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									2010 Clean Cities Sweep
     Part of the Great American Cleanup

          Registration Packet
Jennifer Scales • 823 Meeting Street • Charleston, SC
      29403 • Phone: 579-7501 • Fax 720-3858
                   2010 Clean Cities Sweep
                 Part of the Great American Cleanup
Welcome to the City of Charleston and Keep Charleston Beautiful’s Clean Cities
Sweep (CCS) Program, held in conjunction with Keep America Beautiful’s Great
American Cleanup. You are joining a wonderful group composed of thousands of
volunteers across the nation all working to beautify their communities. Keep
Charleston Beautiful would like to thank you for your interest in and commitment to
creating a cleaner more beautiful Charleston.

Clean Cities Sweep projects can be any community improvement project or event
that takes place from April 18th-25th. You can enter Clean Cities Sweep (CCS) as a
group or an individual. Please contact our office if you would like help finding a group
or project location for 2010 CCS.

Attached you will find the 2010 CCS Registration Packet. Your packet includes: a
Calendar of important dates, your Registration Form, Event Planning Tips,
Sweep Shots Photograph Contest Information, and more.

You must submit a completed Registration Form to receive supplies for your CCS
project. Once your Registration Form has been submitted you will be contacted to
setup supply pickup and trash pickup for your event. Please make every effort to
complete all the information requested on the registration form.

At supply pickup Keep Charleston Beautiful will provide a Planning Kit including your
Sweep Shots Contest Entry Form and Post-Event Report Form, GLAD trash
bags, gloves, and other CCS items while supplies last.

Thank for your participation. We look forward to working with you and are here to
assist you in planning a successful Clean Cities Sweep event!

      Jennifer Scales • 823 Meeting Street • Charleston, SC 29403
      Phone 579-7501 • Fax 720-3858 • scalesj@ci.charleston.sc.us
                         2010 Clean Cities Sweep
                                     IMPORTANT DATES

Sunday, April 18th-                             Clean Cities Sweep
Sunday, April 25th

Wednesday, May 5th                              Post-Event Report Due
                                                  •Reports must be received no later
                                                than 4 p.m. on May 5th

                                                Sweep Shots Due
                                                  •Contest entries must be received no
                                                later than 4 p.m. on May 5th

Monday, May 10th                                Sweep Shots Judging

Tuesday, May 11th                               Winners Announced

                                  Sweep Shots 2009 1st, 2nd and 3rd place:
Avondale Point Business District, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Anne Peterson Hutto’s Volunteer Corps

           Jennifer Scales • 823 Meeting Street • Charleston, SC 29403
           Phone 579-7501 • Fax 720-3858 • scalesj@ci.charleston.sc.us
              2010 Clean Cities Sweep
                    PLANNING CHECKLIST
Before The Event:
  • Decide on the type of project your group is interested in, the dates
    and the location. If you need assistance contact Keep Charleston
    Beautiful at 579-7501 or scalesj@ci.charleston.sc.us.
  • Visit the location to get an idea of the time needed to complete
    your project.
  • Get permission to conduct the project from the appropriate parties.
  • If you are asking for donations from local businesses give them as
    much time as possible. Also be specific in your requests and invite
    them to the event.
  • Submit your CCS registration form and setup a time for supply
    pickup with Keep Charleston Beautiful.
  • If your group will be planting make sure to contact No Cuts
    (PUPS), in advance, at 1-888-721-7877 to avoid cutting utility
  • Be aware of the proper use of the tools and equipment needed and
    make sure volunteers follow the proper safety percussions during
    the event.
  • Send out information to interested members of the community
    inviting them to your event. Let volunteers know what the project
    is, when it is, and how their help will benefit the community.

   Jennifer Scales • 823 Meeting Street • Charleston, SC 29403
   Phone 579-7501 • Fax 720-3858 • scalesj@ci.charleston.sc.us
                       2010 Clean Cities Sweep

City:                                                      Zip:
Contact Name: _____________________________Telephone Number:
E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________
Number of Participants: ____________________________________________________
Number of GLAD BAGS Needed: _____              Number of gloves Needed: ___________

Please indicate if your project will include the following:
Litter Pickup: YES____ NO____                  Landscape Planting: YES_____ NO_____
Education Presentation: YES____ NO____         Recycling Program: YES____ NO___
Project Date(s):          _________________Time(s):               _________
Project Description (attach additional pages if needed):

T-Shirt Size: _________________ (1 free volunteer shirt per group while supplies last)

Did you participate in the 2009 Clean Cities Sweep event? YES _____ NO _____
How did you hear about this year’s event? _________________________________

           Jennifer Scales • 823 Meeting Street • Charleston, SC 29403
           Phone 579-7501 • Fax 720-3858 • scalesj@ci.charleston.sc.us
                   2010 Clean Cities Sweep
                                       EVENT TIPS
Safety First. Wear appropriate clothing. Be aware of your surroundings and
    make sure projects are age appropriate. Never pick up any dangerous items. Call
    the non-emergency police number, 577-7434, if you find any items of concern.

Keep it Fun! Encourage everyone to get involved. Invite area businesses, non-
    profit groups and government agencies to help. Keep a list of everyone who lends
    a hand so you can say “Thank You” to all your volunteers. Use the time wisely so
    volunteers can feel they did a good job without being over worked or bored.

Pick the Right Spot. Pick a location that needs community support and is
    easily accessible for your volunteers. If you need to travel setup carpooling and
    meeting locations so everyone arrives together. Get all necessary approval in
    advance before starting the project. Contact NO Cuts (PUPS) at 1-888-721-7877
    if you will be planting to prevent accidental damage to utility lines. If you need
    help selecting a location contact Jennifer Scales with Keep Charleston Beautiful at

Organize Tools and Supplies. GLAD generously supplies the plastic trash
    bags and Keep Charleston Beautiful will supply cleanup gloves. Make sure your
    volunteers have all other equipment necessary to successfully and safely complete
    the project. Remember, you can ask local businesses for donations to support your

Don’t Overdo. Have planned breaks with water and snacks available. Work hard
    but also make sure to have fun and be safe!

Follow the Rules for Proper Disposal:
- Bag leaves in paper bags and place in a separate pile
- Place large tree limbs and shrubbery trimmings in a separate pile
- Place furniture, appliances, and mattresses in a separate pile
- Take old dried out paint cans take to the County Recycling Center
- Put litter/trash in GLAD plastic bags
- Work with Clean Cities Sweeps for the proper disposal of tires. Contact Keep
  Charleston Beautiful at 579-7501 for participating locations
- Recycling must be taken to a County drop-site. Recyclable Materials: glass,
  aluminum, paper, steel, and #1 and #2 plastics. Call 720-7111 for locations.
                     2010 Clean Cities Sweep
                       SWEEP SHOTS GUIDELINES

  • Take several sets of “Before”, “During” and “After” photos. Make sure the “Before”
    and “After” photograph(s) are from the same angle and distance.

  • Digital Photos are preferred; however we will accept 4” x 6” color photographs.

  • Do not include individuals in the “Before” or “After” photographs. You may
    include group shots in your “During” photos. Any photographs that contain
    individuals other than the “During” photographs will not be eligible for the contest.

  • You may submit a maximum of two pairs of “Before”, “During” and “After”
    photographs that best illustrate the impact of your project.

                            SUBMITTING YOUR ENTRIES

     Photographs may be submitted electronically, in person, or mailed.

                          ELECTRONIC PHOTOGRAPH(S)
• When submitting photograph(s) via e-mail, name the files “Set 1” or “Set 2” and
whether they are “Before”, “During” or “After”. In your e-mail please include:
group name, date photograph was taken, contact name, contact phone number,
and the complete names of all individuals in the “During” photograph(s).

                            PRINTED PHOTOGRAPH(S)
• Label each photograph on the back in pencil as follows:
            “Set 1” or “Set 2”
            “Before”, “During” or “After”
            Group name
            Date photograph was taken
            Contact name
            Contact telephone number
            Complete names of all individuals in the “During” photograph(s)

           *Sweep Shots registration is received upon supply pickup*
                      2009 Sponsors
Keep Charleston Beautiful would like to thank the following companies,
organizations, and individuals who, through their contributions, have helped
support our programs and events in 2009.

  • allison sprock fine art                • Lowcountry Dog
  • Barks N Bubbles                          Magazine
  • Blue Cross South                       • Mr. Emmett Publishing
    Carolina                               • Nelson Printing
  • Broadstreet Pet Sitting                  Corporation
  • Charleston Cotton                      • Publix
    Exchange                               • Palmetto Pride
  • City of Charleston                     • Recovery Room Tavern
  • College of Charleston                  • RKO Screen Printing
  • DHEC                                   • Rotary Club of
  • Doody Calls                              Charleston
  • Friends of Keep                        • Sherwin-Williams
    Charleston Beautiful                   • Starbucks Coffee
  • James Island Dental                    • Susan B. Barnes
    Associates                             • TBonz Restaurant
  • Keep America Beautiful                   Group
  • Knology                                • Trident United Way
  • Lost Dog Café                          • Whole Foods Market
                                           • Zappos Pizza
Keep America Beautiful’s
Great American Cleanup
 2010 National Sponsors

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