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									Distributor/ Reseller Adobe SKU             Distributor/    Product          Reporting Date       On-order              Quantity in              Committed                Quantity on            Quantity in Float Returns Quantity
ID                                          Reseller Sku    Description                           Quantity              Transit                  Quantity                 Hand

Required Data            Required Data      Requested Data Requested Data Required Data          Requested Data -       Requested Data -         Requested Data -         Required Data -        Requested Data -        Requested Data -
                                                                                                 Required Value         Required Value           Required Value           Required Value         Required Value          Required Value
Char(15)                 Char(18)           Char(20)        Char(40)         Char(8)             Char(6)                Char(6)                  Char(6)                  Char(6)                Char(6)                 Char(6)
Unique identification    Eight digit        The reporting   Product          Inventory reporting The number of          Quantity “In             Committed On-Hand        Saleable inventory     Inventory that is in-   Inventory that is being
code for the reporting   Adobe              company's       description as   date in             units of the           Transit” is a subset     inventory -- the         still in physical      transfer between a      returned to the vendor
location                 Assigned Part      assigned part   denoted on the YYYYMMDD              specified item on      of “On-Order             number of units in       inventory for the      distributor’s           (includes ALL Non-
                         Number as          number          Adobe price list format              order (not yet         Quantity”, and is        stock that are           specified reporting    stocking locations      saleable, defective, stock
                         denoted on the                                                          received) with all     the Adobe product        allocated, reserved or   location. This         (warehouses) that is    balancing, etc, -even if it
                         Adobe price list                                                        vendors for            flow in-bound            committed to an          includes quantity      not included in those   may not be returned to
                         including the                                                           delivery to the        against open             order, but not yet       committed, but not     locations’ “On-         Adobe for credit.). It has
                         leading zeros                                                           specified reporting    purchase orders          relieved from            quantity in float      Hand” quantities.       been relieved from the
                                                                                                 location. When         (from all vendors)       physical inventory.      (see below).           (“In-Float” and “On-    sender's “On-Hand”
                                                                                                 reporting to a         for delivery to the      “Committed               Quantity on hand       Hand” quantities are    inventory, and may be
                                                                                                 manufacturer for       reporting location.      quantity” is a subset    does not include       mutually exclusive.)    staged in a “Non-
                                                                                                 instance, the          The reported             of what should be        nonsaleable or         “In-Float” Requires     Saleable” or “Returns”
                                                                                                 reported quantity      quantities could         reported in the “On-     defective product,     multiple stocking       status, OR picked and 1)
                                                                                                 could include          actually be 1) sitting   Hand” quantity.          or product for         locations:              sitting on the sender's
                                                                                                 quantities on order    on the vendor's dock                              return to a vendor     Distributor owns        dock awaiting shipment;
                                                                                                 from several           awaiting shipment;                                (stock balancing,      and controls the        2) actually in-transit
                                                                                                 distributors as well   2) physically in-                                 for instance) -these   product transfer.       back to vendor; 3)
                                                                                                 as from the            transit; or 3) sitting                            should be reported                             sitting on the vendor's
                                                                                                 manufacturer           on the receiver's                                 as “Returns”.                                  dock awaiting receipt; 4)
                                                                                                 receiving this         dock awaiting                                                                                    received by the vendor,
                                                                                                 inventory report.      receipt. To report                                                                               but not yet credited.
                                                                                                                        “In Transit”                                                                                     Returns quantities may
                                                                                                                        quantities requires                                                                              be reported until
                                                                                                                        knowledge of                                                                                     shipment or until credit
                                                                                                                        shipment prior to                                                                                is issued by Adobe.
                                                                                                                        goods receipt.

Date Modified: 27-OCT-04
                      The primary goal of Adobe’s Channel Partner Inventory Reporting program is to ensure that the TOTAL physical inventory of Adobe product
                      held at distributor / reseller sites is accurately reported on a weekly basis, such that this information can be reliably used to manage distributor /
                      reseller inventory levels.

                NOTES: (1) The sum of the quantities reported as “On-Hand”, “In-Float” and “Returns” should equal to TOTAL physical inventory of Adobe product.
                       (2) No negative numbers are to be reported in any quantity field.
                       (3) For every part number reported, at least one of the quantities must be greater than zero.
                       (4) Do not report part numbers which have zero quantities for all quantity fields.
                            This will result in smaller data transmissions and savings on all VAN charges.

     File Format Note: All reporting files uploaded via the web application must be Tab-Delimited Text Files.

     Adobe Confidential                                                                                         Page 1                                                                                             Inventory Data Format

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