Revision Questions for Y11 by taoyni


									                Revision Questions for Y11                        Based on Case study 2010.


 1.    ‘Bobbies Bookstore’ uses encoded data for reference number. Explain the ‘rule’ they’ve
       used to create the code. (You might want to also look at the database to help with this Q) (1 marks).

 2.    It takes ‘Bobbies Bookstore’ forever to enter stock details. State TWO ways in which
       encoded data would help them enter data into the spreadsheet & database. (2 marks)

 3.    Explain how a combo box would it help ‘Bobbies Bookstore’ enter supplier details. (2

               Revision Questions for Y11             Based on Case study 2010.
 4.    Explain the steps that a member of staff would have to go through to create a combo
       box: (4 marks)

 5.    What ‘type’ of data does each field use (3 marks)
 Ref No:                            ______________________________________
 Purchasing Price:                  ______________________________________
 Closing Stock:                     ______________________________________

 5. ‘Bobbies Bookstore’ needs to do other calculations with this spreadsheet. Admin staff
    would want the spreadsheet to calculate:

 Write down formulas that would be needed to calculate the following info:

 In column F:              Quantity of stock sold (1 mark)


 In column G:              Profit margin (1 mark)


 In column H:              Current profit (2 marks)


 In column I:              A re-order message that would only appear if the difference between
                           opening stock and closing stock was equal or greater than half the
                           opening stock! (4 marks)

                                                                       Remember that you can
                                                                     download a copy of the case
            Overall 20 marks                                      study from GCSE ICT web pages
                                                                          on school website!


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