ADDENDUM “A” by taoyni


									                                   Trade Contract – Addendum “A”
                                           Scope of Work
                                           Exterior Clean


           a)   Install of trash bins/signage.
           b)   Framing Inspection Interior Sweep, Exterior Clean
           c)   Frame Clean
           d)   Drywall Clean (Thorough interior clean after drywall spray)
           e)   Finish Clean Interior Sweep, Exterior Clean
           f)   Final Clean
           g)   All Trash Enclosures shall be per Ennis Homes Design.
           h)   Service and Warranty Work
           i)   Hold all necessary licenses and insurance.

1.    The TRADE shall supply per ENNIS design and Spec the appropriate type of trash enclosures.

2.    The intent of this Contract is to keep the Houses and the site area as clean as possible. Doing
      so makes the job easier for the TRADES, and it also enhances Ennis Homes’ marketing image
      to the public.

3.    The TRADE shall pick up all trash from around the House under Construction on an as needed
      basis, with a minimum of 5 pick ups per home Schedule: Install Trash Bins, Frame Clean-Frame
      Inspection, Drywall Clean, Finish Clean and Final Clean.

4.    TRADE shall remove and legally dispose of all the garbage from Ennis Home’s construction site.

5.    TRADE shall supply Ennis with a detailed recycling or Re-use plan at the time of the submittal of
      the proposal detailing all material that will be recycled, re-used and will be taken to the waste
      facility. Trade shall be responsible for tracking and logging of all receipts during the construction
      phase of the home as to the amount of material that was taken to the Recycling Center and the
      Waste facility. (City/County form attached).

6.    TRADE shall ensure that all recyclable material is taken to the recycling center for disposal and
      copies of the tickets are turned into Ennis with in 72 hours of completion.

7.    TRADE shall keep a detailed log during the construction process and that log will be turned in at
      the completion of the FINAL CLEAN. Failure to do so will make the Trade responsible for all
      fines or penalties from the City or county municipalities.

8.    Garage, patio, and entry will be lightly broom swept at finish clean.

9.    Excessive paint, drywall etc. that requires hydro wash will be documented for approval on a
      V.P.O. to be charged to applicable trade.

10.   TRADE is required to clean trash or pick up any heavy objects (any object that takes more than
      2 people or machinery to discard of) on patios, entries, or garages.

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                                   Trade Contract – Addendum “A”
                                           Scope of Work
                                           Exterior Clean

11.   TRADE shall be responsible for picking up all wind blown trash on vacant Home Sites, fence
      lines, block walls, Neighbor yard, etc. that may have blown from any Ennis Homes Home Site as
      part of this Contract.

12.   This contract does not include grading or demolition work. Non-construction debris (rock, trees,
      brush, etc. will be hauled away for a fee, and ENNIS’ Builder will be informed before debris is
      loaded and the TRADE shall get a V.P.O. prior to commencement of work.

13.   This contract includes dump fees and will be subject to re-negotiations in the event dump fees
      should decrease.

14.   All material that is in good condition that can be credited shall be stacked in a neat pile.

15.   TRADE is to pick up misc. debris after grading around slabs and kick-out lumber after roofing
      sheathing, hauling away from jobsite.

16.   Plaster digs — expose footings minimum 10” below slab.

17.   Framing inspection sweep shall be to a broom clean condition.

18.   Exterior clean-up after lather; remove debris from jobsite.

19.   Plaster haul and clean-up prior to finish grade; remove debris from jobsite.

20.   Picking up of left over sod, concrete debris is part of this Contract.

21.   Garage, driveway, porches and walkways will be scraped, hosed down. TRADE is required to
      broom sweep and hose wash all of the following at Final Clean:
           a. Garages
           b. Flatwork
           c. Exterior walls, as needed and prior to window cleaning
           d. Overhangs, as needed prior to window cleaning.
           e. Street in front of Home
           f. Curb and gutters
           g. If pressure wash is required then vendor will identify what areas and materials need
              pressure washed and will request a VPO for the work prior to commencement.

22.   TRADE shall pick up all concrete tile debris down to size that would fit through a cleanup
      pitchfork tine. Tine 1” or smaller.

23.   TRADE shall, at each phase of trash pick up, stiff rake the Construction Area to ensure that no
      trash or debris has gotten buried on the site. This shall be part of the contract.

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                                       Trade Contract – Addendum “A”
                                               Scope of Work
                                               Exterior Clean

    24.   TRADE shall clean-up and rough out dwelling and complete the frame inspection sweep to a
          broom clean condition. After Framing the TRADE completes his clean-up operation to meet Cal-
          OS1IA requirements after rough carpentry work is complete and prepare dwelling Home Site for
          Electrician TRADE’S. This includes removal of all rough framing debris and all other debris

    25.   Clean-up and remove from jobsite, all trash and debris resulting from work by concrete,
          electrical, framing, plumbing, H.V.A.C., sheet metal, insulation, finish carpentry, roofing, lathing,
          stucco, drywall, painting, fencing, landscaping, utilities, appliances, flooring, and after every
          TRADE, and all other scraps around Home Site(s) etc., all debris resulting from work performed
          by TRADE’S. Notify ENNIS of excessive debris and/or wasted material (be Trade specific).

    26.   TRADE will clean and pick up the Construction office debris and construction office garbage
          every other week per Builders schedule.

    27.   Pool debris is considered part of Construction waste and will be part of this Contract.

    28.   TRADE shall comply with all SWPPP requirements. Trade shall ensure that all streets, curb &
          gutter, side walks are all free of any dirt, dust, mud, etc. It is the responsibility of this Trade to
          broom sweep sidewalks and shovel all dirt off and place it on to the building pad.

    29.   TRADE shall check all flatwork surfaces prior to commencing work to ensure no damage. If
          damage is found, TRADE shall inform New Home Builder. Failure to do so will result in TRADE
          paying for replacement of concrete if found after commencement of TRADE’S work or any Finish

TRADE:                                                              ENNIS HOMES, INC.:

Company Name: ___                                 _________
Dba:                                                       ___      Tony Couch, Purchasing Manager
Officers Name:                                    _________         Ennis Homes, Inc.
Title:                                                     ___      Date:

Signature:                                        _________
Date:                                                      ___

                                                                                           TRADE Initials: ______
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