‟) for missing gear.
Shelter and toilets
         Extinguish fire (if used), scrub shelter bench and sink, and sweep floor.
         Return any gear used to cupboard (urn, tap handles, etc).
         If necessary, sweep shelter and toilets.
         Clean toilets (cleaning gear is in the shelter cupboard).
         Remove the rubbish bags from the receptacles in each female toilet cubicle.
         Padlock the toilet doors.
         Turn off all switches at the switchboard in cupboard and padlock the cupboard doors.
      Take all rubbish home with you.
         Wash all utensils used, dry, and return to the plastic box and fit lid.
         Scrub kitchenette bench and sink, and wipe out microwave.
         Wipe out fridge and leave door slightly ajar.
         Remove the rubbish bag from the bin, wash bin and take all rubbish home with you.
         If necessary, sweep floor and vacuum carpet.
         Unplug all appliances.
         Pad bolt inside of door and padlock doors.
        Turn off power at the switchboard on the outside wall.
Water Activities Centre
         Ensure all equipment is clean, dry and returned to its proper place.
         Close and padbolt the roller doors.
        Close and padlock the side door.
Front gate
         Padlock front gate.

Please complete the attached feedback form.
Within 48 hours of your activity deliver the following items to the Warden:
         the completed feedback form
         the Cresco key
         cheque for payment in full of all fees owing.
On return of the key, your $20 key deposit will be returned. A receipt will be issued for all fees paid.

Cresco stickers are available for $1 each (or three for $2) and tee-shirts for $20.
What to find out more about Cresco Park? Ask for a copy of our Environmental Guide.
Cresco Park Warden
Mr Ray Cardwell
345 Springfield Road, Nunawading, 3131.
Phone: 9878 7148.
Cresco Campsite Committee Convenor
Mr Brad Miles
8 Kitchener Street, East Kew, 3102.
Phone: 9859 3326.

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