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_Attachment 3_Appendix - Southend-on-Sea


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Appendix 1 to Agenda Item 13
Deadline not yet                                                                                                       Resources - Key
On Track                                                                                                                     1-          resourced within existing budgets
Completed                                                                                                                    2-          specific resources identified
Overdue or off                                                                                                               3-          resource evaluation to be carried out

                   Key Actions                                           Outcome Measure So What?                      Resources         Notes                                   Evidence on      Lead Person      Nov-07 Dec-07 Jan-08 Feb-08 Mar-08 Apr-08 May- 08 Jun-08 Jul-08 Aug-08 Sep- 08 Oct-08   Nov-08 Dec-08

                   Implement the outcome of the access review and Value for money               Residents able to            1                                                   Detailed       Director of
                   generate value for money savings               savings achieved              access services                                                                  actions        Housing Services
                                                                  and outcomes of               that are focussed,                                                               contained in
                                                                  access review                 consistent and                                                                   report to
                                                                                                designed around                                                                  January
                                                                                                their needs                                                                      Board. Area
                                                                                                                                                                                 Offices Closed
                                                                                                                                                                                 and Customer

                   Review action plan for the implementation of the                      Carried out
                                                                     E&D Strategy ReviewImproved                             1                                                   Hyperlink to     Equalities and
                   equalities and diversity strategy to ensure that it                  confidence the                                                                           action plan      Diversity
                   is SMART                                                             action plan will                                                                                          Manager
                                                                                        meet SMART
                                                                                        criteria and
                                                                                        therefore achieve
                   Involve users and key stakeholder groups in the Better               Sensitivity and                      1                                                   Equality and     Equality and
                   local statutory, community and voluntary sectors, understanding of   relevance of EIA's                                                                       Diversity        Diversity
                   in service impact assessments                     diversity issues   Enhanced                                                                                 Reference        Manager
                                                                     through increased                                                                                           Group
                                                                     involvement of                                                                                              established.
                                                                     stakeholder groups                                                                                          See minutes
                                                                                                                                                                                 of meetings.
                   Analyse resident profile when completed and       Resident                   Strategy, Policy             3                                                   Hyperlink to     Equalities and
                   implement practical action to address inequitable involvement profile        and Operational                                                                  Resident         Diversity
                   service outcomes                                  analysis informing         service delivery                                                                 profile action   Manager
                                                                     service delivery           better aligned with                                                              plan. Minutes
                                                                     decisions                  the needs of                                                                     of Resident
                                                                                                service users                                                                    profile focus
                                                                                                                                                                                 group, CMG
                                                                                                                                                                                 and Service
                   Implement an action plan to meet compliance with Action plan                 Services meet an             1                                                   Hyperlink        Equalities and
                   the CRE code of practice for rented housing      developed and               externally validated                                                             action plan.     Diversity
                                                                    Implemented                 standard and are                                                                                  Manager
                                                                                                more accessible to

                   Broaden the work of the E&D group to engage        Mechanisms in             Further embedded             1                                                   E&D              Equalities and
                   operational staff and enable them to contribute to place to engage           awareness,                                                                       Champions        Diversity
                   the agenda of the group through staff meetings     operational staff         understanding and                                                                developed        Manager
                                                                                                commitment to                                                                    within each
                                                                                                E&D                                                                              service area.

                   Develop, with staff, a good practice register         Learning regisiter     Wider learning to            1                                                   Hyperlink        Equalities and
                   drawing on their own experience of positive           developed to           inform service                                                                   Learning         Diversity
                   benefits from inspection                              incorporate positive   improvement and                                                                  Register         Manager
                                                                         benefits from          corporate direction
                   Review, with the board, E&D training that has         Review carried out     Gather learning to           1                                                                    Equalities and
                   been made available to them                                                  inform future board                                                                               Diversity
                                                                                                and organisational                                                                                Manager
                                                                                                E&D development

                   Continue to develop links between staff and           Use Staff              Further mainstream           1                                                                    Equalities and
                   board members with regard to E&D                      Briefings.Instigate    equality and                                                                                      Diversity
                                                                         system of E&D          diversity                                                                                         Manager
                                                                         Team Champions
                   MANAGEMENT STRATEGY
                   Integrate quantitative and qualitative                Asset Management       Enable decisions             1           South Essex Homes involving Ridge in                     Asset and
                   assessments of housing demand into the asset          Strategy based on      on future use of                         this process.                                            Business
                   management strategy                                   both needs and         stock to be based                                                                                 Investment
                                                                         property data          on full information                                                       1                       Manager
         Key Actions                                        Outcome Measure So What?                     Resources   Notes                                   Evidence on      Lead Person        Nov-07 Dec-07 Jan-08 Feb-08 Mar-08 Apr-08 May- 08 Jun-08 Jul-08 Aug-08 Sep- 081Oct-08
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Appendix to Agenda Item 13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Nov-08 Dec-08

         Specifically address the issues of bed sit         Strategic context  Improve KPI                     3     South Essex Homes will support SBC in                    Director of
         sheltered accommodation and the needs of           established for    performance and                       the development of the Supported                         Housing Services
         disabled residents in the medium and longer        addressing the longminimise income                       Housing Review
         terms                                              term use of low    loss. Ensure
                                                            demand sheltered   housing stock
                                                            accommodation      meets housing
                                                                               needs and
         Develop an aspirational standard in excess of the Aspirational        Develop ownership               1     South Essex Homes involving Ridge in                     Asset and
         DHS                                               standard developed of standard so that                    this process.                                            Business
                                                           in partnership with resourcing can                                                                                 Investment
                                                           residents           reflect resident                                                                               Manager

         Include community safety and environmental         Strategic priorities   Enable decisions            1     Include in review of asset management Hyperlink to    Director Property
         improvement works within a strategic approach      established and        on future use of                  strategy                              draft Strategy. Services
                                                            framework in place     stock to be based                                                       To be agreed
                                                                                   on full information                                                     at May 08

         Develop a plan for rolling out modern              Plan developed and Ensure maximum                  1                                                              Programme
         procurement best practice in relation to process   roll out programme benefit is achieved                                                                            Delivery Manager
         and cost optimisation, sharing benefits and open   established        from contracts in
         book accounting                                                       terms of product
                                                                               and VFM

         Implement a SMART improvement plan for                                Improved
                                                            Improvement plan developed and in place            3     Achieved ahead of deadline              Improvement      Revenue
         current and former tenant arrears recovery                            performance in                                                                Plan agreed      Services
                                                                               CTA and FTA                                                                   and vaidated     Manager
                                                                               recovery increasing                                                           by Rent
                                                                               income to HRA                                                                 Income
         Ensure staff are trained and equipped to give      Training identified  Maximise                      2     Achieved ahead of deadline              Training         Revenue
         welfare benefit and housing benefit advice         and rolled out       opportunities for                                                           Carried Out -    Services
                                                                                 residents to avoid                                                          Individual       Manager
                                                                                 debt and remain in                                                          traing records
                                                                                 their home                                                                  with HR
         Ensure that residents in arrears can access        Links established    Maximise                      1     Some work completed but aditional                        Revenue
         independent money and benefits advice via sign     and guidance         opportunities for                   opportunities identified. Deadline                       Services
         posting to other organisations and monitor the     provided to all      residents to avoid                  therefore extended to increase range                     Manager
         outcomes                                           relevant staff       debt and remain in                  and quality of options
                                                                                 their home and
                                                                                 utilise resources
                                                                                 beyond South
                                                                                 Essex Homes
         Strengthen performance management by setting       Targets agreed and Improved                        2                                             CTA and FTA Revenue
         realistic targets for income recovery and          effective monitoring performance in                                                              Target agreed Services
         monitoring progress against them                   and reporting        CTA and FTA                                                                 through HS      Manager
                                                            established          recovery increasing                                                         Ctte. Targets
                                                                                 income to HRA                                                               established
                                                                                                                                                             and in place
                                                                                                                                                             for all related
                                                                                                                                                             Indicators and

         Review demand and resourcing options for the       Clear understanding Resources better               3                                             Asset and        Asset and
         medium term                                        of demand and       targeted and                                                                 Business         Business
                                                            resourcing options waiting times                                                                 Manager to       Investment
                                                                                minimised                                                                    agree profile    Manager
                                                                                                                                                             with SBC
         Work in partnership with the Council to            Improved               Enable effective            1                                                              Asset and
         significantly improve performance management       performance            monitoring to drive                                                                        Business
         systems and ensure that performance is             management             service                                                                                    Investment
         comprehensively reported to users and              system in place and    improvements                                                                               Manager
         stakeholders on a regular basis                    comprehensive

         Implement a working protocol between South         Joint protocol         Enable effective            1                                                              Asset and
         Essex Homes and the council that underpins the     established            monitoring to drive                                                                        Business
         service standard commitments                                              service                                                                                    Investment
                                                                                   improvements                                                                               Manager
VIW AA   Complete review of service delivery, map the       Review conducted       Enable effective            1                                                              Asset and
         process and produce and sign a service level       and working            monitoring to drive                                                                        Business
         agreement to manage all aspects of the service     protocols              service                                                                                    Investment
                                                            documented and in      improvements                                                         2
         Key Actions                                           Outcome Measure So What?                      Resources   Notes                                    Evidence on       Lead Person        Nov-07 Dec-07 Jan-08 Feb-08 Mar-08 Apr-08 May- 08 Jun-08 Jul-08 Aug-08 Sep- 081Oct-08
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Appendix to Agenda Item 13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Nov-08 Dec-08

VIW AA   Ensure there is extensive consultation over the       Consulation carried     Service delivery            1     S.E.H. continues to work with SBC as                       Asset and
         new service standards with service users              out and                 more effectively                  they lead on the resident consultation                     Business
         including people with disabilties and their           appropriately           linked with                       on the service standard.                                   Investment
         representative groups. Ensure that any                recorded                customer                                                                                     Manager
         consultation is appropriately recorded and outputs                            aspirations
         from this work are noted for future inspection

VIW AA   Ensure that a comprehensive framework for             Framework and           Enable effective            1                                                                Asset and
         monitoring of aids and adaptations is developed       monitoring in place     monitoring to drive                                                                          Business
         and a suitable performance monitoring system is                               service                                                                                      Investment
         established                                                                   improvements                                                                                 Manager
         Complete and regularly update benchmarking                           Enable VFM saving
                                                               Benchmarking data                                   1     Some work completed but deadline                           Head of
         data and determine relative priorities for            up to date and areas to be                                extended to alow benefits of recently                      Corporate
         addressing poor value for money and set targets                      identified based on
                                                               relative priorities                                       appointed Business Analysis Manager                        Services
         to be achieved                                        agreed         informed                                   to be realised
                                                                              understanding of
         Agree process for the involvement of residents in Process agreed and Enables                              1                                              Process map, Resident Support
         both setting priorities and decisions on the use of established      prioritisation for use                                                              plan and VFM Manager
         savings generated                                                    VFM generated                                                                       priority survey
                                                                              savings to be                                                                       results
                                                                              aligned with                                                                        considered
                                                                              resident priorities                                                                 and agreed by
                                                                                                                                                                  Value for

         Implement and regularly report to the Value for                            Drives the
                                                               Regular reporting established                       1                                              Considered    Director of
         Money Leadership Group on a SMART, medium                                  continued pressure                                                            and agreed by Corporate
         term, action plan for improving value for money                            for VFM and                                                                   VFM           Resources
                                                                                    engages residents                                                             Leadership
                                                                                    in the process                                                                Group -
                                                                                    thereby ensuring                                                              subject to
                                                                                    resident focussed                                                             ongoing
                                                                                    outcomes                                                                      monitoring

         Agree a template for all action plans to ensure     Standard and              Allows consistent,          1                                              Standard        Service
         that they are SMART, consolidated, in the           template agreed           reliable and                                                               Template in     Improvement
         corporate style and accessible centrally (Intranet) with service teams        transparent                                                                use by Service Manager
                                                             and consolidation         monitoring                                                                 Managers -
                                                             work carried out.         consistent with                                                            currently being
                                                                                       corporate direction                                                        used to
                                                                                                                                                                  Service Plans

         Continue to develop the performance                   Reporting agreed        Contributes to              1                                              Detail         Head of
         management system and ensure that it includes         with stakeholders       meeting the                                                                contained in   Corporate
         targets and trends and is flexibly reported to suit   and in place            information needs                                                          18 Feb Board Services
         the roles and priorities of stakeholders                                      of a range of                                                              report. Range
                                                                                       stakeholders                                                               of avenues for
                                                                                                                                                                  reporting now
                                                                                                                                                                  in place

         Provide management training for middle                Accredited              Raises the general          2                                              Training          Head of Human
         managers                                              programme of            standard of                                                                programme         Resources and
                                                               management              management                                                                 currently being   Health and
                                                               training in place for   contributing to                                                            attended.         Safety
                                                               all managers and        improved service,                                                          Certification
                                                               team leaders            change and                                                                 will be
                                                                                       performance                                                                achieved in
                                                                                       management                                                                 July

         Ensure that all new procurement contracts are         Systems and          Ensure maximum                 1                                              Revised           Programme
         rigorously managed                                    procedures in place. benefit is achieved                                                           procurement       Delivery Manager
                                                                                    from contracts in                                                             approach
                                                                                    terms of product                                                              captured in
                                                                                    and VFM                                                                       asset

         Key Actions                                        Outcome Measure So What?                        Resources   Notes       Evidence on    Lead Person         Nov-07 Dec-07 Jan-08 Feb-08 Mar-08 Apr-08 May- 08 Jun-08 Jul-08 Aug-08 Sep- 081Oct-08
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Appendix to Agenda Item 13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Nov-08 Dec-08

         Regularly evaluate the performance of specialist Meet service plan         Continue to learn             3                 PI Information Director of
         teams and ensure that all necessary systems are objectives through         and adapt services                              and             Housing Services
         in place to support them                         one to ones with          in the light of                                 monitoring.
                                                          service managers.         outcomes and                                    Learning
                                                          Meet BVPI targets.        experience                                      report to go to
                                                                                                                                    Board in
         Review effectiveness of Board and Committee        Effectiveness           Make most                     1                                Head of
         Structure                                          reviewed and            effective use of                                               Corporate
                                                            reported                structure to achieve                                           Services
         Board to produce annual report                     Calender produced       Increase availability         1                 Calendar sent Head of
                                                            as annual report        of information and                              to residents  Corporate
                                                                                    awareness of                                    early 2008    Services
                                                                                    South Essex

         To introduce in each Board Monthly briefing                             Enhances
                                                            Information incuded in monthly board briefing         1                                Head of
         information and benefits gained from board                              awareness of key                                                  Corporate
         attendance at development and training events.                          issues and learning                                               Services
                                                                                 among board
         To increase the return rate of feedback forms      Rate of return at 10%Improved                         1                                Head of
         from board members attending development and                            understanding of                                                  Corporate
         training sessions by 10%                                                Board member                                                      Services
                                                                                 experience of
                                                                                 training and
         To introduce a detailed induction procedure for                          in place
                                                            Induction programme Better understading               1                                Head of
         new board members including timetabled access                           among new Board                                                   Corporate
         to all staff and critical priority elements of the                      members and                                                       Services
         business.                                                               enhanced ability to
                                                                                 contribute to

         To develop a programme of "Back to the Floor"   Programme in place Enhanced mutual                       1                                Head of
         for Board members to be enabled to shadow staff                    understanding of                                                       Corporate
         members                                                            perspectives and                                                       Services
                                                                            common ownership
                                                                            of organisational

         Introduce the buddying and mentoring procedure Programme in place Enhanced mutual                        1                                Head of
         for all Board Members                                             understanding of                                                        Corporate
                                                                           perspectives and                                                        Services
                                                                           common ownership
                                                                           of organisational

         Introduce monthly board information briefings to                       Enhances
                                                            Briefing programme in place                           1                                Head of
         be sent out 2 weeks prior to each monthly board                        awareness of key                                                   Corporate
         meeting.                                                               issues and learning                                                Services
                                                                                among board
         Complete appraisal procedure for all board         Appraisals completedBoard development                 2                                Head of
         members to identify skills gaps and development                        based on informed                                                  Corporate
         and training needs by April, 2008.                                     understanding of                                                   Services
                                                                                needs thereby
                                                                                enabling board
                                                                                members to
                                                                                contribute more
                                                                                effectively to


         Review the Management Fee to identify the true     Shared                  Inform future                 1                                SEH/SBC
         costs of the Sheltered Housing Services            understanding and       development of
                                                            agreement between       service and ensure
                                                            SBC and SEH of          appropriate
                                                            the true costs of the   allocation of costs
                                                            Sheltered Housing

         Review current allocations accountabilities and    Action plan to          Enable effective              1                                Director of
         responsibilities between SBC and South Essex       ensure weaknesses       resource use and                                               Housing
         Homes to ensure the current model is effective     are addressed and       consistency in                                                 Services/SBC -
                                                            formalised              decision making                                                Head of Adult
                                                            relationship put in                                                                    Commisioning
                                                            place                                                               4
           Key Actions                                           Outcome Measure So What?                        Resources   Notes                                       Evidence on   Lead Person        Nov-07 Dec-07 Jan-08 Feb-08 Mar-08 Apr-08 May- 08 Jun-08 Jul-08 Aug-08 Sep- 081Oct-08
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Appendix to Agenda Item 13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Nov-08 Dec-08

           Identify mechanisms to improve performance on Enhanced relet                 Reduce void levels,            1                                                               Director of
           reletting sheltered accommodation for example by performance for             increase income                                                                                Housing
           fast tracking applications from suitable candidates specific units           and ensure housing                                                                             Services/SBC -
                                                               identified as            is meeting needs                                                                               Head of Adult
                                                               remaining within                                                                                                        Commisioning
                                                               mainstream housing
           Agree a service level agreement to clarify roles, Value for money            Enable effective               1                                                               Director of
           responsibilities and performance expectations in savings achieved            resource use and                                                                               Housing
           relation to the allocation service                  and outcomes of          consistency in                                                                                 Services/SBC -
                                                               access review            decision making                                                                                Head of Adult
           Working with service users and their             Vision agreed and           Direction of service           1                                                               Director of
           representaives develop a vision for the floating endorsed by service         consistent with                                                                                Housing
           support service for older people based on the    users,                      users aspirations                                                                              Services/SBC -
           resources available                              representative                                                                                                             Head of Adult
                                                            groups, SBC and                                                                                                            Commisioning
                                                            South Essex Homes
           Develop a strategic plan and action plan for the Strategic Plan and          Plan enabled to                1                                                               Director of
           service based on the vision and the understading action plan and             deliver in line with                                                                           Housing Services
           of the true costs of the service                 agreed by South             users apirations
                                                            Essex Homes Board

           Develop speculative plans to reduce the total        Speculative plans        Provides tangible             1                                                               Director of
           sheltered housing stock to 850 units and 750         developed and            options for                                                                                   Housing Services
           units in anticipation of the review of older persons shared with SBC          achieving greater
           housing using the template already shared with                                efficiency in the use
           SBC                                                                           of the housing
           Identify a strategy for providing an extra care       Speculative plans       Provides tangible             1                                                               Director of
           provision as part of mixed provision or identify a developed and              options for                                                                                   Housing Services
           scheme for conversion.                                shared with SBC         achieving greater
                                                                                         efficiency in the use
                                                                                         of the housing
           Develop a decommisioning plan for the remaining Decommissioning               Provides tangible             1                                                               Director of
           sheltered housing bedsits with shared facilties       plan in place and       options for                                                                                   Housing Services
           and begin consultation with residents                 consultation with       achieving greater
                                                                 residents               efficiency in the use
                                                                 commenced               of the housing
           Identify other potential service users for the        Potential users         Provides tangible             1                                                               Director of
           sheltered housing living in general needs housing identified and              options for                                                                                   Housing
           or other tenures which can be offered a floating      priorities targetted in achieving greater                                                                             Services/SBC -
           support service                                       agreement with          efficiency in the use                                                                         Head of Adult
                                                                 SBC                     of the housing                                                                                Commisioning
           Develop a marketing plan for long term voids          Marketing plan          Reduce void levels,           1                                                               Director of
           including identifying potential new tenants, and      developed and           increase income                                                                               Housing
           ensure these applicants are registered on the         priority groups         and ensure housing                                                                            Services/SBC -
           housing needs register                                targetted for           is meeting needs                                                                              Head of Adult
                                                                 inclusion on the                                                                                                      Commisioning
                                                                 housing needs
           Identify the cost of cleaning sheltered housing       Costs seperately        Enables effective             1     Timetable set to allow for integration in                 SEH/SBC
           and develop a plan for the disagregation of the       identified and plan comparison of                              revised rent atatements 2009/10
           cleaning charges costs and other service charges developed for the            costs and
           from the rent                                         disaggregation of       transparent
                                                                 relevant costs          charging to
           Review the funding arrangements for the service Shared                        Enables effective             1                                                               SBC/South
           to fully reflects costs and identify funding location understanding and planning and                                                                                        Essex Homes
                                                                 agreement between business modelling
                                                                 SBC and SEH of          for service
                                                                 the funding
                                                                 arrangements for
                                                                 Careline service
                                                                                         Assessment of
           Develop a separate business unit financial model Separate business model developed                          1                                                               Director of
           for the service including profit and loss accounts                            service                                                                                       Business
                                                                                         marketability                                                                                 Development
           Clarify and formalise arrngements for the             Agreement in place Creates incentives                 1                                                               Director of
           allocation of funds generated by new businss and determining                  to attract additional                                                                         Business
           providing incentives to the marketing activities of treatment of income income and reduce                                                                                   Development
           South Essex Homes                                     from additional         pressure on HRA

           Using the financial information generated review Review carried out          Enables South                  1                                                               Director of
           the strategic future of the careline service     and options                 Essex Homes to                                                                                 Business
           including;                                       available for               assess direction                                                                               Development
                                                            consideration by the        and future for
                                                            board                       Careline on an
                                                                                        informaed basis
           A cost benefit analysis of the service
           Consultation with service users
           Comparative costs of alternative provision
           Key Actions                                         Outcome Measure So What?                    Resources   Notes                                    Evidence on    Lead Person        Nov-07 Dec-07 Jan-08 Feb-08 Mar-08 Apr-08 May- 08 Jun-08 Jul-08 Aug-08 Sep- 081Oct-08
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Appendix to Agenda Item 13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Nov-08 Dec-08

           Alternative models of provision including
           reductions in the scope and size of the service

           Develop a potential marketing plan to evaluate      Marketing plan in     Captures                    1                                                             Director of
           other funding sources including                     place and             understanding of                                                                          Business
                                                               alternative funding   market and                                                                                Development
                                                               sources prioritised   potential of
           Services to other local authorities
           Health Agencies
           Private individuals living in other tenures
           In the event that retention is the chosen option   Business plan          Provides a                  1                                                             Director of
           following the strategic review, develop a business developed and          framework for the                                                                         Business
           plan for the service that includes                 agreed by Board        continuation and                                                                          Development
                                                                                     growth of Careline
                                                                                     as business
                                                                                     contributing to
                                                                                     South Essex
           A Business Unit model with P&L
           Growth and Profitablity targets
           Integration with the strategic plan for the
           sheltered housing service and the supporting
           people strategy
           In order to improve the competitive opportunities   Telecare              Increases                                                                                 Head of
           available to South Essex Homes continue with        accreditation         marketability of                                                                          Supported
           Telecare Services Registration                      achieved              Telecare service                                                                          Housing
                                                                                     and achieves
                                                                                     external validation
                                                                                     of service standard

           Clarify the funding arrangements to ensure that     Funding                                           1                                                             SBC/South
           the HRA is not inappropriately allocated to a       arrangements                                                                                                    Essex Homes
           service that should be funded from the general      clarified
           Clarify funding arrangements to ensure that the     Funding               Enables effective           1     SBC Have examined funding                Notes of       SBC - Head of
           HRA is not inappropriately allocated to a service   arrangements          planning and                      arrangements and confirmed view that     Strategic      Assets and
           that should be funded from the general fund         clarified             business modelling                HRA funding of hostels is legitimate.    Commisioing    Resources
                                                                                     for service                       Appropriate accounting arrangements      Meeting
                                                                                                                       are now in place                         27.02.08
           Ensure the commisioning arrangements for the        TUPE                  Increase                    1     TUPE arrangements clarified and          Board Report   SBC - Head of
           foating support service includes clarifying TUPE    arrangements          manageability of                  subject of Board report 17 March 2008    17.03.08       Adult
           arrangements for current staff engaged in the       clarified             staff and service                                                                         Commisioning
           provision of the homelessness hostel if this is a                         implications
           possible outcome of the commisioning process.

           Develop a strategy to consider the business for     Strategy and       Allows service to              1     Decision taken following SMT report to   Board Report   Director of
           bidding for the floating support contracts, this    approach developed potentially continue                 Express interest in consortium bid.      17.03.08       Housing Services
           should include                                                         to contribute to                     Board report of 17 March 2008 to
                                                                                  South Essex                          advise Board of this and seek approval
                                                                                  Homes Income and                     to Bid as consortium
                                                                                  increase range of
                                                                                  services available
                                                                                  to users

           Conducting a skills audit of current management
           capacity and ability to complete the bidding
           A cost benefit analysis of the service
           Considering the size and scope of any bid and
           which services should be included
           Competitor analysis of other potential bidders

           Identifying potential partners and considering a
           consortium bidding approach
           Develop a potential decommisioning strategy         Strategy and       Improves                       1     Detailed options for existing Hostels    Report to    Director of
           which should consider, as necessary                 approach developed management of                        considered in report to SBC/South        Strategic    Housing Services
                                                                                  decommisioning                       Essex Homes Strategic Commisioning       Commisioning
                                                                                  process as required                  Meeting 27.02.08.                        Meeting
           Human resource implications
           Identifying future uses for the hostels
           Proposals for the rehousing of residential staff

           Arrangemetns for the rehousing of residents


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