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									 Spring 2006

     Inside CARE House – the home of the
     Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Oakland County

                    From the
                    President             Penny Power!
                      A New Year          Help Prevent Child Abuse...
                      is often
                      by a baby           Help Prevent Child
                      and holds
Denise Alexander-Pyle
                      the promise         Abuse - A Penny
and opportunity of a good life.           At A Time!
Tragically, there is also the             The Council will host its third annual
likelihood that the sweet dreams          Circle of Light community education
for that child’s future can too           event on April 25, 2006, as part of
easily change to nightmares.              National Child Abuse Awareness                 These partners will be invited to visit
                                          and Prevention Month. This year, a             CARE House for a tour, asked to bring
This year has started out                 special new project, Penny Power, will
impressively for the metro Detroit                                                       the pennies they have collected, and
                                          become a part of Circle of Light.              deposit their donations into a CARE
area. Following gloom and
                                          Penny Power is a meaningful way for            House Penny Power bank, decorated
doom forecasts for Michigan’s             individuals and groups throughout              by CARE House kids.
automotive dependent economy,             the community to get involved,
we were awed by exciting and                                                             At the Circle of Light event, the
                                          and to raise awareness of the one              evening of the 25th, it is hoped that
energy efficient new vehicles             million children who are abused and            many of the Penny Power Partners
displayed at the 2006 North               neglected each year in this country,           will attend the event, and help
American International Auto Show.         by collecting pennies for the child
                                                                                         announce the total number of
Fast on the Auto Show’s heels was         abuse prevention programs of
                                                                                         pennies collected to date for child
Super Bowl XL. For a month the            CARE House.
                                                                                         abuse prevention.
media highlighted Detroit putting         Prevention efforts are critical to help
                                                                                         We all share the responsibility
its best face forward, impressing         reduce the alarming incidence of child
                                                                                         for preventing child abuse in our
visitors and locals alike.                abuse – 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will
                                                                                         communities. The Penny Power
                                          be sexually abused before their
Sadly, less prominent in the                                                             Project is a metaphor for what can be
                                          18th birthday.
same newspapers heralding our                                                            accomplished when we work together
                                          Penny drives will begin across                 toward a common goal. One penny,
successes, were articles reporting
                                          Oakland County on April 1, 2006                like one person, doesn’t have much
too many tragic stories of metro          - by school and church groups, at
Detroit youngsters who didn’t                                                            power by itself.
                                          work by groups of employees, or by
survive the physical abuse they                                                          Thousands of pennies, collected by
                                          individuals. The goal of Penny Power
received at the hands of trusted          is to collect 1 million pennies - one          thousands of caring people, can make
family members and/or caregivers.         penny to represent each child who              a powerful difference in the lives of
                                          is abused every year, for a total of           children. That’s no small change.
Their lives were cut short, too           $10,000 raised to prevent                      Watch your mail for more information
often because of another’s inability      child abuse.                                   about Circle of Light, or contact
to cope with the stress that job                                                         CARE House at 248.332.7173 with any
                                          Parents, teachers and others who
losses and other unanticipated                                                           questions about the Penny Power
                                          share our core belief - It shouldn’t
life changes produced. We were            hurt to be a child - are encouraged to         Project.
haunted by the images of their            organize groups and include children           Penny Power and Circle of Light are
innocent faces, while family              in becoming Penny Power Partners               sponsored by Oakland County
                                          with CARE House.                               Credit Union.
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                                                                                                               Winner of Crain’s
                 CARE House, home of                                                                             Best Managed
              The Child Abuse and Neglect                                                                       Non-Profit 1999
                                                                 United Way for                                in the $3-million
               Council of Oakland County                         Southeastern Michigan                         and under group
                                        Volunteer Profile: Kathy & Kait
                                        Kathy Crawford knew she was
                                        in the right place when a child
                                        offered her a hug and a paper
                                        necklace. She earns her living
        CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT         as an administrative assistant,
       COUNCIL OF OAKLAND COUNTY        but derives much of her joy
                                        from working as a volunteer
       BOARD MEMBERS                    at the Child Abuse and Neglect
                                        Council of Oakland County, in the
          Board of Trustees
                                        organization’s nurturing program.
    Denise Alexander-Pyle, President    “Some of these children live in
                                        very challenging circumstances,
      Debbie Carley, Vice President
                                        and it’s so wonderful to watch
     Cathy Weissenborn, Treasurer
                                        the love that is still there,” said  Kathy Crawford and Kait Crawford
        Laura Ragold, Secretary         Crawford, 52, who volunteers three
                                                                                “A leader will present a lesson plan
      Hon. Martha D. Anderson           hours a week at the program and
                                                                                and then we help her perform the
              Elaine Baker              is working on a degree in sociology
                                                                                program with the kids, which is
             Elaine Blouse              at Oakland University. “We try to
                                                                                correlated to what the parents are
             Nancy Bolyard              round out the rough edges
               Kim Bondy                                                        learning in their group.”
                                        for them.”
             Nancy Cooper                                                       It is a 15-week commitment for the
          M. Michael Cotter             Volunteering is doubly rewarding
         Chief Charles Craft                                                    families. The volunteers usually
                                        for Crawford because her daughter,
              Katie Farkas                                                      work about 3 hours a week.
                                        Kait Crawford, works with her in
       Freeman Farrow, M.D.
                                        the Nurturing Parenting Program.        Kait Crawford said the program is
          Lauran F. Howard
           Sgt. Clay Jansson            Kait, 25, graduated from Oakland        executed within a circle.
        Sarah Weiner Keidan             University in 2004, and works as
                                                                                “We have circle time where the
            John D. Kessler             an apartment leasing consultant.
              Irika Mellin                                                      leader has a topic of discussion,
                                        She hopes to begin a master’s
            George J. Miller                                                    usually about feelings, and how to
                                        degree in counseling in the fall.
        Frederick J. Morsches                                                   express anger appropriately,” she
                                        She began volunteering for the
             Terry Murphy                                                       said. “We may do that for 30-45
          Julie Nelson-Klein            council in 2003, after her mom
                                                                                minutes, and then we will do
           Richard Remstad              began in late 2002.
                                                                                a project.”
            Suzanne Russell
                                        “It makes me feel so good inside to
              Karla Sherry                                                      One of those projects was making
        Hon. Kimberly Small             know I’m helping in some small
                                                                                anger masks.
            Stephen Strome              way,” Kait Crawford said. “I just
         J. Douglas Turnbull            love it. I would like to really work    “The children would make the
         Margaret C. Warner             for this organization one day           masks themselves, and then
                                        because I think it’s wonderful to       they could wear them at home
            Patricia Rosen
            Executive Director          see positive changes in both the        instead of acting out their anger
                                        parents and the children.”              inappropriately,” Kait
                                                                                Crawford said.
                                        Her mom outlined the program.
Contributor’s Corner                                                            Kait said she thinks of CARE House
     We wish to thank the following     “First we were both interviewed to
                                                                                as a haven for the children. “It is
    for their assistance in preparing   find out where we would fit,”
                                                                                a safe environment where the kids
      this edition of the Threshold:    Kathy Crawford said. “They decided
                                                                                can have fun and be themselves,”
         Denise Alexander-Pyle          to place both of us in the Nurturing
           Diane Bedenbaugh                                                     she said. “They can be little kids
                                        Parenting Program.”
            Cindy Bridgman                                                      without the cares of the outside
              Robyn Gorell              The volunteers work with children,      world. And the parents can feel
         Grigg Graphic Services                                                 safe too, to confide in others.”
               Erika Lovell
                                        while the parents participate in
         MarxLayne & Company            their own counseling group.             by Shawn D. Lewis for The Detroit News
               Verna Piper
              Kristin Reitz
             Patricia Rosen                  Child Assistant Volunteers Needed
             Tricia Schuster
             Laurie Walters                              Please call CARE House for
              Jayne Zellers                             more information 248.332.7173

   Sharing and Caring Tours                                             Wish List
                                                                    The following is our WISH LIST:
Sharing and Caring Tours
of CARE House                        2006 Sharing & Caring Tours    ✓ Gift cards from Costco, Meijer,
                                     April 11     7:30 – 8:30 am      Target, JoAnn’s, Michael’s, etc.
These monthly tours are an
                                                                    ✓ Individual juices boxes
informal way to learn more           May 9        12:00 – 1:00 pm
about what happens inside                                           ✓ Individually wrapped
                                     June 13      7:30 – 8:30 am
CARE House. Please attend                                             healthy snacks
                                     July 11      12:00 – 1:00 pm
and bring a friend. There’s                                         ✓ Crayola washable markers
no charge.                           August 8     7:30 – 8:30 am
                                                                    ✓ Arts and crafts supplies such
                                     Sept. 12     2:00 – 1:00 pm      as sequins, craft sticks and
See the 2006 calendar of tours
and pick a date. Or, if you          October 10   7:30 – 8:30 am      glitter glue, etc
prefer, just call 248.332.7173       Nov. 14      12:00 – 1:00 pm   ✓ Automatic dishwasher detergent
and arrange a tour at a time                                        ✓ Paper towels
                                     Dec. 12      7:30 - 8:30 am
and date of your convenience.
                                                                    ✓ Antiseptic wipes
                                                                    ✓ Liquid hand soap
                                                                    ✓ Unscented bathroom tissue

                Spring Cleaning
                                                                    ✓ Plastic forks
                                                                    ✓ Heavy duty disposable plates
                                                                    ✓ AA batteries
                                                                    ✓ Step stool
Now you can help CARE House                                         ✓ Hand vacuum (like Dustbuster)
while spring cleaning.
                                                                    ✓ Disposable diapers (Newborn
Good News! CARE House can                                             to size 6) (Huggies, Luvs and
accept donations of unwanted                                          Pampers)
(but well cared for) household
                                                                    ✓ Pull-ups for toddlers
goods. Through an arrangement
with OnLine Sales of Birmingham,                                    ✓ Baby Wipes
you can donate items such as                                        ✓ Formula (Similac with Iron)
appliances, musical instruments,                                      powdered
furniture and lightly used brand                                    ✓ Baby Food (fruit, vegetable and
name baby and children’s clothing.                                    turkey dinners)
You can drop off your donations at                                  ✓ Baby Cereal (Multigrain,
CARE House, or call Verna at                                          Oatmeal and Rice)
248.332.7173 to arrange a pickup.                                   ✓ Toys for babies up to 1 year old
This is an opportunity for CARE
                                                                    ✓ Baby Bowls and Sippy Cups
House to raise revenue, and we
look forward to your support.                                       ✓ Magna Doodle Play Kitchen –
                                                                      due to restrictions, please
                                                                      contact us first

                                                                      These types of donations
Stay Tuned For Our New Website!                                       allow us to direct more of
      Launching In April:                                            our funds to serve children
                                                                            and families.
                                                                       Thanks for your
                                                                     continued support.

                                             Grants and Awards
    The Milton M. Ratner Foundation                                      Detroit Auto Dealers Association
    The Milton M. Ratner Foundation awarded a $30,000                   The Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) awarded
    multi-year grant to the CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT COUNCIL             a $24,078 grant to the Council for the expansion and
    OF OAKLAND COUNTY. The funds, payable over three years,             enhancement of the Intervention and Treatment Program,
    will be used to support the “Helping Hands Shaping Futures”         by providing partial support for a Family Advocate and
    Volunteer Program at CARE House, the home of the Council.           the implementation of new client assessment and
    The funds will be allocated to partially support the salary         evaluation models.
    of the Director of Volunteer Services, and the recruitment,
    training, recognition and technical support of the
    Council’s volunteers.
                                                                         National Children’s Alliance
                                                                        The National Children’s Alliance (NCA) awarded the Council
    Verizon Wireless                                                    two grants. One was a Program Support Grant of $10,000,
                                                                        given to Child Advocacy Centers that meet the standards of
    Verizon Wireless awarded a $12,000 grant to the CHILD ABUSE         full accreditation. CARE House earned and has sustained its
    AND NEGLECT COUNCIL OF OAKLAND COUNTY. The funds                    accreditation since 1992.
    were used to provide an additional Nurturing Parenting              The second NCA grant is a $5,000 Member Training Grant to
    Program at CARE House, the home of the Council, for families        fund a four-part training seminar for established therapists
    with adolescents ages 13-17. The goals of the intensive, 12-week    in Oakland County, on methods and forensically sensitive
    parenting education, family support program are child safety,       treatment techniques for sexually abused children.
    permanency and improved family functioning.
                                                                         Women of Bloomfield
    St. James Episcopal Church
                                                                        The Women of Bloomfield organization presented a $10,000
    The St. James Episcopal Church of Birmingham awarded                check to the council at the group’s Annual Holiday Luncheon.
    a $1,000 grant to the Council for the Nurturing Parenting           The funds will be used to support programming for CARE
    Program for families with children ages 5-12.                       House children and families.


                              Civilian Citation               Ramona Marshall, CARE House’s
                              for Amy Allen                   Diversity Champion
                              Amy Allen, Case Manager
                                                              Ramona Marshall was honored as
                              at CARE House, received
                                                              a Diversity Champion by the Race
                              a Civilian Citation from
                                                              Relations & Diversity Task Force of
                              the Farmington Hills
                                                              Birmingham and Bloomfield on
                              Police Department.
                                                              March 20, 2006.
                              The citation commends
                                                              Some champions might be 6’7” and sink
                              Amy on her “great
                                                              a lot of baskets but, to the staff, volunteers
                              assistance in conducting
                                                              and families served at CARE House,
                               forensic interviews of
                                                              Ramona Marshall is a champion.
                                children”. The award
                                                              Ramona came to CARE House in a
                                  was presented in
                                                              time of personal crisis.
                                   February in the
                                    City of Farmington        Ramona has become the conscience
                                     Hills Council            of CARE House and has given back
                                                                                                       Ramona Marshall
                                       Chambers.              from her heart, setting a high
                                                              standard in everything she attempts. Ramona volunteers her time and
    Amy Allen                                                 talent as a Child Assistant and an Advocate for Children and also serves
                                                              as a committee member. Ramona is willing to share her experiences
                                                              to make clients realize they are not alone. CARE House is a better place
                                                              today because Ramona believes “It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.”

                                                                                                   Upcoming Events to
Chris,                                                                                             Benefit CARE House:
The Eagle
                                                                                                        Women of
Scout                                                                                                   Bloomfield
Chris Leinoen, a remarkable
young man and an Eagle Scout                                                                            RUMMAGE SALE
with Troop 360, demonstrated
what a big heart he has this past                                                                          May 12, 2006
holiday season. The Rochester
Adams High School senior                                                                                9:00 am to 4:00 pm
collected new stuffed animals for
the children served by the Child                                                                            May 13, 2006
Abuse and Neglect Council of                                                                             9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Oakland County.
                                                                                                            Cross of Christ
In his own words: “Initially, I was    Chris Leinonen and his Teddy Bear Eagle Project. He
just looking for an Eagle project      delivered a large amount of items from our wish list.              Lutheran Church
but, after visiting CARE House, I                                                                       1100 Lone Pine Road
found that I truly wanted to help              obtaining donated stuffed animals                           Bloomfield Hills
these children, even if it was in one          from other Scouts and their families;
small way. After putting my plan into          encouraging a local business to donate
action and receiving some of the stuffed       some; involving the Adams Robotics                   ARTS & CRAFTS SHOW
animals and supplies that I needed, I          Club in the project; and making a lot
was more determined than ever to meet          of phone calls. His persistence paid off.                    June 14, 2006
my goal. It is with a heartfelt thanks to      The animals occupied the spare room at                   10:00 am – 6:00 pm
you for allowing me the opportunity to         his family’s home until it was time to
help you and these families.”                  take them to CARE House.                                     First United
Chris devoted a huge amount of time             To deliver them in time for the holiday                  Methodist Church
and effort to his project. He spent two         season, Chris employed the assistance                   1589 W. Maple Road
months collecting new stuffed animals,          of family and friends. It actually took                     Birmingham
which are chosen by children when               three fully packed cars to transport the
they visit CARE House. He had heard             stuffed animals to their new home.
about CARE House from the mother of                                                                  HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE
                                                Chris has been accepted at Northern
another Scout. Intrigued,
                                                Michigan University, where he plans to                     November 2006
he researched and paid a visit to
                                                study to become a secondary education
learn more.
                                                teacher of biology. We thank him
His effort included placing flyers              sincerely and wish him well in                    Look for more information in
around a few neighboring subdivisions;          his endeavors.                                        our next newsletter.

                      Children’s Charities Coalition
                          Designer Tablescapes
                                                                           Tour a beautiful 10,000 square-foot home located at the
                                        Preview Gala                       corner of Vaughan Road and Lahser Road. For the Gala and
                               Wednesday, May 10, 2006                     the next four days, enjoy this home and the inspiring tabletop
                                                                           designs of the area’s leading interior designers, headed by
                                        6 pm to 9 pm
                                                                           Jeffrey King. Tablescapes is chaired by Patti Balhorn
                                Show House is located at
                                    630 Vaughan Road                       Gala tickets $100 and $150
                                                                           Home tour runs May 11 – 14, 2006
                              Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
                                                                           $20 in advance or $25 at the door
                                                                           Call for more information 248.333.0826

                                                                                  –IN KIND DONATIONS–
               Give the Gift of Hope
                                                                                  Karen Adams            Cynthia Canty
                Each of these special people has been remembered               Adventures In Toys       Helen Capanda
                 with a memorial or tribute made in their name:                 Denise Alexander         Debbie Carley
                                                                               Pyle & Stephen Pyle      Patricia Carney
                          –MEMORIALS–                                              Anonymous               Vicki &
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     Cheryl Ann Bean              Joan Hassen            Mike “Mobil” Putrus
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Ray Abrams                  James Gitre                John O’Brien                 Big Rock            Sons Jewelers
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Attorneys at Warner,
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Noelle Davis                Shelly, Phyllis, & Karen   Cathy Witt                Anita L. Burns
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Shirley DeWys               Naglick Family             Loreen Barbara Yaldo        Cafe Sushi             Solutions
Nancy Gifford               Kelly Nelson               Mary Lou Zieve            Kent Canerday           Eurasian Grill

          To make a gift in honor of someone special to you, please call Verna Piper at 248.332.7173.
          A beautiful tribute card will be sent to each honoree or family informing them of your gift.

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    Teen Room Gets A New Look                                                                       Excerpted from an article in The
                                                                                                    Eccentric by Susan Steinmueller.

    A group of caring students recently raised money,               abused could take their mind off things before they were
                                                                    interviewed by a counselor.”
    then helped decorate a waiting room for teens at
    the Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Oakland
                                                                     “We haven’t done any redecorating for six years,” said
    County in Pontiac. “We picked out new furniture
                                                                       Pat Rosen, Executive Director. “The Teen Waiting Room
    and new electronics, and subscribed to two
                                                                         was looking a little dated, and we couldn’t afford to
    magazines,” said Michelle Bartoshuk, 15, of
                                                                           refurnish it. Children who come here are going to be
    Birmingham, “so children who had been
                                                                             interviewed in cases of physical or sexual abuse.”
                                                                               “It’s great,” Rosen said of the result. “It was
                                                                                 teenagers picking out things for other teenagers.
                                                                                    It couldn’t happen any other way for us.”
                                                                                       Some of their parents are CARE House
                                                                                          supporters, she said, but “The young
                                                                                                 people took the lead on this.”

                                                                                                   Christopher Jackson, Eric Jackson,
                                                                                                   Michelle Bartoshuk, and Vinnie
                                                                                                   Celani. The teens did all the work
                                                                                                   for planning and remodeling the
                                                                                                   Teen Waiting Room at CARE House.

                                               outcomes are realized. At CARE House,     – before anything bad happens to
    From the President                         we have known this for a long time.       their children.
    Continued from page 1
                                               Because we firmly believe that “It
                                               shouldn’t hurt to be a child”, we focus   PREVENTION is an amazing concept.
    members and neighbors cried in             our efforts on preventing abuse and       It presupposes we can change an
    disbelief.                                 neglect by harnessing every resource      outcome by our actions. Modern life
                                               we can to achieve our goals.              has become so complicated that it is
    Once again we are reminded why
                                                                                         too easy to rationalize tragedies after
    the staff and volunteers of the            However, as the need for services
    Child Abuse and Neglect Council of                                                   they occur. But we have the means to
                                               increases, so does the cost required
    Oakland County put so much effort                                                    ensure that children are safe within
                                               to provide for those services. In a
    and expertise into its Nurturing                                                     the family setting and outside of it.
                                               declining economy, more charitable
    Parenting Programs and in Healthy                                                    That is a major reason why CARE
                                               organizations are competing for the
    Start/Healthy Families Oakland. If                                                   House exists today.
                                               same limited resources.
    we can teach and encourage families
                                               Successful parenthood doesn’t just        Please come by for a SHARING AND
    to interact in a positive manner;
                                               magically happen. It is learned           CARING tour (see page 3). You will be
    maybe we won’t have to read of
                                               behavior. Abuse cycles are repeated       forever transformed by the passion
    these tragedies. In 2005 alone, CARE
                                               because they are the only forms           and hopefulness that fills every
    House provided more than 3200
                                               of parenting the perpetrator may          over-used corner, as our staff and
    families with services, an increase
    of 12 percent over 2004. We strive         know. Good skills are acquired over       volunteers work tirelessly to fulfill the
    to teach them the skills necessary to      time, with patience, common sense,        promise for a life free from abuse for
    enable them to be respectful, patient      through learning from mistakes and        every child who walks through
    and responsive. We serve more, in          having the support of family, friends     its doors.
    anticipation our intervention services     and the community. It also means
                                               being able to stand back from the         So, let us continue to work together
    will be required less.
                                               stresses of one’s life and knowing        with others in the Oakland County
    There is also a lesson learned from        how and where to seek advice and          community to make sure that all
    metro Detroit’s most recent success.       help when the going gets tough.           our children live in a positive, safe
    When everyone pulls together and           CARE House has several incredible         environment, where they are loved
    utilizes all the available community       prevention programs to provide            and respected and can fulfill all of
    resources, goodwill and positive           parents with the assistance they need     their dreams for a good life.

  Around and About

 In Kind Donations
                                                                              Below: Spirit Warriors

                                        Right: Marist Academy
                     S.T.A.N.D. Club donated 118 stuffed animals

Above: Hickory Grove Elementary - Mrs. Reed’s 4th graders. The students
did all the work to make these blankets they donated. The two doctors
and their children delivered them to CARE House. Dr. Shawn Bolton is the
Room Mom for the class.

                                  Right: Children donating books received
                                        as gifts from their birthday party.

 Around and About

     Merry-Go-Round 2005

                                                                           Below: Christopher (Awardee’s Son and Presenter)
                                                                           and Darlene Jackson (Circle of Hope Awardee)

 Above: Sandie Knollenberg (Presenter) and
 Deborah Dingell (Kaleidoscope Awardee)

                                Right: Dick and Dawn Rassel representing
                                Butzel Long (Merry-Go-Round Awardee)

                                                                                                        Left: Julie Nelson-Klein,
                                                                                                        Diana Dietle
                                                                                                        (Past Circle of
                                                                                                        Hope Honorees)

 Above: Karla Sherry (MGR Co-Chair),
 Lynn Perenic (MGR Co-Chair),
 Denise Alexander-Pyle (Board President)

Around and About

Nurturing Parenting Program

                               Help for the Holidays

                              Above: Debbie Carley, Oakland County
                              Prosecutor’s Office, with holiday gifts for 12
                              families from its staff.

      Instead of going                                                                               The Centaurus Society –
                                                                                                   an investment in the future
      to the mall –
                                                                                                    The Centaurus Society is the
      Give the perfect gift for any                                                                   Council’s Planned Giving
      occasion – a tribute to those                                                                Program, which provides ways
      special people in your life, while                                                             to support the Council and
      supporting the work of CARE House.                                                             its mission into the future.
      Whether it’s:
                                                                                                            Leaving a Legacy
      • Mother’s Day                          • Anniversary
      • Father’s Day                          • Graduation                                         Isla Small was a woman of uncommon
      • Grandparents’ Day                     • Bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah                         grace and generosity. A Past President
      • To honor the memory                   • Retirement                                         of the Women of Bloomfield, she was
                                                                                                   a longtime supporter of the work of
        of someone                            • New baby
                                                                                                   CARE House. The Council was recently
      • Birthday                              • New home                                           informed of a bequest of $25,000 that
      or any other cause for remembrance or celebration, simply                                    Isla left to the Council in her will.
      make a tax-deductible donation to CARE House, and we’ll                                      This gift is a fitting tribute, which
                                                                                                   will honor her memory and her
      send a card acknowledging your meaningful gift.
                                                                                                   commitment to children.

              It’s quick and convenient -                                                            For more information on becoming
                                                                                                      involved with this program, call
            just call Verna at 248.332.7173.
                                                                                                     Diane Bedenbaugh at 248.332.7173

               April 25, 2006                                          May 18, 2006                                    November 4, 2006
           Circle of Light                                       Fashion Justice                                     Merry-Go-Round
   Join friends and supporters of CARE House             This third-party event, a benefit to support         Join us for this signature event - black tie
    as we raise awareness and shed light on              the Council’s Janice Morganroth Advocates           gala with silent auction, dinner and danc-
  the problem of child abuse during National              for Children Program, will feature a select        ing to benefit the kids of CARE House. This
     Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness                 group of judges and lawyers in motion on          year’s honorees are L. Brooks Patterson, The
            month. Watch the mail for                      the runway. Chaired by Diana Dietle and             Handleman Company and Elaine Blouse.
                 your invitation.                       Julie Nelson-Klein, this fun event will be held
                                                           at the Community House in Birmingham.

      The mission of the Child Abuse                                                                                                            Organization
 and Neglect Council of Oakland County                                         CARE House                                                        U.S. Postage
                                                                               The Child Abuse and Neglect Council                                  PAID
  is to be an advocate for the safety of                                       44765 Woodward Avenue                                              Permit #19
all children and to be a leading resource                                      Pontiac, MI 48341                                             Bloomfield Hills, MI
  in the prevention of child abuse and
   the protection of children through
   education, intervention, treatment
      and research, in collaboration
           with the community.                                   Please check
                                                                 your address!
                 Please return all correspondence to:              This is the contact
                 The Child Abuse and Neglect Council             information we have
                      44765 Woodward Avenue                       on file for you. If it
                          Pontiac, MI 48341                      is not correct, please
                                                                  contact Verna Piper
                                                                     at 248.332.7173

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