; All about the About Augusta National Golf Club
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All about the About Augusta National Golf Club


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                                          All about the About Augusta National Golf Club
                                                                   By paul.goodguy

  The prestigious origins of the Augusta National Golf Club date back to 1934, when it was first
named as the location for one of golf’s greatest tournaments, the Masters. Located in lush August,
Georgia, it is recognized as one of the premiere golf courses in the world as well as one of the most

 The verdant landscape comes by its greenery naturally – the land the course is located on was once a
tree nursery.

The Beauty of the Course

Majestic trees, colorful flowers, and vibrant shrubs characterize the landscape of the August National
Golf Club. It makes perfect sense, then, that each hole is named for the type of greenery located in the
midst. In days past, the course stood out from others due to its comparatively small amount of bunkers
as well as the fairway widths. In the era when golf was becoming more and more popular, this golf
course presented a pleasant change from the norm.

History of the Course

Since its inception, there have been a variety of architects who have added their distinctive style to the
August National Golf Club. Some changes have included the addition of bunkers, a decrease in the
contour of the greens, the placement of additional trees along the fairways, and an increased number
of roughs.

Bermuda grass was long the traditional grass seeded on the greens, however, in 1981 the course
changed to bent grass. This allowed for a surface which is faster for golfers and the main reason
behind decreasing the contours of the greens.

The most familiar landmark to fans of the Augusta National Golf Club is arguably the large oak tree.
Located along the course side of the clubhouse, this tree has been estimated to be about 150 years
old. Another landmark is the Eisenhower tree, a loblolly pine which marks the 17th hole of the golf

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It is so named because of a story in which President Eisenhower supposedly hit it with his golf ball
several times in a row and requested that the Golf Club remove the offending tree. Augusta National
Golf Club’s chairman at the time, rather than risk offending President Eisenhower, simply closed the
meeting to discussion.

President Eisenhower also lends his name to another feature of the Augusta National Golf Club: Ike’s
Pond. At the time it was named, Eisenhower was a general in the army.

After taking a walk in the woods which run along the eastern side of the golf course grounds, he
indicated to the golf club’s chairman that he had found an ideal spot to place a pond feature. It was so
built, in just the place Eisenhower had suggested.

With its venerable history and beautiful greens, the Augusta National Golf Club is truly an American

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                                        All about the augusta golf club and its design
                                                                By paul.goodguy

The Augusta national golf club has been the location of the well known and highly televised Masters
Tournament. The course is located in Augusta Georgia and has be placed on land that used to be a
tree nursery.

An elegant designed golf course for those with the skill to enjoy.

The Augusta national golf club is adorned with mature trees, flowers, as well as shrubs and every hole
has the name of a tree or a shrub that is located on the hole. In the early days it stood out from the rest
of the golf courses due to the small number of bunkers it contained, compared to other golf courses.
The widths of the fairways on the course were also different from the other professional quality

Design changes to the Course

Over the years architects have made changes to the course such as placing more bunkers, decreasing
the contours of the greens and placing more trees on the course. The creation of serveral rough areas
made the course more challenging.

The greens at the Augusta course had a long tradition of being made from traditional Bermuda grass.
In 1981, they were changed to being made from bent grass, which provides a faster surface on the
green. This was the deciding factor for the decrease in the contours that were placed on the green.

Members of the Augusta national golf club are probably familiar with the large oak tree that is located
on the course and is thought to be over 140 years old.

The Eisenhower tree is a solid pine tree, which is situated on the 17th hole of the course.

Historians of the course claim that the tree was hit with a golf ball numerous times, (to his disgust) by
President Eisenhower, and so he recommended that the tree be removed. The chairman of the
course at the time did not want to have to ignore the recommendation of the President, however he
decided the best thing to do was close the meeting.

The course also has Ike's Pond, which was named after General Eisenhower. He had taken a walk in
the woods on a distance portion of the club grounds, and advised the chairman of the club that he had
found a great place to include a pond. The pond was built based on his recommendation.

I believe the chairman's job was an extremely diplomatic role ,with so many top names of politics and
high ranking officials. It allowed its first African-American member in 1990.

The Augusta course is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, for both professionals and
the weekend players. I highly recommend it if for only to pick out the specific icons mentioned here,
and to identify how they arrived on the course.

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