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									Before You Do Business with a Debt Settlement Company
make sure they are listed with one of the companies below.

NDSB Consumer Benefits
Facing a financial crisis is ranked as one of life’s most stressful events. It happens to people from
all walks of life and for all kinds of reasons, and it often negatively impacts one’s physical and
mental well-being. During times of financial crisis, getting out from under the debt becomes Job

For many consumers, debt settlement is the best option for getting back on their feet. When done
correctly, debt settlement programs work very well: creditors get paid, consumers enjoy and
alternative to bankruptcy, and their credit scores don’t further plummet. The trouble is, many
debt settlement companies do not have consumer protection in mind. Additionally, no national
legislation is in place to uniformly define and enforce debt settlement industry rules. Essentially,
you’re on your own.

National Debt Settlement Bureau was formed to protect consumers during this stressful and
vulnerable time. Its goal: promote fair and ethical business practices by debt settlement
companies, and encourage continued compliance by publicly rating them on performance.

If you’re seeking debt relief by using a debt settlement company, here’s how NDSB can help

      View a company’s ratings, complaints and resolutions before entering into an agreement.
       NDSB has two key resources in place for consumers: a formula-based rating system for
       debt settlement companies and an online platform where consumers can file a complaint
       against a company and the company can resolve it. The rating, number of complaints, and
       number of resolutions is listed for each company, thereby helping you quickly narrow
       your search.

      Resolve your complaints quickly and in your favor. If you’re already working with a debt
       settlement company and an issue arises, NDSB provides a direct mechanism for filing a
       complaint and getting it resolved. Simply go to, find the company in the
       search listing, and file your complaint. This will initiate a process whereby the company
       is informed and can enter into an online dialogue with you to resolve the issue. Because
       unsatisfactory resolutions can drop a company’s rating, most issues are resolved in your
      Enjoy peace of mind that you’ve chosen an ethical debt settlement company. By using
       NDSB, you’re arming yourself with the most current information about debt settlement
       companies. This knowledge empowers you to identify and choose companies that have
       public track records for following ethical business practices and keeping consumer
       protection top-of-mind.

Debt settlement companies act on behalf of consumer debtors to help them clear their debts.
They do this by entering into direct negotiations with creditors in order to facilitate the
repayment of debts. In return for their services, debt settlement companies are generally paid a
fee by the consumer debtor. In order to avoid any hint of impropriety, TASC members do not
handle, manage, or otherwise control their client’s funds.

Membership of TASC is reliant upon debt settlement companies being able to demonstrate that
they comply with the standards set out in the TASC bylaws.

The bylaws have been developed in consultation with a number of debt settlement companies,
discussions with different states’ legislators, and major lenders. The aim of the Bylaws, and that
of TASC, is to encourage debt settlement companies to provide services of the highest standards
to ensure the public and the credit industry’s confidence.

In order to effectively improve the nature of the debt settlement industry, TASC is an
organization with a mission to protect the interests of consumer debtors while simultaneously
regulating debt settlement business practices through a series of bylaws designed to heighten the
standards of debt settlement companies.

TASC members, who are some of the top debt settlement companies and debt remedy advisors in
the country, seek to promote this mission for the good of the consumer through adhering to these
bylaws in order to improve practices and relations within the debt settlement industry.

Through its promotion and utilization of its bylaws, TASC works tirelessly to realize its goal of
an improved and fairly regulated national debt settlement industry. Designed with the needs of
both the consumer and the debt settlement company in mind, TASC’s bylaws are a proactive
approach to achieving this goal in that the TASC bylaws encourage debt settlement companies to
operate under the highest of standards while also addressing the concerns of the industry and its
participants as a whole.

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