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                               CLALLAM COUNTY PARKS BOARD

                         Minutes of September 5, 2006 Regular Meeting

Call to Order          Chair Jane Hughes called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m.
Members Present        Rick Cahill         Gary Colley
                       Jane Hughes         Bill Riedel
Commissioner Present   Mike Doherty
Staff Present          Joel Winborn        Bruce Giddens       John Pease           Galin Downing

Previous Minutes       Rick Cahill moved to approve the minutes of the July 11, 2006 meeting, as
                       submitted. Bill Riedel seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.
Unfinished Business    Reconveyance from DNR for Shooting Range – Joel Winborn distributed copies of
                       a letter dated August 7th from Charlie Cortelyou of the Wa. Dept. of Natural
                       Resources in response to the County’s request for reconveyance. Joel stated that
                       it is unusual for permit applications to be made by a party which does not own the
                       property, and we need to obtain a letter from DNR stating their agreement with the
                       permit applications. Planning Manager Steve Gray is looking into the specifics of
                       permitting requirements. Joel stated that he is in the process of preparing a
                       response to the letter from Mr. Cortelyou, and will distribute copies to Board
                       Members when complete.
                       Request for Proposals for Dungeness Master Plan – Joel reported that the Board
                       of Commissioners had approved the Request for Proposals for the Master Plan for
                       the Dungeness Recreation Area. He stated that the RFP would be published in
                       the Peninsula Daily News, and sent directly to appropriate firms in the Puget
                       Sound area. It was stated that Jack Waud and Hugh Haffner sit on a sub-
                       committee for this project, and will be working with the consultant, once under
                       contract. Joel stated that there are a number of big issues to consider related to
                       this project, including the future of hunting at the site, and USFWS leaving its S.
                       Barr Rd. office.
New Business           Joel stated that there has been a request from the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe for
                       County Parks to install pet waste disposal containers in parks on or near
                       Dungeness Bay, and wanted the Park Board’s input. He stated that the initial
                       installation, including biodegradable baggie dispensing and waste disposal
                       stations, would be funded by the Tribe through a grant. Joel stated that these
                       would likely be another target for vandalism in the parks.
                       Rick Cahill stated that compared to cattle, horse, deer, and elk in the area, he feels
                       that the impact of dogs in the parks is probably not that great. There was general
                       agreement on this point, and concern was expressed over adding yet another
                       maintenance issue for parks staff. John Pease stated that dog waste currently
                       picked up by park visitors goes either into the garbage dumpster or is thrown into
                       the brush. He also stated that the USFWS installed a baggie station at the
                       trailhead to the Dungeness Spit.

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Clallam County Parks Board
Minutes of September 5, 2006
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Committee Reports              None.
Staff Report                   Bruce Giddens introduced John Pease, Park Manager at the Dungeness
                               Recreation Area, to give a presentation on the park. John stated that he has been
                               Park Manager at Dungeness for almost six years, and was Salt Creek Park
                               Manager prior to that since 1988, and a seasonal at Dungeness and Camp David
                               Jr. for the summers of 1985-87. John reported that Labor Day weekend at
                               Dungeness was overfull, although fairly quiet, with no problems, but lots of dogs.
                               He reported that camper comments are running about 90 percent positive, with the
                               bulk of the remaining 10 percent being helpful comments, with very few negative.
                               John reported that a major incident at the park this year was the recovery and
                               rescue operation associated with the Native American canoe trip the end of July.
                               There have been three other incidents where the Sheriff was involved: A stolen
                               vehicle was found in the park; and off-leash dog killed another dog; and a very
                               disgruntled camper. John stated that this number is lower than average.
                               John reported that he has had excellent seasonal help this year, which makes his
                               job much easier. He reported that the area near the park entrance has new
                               landscaping which is very attractive; the manager’s residence has been painted
                               inside and out, a number of sites have been leveled and curbed to keep vehicles
                               out of the brush, along with many smaller projects. John stated that County staff
                               has maintained a good relationship and communications with the USFWS staff, as
                               well as with neighbors. John reported that volunteer help has completed a number
                               of projects this summer, including the entrance landscaping, washing down picnic
                               tables, and pre-season cleaning last spring.
                               John reported that camper numbers are up slightly this year, with a higher
                               percentage being local people, no doubt due to high gas prices. He stated that
                               this increases the number of extra vehicles in the park, due to local visitors, and
                               enforcement of noise and alcohol rules, when these visits turn into parties.
                               John thanked the Park Board, Park Management, and the Board of
                               Commissioners for their support. He stated that he feels the Dungeness Park is in
                               the best condition it’s been in since he’s been here. Jane Hughes thanked John
                               for his report.
                               Bruce Giddens gave a brief report on the camping season. He reported that
                               camping numbers at Salt Creek very nearly tied an all-time high for the month of
                               August, and that things have been going well at all three of the larger parks. He
                               stated that the last big event of the season will be the Salt Creek Invitational Run,
                               the third weekend of September.
Other Items                    Status of Park Board Vacancy – Joel reported that after two months of advertising,
                               the Board of Commissioners has received only one application – from Jerry Royal,
                               who retired from County Parks six years ago after working as a Park Manager for
                               many years. Joel stated that if Jerry were to be appointed, his experience as a
                               Park Manager would provide helpful insight, as Lloyd Pearson’s similar experience
                               did for many years. He stated that the Board of Commissioners will make an
                               appointment after the application period closes and a staff recommendation is
                               Park Tour Sign-up and Schedule, Saturday, September 8th – Joel asked members
                               to state their intentions for attending a tour of the parks scheduled for Saturday,
                               September 8th. He stated that Bruce Giddens had prepared a few options for
                               itineraries for the day, depending on the interests of those attending. Bill Riedel
                               stated that he would like to attend. Jane stated that she would be able to attend as
Clallam County Parks Board
Minutes of September 5, 2006
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                               well. Other members present were unable to attend. It was decided to contact the
                               two members not present to ascertain their interest before firming up plans for the
                               day. (Note: The trip was canceled.)
                               Rick Cahill stated that he had stopped by Pillar Point Park one night in late July
                               and happened upon about 100 Native Americans camping there, and wondered if
                               they had obtained a permit for this. Joel replied that a permit had not been
                               obtained. Rick asked if a letter to the organizers of the Canoe Paddle event is in
                               order. Joel replied that he could do that. Mike Doherty suggested that a letter be
                               sent to the organizers in the spring of each year, stating requirements for special
                               use of County Parks. Bruce Giddens stated that there was a special use permit
                               issued for the use of Clallam Bay Park, but not for Pillar Point.
                               Rick stated that he had noticed the augered log anchors at Dungeness Landing
                               are exposed and not doing their job, and are something of a hazard due to the
                               steel rods sticking up. Joel replied that the logs didn’t work, and that most are
                               gone and the beach is being eaten away. He stated that he is working with Dave
                               Lasorsa of the County Public Works Department to come up with a solution.
                               Mike Doherty reported on a few items: He stated that use of the County’s
                               community service program has declined and that once the jail expansion is
                               complete there should be new office space for community service coordination,
                               which likely will provide help to parks. He stated that a representative from State
                               Parks would be speaking at an upcoming Chamber of Commerce meeting. He
                               reported that a contract with State Parks for joint management of the Clallam Bay
                               Park has been approved by the Board of Commissioners. He also reported that a
                               full-color birding map for the peninsula would be coming out soon, sponsored by
                               the state Audubon Society, with help from the local chapter.
Adjournment                    Gary Colley moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:55 p.m. Bill Riedel seconded the
                               motion, which was unanimously approved.
Respectfully submitted,

Galin L. Downing
Administrative Assistant

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