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                         Conversion Table
                     Price per Kilogram/Pound
How to convert
when you know the price per... multiply by …      to find the price per …
Kilogram                       x 0.4536           = pound
pound                          x 2.2046           = kilogram

  Price per           Price per      Price per                Price per
  Kilogram             pound         Kilogram                  pound
     10p                  5p            90p                      41p
     20p                  9p           £1.00                     45p
     30p                 14p           £2.00                     91p
     40p                 18p           £3.00                    £1.36
     50p                 23p           £4.00                    £1.81
     60p                 27p           £5.00                    £2.27
     70p                 32p          £10.00                    £4.54
     80p                 36p
                       Conversions shown are

How to use the table
                            If a product costs £3.30 per kg
                                  £3.00 per kg = £1.36
                              30 pence per kg = 14 pence
                              £3.30 per kg = £1.50 per Ib

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