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									Learn to make the most out of your Scottrade Account!

Register for free educational seminars hosted by local Scottrade Branch
Offices in your neighborhood. These small group sessions are available at no
cost to you and cover a variety of topics ranging from basic order types, to
intermediate options to an overview of ScottradeELITE.

To register for a Branch Seminar, simply:

   1. Go to (before you login)
   2. Click Knowledge Center at the top of the page
   3. Search for seminars in your area (you can search by city/state or zip
   4. Once you find a seminar that interests you, click the city/state of the
   5. Register by entering your name, email address and phone number
         a. You can also easily register guest by clicking Add Guest
   6. Click Enroll

You can also access the Live Events section in the Knowledge Center after
you log into your Scottrade account.

Seminar topics include:

Discover Scottrade

Attend this free seminar to learn about all the features and functionality of
the Scottrade Trading web site. From statements and confirmations to
research tools and portfolios, we offer it all online, and we want to provide
you with the knowledge and skills to use these tools to manage your account
more effectively. In this presentation, you will hear about:

                  Placing stock trades
                  Using screeners to find trading opportunities
                  Setting up watch lists to monitor performance
                  Using GainsKeeper to track gains and losses
                  And much more!

Overview of ScottradeELITE

Discover how to use our most robust platform, ScottradeELITE, more
effectively by attending this free seminar. From quote grids and symbol lists
to charting and Velocity and Forces, learn all about the fully customizable
features and tools available within ScottradeELITE. During this presentation
you will learn about:

                  Creating your own layout
                  Setting up quote grids and symbol lists
                  Creating charts with different styles and studies
                  Accessing Dow Jones and Comtex news
                  Finding opportunities with Highs and Lows and Top
                   Performers information
                  Easy order entry for active traders

Introduction to Order Types

Take control of your account with a variety of order types offered by
Scottrade. Attend this free seminar to learn about market, limit, stop, stop
limit, and trailing stop orders. Definitions, descriptions, and examples are
included in this presentation to provide you with a better understanding of
the different order types and how you can use them to effectively manage
your account. You will learn:

                  Trading basics including bid and ask prices
                  The difference between Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit,
                   and Trailing Stop orders
                  Placing trades on Scottrade's Trading Web Site

Option Basics

Join us for a seminar discussing the basics of option trading. Options help
you take advantage of different market conditions and can give you added
trading opportunities. This presentation will review the fundamentals of
selling covered calls and how you can take advantage of covered calls in
your Scottrade account. During this presentation, we will review:

                  Characteristics of options
                  Option pricing and components
                  Intrinsic value and time value
                  Searching for and trading covered calls
Intermediate Options

If you already know the basics of selling covered calls, and want to learn
more about using options to effectively manage your Scottrade account, this
is the presentation for you. We will review the intermediate option strategies
of purchasing calls and puts in you Scottrade account. During this
presentation you will hear about:

                  Brief review of option trading basics
                  Purpose of purchasing calls and puts
                  Specific option trading scenarios
                  Searching and trading long calls and puts

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