USMC FA 18 ATF AAW 333 4vX NIGHT SWEEP PSS SAR 2 AR 1 Aircrew Evaluator Date by taoyni


									                                            USMC FA-18 ATF
                           AAW-333 4vX NIGHT SWEEP/PSS (SAR-2/AR-1)


                                 MEASURES OF PERFORMANCE                                                            1   2   3   4

1.  Prerequisites Complete: AAW-332
2.  Mission Preparation
3.  Overall Brief
4.  Overall Execution
   a. Flight requirements
     (1) 3 x intercepts
   b. SA / Headwork
  c. Crew coordination
5. Overall Debrief
6. Mission Performance Standards
   a. Maintains mutual support
   b. Executes proper radar mechanics
  c. Targets as directed
   d. Recognizes threat tactics
   e. Takes valid shots
   f. Timeline awareness
  g. Tactical decision making IAW mission objectives
7. Administrative flight requirement executed:
8. Miscellaneous:

             (AIRCREW SIGNATURE)                                                       (EVALUATOR SIGNATURE)

N/A – Not applicable or not observed.
UNSAT – Unsafe or complete lack of ability and / or knowledge. Requires substantial input for safe execution and / or mission
1 – Safe but limited proficiency. Requires frequent input from IP or flight lead.
2 – Correct. Recognizes and corrects errors. Requires occasional input from IP or flight lead.
3 – Correct, efficient, skillful, and without hesitation. Requires minimal input from IP or flight lead.
4 – Unusually high degree of ability. Requires no input from IP or flight lead.

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