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					easy tips for smokers who want to quit

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Smoking could be very dangerous for our family and people around (as passive smoker). Its
difficult to quit from this habbit eventhough we want it. But i have reasons list that, i hope,
would help you to quit smoking.

• I want to be good example for my sons and daughters.

• I want to enjoying my retire time

• I want to save at least $720 - $1000 every years so i can going vacation at new year with my
lovely family

• I don’t want be a slave anymore

• i want to be free from cough which caused by cigarettes

• I love my body so much

• Smoking means annoying the other people’s life

• I never want to die young

List of resons above are just example. You can make your own list that more reasonable and give
more influences for you.

And i have recommended website that can help you to quit smoking. Here they are :






Love your life and give thanks to God for healthy life by quit smoking!!!

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