AMWA CERTIFICATE ENROLLMENT FORM                                        REPRESENTATIVE WORKSHOPS

Name                                                               Essential Skills
                                                                   Basic Grammar
Mailing address
                                                                   Effective Paragraphing
City                                                               Elements of Medical Terminology
State/Province                       Zip/Postal code               The Internet: How and Where to Find the Information You Seek
                                                                   Sentence Structure and Patterns
E-mail                                                             Statistics for Medical Writers and Editors
Daytime phone
Fax number
                                                                   Business Aspects of a Freelance Career
If you have taken any AMWA workshop(s) within the past 90 days     Creative Process in Pharmaceutical Advertising and Promotion
that you would like credit for, please complete the following:
                                                                   Educating Sales Representatives About Science and Medicine
Location                                                           Launching a Freelance Writing Career
                                                                   Making Effective Presentations
                                                                   Project Management
Enrollment Fees                     Member/Nonmember               Public Relations Materials and Techniques
❑ Essential Skills                 $150/275
                                                                   Composition and Publication
❑ Business                         $150/275                        Creating Effective Poster Presentations
❑ Composition and Publication      $150/275                        Essentials of Copyediting
❑ Concepts in Science and Medicine $150/275                        Journal Submissions Other Than Research Articles
                                                                   Organizing the Medical Paper
❑ Regulatory and Research          $150/275                        Proofreading
                                            Total $                Sentence Diagramming for Clarity and Practicality

                                                                   Writing Abstracts
Since advanced specialty certificates require completion of an
Essential Skills, Core, or Advanced certificate and the related
                                                                   Concepts in Science and Medicine
specialty certificate, enrollments are not yet available.           Basic Immunology

Payment Information
❑ Check/Money order (US funds, written on a US bank,
                                                                   Basics of Molecular Biology
                                                                   Communicating Results of Routine Clinical Laboratory Tests
                                                                   Drug Interactions
   payable to AMWA)                                                Introduction to Cancer Biology
❑ Visa                ❑ MasterCard                     ❑ Amex      Introduction to the Nervous System
                                                                   Pharmacokinetics in Clinical Practice
Credit card #                                          Exp. date   Regulatory and Research
                                                                   Background to Writing Informed Consent Documents
_________________________________________________________          Basics of Health Care Compliance
Name on card
                                                                   The Electronic Common Technical Document
_________________________________________________________          Investigational New Drug Applications
Cardholder’s signature                                             Regulatory Aspects of the Drug Development Process
                                                                   Writing an Investigator Brochure
                    Mail form and payment to:
                                                                   Writing the Final Report of a Clinical Trial
                    30 West Gude Drive, #525
                    Rockville, MD 20850-1161                                                                                      Learn skills necessary to improve
           Enrollment paid with a credit card can be faxed to
                           (301) 294-9006
                                                                       American Medical Writers Association                       writing, editing, and communicating
                                                                        30 West Gude Drive, #525, Rockville, MD 20850-1161
  An interactive enrollment form can be found on AMWA’s Web site
                                                                            Phone: (301) 294-5303; fax: (301) 294-9006            for pharmaceutical, medical, and
                         (                            ;
Federal ID #35-1058129
                                                                                                                                  allied scientific fields
           AMWA = EDUCATION                                                  AMWA’s Workshops—A smart investment in your education
The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) offers            Program enrollment                                                  • Regulatory and Research workshops provide experienced
one of the most extensive education programs available            AMWA has several certificate programs: Essential Skills,               medical communicators with specialized regulatory/drug
to professional communicators in the medical and allied           Business, Composition and Publication, Concepts in                    development writing and science research skills.
scientific fields. Programming is tailored to the profession,       Science and Medicine, Regulatory and Research, Advanced
                                                                                                                                     Advanced Specialty Certificates
and the number of offerings is continually expanded to            Composition and Publication, and Advanced Regulatory and
                                                                                                                                      1. Advanced Composition and Publication (ACP) requires
broaden the selection of options for both novice and              Research. Participants may take workshops without enrolling
                                                                                                                                         completion of an Essential Skills, Core, or Advanced
experienced medical communicators. AMWA’s workshops are           in a certificate program but must be enrolled in the applicable
                                                                                                                                         certificate and the related specialty certificate (CP) to
the cornerstone of the association’s commitment to providing      certificate program to receive credit for a workshop. The
quality educational opportunities for medical communicators.      enrollment form is included in this brochure; it can also
                                                                                                                                      2. Advanced Regulatory and Research (ARR) requires
As the world of medical communication changes, the                be downloaded from AMWA’s Web site under Education/
                                                                                                                                         completion of an Essential Skills, Core, or Advanced
association updates existing workshops and develops new           Certificates. All enrollments are good for 6 years and require
                                                                                                                                         certificate and the related specialty certificate (RR) to
workshops to meet current needs and to support AMWA’s             completion of 8 workshops (including an ethics workshop)
recognized and highly valued certificate program. Established      applicable to the desired certificate.
                                                                                                                                      3. Additional advanced specialty certificate programs are
in 1979, the certificate program has been enhanced in
                                                                  People who were enrolled in the Core certificate program, the           also being developed.
subsequent years to reflect the changing environment in
                                                                  Science Fundamentals certificate program, or the Advanced
medical communication; it was greatly expanded in 2009 to                                                                            Registering for workshops being held at the annual
                                                                  certificate program before December 1, 2009, can still work
meet the evolving needs of the profession. Earning an AMWA                                                                           conference
                                                                  toward those certificates. Multiple designations are included
certificate is considered part of a career path in the field and                                                                       Most credit workshops are limited to 30 participants per
                                                                  in workshop listings to accommodate people enrolled in both
is required by some employers.                                                                                                       session; advanced-level workshops are limited to 16
                                                                  old and new certificate programs.
                                                                                                                                     participants. Once a workshop is full, it is closed. Each
• Annually—AMWA’s annual conference typically offers more
                                                                  Essential Skills workshops provide many opportunities to           registrant may take up to 3 credit workshops per conference,
  than 35 open sessions, which are included in the registration
                                                                  improve basic editing, writing, communication, and                 2 of which can be advanced-level workshops. The cost of
  fee, and more than 85 workshops approved for credit toward
                                                                  bibliographic skills. The Essential Skills workshops provide       attending a workshop is in addition to the conference
  an AMWA certificate. Although they are not part of the
                                                                  the basis for the certificate program, and the Essential            registration fee.
  certificate program, noncredit workshops are also offered
                                                                  Skills certificate (or an existing AMWA Core or Advanced
  and are appropriate for all medical communicators seeking                                                                          Other information
                                                                  certificate) is required to earn a specialty certificate (listed
  to increase their knowledge and refresh their skills.                                                                               1. Previous work experience, education, degree, or
                                                                  below). Earning this certificate requires the completion of 8
                                                                                                                                         credentials cannot be applied toward certificate
• Regionally—Credit and noncredit workshops are also              workshops, including 1 ethics workshop.
  offered at chapter conferences held at various times during
                                                                  Specialty Certificates (An Essential Skills certificate or            2. All workshops are 3 hours long. To receive credit,
  the year. The complete schedule and contact information
                                                                  existing AMWA Core certificate is required to earn a specialty          participants must attend the entire workshop and must
  are included on AMWA’s Web site ( under
                                                                  certificate. In addition, earning a specialty certificate requires       have submitted the precourse assignment to the leader
  Conferences and under Chapters.
                                                                  the completion of 8 workshops, including 1 discipline-specific          by the specified deadline.
• On-site—Approximately 20 workshops are available for            ethics workshop.)                                                   3. AMWA headquarters keeps records of successful
  presentation at corporate or institutional facilities so                                                                               completion of credit workshops by certificate program
                                                                   • Business workshops provide information to develop and               enrollees and awards the appropriate certificate when the
  that multiple employees can attend. More information is
                                                                     expand management and operations skills for freelance               requirements have been fulfilled.
  available from AMWA headquarters (
                                                                     businesses and larger organizations.
• Self-study—Four of AMWA’s workshops, Basic Grammar
                                                                   • Composition and Publication workshops provide
  and Usage, Punctuation for Clarity and Style, Sentence
                                                                     experienced medical communicators with specialized
  Structure and Patterns, and Statistics for Medical Writers                                                                            Credits for completed workshops will reflect
                                                                     editorial and publication skills, as well as in-depth
  and Editors, are currently available in a self-study module
                                                                     consideration of issues in writing, editing, management,           both old and new certificate designations and
  format (CD plus workbook). Designed for professionals at
  all levels of experience, the modules will remain valuable
                                                                     bibliographic research, education, and other topics of             can be applied toward the certificate program
                                                                     interest.                                                          in which you are enrolled.
  as reference guides long after the workshops have been
  completed. Each module includes a test. Upon successful          • Concepts in Science and Medicine workshops provide
  completion of the test, participants earn credits toward           medical communicators with an opportunity to deepen
  an Essential Skills certificate (2 for Basic Grammar, 1 for         their understanding of basic concepts in science and
  Punctuation, 1 for Sentence Structure, and 1 for Statistics).      medicine. For those who are educated in nonscience
  The workshop Elements of Medical Terminology will be               fields, the workshops provide an orientation to a scientific
  available in self-study format in late 2010; a self-study          area and a foundation for further study. The workshops
  module on ethics will be released in 2011.                         can provide those educated in science with opportunities
                                                                     to increase their knowledge and to learn about areas
                                                                     outside their specialties.

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