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 How to Book your
Hospital Appointment
The Choose and Book Process
You have been given this leaflet because your GP has decided to
refer you to hospital for a consultation. Your GP will let you know
where you can be seen. The number of hospitals available for you
to choose from will vary depending on the services your GP would
like you to receive.
Your GP has given you an Appointment Request form. This form
tells you which hospital(s) you have been referred to.
You can now book an appointment for a time that is convenient to
you, with that hospital, by following the instructions on the
Appointment Request.

Unique Booking Reference Number (UBRN)
The Appointment Request contains your Unique Booking
Reference Number. This number is unique to your referral and will
help your GP Practice, the hospital and/or the Choose and Book
Appointments Helpline to identify you when you make contact.

Your Patient Password
In order to make the booking you will also need your patient
If this is your first booking your GP Practice will provide you with an
automatically generated password. This will make sure that only
you and authorised people can see and change your bookings. You
will be asked for your Unique Booking Reference Number
(UBRN) and your Password when you telephone a hospital or the
Choose and Book Appointments Helpline. If you want to change
your password, this can be done by Practice staff, or you could do
this on-line, or by ringing the Choose and Book Appointment

This password will be valid for any future referrals that the GP
needs to make for you. It will be printed out at the same time as
your Appointment Request. Try not to keep it where it can be easily
connected to your health care.

Do not keep it together with your UBRN and keep both your
Password and your UBRN confidential from others.

You do not need to make an appointment with a GP to sort
out your password or make your hospital appointment. One
of the Practice staff will be able to help you.

Finally, if you want to nominate a relative, friend or carer to
act on your behalf, this is possible as long as they have your UBRN
and password. They will have to use these when they telephone to
make a booking on your behalf.
How to book your Appointment
The next step is to book the appointment at your chosen hospital.
The Appointment Request will state whether you need to telephone
the hospital direct or whether you should use the Choose and Book
Appointment Helpline, (or book on-line using You will be given the relevant telephone
numbers on the Appointment Request.

Whichever system you use to book your appointment you will be
offered a selection of appointment dates and times to choose from.
Please try to arrange your booking within three working
days. If this is not possible, please tell somebody at your GP
Surgery straight away.

Changing your Appointment
If you are unable to keep the hospital appointment you have
arranged, look at the original Appointment Request form given to
you in the GP Practice. This will tell you how to change or cancel
your appointment.

Your Referral
Once you have made your appointment with your chosen hospital,
your GP will send a referral letter to the hospital. You will then get
a letter back confirming your appointment.
Your Feedback
We are keen to find out how you felt about using the new Choose
and Book service. A member of NHS staff may ask if you are happy
to be contacted to answer some questions about your experience
of booking. If you do not want to give your views, you do not have

You may also receive a pre-paid postcard with a few questions
about the discussion you had with your GP or member of practice
staff about choosing your hospital. We would be very grateful if
you could complete and return this survey also.

If you have any comments or concerns about this new service,
please let someone from the GP Practice know.

Or you can contact the Primary Care Trust Patient Advice and
Liaison Services (PALS) and give your views in confidence. You will
find the number for your local PALS Service in your GP Practice or
Yellow Pages, or on the back of the ‘Choosing your Hospital’

Where to find further information
Further information on Choose and Book developments can be
found by logging on to or by
contacting your local Primary Care Trust.
            My General Practice (GP) contact number is:


        The Choose and Book Appointments Helpline is:
                      0845 60 88888

                              My Chosen Hospital is:


                   My Appointment Date and Time is:


       My Unique Booking Reference Number (UBRN) is:


Date Updated: March 2006
Review Date: September 2006                               LP18682

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