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									Parks & Recreation
         2010 Spring / Summer Brochure

                  Registration begins.....
               Monday, March 29, 2010 for residents
             Wednesday, April 1, 2010 for non-residents
                      See policy on page 1
              CITY OF WILLOUGHBY

                                                               Council Members
                                                 Back - Christopher Woodin, Ward 1;
                                                 Bob Fiala, Ward 2; Bob Carr, Ward 4, Bob
        David E. Anderson                        Harrold, Ward 6; Jeff Black, Councilman at
     Mayor and Safety Director                   Large
                                                 Front - Loretta Radebaugh, Clerk of Council;
                                                 Jerry Ranally - President, Ward 3; Karen
Director of Parks & Recreation - Brian L. Katz
                                                 Manning, Ward 5
          Program Coordinators                           Table Of Contents
     Judean Banker & Stephanie Maver
                                                 Registration Information......................1-2
Department Secretary - Paula Yesiolowski         Sports & Fitness...................................3-7
   Parks Superintendent - Mike Shaffer           Commemorative Tree Program......................11
             Park Laborers                       Variety......................................13-14
        Russ Martin, Jeff Alexander,             Youth.................................................15-20
          Greg Santon, John Stitts               Recycling Information.......................21-24
                                                 Safety Town...............................................25
    Golf Course Manager - Mitch Allen            Tennis..............................................25
 Senior Center Manager - Carolyn Moore           L.N.M.G.C. .......................................36-37
   Senior Center Program Coordinators
        Amy Skolny & Barb Freed                            Phone Numbers
Senior Center Transportation - Gert Psenak       Parks & Recreation Dept...........953-4200
  Senior Center Secretary - Irene LaFond         E-mail....parksandrec@willoughbyohio.com
                                                 Willoughby City Hall..........................951-2800
  Director of Finance - Ray Rogowski             Willoughby Senior Center...................951-2832
       Director of Law - John Wiles              Lost Nation Municipal Golf Course......953-4280
Community Development - Janice Lipscomb          Mayor’s Office.................................953-4124
 Chief Building Inspector - Richard Smith        Service Department...........................953-4111
  Director of Service - Angelo Tomaselli         Building Department..........................953-4118
        Fire Chief - Alan Zwegat                 Police Non-emergency.......................953-4212
      Police Chief - Conrad Straube              EMERGENCY........................................911

                                           Become a fan of
                                           Willoughby Parks & Recreation
CLASSES         March 29 Resident Walk In
                March 30 Resident drop off, mail-in, walk-in, phone orders accepted
                March 31 Open to all

CAMPS           MUST have proof of residency
                March 29-April 30 Resident Early Bird camp registration
                April 19-April 30 Non-resident Early Bird camp registration

AQUATICS        MUST have proof of residency
                March 29 Resident swim lesson/pool party registration
                March 29 Non-resident season pass registration
                March 29-May 15 Resident Early Bird season pass registration
                May 14 Non-resident swim lesson and pool party registration

         Weekdays - Mondays through Thursdays, May 10-June 10, 7:30 AM-6 PM
            Weekends - Saturdays May 15-June 12 (no 5/29), 9:00-11:30 AM

  Easy Ways to Register
        1. Walk-in Registration 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
              Registrations are accepted at the Rec House, 2 Public Square
        2. Phone-in Registration 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
                Have your Discover, Visa or Mastercard number and expiration date ready.
                Call Monday through Friday, 8:00 am till 4:00 pm, 440-953-4200 or
                TTY/Voice 1-800-750-0750.
        3. Mail-in Registration
                Make checks payable to “City of Willoughby”
                Mail registration form & payment to:   Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                                       2 Public Square,Willoughby, Ohio 44094
        4. Fax-in Registration
                Fax registration form, proof of residency and credit card information 24 hours a
                day to 440-953-4204.
        5. After Hours Registration
                Mail slot located at the main door. Processing will be done on next business day.

 Refunds & Procedures
- Partial refunds after 1st class.                 - All fees must be paid at time of registration.
- No refunds after the 2nd class.                  - There will be a $35 fee for returned checks.
- All refunds under $15 will be credited to        - A class may be cancelled or combined due to
  your account.                                      low enrollment.
- $5 processing fee for ALL refunds.               - Enrollment is based on first come, first serve.
- $5 processing fee for ALL transfers.             - No confirmation reminder is sent for any class.
- $25 processing fee for ALL pool transfers        - Missed classes are not refundable or eligible to
- Pavilion rentals are non-refundable.               be made up.
- No registration is accepted by the instructor.   - Class sizes are limited.
   The term “non-resident” used throughout
                                                                                Low Income Fee Waiver
      this brochure refers to those who live                              We feel that every child should have the
           outside Willoughby city limits.                       opportunity to enjoy a recreational experience,
     Non-residents are charged an additional                     even if money is a major concern! Therefore,
      fee to offset administrative expenses.                     the City has established a Children’s
    Willoughby city limits are not the same as                   Scholarship Account.
   the school district or post office boundaries.                         In hardship cases, please make a
                                                                 confidential contact with the Parks &
                                                                 Recreation Staff at the Rec House. Depending
                                                                 on the size of your family and income, you may
                Special assistance                               qualify to receive up to a 50% discount. Please
If you need special accommodations for any                       be prepared to provide proof of residency within
activity, trip or class, please notify the Parks &               Willoughby City limits and income verification.
Recreation Dept. at the time of registration.

                                                       Photo waiver
The City of Willoughby Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to photograph facilities,
activities, and program participants for potential future use. All photos will remain the property of
Willoughby Parks & Recreation and may be used for publicity or promotion purposes only.

                                  Proof of residency is
                            required at time of registration.
                           A current utility bill (except a water
                              bill), along with a picture ID
                                       is acceptable.
      Maximum fee
     will be charged
      identification               Return registration form to 2 Public Square, Willoughby, 44094.
                       FAX your registration to 440-953-4204 or PHONE in your registration, call 440-953-4200.
                                     Please have Visa, Mastercard or Discover number ready!
                                                                                                   V code ______
            [ ] Discover [ ] MC [ ]Visa              Card # _________________________________ Exp. _______
            Cardholder’s Name _____________________________ Cardholder’s Signature__________________________
            Address: _____________________________________ City: ___________________                  Zip: _____________
            Home Phone (___)_______________ Work Phone (___)_______________ Cell Phone (___)______________
            [ ]YES! I would like to receive e-mail updates about programs offered through the Parks & Rec. Department
            E-Mail address (one checked daily)

                    Participant Name           Birthday   Activity #                Activity Name                   Cost

            [ ]YES! I would like to donate $______ to the Underprivileged Children of Willoughby Fund

            I, the undersigned, am hereby advised & fully understand that the City of Willoughby does not provide any
            insurance for injuries sustained by any member of my family while enrolled in any program or trip.
            Signed: _________________________________________________________ Date: ______________
                                        Body Sculpting TM
Get fit with this one-hour cardiovascular strength-training class designed to make you lean and
defined by using elements from strength training, yoga, and pilates giving you a results-oriented
whole body workout. Build and sculpt muscles, strengthen your core, improve your strength and
flexibility while boosting your metabolism helping you to lose weight and inches by using just one
set of 3-5 lb. dumbbells.. Also helps to prevent the
development of osteoporosis. Bring a set of
dumbbells, exercise mat, water bottle, and stretch
band to class (available on our website).
Accommodates all fitness levels. To register or
for more information, call 216-313-3539 or
$55 per 8 class term or $130 for 3 terms
Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00 pm or
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-7:00 pm
To register or for more information,
call 216-313-3539 or
Willoughby Senior Center #19
Instructor: ExterierDesigns

                    NEW YEAR...NEW ATTITUDE...NEW BODY!
                                                  Ages 16 and over -- Tues./Thurs. 6:15 pm
                                                               Saturdays 8:30 am
                                                        Willoughby Senior Center Gym
                                              New Customer Special: 1st month only $20 with
                                              EFT (automatic debit)! $32 per month after initial
                                              month on EFT.
                                              Regular Class Pass: $32 per month on EFT or
                                              $82 for 8 weeks
                                              Walk-in-fee: $10
                                              High School Students (with ID): $18 per month
                                              with no joining fee.
 When you love your workout, results          Joining fee: $25 BRING A FRIEND! No joining
 come easy. That’s why Jazzercise             fee with two enrollments!
 blends aerobics, yoga, Pilates, and
 kickboxing movements into fun
 dance routines set to fresh music.           WOW!!! For those of you who have day-to-day
 All fitness levels are welcome.              schedule changes, your class pass will allow you
                                              the convenience of going to any other participating
      Questions, call Sherry at 951-8583 or   Jazzercise facility at no additional cost.
       e-mail sherbobbio@sbcglobal.net
      Certified through Jazzercise Inc. &      Continuous registration! Register anytime. Please
                 CPR certified.                 arrive 15 minutes prior to class time to register!
Beginning Adult Karate Many aspects of traditional martial arts will be explored in this class.
We will learn karate in a safe non-threatening environment. The head instructor is a 3rd degree
black belt with more than 20 years experience in teaching and studying martial arts. The emphasis
in class will be on self-improvement, self-defense and competition training for those who desire it.
Some benefits of our training include total body conditioning, self-confidence and self-discipline.
Intermediate Karate Our martial arts training will become more intense, both physically and
mentally. Emphasis will be on extending our basic knowledge into the areas of free fighting and
competition. Some equipment is necessary. You must have the instructor’s permission to register.
Advanced Karate Hard workouts will provide advanced training for those students who have
taken regular classes and are working toward black belt. We will study kata, kumite and traditional
weapons. Emphasis will be placed on perfection of form and technique.
Ages: 14 and over
Class: 2060.401 Mondays, April 26-June 14 (no 5/31)
         2060.402 Mondays, June 21-August 16 (no 7/5 or 8/9)
Location: Willoughby Senior Center Gym               Time: 8:00-10:00 pm
Class Fee $55 / Resident Discount $50
Instructor: Greg Morrissette, 3rd degree black belt with over 20 years
                          in teaching and studying martial arts.

Fencing enhances many skills. Agility, balance,
poise and speed are only a few of the rewards
gained by studying the sport! Although fencing           W!
is an individual sport, it also teaches teamwork       NE Line Dancing for Exercise
and cooperation.                                   Bored with the treadmill? Let me help you get
Ages: 9 & Older                                    started on a fun, low impact exercise program
2110.100 Mondays, April 5-May 24                   with Line Dancing. It’s a sure fired way to get
2110.101 Thursdays, April 29-June 17               that slow moving metabolism out of the saddle.
2110.102 Mondays, June 7-July 26                   Join me for a one-hour line dancing workout for
2110.103 Thursdays, July 1-August 19               six weeks. You’ll enjoy country music, pop
2110.104 Mondays, August 9-September 27            music, Motown, etc. as you learn these fun line
Time: 6:00-7:00 pm                                 dances.
Caldera Fencing Club, 37237 Euclid Ave.            Ages 18 and over
Behind Dollar General                              2110.300 Wednesdays, April 7-May 12
Class Fee $104 / Resident Discount $99             2110.301 Wednesdays, May 19-June 23
Instructor: Vincent Cianciola                      2110.302 Wednesdays, June 30-August 4
                                                   Time: 6:30-7:30 pm
                                                   Location: Willoughby Senior Center #13
                                                   Class Fee $40 / Resident Discount $35
                                                   Class fee includes a printout of dance steps
                                                   along with a music CD.
                                                   Instructor: Lori Conley

4                    Willoughby Parks & Recreation --- 440-953-4200
Zumba® is fun, different and effective! It’s an aerobic workout, but it’s more fun, which will
make you stick with the program. Zumba® fuses latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to
create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away! Come and give it a try, all levels are
Ages: 16 and over
2010.403 M/W, April 12-June 3 (no 5/5, 5/31)              2010.404 M/W, June 7-30*
2010.405 M/W, July 12-September 1                         Time: 6:00-6:45 pm
Class Fee $61 / Resident Discount $56                     *Class Fee $47 / Resident Discount $42
Location: Willoughby Senior Center Gym                    Instructor: Meghan Klicman

                               2010 Youth Football Cheerleader’s
2010 Youth Football Cheerlead League of Willoughby registrations are being held on Saturdays in
May and June at the Football Field at Osborne Park located at 38575 Lakeshore Blvd., Willoughby,
Ohio 44094, from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM. (May 22, June 5, 12, 19, 26.) We will offer one last
Registration, Monday July 12th at our first practice for our 1st and 2nd year Cheerleaders at 6:15 PM at
Osborne Park at the Tennis Court.
Items Needed for Registration:
         1. Registration Fee: $70 for returning with full uniform or $95 for new cheerleader or
         returning girl, in need of a new uniform.
         2. Non – Returnable copy of Birth Certificate.
         3. Parent/Guardian is needed to sign Registration form or, download at www.weplay.com/W.Y.F.C.
Cheerleader must be 5 years old and no older than 13 by August 31, 2010.
Cheerleaders will be comprised of 5 different squads. They will cheer for the Youth Football games
which are held on Saturdays and Sundays. We are a Traveling league, around Lake County area.
The Cheerleaders will learn Chants, Cheers and a Half-Time Dance routine. The Registration Fee
will also include a mini-camp with the Willoughby South Rebel Cheerleaders. They will also be
offered to participate in a Willoughby South Home Football game.
The girls will be offered an opportunity to participate in an ALL STAR Competition in October.
             Additional Questions, call Toni J. (216) 224-2181 or Beth R. (440) 749-0927
                       Willoughby Girls Have SPIRIT – Come Join Us!

                          Youth Football League of Willoughby, Inc.
2010 Youth Football League of Willoughby, Inc. registrations are being held on Saturdays in May and June
at the Football Building at Osborne Park from 10:00 am -1:00 pm. (May 22, May 29, June 5, & June 12)
                                         Items needed for registration:
1. Registration Fee: $75 Willoughby residents/$85 Non-Willoughby residents (add $15 after July 1st).
Uniform Collateral Fee (separate check post dated to November 30th that will be returned when the uniform
is returned at the end of the football season): $200
2. Proof of residency is required (driver’s license/utility bill)       Additional questions, call
3. Non-returnable copy of Birth Certificate for new players.               Rob Schuenaman at
4. Parent/Guardian is needed to sign registration forms.
Or, register on-line at WWW.WILLOUGHBY-FOOTBALL.COM
                                                 Three divisions:
1. 6 ½ & 7 year olds with weight limit of 125 pounds with equipment. Must be 7 by 11/01/2010.
2. 8 & 9 year olds with weight limit of 125 pounds with equipment.
3. 10 & 11 year olds with weight limit of 140 pounds with equipment.
                Office Hours --- Monday through Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm                              5
             Willoughby Soccer Club www.willoughbysoccerclub.com
         The Club serves youth soccer players (ages 4-14) of Willoughby and Willoughby Hills. The
outdoor soccer season is divided into two halves. The first half is played in the Fall, beginning in late
August. The second half is played in the Spring, beginning in mid-April. Registration fee covers both
sessions. Home outdoor games are played on fields in Willoughby and Willoughby Hills. The Club also
plays against teams from surrounding communities. The indoor season has a separate fee and details
will be announced to the team during the early part of the Fall season.
         We offer five age divisions (Under-6, Under-8, Under-10, Under-12 & Under-14). The cut
off date for ages is August 1. If you turn over your division age maximum before August 1, you must
move up into the next age group. The U-6 & U-8 Divisions are co-ed. Our U-10, U-12, and U-14
divisions offer co-ed and all-girl teams. Teams remain the same for the Fall and Spring seasons.
         New and returning players can register at the Rec House. Registration Forms can be picked
up at the Rec House or online at www.willoughbysoccerclub.com Players signing up by June 30th will
be assigned to a team by late July. Players may sign up after June 30th, but they will be put on a
waiting list and added to teams if there is space available. Financial assistance is available if needed.
Fees (covers Fall and Spring sessions):
          Residential Status                                            Up to 6/30         After 6/30
         Willoughby & Willoughby Hills/Family Max                       $50/$125           $70/145
         Non-resident/Family Max                                        $60/$135           $80/$155
         Uniforms are given to all registered players. Shin guards are mandatory but not provided by
the league. They may be purchased from any of several area retailers. Soccer shoes with rubber
cleats are recommended for outdoor play, but not required.
         Competitive Divisions - Ohio Amateur Soccer League (OASL) - This division is for the more
experienced/skilled player who seeks more competitive play. Teams play other OASL teams in Lake,
Geauga, and Cuyahoga counties. Separate registration and fees are required. Players are selected for
an OASL team based upon recreational league coaches’ recommendation and/or tryouts following the
spring season.
         Registration questions can be directed to the Willoughby Parks & Recreation Department.
You may also join us for our monthly meetings held the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm at
the Field House, 4130 Grove Avenue. (Parents of players are automatically members of the
Willoughby Soccer Club and strongly encouraged to attend the meetings.)
We are always looking for coaches and assistants. You do not need to be a parent to be a coach.
Previous soccer experience not required! Coaching clinics are held at different times through the year.
                                  Willoughby Girls’ Soccer Club
The purpose of the Willoughby Girls’ Soccer Club is to provide the best possible educational
environment to help develop the physical, mental, and emotional growth of each young player,
through the sport of soccer, to the level of her desire and ability. Our club is comprised of girls’ ages
7-14, with teams ranging from U9 (under 9) to U14 (under 14). Ages are based on the players’ age
as of August 1st of that year.

We are closely aligned with the girls’ soccer coaching staff at Willoughby South High School in
order to provide the girls playing opportunities beyond the U14 level.

All of the teams are part of NOGSL (Northern Ohio Girls Soccer League) and play teams from
surrounding cities on Sunday afternoons in the fall and spring seasons.

Registration and try-outs for the 2010-11 season will be in May 2010 for the season starting in Aug
2010. For more info call Craig Leslie at 440-773-3273 or email us at craigleslie@allstate.com.
                   2010 YOUTH SPORTS CORNER
                                          Clip & Save!

Willoughby Basketball League                     Willoughby Football League, Inc.
Parks & Recreation              440-953-4200     Ron Wilkinson                      440-205-2031
Boys & Girls                       Grades 2-9    Division A (max weight 140#)          ages 10-11
Registration: September - November               Division B (max weight 125#)            ages 8-9
           www.willoughbyohio.com                Division C (max weight 125#)        ages 6 1/2-7
                                                 Registration: May & June
Willoughby Baseball League                                  www.willoughbyfootball.com
Field House                     440-953-4362
T-Ball                               ages 5-6    Willoughby Soccer Club
Youth Baseball                      ages 7-18    President Bob Liddy                  440-951-8715
Youth Softball                       ages 7-8    VP Rich Bencina                      440-946-9732
Youth Fast Pitch Softball          ages 8-18     Boys & Girls                            Ages 4-14
Registration: February                           Registration: By June 30 for Fall season
         www.willoughbybaseball.com                       www.willoughbysoccerclub.com

Willoughby Youth Football Cheerleaders           Willoughby Girls Soccer
Toni Jerin                 216-731-2372          Craig Leslie                         440-773-3273
Beth Ryan                   440-953-3798                                   craigleslie@allstate.com
Girls                    ages 12 & under         Girls                                   Ages 6-14
           www.weplay.com                        Registration: in May for Fall season

Willoughby Wrestling Club                        Willoughby Stingers Swim Team
Willoughby Parks & Recreation 440-953-4200       Donna Turk                 440-953-5930
Boys                             Grades 1-6      Boys & Girls                  Ages 6-15
Registration: September/October                  Registration: March/April
    As a courtesy, the City of Willoughby provides forms and accepts payment for the Willoughby
 Baseball League, Willoughby Football League, Willoughby Stingers and the Willoughby Soccer Club.
                  Make sure your check is payable to the appropriate league or club.
           Any questions regarding fees, uniforms, schedules, refunds, weather conditions
                             or coach info must be directed to the league.

1. Sunset Park, Beachview Rd.
2. Osborne Park, 38575 Lakeshore Blvd. Pool phone 953-4330
3. McKinley Elementary School, 1200 Lost Nation Road
4. Lost Nation Municipal Golf Course, 38890 Hodgson, 953-4280
5. Grant Elementary School, 38281 Hurricane Drive
6. Gilson Park, 38125 Erie Road
7. F. Alex Nason Park, Stevens Blvd.
8. St. Clair Park, 36901 St. Clair St.
9. Lincoln Park, 4135 Lincoln Ave.
10. Todd Field, 38264 Glenn Ave.
11. City Hall, 1 Public Square 951-2800
12. Parks & Recreation Dept., 2 Public Square, 953-4200
13. Wes Point Park & Bandstand
14. Edison Elementary School, 5288 Karen Isle Drive
15. Ryan Park @ Ridge Acres, 36325 Kilarney Dr.
16. Willoughby Municipal Pool, 36900 Euclid Ave. 953-4364
17. Willoughby South High, 5000 Shankland Road
18. Willoughby Middle School, 36901 Ridge Road
19. Willoughby Senior Center,
        38032 Brown Ave. 951-2832
20. Immaculate Conception School, 37940 Euclid Ave.
21. Daniels Park, 38401 Johnnycake Ridge Road

                                                 Wes Point Park Bandstand
                                                      Available for rental
                                                   $20/hour for residents &
                                                  $25/hour for non-residents
                                                 call 953-4200 for more info

8                    Willoughby Parks & Recreation --- 440-953-4200
                                          Pavilion Rental
Need a place to hold a picnic or a party - why not at a Willoughby park pavilion? Pavilions are
located at Daniels Park (seats 56, 63 and 98), Osborne Park (seats 70), Gilson Park (seats 70),
and at the Euclid Ave. Municipal Pool Park (seats 84). All of the park pavilions have electricity,
water, grills and seasonal restrooms available nearby. Call the Parks & Recreation Dept. at 953-
4200 to reserve a pavilion. Reservations are accepted for residents only along with a $35
non-refundable fee. Reservations are accepted the first business day of each year for the current
year. All posted rules must be followed.

       DANIELS PARK EAST                                 DANIELS PARK WEST

     DANIELS PARK ROTARY                                       GILSON PARK

          OSBORNE PARK                                     EUCLID AVE. POOL
                                                                    PARK AMENITIES
                             Daniels   F. Alex         Falconwood   Gilson   Lincoln   Municipal   Osborne    Ryan    Senior    St.    Sunset   Todd    Wes
                              Park     Nason               Park      Park     Park       Pool       Park     Park @   Center   Clair    Park    Field   Point
                                        Park                                                                 Ridge             Park                     Park
     Acres                   44.26     21.84             1.04       23.51     4.67       8.53      47.70     3.12     2.03     1.62    2.99     23.51   .75
     Baby Pool                                                                            X          X
     Ballfields                X                                      X        X                     X                  X                        X
     Basketball Court          X                                               X                     X         X        X
     Bench                     X                           X          X        X          X          X         X        X                X       X       X
     Bench Swings
     Bocci Ball                X                                               X
     Community Building                                                                                                 X
     Disc Golf – 9 hole                                                                              X
     Fishing                   X                                      X                              X                                           X
     Football Field                                                                                  X
     Gym                                                                                                                X
     Horseshoes                X                                      X
     Pavilion                  X                                      X                   X          X         X

     Picnic Area               X                                      X                   X          X         X        X                        X       X
     Play Apparatus            X                                      X        X          X          X         X        X       X                X       X
     Restrooms                 X                                      X                   X          X                  X                        X
     Sand Volleyball Court                                                                           X
     Skate Board Park                                                                     X
     Soccer Field                                                              X                     X
     Swimming Pool                                                                        X          X
     View of Sunset                                                                                  X                                   X
     Tennis Court                                                                         X          X
     Walk in Park              X                           X                                         X                                   X       X       X
              TREE PROGRAM
                       The Commemorative Tree Program is designed for those
                       persons or organizations, either living within or outside the City
                       of Willoughby, desiring to commemorate a particular person
                       or event by planting a tree. Some of the events may include,
                       but are not limited to: weddings, anniversaries, graduations,
                       births, retirement or death of a loved one. The price includes a
                       small plaque that will be placed by the tree. All trees are planted in
                       the fall by the Parks & Recreation Department.

                      The tree will be planted in Willoughby on public land areas such as
                      parks, traffic islands or public building land. The commemorative
tree may not be planted on residential property, businesses or other areas private in
nature. As a donor, you may request a particular planting site, which we will abide by if

The cost to participate in the program is $225. The participant will receive in return the
planting of a healthy tree and a name plate which will be placed by the tree naming the
individual so honored and a plaque which will be sent by the Parks & Recreation
Department to whomever the purchaser honors or desires to have notice of his/her

To order your tree you need to complete the order form and drop or mail it to Willoughby
Parks & Recreation, 2 Public Square, Willoughby, Ohio 44094. If you have any questions
concerning the Commemorative Tree Program, please call 440-953-4200.
                         Order Deadline: September 1, 2010
             To date there have been 54 trees planted through this program.

                    Commemorative Tree Program Order Form

 Tree purchased by: _______________________________________________

 Address:________________________ E-Mail ________________________

 City/Zip: ________________________ Phone: (_____)__________________

 Do you wish for a certificate to be sent by the city? _____Yes _____ No
 If yes, name & address ________________________________________________

 Wording on name plate should read:
 ____In Honor of   ____ In Memory of    ____ In Recognition of   ____ In Celebration of

 Name ___________________________________________          Year 20____
 Preferred location of planting:
 First choice: _______________________ Second choice: ___________________
                                All city offices are CLOSED
                       Monday, May 31st in observance of Memorial Day
                       Monday, July 5th in observance of Fourth of July
                      Monday, September 6th in observance of Labor Day

                Easter Egg Hunt                             Arbor Day Ceremony
     The Easter Bunny will arrive at 11:00 am.            Friday, April 30th at 6:30 pm.
      The hunt will begin promptly at Noon.                     Wes Point Park
      Saturday, March 27 (rain date April 3)     Winners from the school essay contest will read
                  at Todd Field.                 their composition entitled: “Why Is My Tree
       Residents will be divided into groups:                 Important To Me?”
        2 years and under, 3 & 4 year-olds,
        5 & 6 year-olds and 7-9 year olds.
     Lucky finders of special eggs in each age
       category will receive a special prize.

               Eco Flea Market
         Saturday, April 24, 8 am - Noon
              City Hall Parking lot
          Call the Service Department
        953-4111 for additional information
                                                             Memorial Day Parade
                                                   Take time to honor and remember those who
                                                          gave their lives for our freedom.
                                                           Monday, May 31st at 9:30 am
                                                 Parade route will start in Downtown Willoughby
                                                 travel to Park Ave. to the Willoughby Cemetery.
                                                  Ceremonies will be held immediately following.
                                                    Ceremonies only will be held rain or shine.

          Willoughby Outdoor Market
                 Saturday Mornings
                May through October
               Opportunity to purchase
         fresh fruits, vegetables, breads and
            a wide variety of other goods!             Jul y 4th Fir e wor ks
                                                        uly      Fire orks
                 City Hall Parking lot                       9:45 pm
                    8:00 am - Noon                     South High School

12                     Willoughby Parks & Recreation --- 440-953-4200
      NE Walkin’ Willoughby
Walking is one of the easiest ways to be
physically active. You can do it almost
anywhere and at any time. Walking is also
inexpensive–all you need is a pair of shoes
with sturdy heel support. Walking correctly
is very important:
  - Walk with your chin up and your
    shoulders held slightly back
  - Walk so that the heel of your foot
    touches the ground first. Roll your
    weight forward.
  - Walk with your toes pointed forward.
  - Swing your arms as you walk.
Experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, if not all,
days of the week. If you cannot do 30 minutes at a time, try walking for shorter amounts
and gradually working up to it. We have set-up many trails throughout the city for you to
walk. Log on to http://www.willoughbyohio.com/rec_dept/forms.html to access the
routes. Enjoy and let us know how you’re doing, call us at 440-953-4200 or e-mail us at

              Mentor Skates

               Two Regulation Size Rinks + Studio Rink
                         Skating Lessons, Skate Rental,
                       Party Rental, Ice Hockey, Snack Bar
                                  OPEN DAILY

               Mentor Civic Arena • Civic Center Campus • 974-5730

             Office Hours --- Monday through Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm                13
             Summer Concerts
        All concerts begin at 7:00 pm in
    Wes Point Park, bring a chair to sit on!
      Check the website for any additions
           www.willoughbyohio.com                             W!
July 8 – Univ. of Akron Steel Drum Ensemble                 NE
July 15 - David Sterner Quintet                                   Paranormal University
July 22 – Don Disantis Orchestra                       Join Willoughby “Ghost Lady” Cathi Weber as
July 29 – Heritage Brass Quintet                       we explore all things paranormal! What is a
August 5 – Lost State of Franklin                      ghost and do they exist? What constitutes a
August 12 – Abbey Rodeo                                real haunting? Is Willoughby haunted?
August 19 – The Girls Band                             Explore the vast field of the paranormal;
August 26 – Cats On Holiday                            identify spirits, types of hauntings, paranormal
                                                       terms and much more. Meet an actual
                                                       paranormal investigator from a local
                                                       investigative team and hear stories and tips
                                                       from the field. And- complete our class time
              Family Fun Nights!                       together by performing a brief paranormal
  Bring the entire family to enjoy an evening out      investigation at a local site which is purportedly
      in the park. Each evening will have a            haunted while learning to utilize the actual tools
       performance that’s worth a million!             used by experienced ghost hunters!
  The show starts at 6:30 pm, so don’t be late!        Ages: 15 and over
      Bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit on.         0050.430 Thursdays, April 22 – May 13
                                                       Location: Willoughby Senior Center #3
       Wednesday, July 14 at Wes Point Park            Time: 6:30 -8:00 pm
     Art in the Park - Arts & Crafts lessons for all   Class Fee $47 / Resident discount $42
                                                       Instructor: Cathi Weber of Willoughby Ghost Walk
Thurs., August 12 at Ryan Park @ Ridge Acres           cweber@willoughbyghostwalk.com 440-710-4140
                 Inflatables                                    Jr. Paranormal University
                                                       Experience the same as the Paranormal
                                                       University in this “Just for Kids” class.
                                                       Ages: 9-14
           West Side Market Trip                       0050.431 Saturdays, April 24 – May 15
Venture to The West Side Market with us.               Location: Willoughby Senior Center #3
There are than 100 merchants and thousands             Time: 10:00-11:30 am
of products. In addition to the large variety of       Class Fee $37 / Resident discount $32
products available, the customer has the               Instructor: Cathi Weber of Willoughby Ghost Walk
opportunity to purchase the size or quantity           cweber@willoughbyghostwalk.com 440-710-4140
desired, from merchants who know their
products. Limited to the first 14 registrants!
$4 per trip. The Bus/Van will venture from the          Mark your calendars........
W-E Technical Center (Euclid Ave. lot) at 8 am          Last Stop Willoughby
on July 17 and return at approx. 11 am.
                                                         Saturday & Sunday
                                                         August 21-22, 2010

14                      Willoughby Parks & Recreation --- 440-953-4200
NE Children’s Accelerated Reader
                Watercolor Class                         W!
This class is like combining a book club and art       NE
class in one! We will read together and discuss            Get Hooked on Spanish!
an Accelerated Reader book. (Hey kids a fun           Spanish is all around us. Have fun learning
way to earn your A.R. points) Next, we will           how to speak and play in Spanish. Learn about
illustrate/paint our favorite scene from the          Spanish people and how they live. Learning a
storybook and share by show-n-tell of our             foreign language encourages openness and
work! No Artistic Ability required, just a desire     appreciation of other cultures and can improve
to create with watercolor paints and have fun!        listening and thinking abilities.
Come join our class that is sure to bring out         Ages: Grades K-5
your child’s creativity, earn them some A.R.          Class: 2125.805 Saturdays, April 24-June 26
points for school and loads of giggles!               Time: 10:00-11:00 am
Ages: 5-8                                             Class Fee $104 / Resident Discount $99 + $10
Class: 2125.807 Fridays, April 9-30                   material fee payable to the instructor on 4/24.
Class: 2125.806 Fridays, May 7-28                     Instructor: Viva Spanish
Time: 4:00-5:30 pm
Class Fee $35 / Resident Discount $30
Instructor: Sharon Kobus                                   NE Diggin’ In Deep with Dad

                   Kids Karate                        Enjoy a night out with Dad! Dad’s & children
Your child’s study of traditional martial arts will   will experience Ooey, Gooey, FUN! We will
emphasize self confidence, self control and self      experiment with lots of slimy fun and we will
discipline. Developing the mind and the body          enjoy a slimy snack!
together will help with coordination, provide         Class: 2010.500 Wednesday, July 28
exercise while having fun at the same time.           Location: Daniels Park
Ages: 7 and up                                        Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
                                                      Class Fee $14 / Resident discount $12
2045.206 Mon, April 26-June 14 (no 5/31)
                                                      Instructor: Diane Johnson
2045.207 Mon, June 21-August 16 (no 7/5 or 8/9)
Location: Willoughby Senior Center #19
Time: 7:00-8:00 pm
Class Fee: $55 / Resident Fee $50
Instructor: Greg Morrissette, 3rd degree black belt        W!
                                                         NE Fancy Nancy Party with Mom
                                                      Enjoy a night out with Mom! Mom’s &
                                                      children should wear your favorite Fancy outfit,
                                                      we will play some fancy games and enjoy a
                                                      fancy snack while wearing our fancy tiara’s.
                                                      It’s fun for everyone! Please come dressed up,
                                                      we will have extra boa’s and glitter and glam!
                                                      Class: 2010.501 Thursday, June 17
                                                      Location: Daniels Park
                                                      Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
                                                      Class Fee $14 / Resident discount $12
                                                      Instructor: Diane Johnson

               Office Hours --- Monday through Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm                          15
                                                                   The Magic Club
                                                    Come join professional magician The Great
          Cooks Around the World                    Brad as he helps students explore the
These creative classes allow kids to learn          wonderful world of magic. These young
cooking basics while preparing and assembling       wizards will learn new tricks and illusions and
the recipes. The unique twist with the classes is   get to perform for their peers. The history of
that the creation that is made in class is dinner   magic will also be revealed. Register now,
for your family that night! Two Crazy Kids has      before availability disappears!
been busy in the kitchen and is taking the kids     Ages: Grades 2-6
around the world with new recipes from 4            0010.422 Fridays, April 23-May 21
different countries. The kids will prepare a        Location: Willoughby Senior Center #14
recipe from China, Italy, Mexico & Germany.         Time: 4:00-5:00 pm
Kids and parents alike have responded               Class Fee $44 / Resident Discount $39
positively to our cooking classes and the kids      Instructor: Brad Schreiber 440-442-5933
had comments like, “I loved being the chef for
the night!” and parents said, “I love how proud              Youth Theater Workshop
my son is to show off his dinner!” Cooking is a     A fun introduction to the theater. Students will
wonderful way to build self-esteem and allow        play creative theater games and sing, act and
your child to feel a sense of accomplishment! If    dance in their big variety show to be performed
you child has allergies, you must contact Two       on the last class for family and friends. Don’t
Crazy Kids before registering for Kids Can          be shy, give it a try!
Cook.                                               Ages: Grades 1-5
Ages: Grades K-6                                    0010.423 Fridays, April 23-May 21
Class: 4095.805 Tuesdays, April 20-May 11           Location: Willoughby Senior Center #14
Location: Willoughby Senior Center Kitchen          Time: 5:00-6:00 pm
Time: 4:15-5:30 pm                                  Class Fee $44 / Resident Discount $39
Class Fee $85 / Resident discount $80 + $20         Instructor: Brad Schreiber 440-442-5933
ingredients fee payable at first class
Two Crazy Kids - Enriching children one
activity at a time www.twocrazykids1.com
                                                                Start Smart Baseball
                                                    Start Smart Baseball is a developmentally
                                                    appropriate introductory baseball program for
                                                    children 3-4 years old. Start Smart Baseball
                                                    prepares children and their parents for
                                                    organized tee ball, baseball and softball without
                                                    the threat of competition or the fear of getting
                                                    hurt. Age appropriate equipment is used to
                                                    teach basic skills. This is a parent/child class.
                                                    Ages: 4 year olds
                                                    2010.101 Sundays, April 18-May 23
                                                    Time: 1:00-1:45 pm
                                                    Location: Willoughby Senior Center
                                                    Class Fee: $49 / Resident discount $44

16                   Willoughby Parks & Recreation --- 440-953-4200
         Pee Wee Olympics
Fun & easy events for all children to enjoy!
Children must be able to walk (up to age 6)
   Saturday, June 12 -- 10:00-11:30 am
               Daniels Park

                  Fe Fi Fo Fun                          Get Ready, Get Set….For Kindergarten
Has the independence stage arrived for your            This class is a Pre-K class. The curriculum is
little one? Have fun by spending a morning out         designed especially for students entering
with other children as they socialize, explore         kindergarten in the Fall of 2010 or with the
music, books, finger plays, crafts, a snack and        permission of the teacher. Readiness skills
much more. It will give Mom, Dad,                      include letters, numbers, phonics, pre-reading,
Grandparent or Caregiver a chance to meet              small and large motor coordination, writing, music,
other parents while your child meets new               art and more. Students will rotate bringing a snack.
playmates. *Due to the large number of                 The caregiver is asked to stay twice during the
students and adults in this class, only                session. Small class to insure individual attention.
younger siblings in infant seats will be able          Ages: 5 by September 30, 2010
to attend, as long as you are able to interact         4120.205 M/W/F, April 12-May 21
with your child that is registered in the class.       Location: Willoughby Senior Center #15
Please dress your children in play clothes – we        Time: 12:15 – 2:45 pm
may be using paint that does not come out of           Class Fee $200 / Resident Discount $190
clothing. Class lasts for one hour.                    Instructor: Diane Johnson
Ages: 2 years old
4110.209 Th, April 15-May 20, 9:30 am                             Young Rebels Lacrosse
4110.210 Th, April 15-May 20, 10:45 am                 You can learn one of the fastest growing sports
Location: Willoughby Senior Center #15                 in the United States. Lacrosse is action packed
Class Fee $62 / Resident Discount $52                  and lots of fun! All equipment will be provided
Instructor: Diane Johnson                              in this highly instructional program.
                                                       Experienced coaches will be provided by Jump
       Steps to Success Preschool                      Start Sports, but parents may assist in the
The curriculum is designed to develop social skills,   coaching. All players will receive instruction on
language, reading, math, art and music. Individual     the fundamentals, including: passing/catching;
and group projects are made. A snack is served         fielding ground balls; cradling; spacing and
daily. Register now and prepare your child to be       positioning; and defense. Then they will be
successful in kindergarten. The caregiver needs        divided by gender and age to play fun game
to be able to stay 1-2 times during the 6 week         situational scrimmages which will help them
session to help in the classroom. Please dress         learn more and enjoy the fast paced action of
your children in play clothes – we may be using        the game. Plastic sticks will be used and no
paint that does not come out of clothing.              checking, stick checking, or poking will be
Ages: 3-4 years                                        allowed. No helmets or shoulder pads will be
4115.226 M/W/F, April 12-May 21                        used. Players need cleats and a mouth guard.
Location: Willoughby Senior Center #15                 Ages: Grades 1-5
Time: 9:15-11:15 am                                    4095-802 Th., May 13-June 17; 6:00-7:15 pm
Class Fee $149 / Resident Discount $139                Location: Grant Elementary School
         OR                                                      38281 Hurrican Dr.
Ages: 3 years old                                      Class Fee $75 / Resident discount $70
4115.228 Th, April 15-May 20                                  Register online and save $10!
Location: Willoughby Senior Center #15                          www.JumpStartSports.com
Time: 12:45-2:45 pm                                    Registration Deadline is April 30. Register after
Class Fee $82 / Resident Discount $72                  that date with a $10 late fee.
Instructor: Diane Johnson                              Instructor: Jump Start Sports LLC

18                    Willoughby Parks & Recreation --- 440-953-4200
     W!                                              W!
   NE Tumbleweek Beach Party!                      NE
                                                      Princess Barbie Summer Tea Party!
COME JOIN IN THE FUN when camp begins              This camp is full of Princess Surprises! Tumbl e
with roll-call warm-up activities! Campers will    through a garden of Princess fun! Octagons,
then tumble through “Beach party” circuit using    wedges, trapeze and ball-pit are part of the garden
octagons, wedges, trapeze, ball-pit and more!      setting! Your Princess will walk in her pretend
Balance beam surfing and dune climbing with the    high heels across balance beams and swing in
cargo net are just a couple of our beach fun       the gardens of the uneven bars! Each princess
activities on the equipment. Lunch will consist    will enjoy a special manicure before the party!
of hotdogs, chips and beverages. The children      We will make our own party sandwiches, desserts
will make their own “surprise dessert”! They       and beverage for our tea party. Remember to
will also make a craft that they will use! Bring   bring your Barbie!
your beach towel and bathing suit!                 Ages: 4-7
Ages: 4-7                                          2110.317 Wednesday, July 28
2110.316 Friday, July 16                           Time: 11:00 am-1:00 pm
Time: 11:00 am-1:00 pm                             Class Fee $25 / Resident Discount $20 + $2.50
Class Fee $25 / Resident Discount $20 + $2.50      insurance fee payable at class.
insurance fee payable at class.                    Taft Elementary, 1580 E. 332nd St., Eastlake
Taft Elementary, 1580 E. 332nd St., Eastlake       Instructor: Northshore P.R.E.P.S.
Instructor: Northshore P.R.E.P.S.

                                  Horseback Riding Lessons
Learn how to ride in Maypine Farm’s beautiful indoor arena with our year round riding program.
Learn basic riding skills and horsemanship. Riders must wear jeans or long pants and boots or
shoes with a heel, no tennis shoes will be permitted for safety reasons. Riding helmets are
required and will be provided by Maypine Farm. Certified Instructors and well trained school
horses will make this a fun and enjoyable experience for anyone. Parents, let your children
experience the joy of horseback riding. Adults, fulfill a lifelong dream and get some great outdoor
exercise. Come learn to ride with us! www.maypinefarm.com
Ages: 6 to adult
0010.407 Wednesdays, April 14-June 2              0010.404 Wednesdays, July 7-August 25
0010.408 Saturdays, April 17-June 5               0010.405 Saturdays, July 10-August 28
0010.409 Sundays, April 18-June 6                 0010.406 Sundays, July 11-August 29
Time: Wednesdays-7:00-8:00 pm; Saturdays-9:00-10:00 am; Sundays-11:00am-Noon
Location: Maypine Farm, 32700 White Road, Wlby Hills
Class Fee $205 / Resident Discount $200

               Office Hours --- Monday through Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm                          19
   Lake County Summer Flag Football
A terrific program that combines quality
instruction, conditioning and game play to
provide players of all experience and skill levels
a format in which they will learn, improve and
have a lot of fun. Each week, players will
learn position specific skills and fundamentals
from the coaching staff from Jump Start
Sports. The program will consist of a one hour
clinic and one hour of game play each week.
Players can choose to participate in position
specific stations: quarterbacks and running
backs; receiving; offensive and defensive line;
and linebackers and defensive backs.
Players will be separated into small groups                        Hummingbirds Soccer
based on their age, experience, and ability and       Children ages 3 – 6 years olds Learn the
will be coached at their level of understanding.      FUNdamentals of soccer in this well organized,
Whether your child is an experienced tackle           fun-oriented, professional program. Soccer is a
football player or a complete novice, he will         simple game that can be taught to boys and
have a blast and learn a lot about football in this   girls. Hummingbirds Soccer is a terrific way
innovative and well organized program.                for children to begin to learn the many benefits
Ages: Grades                                          of sports and exercise: a healthy lifestyle, an
                                                      understanding of how to work with a team
2010.204 Sun., June 6-July 25 (no class 7/4)          toward a common goal, and a development of
Time: 3:30-5:00 pm                                    life skills, positive values and character.
Location: Perry High School Football Field, 1         Ages 3-4
Success Blvd. Perry, OH                               2010.206 Wed., April 14-May 19; 5:30-6:30 pm
                                                      2010.207 Wed., June 9-July 14
Class Fee is $95 includes a NFL replica shirt
                                                      Time: 5:30-6:30 pm
with a patented belt system that attaches to the
                                                      Ages 5-6
shirt. Register online and save $10!
                                                      2010.208 Wed., April 14-May 19; 5:30-6:30 pm
                                                      2010.209 Wed., June 9-July 14
Registration Deadline: May 30. Register after
                                                      Time: 6:30-7:30 pm
that date with a $10 late fee.
                                                      Location: Grant Elementary School
Instructor: Jump Start Sports 330-656-0090
                                                                38281 Hurrican Dr.
     Clean City of Willoughby Assoc.                  Class Fee $65 includes a t-shirt, trophy
                                                             Register online and save $10!
  Enviromentally                                                www.JumpStartSports.com
Friendly Tote Bags                                    Registration Deadline is March 29. Register
     ONLY $6                                          after that date with a $10 late fee.
 Purchase yours                                       Instructor: Jump Start Sports LLC
     today at
Parks & Recreation
 or call 953-4200!

20                    Willoughby Parks & Recreation --- 440-953-4200
                       RECYCLING   Tear page out and save!
Computer ($3/monitor) and Electronic Material we accept: Personal Computers, Floppy
Drives, Laptop Computers, Telephones, Inkjet Printers, Dot Matrix Printers, Cable Boxes, Cables,
Wires, Extensions Cords, etc, Mainframe Equipment, Docking Stations, Monitors (all sizes),
VCR’s, CD-Rom & Miscellaneous Circuit Boards, Cell Phones, Laser Printers, Scanners, UPS
Battery Back-ups, Power Supplies, Telecommunications, Equipment, Network Equipment,
Keyboards & Mice, Flat Panel Displays, Digital Cameras, DVD Players. Drop of site:
           Lower Level of City Hall, Monday - Friday 9:00am-3:00 pm, $3 per monitor

Tires: The Landfill no longer accepts tires. The City encourages having them left at the site the
new ones were purchased. If you would like to recycle old tires, please recycle at:
       The Willoughby Service Garage, 37400 North Industrial Parkway
       37400 N. Industrial Parkway, Monday - Friday 9:00am-3:00pm, $2 per car tire

        For more information, call the Willoughby Service Department -- 440- 953-4111

                    Lake County Recycling - 440-350-2582
The Lake County Solid Waste District, The Lake County Commissioners, and the Lake County
Department of Utilities sponsor special collections at the Lake County Fairgrounds. These
collections are for Lake County residents only. For more information contact The Lake County
Solid Waste District at 440-350-2645 or the Ohio State University Extension at 440-350-2582.

Scrap Tire Collection ~ Saturday, April 24 -- 8am-1 pm - Lake County Fairgrounds
Up to 6 tires without rims will be accepted at no charge. Additional tires without rims, tires with
rims, and oversized tires will be accepted at an additional charge per tire.

Computer Collection ~ Saturday, May 8 -- 9am-1pm - Lake County Fairgrounds
Commercial Bldg Acceptable items: Home computer equipment including: CPU’s and
monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, modems. Cell phones are also accepted.
NO televisions, microwave ovens, typewriters, DVD players, cameras or VCRs please.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection ~ Saturday, June 5 -- 9am-3pm
Household Hazardous Waste Collection ~ Saturday, October 2 -- 9am-3pm
Both collections at the Lake County Fairgrounds Acceptable items: Household Cleaners
& Solvents: Thinners, Kerosene,Turpentine, Lighter Fluid, Strippers, Automotive Fluids: Used
Motor Oil, Gasoline, Coolants, Antifreeze, Grease, Oil-based Paints, Varnish, Shellacs, Stains,
Aerosols, Polyurethanes, Primers, Grout, Liquid/Solid: Pool, Lawn & Garden Chemicals,
Pesticides, Weed Killers, Spray Insecticides, Batteries - All Sizes (including lead acid &
household), Fluorescent Bulbs, Photography, “Hobby” Chemicals, Mercury, Empty Propane
Tanks, Roofing Tars, Drive Sealers.
No Radioactive (Smoke alarms), Ammunition, Explosives, or Medical Waste.

Phone Book Collection ~ June 25 to July 30
Phone Book Collection ~ September 17 to October 22
Wickliffe City Hall, Mentor Wal-Mart and Madison Giant Eagle.
Phone books only; no plastic bags.
       ake the Stormwate
Across:                                                  Down:
 1) The area of land that drains into an                   2)    Don't dump used motor oil into storm
    estuary, lake, stream, or groundwater is                     drains. ________ it!
    known as a ________.
                                                           3)    ________ of soil from barren land can
 4) The ________ of speeding boats can erode                     cloud nearby streams.
                                                           4)    ________ prevent flooding, improve water
 5) Maintaining your ________ tank will help to                  quality, and provide habitat for waterfowl,
    prevent bacteria and nutrients from                          fish, and wildlife.
    leaking into groundwater and surface
                                                           5)    Marking “Do Not Dump, Drains to Bay” on
                                                                 a ________ is one way to educate people
 7) Wetland plants act like a natural water                      about polluted runoff.
    ________, removing harmful pollutants
                                                           6)    Excess sediment, nutrients, toxics, and
    from stormwater runoff.
                                                                 pathogens are all types of runoff _______.
 8) Leave your grass clippings on your
                                                         11)     Polluted ________ is the nation’s #1 water
    ________ to reduce the need for
                                                                 quality problem.
    commercial fertilizers.
                                                         13)     The cattail is one wetland ________ that
 9) A single quart of motor ________, if
                                                                 helps purify polluted runoff.
    disposed of improperly, can pollute
    2 million gallons of water.                          14)     Too much ________ in water can harm
                                                                 aquatic life.
10) Fertilizers and animal wastes contain
    ________ that ”feed” algae and other                 15)     Proper crop and animal management on
    aquatic plants harmful to water quality.                     ________ helps to control water pollution.
12) Polluted runoff from both rural and                  17) ________ impact development helps
    ________ sources has a significant impact                    control stormwater pollution through
    on water quality.                                            conservation approaches and techniques.
16) Storm ________ don't always connect to
    sewage treatment plants, so runoff can
    flow directly to rivers, lakes, and coastal
18) Follow directions carefully when applying
    ________ on your lawn—more isn't always
    better.                                               Choices:
19) Polluted runoff (also called________                  compost           nonpoint      sediment
    source pollution) comes from so many                  drains            nutrients     septic
    places that it's hard to “pinpoint” a source.         erosion           oil           storm drain
20) Yard and vegetable food waste are                     farms             plant         urban
    suitable additions to a ________ pile.                fertilizer        pollution     wakes
                                                          filter            recycle       watershed
                                                          lawn              runoff        wetlands

                                        For more information, please visit EPA’s
                                        Polluted Runoff web site at www.epa.gov/nps
                                         Printed with soy based inks on recycled paper.
er Runoff Challenge
    1        2            3


5       6             7                  8

9                         10        11

        12                     13            14


                 17                 18


                                 Tear page out and save!
Grass Stickers on Sale! The City of Willoughby continues to offer grass-clipping collections
as part of our waste collection service. The service is designed for those who do not mulch or
compost their grass. A grass-clipping sticker can be purchased from the Service Department,
located at City Hall. The cost of the sticker is $20.00. This year’s sticker is yellow and is
designed to be placed on your 32-gallon container. Grass clipping collection begins April 1st and
continues thru November 30th 2010. Grass clippings will not be picked up without a current
sticker and proper container.

To purchase your 2010 sticker come to the Service Department at City Hall. Any questions,
please call Debbie @ 953-4111.

Holiday Trash Collection Holidays that delay Trash Collection by one day include:
      Memorial Day
      Labor Day
      Thanksgiving Day

Recycling Locations in Willoughby
      Willoughby Service Garage, 37400 N Industrial

        Willoughby Fire Station II, 2080 Lost Nation

                                                  Why not help to clean the downtown area and
                                                  exercise at the same time? Well, now you can!
                                                  Join the litter-cize group! Litter-cize meets at
                                                  7:00 am on Sunday mornings in front of City
                                                  Hall starting May 2, 2010. Call Debbie in the
                                                  Service Department at 953-4111 to join. This a
                                                  program that can do two things, keeping your
                                                  body fit and the city clean and beautiful.

24                     Willoughby Service Department - 440-953-4111
           Safety Town
          This is a safety awareness program designed to teach young children how to respond to
dangerous situations. This year Willoughby Safety Town will be held at the Willoughby Police
Station from June 14th through June 18th. Two sessions are offered: 8:45 to 11:30 AM, and 1:00
to 3:45 PM.
          Registration will be held at the Willoughby Parks & Recreation Department beginning
April 1 for Willoughby, Willoughby Hills and Kirtland residents. The fee is $27, (checks payable
to W.J.W.C.), and includes a Safety Town T-shirt. Each child will receive his/her T-shirt on
Monday, June 14th. Please wear this T-shirt the remainder of the week. Children who are
enrolled in Kindergarten for the Fall of 2010 are eligible to participate in Safety Town. The last
day for registration is Friday, May 14th. There will be no refunds after May 14th.
     Registration forms are available online at www.willoughbyohio.com/rec_dept/forms.html

        Wee Ones                          Little Ones                      Pre Teens
        Ages 4-6                          Ages 7-10                        Ages 11-16
        9:15-10:00 AM                     10:00-10:45 AM                   10:45-11:30 AM

        Session 1                         Session 1                        Session 1
        5055.311 Mondays &                5055.321 Mondays &               5055.331 Mondays &
        Wednesdays, June 7-23             Wednesdays, June 7-23            Wednesdays, June 7-23

        Session 2                         Session 2                        Session 2
        5055.315 Mondays &                5055.325 Mondays &               5055.335 Mondays &
        Wednesdays, July 12-28            Wednesdays, July 12-28           Wednesdays, July 12-28

                         All lessons are at the Euclid Ave. Tennis Courts
                     Lessons are $33 for residents and $38 for non residents.

Instructors Alex Dzerowicz, South High School Head Boys Varsity Coach and Jim Goodwin, South High
School Assistant Boys Varsity Coach & Andrews School Head Coach guarantee a great group of lessons
for all involved. Both instructors have many years of tennis experience combined in addition to the
Validated Pupil Activity Supervisor and both are CPR Certified.

                        Willoughby Parks & Recreation - 440-953-4200                              25
     Municipal Pool
      Watch Cable Channel 12 & the sign boards at the pools for
        opening dates -- FREE ADMISSION on Opening Day
           Pools OPEN on June 6 & CLOSE on August 15

         Euclid Avenue Pool                                          Osborne Park Pool
              953-4364                                                   953-4330
                                      POOL HOURS
              1-7:45 pm Daily            Main pool                        12:00-6:45 pm Daily
      9am-7:45pm M-F; 1-7:45pm S&Su      Tot pool*                       No tot pool at facility
       2:30-2:45 pm & 4:00-4:15 pm SAFETY BREAKS                     1:30-1:45 pm & 3:00-3:15 pm
              12:30-1:00 pm          LUNCH BREAK                            No lunch break
               5:30-6:00 pm         DINNER BREAK**                           4:30-5:00 pm
              12:00-5:00 pm         4th of July HOURS                       12:00-5:00 pm
          10:00 am - Noon (Sats.)     POOL PARTIES                      9:30 -11:30 am (Sats.)
               8:00-10:00 pm                                                 7:00-9:00 pm

        * August 9-13 the Euclid Ave. tot pool is open from 1:00-7:45 pm only.
        **Facility is open to adults 18 years and older.
        The Euclid Ave. Pool will be CLOSED to the public on Saturday, August 7 due to the
        Suburban Swim League Championships Swim Meet.
         It is recommended that children 10 & under be accompanied by an adult at all times.
There will be selected evenings that areas of the pools will be closed for classes or special events.
Watch for posted signs. Times of availability and various attractions of the pools may close due to
departmental programs or other causes beyond our control. Willoughby Parks & Recreation will make
every effort to post these changes to the schedule and cable channel 12 in a timely manner.

To add some fun, children are permitted to bring a small pool toy into the pool after the dinner break.
Management has the discretion of toy approval to ensure the safety of all pool users.

     All swimmers must be properly attired in a swim suit before entering either
                 pool; street attire is NOT permitted in the pools.

                         TEEN NIGHTS
                       Osborne Park Pool
Bring your suit, friends & have fun. Listen to great music
while enjoying an evening out with your friends at the pool.
Teen nights will be held from 7:00-9:00 pm on the following
Thursdays, June 24, July 15 and August 5.
The cost of admittance is a 2010 season pool pass or
$3 at the gate ($1 off with non-perishable food item)
Ages 13 and over

26     Open Swim hours Euclid Ave. Pool 1- 7:45 pm Osborne Park Pool 12-6:45 pm
   Municipal Pool
                  Willoughby Resident Pool Registration
Early Bird Season Pass – Save additional time & money! Beat the rush – register from
Monday, March 29 through Saturday, May 15 to receive Early Bird prices for season passes,
lessons and pool parties. Proof of residency required!
All Willoughby residents who take advantage of our Early Bird sign up will have the chance to
win a FREE 2011 season pass. Here’s how it works: A drawing will be held on Monday, May 17
at the Rec. House. If your name is chosen, you will receive a complimentary season pass good
for the 2011 swim season for the pass(es) you purchased.
            2010 Discount - Bring back your photo ID’s from last year and receive a $1
               discount per photo ID re-used in good condition. Must have photo ID at
                           time of registration in order to receive discount.
                - Season passes are non-refundable -
                       Lost passes are charged a $5 replacement fee.

             Season Pass Rates for Willoughby Residents
          Must have current Utility Bill with name/address to get this rate
                       Early Bird (March 29 – May 15)                 After May 15
       Youth                           $40                                   $45
       Adult (18+)                     $52                                   $57
       Senior (55+)                    $12                                   $24
       Family          $105 for the first 5 family members $110 for the first 5 family members
                           $12 each for members 6+            $12 each for members 6+
                       Adult head of household and his/her spouse or partner and dependent children
                       occupying household, age 18 & under.
       Baby Pool                $20 per adult pass                  $25 per adult pass
    (Wlby Resident     Admits one adult and all children in your immediate family under age 7
        Only)          into the pool. Recommended for children under age 7. If your child
                       turns 7 on or before July 1, 2010 your child is not eligible for this pass.
                       The adult will receive the photo ID.
       Child Care                     $70                                     $70
      Provider Pass    Available to individuals providing childcare services to season pass holders.
                       Child MUST accompany pass holder - child accompanying pass holder
                       MUST have a current pass (i.e. baby, youth or family). Paying the daily
                       admission fee at the gate for the child by the Childcare Provider pass holder
                       is NOT permitted. Pass valid Monday through Friday only.
    Junior Value Card Willoughby residents only can purchase 12 Junior Admissions for
                      $33. Save $.75 with every admission! Great for your guests!
       Value Card     Willoughby residents only can purchase 12 admissions
                      for $42. Save $2 per admission! Great for your guests!

       All pictures for photo ID’s can be taken during normal business hours – Monday through
       Friday – 7:30 am – 4:30 pm or during our extended evening hours or Saturday mornings at the
       Parks & Recreation Department. Pictures are not taken at the pools.

               Euclid Ave. Pool - 953-4364           Osborne Park Pool - 953-4330                      27
     Municipal Pool
                 Non-Willoughby Resident Pool Registration
Begins March 29 for season pool passes and Friday, May 14 for swim lessons and pool parties
starting at 7:30 am. All photo ID’s can be taken during any of these hours or during normal business
hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm, at the Rec House. Pictures are not taken at the pools.

   Baby Pool passes are not available for purchase to non-Willoughby residents.
 Season passes are non-refundable. Lost passes are charged a $5 replacement fee.

     Kirtland & Willoughby Hills
           Resident rates*                                            Non-Resident rates
  Youth $45                                                   Youth $99
  Adult $57                                                   Adult $115
  Family $110 up to 5 people $16 each for 6+                  Family $225 up to 5 people $16 each for 6+
  * The Cities of Kirtland & Willoughby Hills              Families are defined as adult head of household and his/her
  subsidize the cost of pool passes for their              spouse or partner and dependent children occupying
  residents                                                household, age 17 & under.

                                            Daily Admission
  Youth (ages 7-17)        $5.50
                                          Daily admission fee will apply to any user choosing to enter the
  Adult (18+)              $5.50          pool premisis whether swimming or not & regardless of residency.
  *Junior (under age 7)    $3.50          Daily admission fee CAN NOT be applied towards the purchase
  After 6 pm at Euclid Ave. $2.75         of a season pass. No cash refunds will be issued, only rain
  After 5 pm at Osborne $2.75             checks. *Child can not be seven (7) before July 1, 2010.

                                           Pool Parties
The rental fee for June is $210 and July or August parties are $250. All Saturday morning parties are $195. A $100
deposit is required at the time of registration at the Parks & Recreation Department. The balance is to be paid at
the pool prior to pool party start time. Euclid Ave. times are 8:00-10:00 pm (actual water time 8:00-9:45 pm), Euclid
Ave. weekend am times are 10:00am-Noon (actual water time 10:00-11:45 am), Osborne Park times are 7:00-9:00 pm
(actual water time 7:00-8:45 pm), Osborne Park weekend am times are 9:15-11:15 am (actual water time 9:15-11 am).

Reservations MUST be made at the Parks & Recreation Department. Registration begins on Monday, March 29,
2010 for residents – a current utility bill showing proof of residency is required at the time of registration. Non-
resident registration begins Friday, May 14, 2010. Any cancellation or transfer by the renter will incur a $25
processing fee. If your cancellation is not received within 48 hours of rental you will forfeit your $100 deposit.

* Pool party dates run June 7 through August 13.
* All pool parties are fully staffed and all pool rules and regulations apply for the safety of all users.
* You may bring in your own food and beverages.
* Smoking, alcoholic beverages and glass containers are prohibited.
* In the case of inclement weather, the on-duty manager will contact the rentee prior to the scheduled party time.
If inclement weather occurs during pool time, the manager will discuss options available to the user with safety
in mind at all times.

28      Open Swim hours Euclid Ave. Pool 1- 7:45 pm Osborne Park Pool 12-6:45 pm
   Municipal Pool
                                        WSI Aide Program
This class will provide candidates with information and hands-on learning skills to assist a certified
Water Safety Instructor with swim lesson instruction. This class will include teaching activities,
games and drills that will be used during swim lessons. Class held at the Euclid Avenue Pool.
Ages: 13-15
Class: 8989.304 Monday through Thursday, July 5-8, 10:00 am - Noon
Fee: $60 for residents / $70 for non-residents

                            WSI Course (Water Safety Instructor)
Provides candidates with the training they need to plan and conduct courses within the American
Red Cross Swimming & Water Safety Program. Covers teaching progressions, course & lesson
planning, recognizing common skill errors, providing corrective feedback, motor learning, hydro
dynamic principles. Classes held at Euclid Ave. Pool and Fire Station #1.
Ages: 16 & over (must be 16 prior to the June 19, 2010)
Class:8990.301 Monday - Thursday, June 7-19, 6-9 pm weekdays & 9 am-Noon on Saturdays
Fee: $200 for residents / $220 for non-residents
Cash, cashier’s check or money order payable to “Stephanie Maver”

                           American Red Cross Lifeguard Training
This comprehensive course prepares participants for employment as lifeguards and features a
streamlined modular format that allows for a flexible program designed to meet your needs. Key
features include: First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer, skills-based scenarios and
decision making, participant manual which contains information for Lifeguard Training, Automated
External Defibrillation (AED) essentials, Preventative Disease Transmission and Waterpark/
Waterfront Lifeguarding. Six in Minimum to hold class.
M-F, June 7-11 (8989.301); M-F, June 14-18 (8989-302); July 5-9 (8989.306) or
Sundays June 20-July 25- no class 7/4 - (8989-305)
        Registraion Deadline is 10 days prior to the start of the class
        Classes held Monday through Friday, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
        $200 for Willoughby residents / $220 for non-Willoughby residents
        Cash, cashier’s check or money order payable to “Stephanie Maver”
        Classes held at the Euclid Ave. Pool, Fire Station #1 and Willoughby Senior Center
        You must be 15 years old by the time the class ends – American Red Cross requirement.

                                   GuardStartTM: Swim Camp
Gives swimmers a jump start into a lifeguarding job. GuardstartTM: Lifeguarding Tomorrow
provides a foundation of lifeguarding and life skills. For those with swimming skills, this program
is an ideal transition between Red Cross Learn-to-Swim and the Lifeguard Training Course.
GuardStart focuses on 5 key areas: 1) Prevention of aquatic accidents, 2) Fitness and swimming
skills, 3) Response in an emergency, 4) Leadership skills, 5) Professionalism of a lifeguard.
Ages: 11-14
Class: 8989.303 Monday through Thursday, July 5-8, 10:00 am - Noon
Fee: $60 for residents / $70 for non-residents
Location: Euclid Ave. Pool.

                 Euclid Ave. Pool - 953-4364       Osborne Park Pool - 953-4330                   29
     Municipal Pool
                            Lifeguard Instructor Training Course
To train instructor candidates in the instruction of lifeguard training, including First Aid, CPR for
the Professional Rescuer, Lifeguard Management, AED Essentials, Oxygen Administration for the
Profesional Rescuer, Preventing Disease Transmission, Community Water Safety and Basic
Water Rescue. The training prepares the instrucotr candidates by developing their understanding
of how to use the course materials and methods, how to conduct training sessions and how to
evaluate participants’ progress. There are no refunds once you’re registered for this class.
  1. Be at least 17 years of age on or before June 28, 2010.
  2. Pass each section of the pre-course written exam with a score of 80%.
 3. Demonstrate competency in the skills evaluation
Ages: 17 & over
Class: 8990.302 Monday-Friday, June 28-July 9, 6-9 pm weekdays
Fee: $200 for residents / $220 for non-residents
Location: Euclid Ave. Pool and Fire Station #1
Cash, cashier’s check or money order payable to “Stephanie Maver”

        Christmas in July
       @ Euclid Ave. Pool
         Friday, July 23
   Come celebrate Christmas
     with our special guest!
   Games & Activities planned
      throughout the day!

                                                        NE Cardboard Boat Races
                                                   Grab a friend and build a boat of only
                                                   cardboard and packaging tape that is capable
                                                   of carrying your team! Complete rules and
                                                   directions will be provided at the time of
                                                   registration. Registration deadline is July 23.
                                                   8900.001         Ages 7-9         First Mates
                                                   8900.002         Ages 10-12       Skippers
                                                   8900.003         Ages 13+         Admirals
                                                   Saturday, July 31 from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
                                                   Class fee $20 / Resident Discount $15 per boat
                                                   Osborne Park Pool

30     Open Swim hours Euclid Ave. Pool 1- 7:45 pm Osborne Park Pool 12-6:45 pm
    Municipal Pool
    The Stingers Swim Team
All children who are between the ages of 6 and 15
(as of June 1) can join the Willoughby Stingers. If
you are 6-8 years old, you must be able to swim
one (1) length of the pool, unassisted; 9-15 years
old must be able to swim a minimum of two (2)
lengths of the pool, unassisted. The team practices
Monday through Friday mornings at the Euclid Ave.
pool, and has meets with surrounding communities
on Saturday mornings. Pre-season sign-ups are on Thursday, April 22 from 6:00-8:00 pm and
Saturday, May 15 from 10:00 am-Noon in the Willoughby Senior Center room #3. Season
pass purchase is required to take part in swim team. Team suits and “spirit wear” will be
available to order at sign-ups. Cost is $65 per swimmer with a family max of $150. A late fee of
$10 per family will be assessed for registration starting Monday, May 17, 2010, and we cannot
guarantee the availability of a team T-shirt to members who join after this date. For more
information, contact Donna Turk 953-5930 or Jill Golnick 944-9686 or 479-2213.

                Pool Rules
1. All season passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. All season passes must be presented at the
           front gate for admittance into the pool.
2. Management is not responsible for lost passes, value cards or valuables.
3. All swimmers must be properly attired in a swim suit before entering the pool area; no street attire
           permitted in pool.
4. Smoking is prohibited in the pool area. Alcohol is prohibited in all city parks.
5. The subscriber is responsible for presenting his/her pass for admittance into the pool.
6. Bicycles must be parked in rack provided. Management is not responsible for lost, stolen/damaged bikes.
7. It is recommended that parents with infants/toddlers accompany their child on a 1:1 basis in the pool at
           all times during normal hours.
8. Children under 48" in height will not be permitted on the waterslide or diving boards unless they pass a
           swimming test.
9. Vandalism will not be tolerated; vandals will be prosecuted.
10. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused admission and/or removed from the
11. The front desk phone MAY NOT be used for personal phone calls. There is a pay phone located
           outside the pool entrance for public use.
12. No “thong” swim suits permitted.
13. No water wings, swim vests/life jackets, masks, fins/snorkels or swim suits with built-in floating devices
14. Disposable diapers ARE NOT permitted in the pool. Huggies® or Little Swimmers® are welcome.
15. The wading pool is suggested for those under age 7 or of limited swimming ability.
16. All season passes are subject to confiscation or restriction by discretion of the pool manager if owner
           fails to conduct him or herself according to the rules set forth.
17. Lounge chairs are reserved for those 18 and older.
18. Violation or abuse of these rules will lead to suspension from the pool upon discretion of management.

                  Euclid Ave. Pool - 953-4364          Osborne Park Pool - 953-4330                      31
     Municipal Pool
                            Learn to Swim Program 2010
                         Swim Lesson Dates -- Pre-Registration is required
             Session 1: June 7 through July 1 – registration deadline - 11:30 am, June 5
              Session 2: July 12 through July 22 - registration deadline - 4:00 pm, July 9
            Session 3: July 26 through August 5 - registration deadline - 4:00 pm, July 23
   Sundays: June 13 through August 8 – registration deadline - 4:00 pm, June 12 (no class on July 4)
                    All lessons $25 for residents and $35 for non-residents
Swim lesson registration begins:
              Willoughby Residents - Monday, March 29
              Non-Residents - Friday, May 14
Extended Office Hours: The Parks & Recreation Department will be open from 7:30 am -
6:00 pm Monday through Thursday, May 10 - June 10. And on the following Saturday
mornings from 9:00-11:30 am, May 15 & 22; June 5 & 12.

You may only register for one session of swim lessons at a time. If you register for Session 1, you
may not register for Session 2 or 3 until Monday, July 7. If registering for Session 2 or 3 only,
you may register on the advertised starting date.

There are no make-up lessons for missed classes or inclement weather for the Learn-to-Swim
program. Our facility will be staffed during all swim lesson sessions and classes will be held except
when there is lightning or thunder in the area.

                            Brief Description of Lessons

Parent and Child Aquatics (6 months-3 years olds) - Designed to orient young children to the
water and prepare them to learn to swim in the American Red Cross Preschool Aquatic courses.
This program gives parents safety information and teaches techniques to help orient their children
to the water. It also provides direction regarding how to supervise water activities in a
responsible manner. Adult must accompany child in water for all ages in this class.

Preschool Aquatics (Ages 4-5) - Designed to teach fundamental water safety and aquatic skills
to children ages 4-5. Participants learn basic skills and different strokes and then refine them as
they progress. Students will learn: being comfortable in the water, fundamental skills such as
floating and basic locomotion and improves coordination of simultaneous arm and leg actions and
alternating arm and leg actions.

Learn to Swim (Ages 6+) - Development of swimming and water safety skills in a logical
        Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills             Level 4: Stroke Improvement
        Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills               Level 5: Stroke Refinement
        Level 3: Stroke Development                       Level 6: Swimming/Skill Proficiency
 Prerequisite for each level is successful demonstration of the skills taught in the preceding level.
                     www.redcross.org             www.redcross-cleveland.org

32     Open Swim hours Euclid Ave. Pool 1- 7:45 pm Osborne Park Pool 12-6:45 pm
   Municipal Pool
                Sunday Swim Lessons (One 8 week session)
     June 13-August 8; no July 4 (Registration Deadline is June 12 by 11:30 am)
     You must pre-register for all swim lesson sessions at the Parks & Recreation Department.
   Registration starts March 29 for Willoughby residents and May 14 for non-Willoughby residents.
                           9:45-              10:25-           11:05-           11:45 am -        5:30 -
                         10:15 am            10:55 am         11:35 am           12:15 pm        6:00 pm
  Parent and Child
     Aquatics            8045.324            8045.304         8045.384           8045.394
 6 months - 3 years
      Aquatics           8045.344            8045.364         8045.334           8045.336
      Ages 4-5

      Level 1            8005.344            8005.364                            8005.394        8005.396

      Level 2            8010.344            8010.364         8010.384           8010.394        8010.396

      Level 3            8015.344            8015.364         8015.384           8015.394        8015.396

      Level 4            8020.344            8020.364         8020.384           8020.394

      Level 5            8025.344                             8025.384           8025.394

                If the class you are requesting is filled, ask to be placed on a waiting list.
                                 Additional sections are frequently added.

          Don’t lose your pass,
                  buy a
             Lanyard for $2
  available at the Rec. House or pools!                         FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT
                                                                   Wednesday, August 11
                                                                 8-10 pm @ Euclid Ave Pool
              Poochie Paddle                                    Baby Pool closed during this time.
Bring your dog for an end of the summer swim
at Osborne Park Pool. The pool is open for                           Thursday, August 12
dogs only! Pay at the gate.                                       8-10 pm @ Osborne Pool
        $2 per dog - Monday, August 16
  5:30-6:30 pm for dogs that weigh 50+ lbs. &
 6:45-7:45 pm dogs that weigh less than 50 lbs.

                  Euclid Ave. Pool - 953-4364           Osborne Park Pool - 953-4330                   33
   Municipal Pool
                             Session 1 Swim Lessons
                June 7-July 1 - Registration Deadline is June 5 by 11:30 am
     You must pre-register for all swim lesson sessions at the Parks & Recreation Department.
   Registration starts March 29 for Willoughby residents and May 14 for non-Willoughby residents.

 Euclid Ave. Pool          Black Colored class numbers denote Monday/Wednesday classes.
                           Blue Colored class numbers denote Tuesday/Thursday classes.
                          9:45-          10:25-        11:05-       11:45 am -      5:30 -
                        10:15 am       10:55 am      11:35 am        12:15 pm      6:00 pm
  Parent and Child
                                                        8045.361         8045.381
 6 months - 3 years                                     8045.371         8045.391
                        8045.321        8045.341
     Ages 4-5           8045.331        8045.351
                      No M/W class      8005.341        8005.361        8005.381        8005.395
     Level 1
                        8005.331        8005.351        8005.371      No T/TH class     8005.397

                        8010.321        8010.341        8010.361         8010.381       8010.395
     Level 2
                        8010.331        8010.351        8010.371         8010.391       8010.397

     Level 3            8015.321        8015.341        8015.361         8015.381       8015.395
                        8015.331        8015.351        8015.371         8015.391       8015.397

                        8020.321        8020.341        8020.361         8020.381
      Level 4
                        8020.331        8020.351        8020.371         8020.391

                        8025.321    No M/W class   8025.361    No M/W class
      Level 5
                      No T/TH class   8025.351   No T/TH class   8025.391

     Level 6            8030.321    No M/W class   8030.361    No M/W class
                      No T/TH class   8030.351   No T/TH class   8030.391

                                          Water ZUMBA
Water Zumba® is fun, different and effective! It’s an aerobic workout, but it’s more fun, which
will make you stick with the program. Water Zumba® fuses latin rhythms and easy to follow
moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away! Come and give it a try!
Ages: 16 and over
8995.301 M/W, June 14-July 21, 8:30 - 9:30 am at Euclid Ave. Pool
Class Fee $55 / Resident Discount $45             Instructor: Meghan Klicman

                                  Senior Water Fitness Class
     Mondays & Wednesdays, June 7 - August 4; 8:15am @ Euclid Ave. Muni Pool
                To register for class: 1. Sign-up at the Center for the class - $10.
 2. Purchase a Senior Pass from the Rec House for $12 Willoughby Residents, $24 fee for non-
         Residents (no pass is issued). The resident price increases to $24 on May 16.
34                    Foot wear is recommended, gloves will be provided.
  Municipal Pool
                        Session 2 & 3 Swim Lessons
Session 2 – Monday through Thursday, July 12-22 (Reg Deadline is July 9 by 4 pm)
Session 3 - Monday through Thursday, July 26-Aug. 5 (Reg Deadline is July 23 by 4 pm)
    You must pre-register for all swim lesson sessions at the Parks & Recreation Department.
  Registration starts March 29 for Willoughby residents and May 14 for non-Willoughby residents.

Euclid Ave. Pool        Magenta Colored class numbers denote Session 2 classes.
                        Green Colored class numbers denote Session 3 classes.
                        9:45-           10:25-          11:05-         11:45 am -        5:30 -
                      10:15 am         10:55 am        11:35 am         12:15 pm        6:00 pm
 Parent and Child
                                                       8045.362         8045.382
6 months - 3 years                                     8045.363         8045.383
                      8045.322         8045.342
    Ages 4-5          8045.323         8045.343
                      8005.322        8005.342         8005.362         8005.382       8005.392
     Level 1
                      8005.323        8005.343         8005.363         8005.383      no session 3

                      8010.322         8010.342         8010.362        8010.382       8010.392
     Level 2
                      8010.323         8010.343         8010.363        8010.383       8010.393

     Level 3          8015.322         8015.342         8015.362         8015.382      8015.392
                      8015.323         8015.343         8015.363         8015.383      8015.393

                      8020.322         8020.342         8020.362        8020.382      no session 2
     Level 4
                      8020.323         8020.343         8020.363        8020.383       8020.393

                      8025.322         8025.342         8025.362
     Level 5
                      8025.323         8025.343         8025.363

     Level 6          8030.322        8030.342          8030.362
                      8030.323        8030.343          8030.363

             Kids SCUBA Camp                                     PADI Seal Team
You will learn how scuba diving can be the        The Seal Team is for young divers who are
adventure of a lifetime. You will complete all    looking for action-packed fun in a pool by doing
the requirements for the classroom and pool       scuba AquaMissions. It is a structured
training portion of the PADI Open Water           program that lets children develop skills, learn
Certification Course in a safe & enjoyable way.   about the aquatic environment and have a lot of
Ages: 10-14                                       good clean fun.
Session 1 July 26-30, 9:00 am-3:00 pm             Ages: 8-11 years old
Session 2 Aug. 9-13, 9:00 am-3:00 pm              Session 1 August 2-6, 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Location: Euclid Ave. Pool                        Location: Euclid Ave. Pool
Class Fee: $320/ Resident Discount $305           Class Fee: $215 / Resident discount $200
         Open Swim hours Euclid Ave. Pool 1- 8 pm Osborne Park Pool 12-7 pm
 Call Just Add Water at 942-7575 for registration information or www.justaddwaterscuba.com
             LOST NATION
                                    2010 Golf Rates
                             April 1, 2010 - October 2010
                                        9 HOLE                            18 HOLE
Resident                                $10.00                            $17.50
Resident Sr./Jr.                        $ 8.50                            $15.50
Non-Resident                            $11.25                            $19.50
Non-Resident Jr./Sr                     $ 9.00                            $16.50
Resident                                $11.75                            $21.00
Non-Resident                            $13.75                            $24.00

Golf Carts                              $6.75/person                      $13.00/person

         Residents & Seniors $24.50        Non-residents  $26.50

        TWILIGHT GOLF - All the golf you can play after 6:30 pm for only $8.00
       (April through August only)
                        Add a gas cart for $5.50 more!

                  Season Passes available, call for details

                        CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM - $23.95
                      Limited to 100 participants Valid 5/1/10 – 10/31/10

Following items available with this program (VALUED AT OVER $190!):
  Play 5 rounds, get one free                    Rent a cart 5 times, get one free
  50% off a foursome, cart required              Buy 9 holes, get 2nd 9 free, cart required
  15% off total purchase in Pro Shop             Hamburger and Fountain Beverage – $2
  Buy three buckets of balls, get one free

                    Call 953-4280 FOR TEE TIMES
                     ASK FOR MITCH OR BRIAN
                      TO BOOK YOUR OUTING
       Visit the Lost Nation Municipal Golf Course Pro Shop!
                            They stock all of your golfing needs!

               LOST NATION
                               Lost Nation Junior Golf League
                                Open to Boys & Girls ages 10-17

A comprehensive instructional program emphasizing all aspects of the game of
golf. Students will utilize our driving range, practice green and golf course.
Additionally, fun & an educational learning environment technique will be used.

Lost Nation Golf Course is proud to be a part of the National Parks and
Recreation Association’s Sticks for Kids Program. This association will
further enhance the child’s experience in the Junior Golf Program by
providing instruction and clubs to be utilized during our sessions.

Session 1: June 9th, 16th, 24th and June 30th 9-noon
Session 2: July 7th, 15th, 22nd, and July 28th 9-noon

Sessions are open for the first 50 paid participants per session.

$90 per session- includes golf instruction, beverage/snack and prizes. Children do not need their
own set of clubs to participate, clubs can be provided upon request.

Maximum of $150 for families of two or more siblings.

To register or for questions contact Brian McCoy or Mitch Allen at 440-953-4280

            Group Lessons NOW FORMING!
Learn to play in a friendly environmnet with family and friends.
 Tuesdays starting June 15th 7:00-8:00 pm and 8:00-9:00 pm
   Series of four lessons on consecutive Tuesday evenings
     Learn all the basics of golfing from our teaching pro
                          $60 per person
                Call Brian at 953-4280 for details

                                                          2010 Driving Range Prices
                                                               Small Bucket $5
                                                              Medium Bucket $7
                                                               Large Bucket $9
                                                    Range Value Card: 10 buckets any size $60

                                                         Lunch Driving Range Special
                                                        Medium Bucket of balls and Lunch $10
                                                          Weekdays -- 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

                                Summer Day Camp
                               NO PRICE INCREASE!!!
      Early Bird Registration fees are equivalent to $11.12 (earlybird) or $12.37 per day!
               Don’t forget all of the activities and field trips that are included!

Resident Early Bird Registration runs from March 29 through April 30. During this time, YOU will
receive $50 off of the full summer price of $495 (Early Bird Price $445) or $25 off of a 4-week
session price of $300 (Early Bird Price $275). There is an additional $25 Transportation Fee
if you are using our bus service to/from camp; this cost is not included in the camp fee.
To qualify for Early Bird Registration, you must return the completed registration form (2-sided), bus
form and additional payment form plus a copy of a current utility bill and payment to Willoughby Parks
& Recreation, #2 Public Square, Willoughby, 44094 or drop it off at our office Monday through Friday,
7:30 am - 4:30 pm. We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover or make checks payable to “The
City of Willoughby.” Register for Full Summer and make 2 payments! $300 is due at the
time of registration along with a credit card number; on July 1, 2010 the remaining balance
will be charged to your credit card.

Non-resident Early Bird Registration runs from April 19-30. During this time, a non-resident
registrant will receive $50 off of the full summer price of $800 (Early Bird Price $750) or $25 off of a
4-week session price of $475 (Early Bird Price $450). Register for Full Summer and make 2
payments! $450 is due at the time of registration along with a credit card number; on July 1,
2010 the remaining balance will be charged to your credit card.

Children between the ages of 6-13 may participate. Camp cost includes 2 t-shirts, all Arts & Crafts,
supplies, games, and for all field trips except Waldameer Park. An additional fee is required for
Waldameer Park, which is an optional trip. There is an additional $25 Transportation Fee if
you are using our bus service to/from camp. All children are required to wear camp t-shirt on
designated days.

Camp runs Monday through Friday, 9:00 am till 3:00 pm. The sites include Ryan Park @ Ridge Acres,
Daniels Park and Gilson Camp @ Daniels Park. No registration is taken after the camp session has
started. Don’t delay, limited space (65 campers per location) is available! Those registering for session
I only are NOT guaranteed a spot in session II.

        Session 1 - June 14 through July 9                Session 2 - July 12 through August 6
                                Session 3 - June 14 through August 6

         Before & After Care No price increase for 2010!! The cost remains $3/hour. Before &
After Care is from 6:30-9:00 am and 3:00-6:00 pm. Cost includes supervision, a snack/drink during
each session and transportation to/from Ryan Park @ Ridge Acres site, Daniels Camp site or Gilson
Camp @ Daniels site.
         Many of last year’s staff will be returning again this summer. The Head Counselors at the
playgrounds are all adults with college degrees. They are assisted by enthusiastic and qualified
college and high school students. We will have a counselor-to-student ratio of approximately 1 to 13.
All Counselors are certified in First Aid and CPR.

38                    Willoughby Parks & Recreation --- 440-953-4200
                                                           2010 Summer Day Camp (2/9/10)
DN - Daniels Park        GL – Gilson Camp @ Daniels Park                 RP – Ryan Park @ Ridge Acres                                 * Additional Fee Required
          Monday                           Tuesday                       Wednesday                        Thursday                      Friday
          June 14                           June 15                       June 16                          June 17                     June 18
                                    Putt Putt Golf & Games                                                                      Arts N Crafts-ALL-AM
       Ice cream social!             DN & GL – AM 10-12              Goodtime III Cruise                  Sports Day!           Swimming-Osborne Pool
                                      RP – PM 12:30-2:30                ALL – PM                                                       ALL-PM

            June 21                            June 22                     June 23                       June 24                       June 25
                                               Bowling                                                Kids Can Cook             Arts N Crafts-ALL-AM
         Silly Games!                   RP – AM 9:30-11:30 am      Cleveland Metroparks Zoo           Lunch included!           Swimming-Muni Pool
                                      DN & GL – PM 12:30-2:30 pm        ALL – All day                ALL - @ DN – PM                   All-PM

            June 28                             June 29                    June 30                           July 1                     July 2
                                                                                                                                Arts N Crafts-ALL-AM
    Skating(United Skates)                 Origami – 1:30 pm       Captain’s Game-ALL-PM                Camper’s Pick!          Swimming-Osborne Pool
          ALL-PM                           Daniels Park $195         LUNCH INCLUDED                                                    ALL-PM

            July 5                               July 6                     July 7                           July 8                     July 9
                                                                                                                                 Arts & Crafts-All-AM
          NO CAMP                               Movies               Pioneer Waterland                  Inflatables @ DN         Swimming-Muni Pool
                                                                   ALL – all day, late return            ALL - All Day                  All-PM

            July 12                              July 13                    July 14                         July 15                    July 16
                                         Putt Putt Golf & Games                                                                 Arts N Crafts-ALL-AM
    Skating(United Skates)                   DN & GL – AM                Fear Factor!             Captain’s Game-ALL-PM         Swimming-Osborne Pool
          ALL-PM                                RP - PM                                             LUNCH INCLUDED                     All-PM

            July 19                              July 20                    July 21                         July 22                     July 23
                                                 Bowling                                                                       Arts & Crafts – ALL - AM

    Pirate & Princess Party                     RP – AM                  Fun-n-stuff            Bubble Lady at Browning Gym      Swimming-Muni Pool
                                             DN & GL - PM               ALL – All day                  10:00 am $225                    All-PM
                                      $22 for Waldameer Park due
            July 26                              July 27                    July 28                         July 29                     July 30
                                              Kids Can Cook
    Skating(United Skates)                       Dessert!              Nickel Carnival!                 Camper’s Pick!          Arts N Crafts-ALL-AM
          ALL-PM                           ALL - @ DN – PM              ALL - @ DN                                              Fine Arts Performance

           August 2                            August 3                  August 4                          August 5                   August 6
                                                                      Waldameer Park *                                             Last Day Picnic!
           Camp out                             Movies                Lunch Included                    Relay for Candy!      Swimming-Muni Pool-All-PM
                                                                       Late Return                                                 Lunch Included
This calendar is subject to change.
                                          Mini Munchkin Camp
Mini Munchkin Camp is for children ages 4-6. The camp consists of weekly field trips, visits from
the Library Lady, Arts & Crafts lessons, songs and special surprise visits. The camp session runs
from June 15 through August 5 on Tuesdays/Thursdays and meets at Todd Field Playground from
9:30-11:30 am or 12:30-2:30 pm. All counselors and helpers are certified in First Aid and CPR. The
fee for this class includes ALL field trips, arts & crafts, supplies and games. Help make it an extra
special summer for your Mini Munchkin!
Early Bird Registration for Willoughby residents begins March 29 and the cost is $85; Non-
Willoughby residents begins April 19 and the cost is $150. Early Bird registration runs through April 30.
After April 30th, the cost is $110 for residents and $175 for non-residents.
Ages: 4-6
Class: 4095.301 Tues./Thurs. 9:30-11:30 am            4095.302 Tues./Thurs. 12:30-2:30 pm
Location: Todd Field
Fee: $110 ($85 Earlybird) for residents/$175 ($150 Earlybird) for Non-Willoughby residents
   Registration forms available online at www.willoughbyohio.com/rec_dept/forms.html

                     2010 Mini Munchkin Camp
                         Tuesdays                                            Thursdays
     June 15                                           June 17
                        WELCOME!                                        Chagrin River Park
         Arts & Crafts, Story Time, Ice Cream Treat                      Scavenger Hunt

     June 22                                           June 24
                 Arts & Crafts, Story Time                           Police Department Tour
                  Princess & Pirate Party                           Municipal Pool Playground

     June 29                                           July 1
                 Arts & Crafts, Story Time                            Zero Gravity Inflatables!
                       Outer Space

     July 6                                            July 8
                 Arts & Crafts, Story Time                           Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
                   Let’s Explore Plants                         Adult Volunteers Needed – Full Day!

     July 13                                           July 15
                 Arts & Crafts, Story Time                          Adventures in Fun Putt Putt
                       Pajama Party

     July 20                                           July 22
                 Arts & Crafts, Story Time                  Memphis Kiddie Park – Lunch included!
                      Nickel Carnival                        Adult Volunteers Needed – Full Day!

     July 27                                           July 29
                 Arts & Crafts, Story Time                           Things that go BOUNCE!
                  Keep America Beautiful

     August 3                                          August 5
                Arts & Crafts and Pony Rides                           LAST DAY PICNIC!
                                                                Drop off at Euclid Ave. Pool Pavilion
                                                                   Swimming in the Baby Pool!
                                                                              This calendar is subject to change 2/3/10

40                     Willoughby Parks & Recreation --- 440-953-4200
                                     Youth Theater Camp
A wonderful introduction to the incredible world of theater. Campers will act, sing and dance in
their big variety show to be performed the last day of camp for family and friends. It’s your big
day to shine uner the spotlight. Campers should bring a daily lunch and beverage. Questions, call
Ages: children entering grades 1-5                4095.111 Class July 12-16; 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Location: Willoughby Senior Center #14            Class Fee $75 / Resident Discount $70
Director: Brad Schreiber, BA Theater from CSU

                                         Magic Camp
Come join professional magician, The Great Brad, as he helps campers explore the wonderful
world of magic. Campers will learn a variety of new tricks and the history of magic will be
revealed. Each camper will perform in a spectacular magic show on the last day of camp for
family and friends. Register now before availability disappears! Campers should bring a daily
snack and beverage.
Ages: children entering grades 3-8               4095.112 Class July 12-16; 1:30 am – 4:30 pm
Location: Willoughby Senior Center #14           Class Fee $75 / Resident Discount $70
Magician: Brad Schreiber, BA Theater from CSU

                                       Summer Riding Camp
Maypine Farm’s summer riding clinic is more than a camp; it is an experience for the serious
horseman, even if you’ve never ridden before. Train daily with the areas’ finest riding instructors
as each day brings new adventures. The morning will start with a mounted lesson followed by a
relaxing trail ride in our hunt field. After that, there is the joy of learning all about horses from the
ground. Riders will be instructed on all aspects of horsemanship; from basic and show grooming,
feeding, and vet care, to understanding lameness and shoeing. Each week will culminate with a
Friday grooming contest. Special sessions of the clinic will offer field trips to the “A” rated
shows in our area, vet clinics or a pony breeding farm.
Ages: 6 through adult               www.maypinefarm.com -- 216-695-0604
Class 0010.400 week of June 14, 21, 28, July 5, 12, 19, 26, August 2, 9, 16, 23 (Monday-Friday)
Time: 9:00 am–3:00 pm for the entire week
Location: Maypine Farm, 32700 White Road
Class Fee $330 / Resident Discount $325 per week

                                        NE Artist Camp
Artist and certified visual art educator, Jacqui Spetrino, will teach children about some of the most
famous artists from history. Each lesson will culminate with a work of art created in the artist’s
style. Students will complete 4 finished works of art that families will treasure for years to come.
For children entering Grades 4-7
5000.200 Monday-Thursday, June 14-17
5000.201 Monday-Thursday, July 12-15
Time: 9:00-11:30 am
Location: Willoughby Senior Center
Class Fee $70 / Resident Discount $65
Instructor: Jacqui Spetrino

                Office Hours --- Monday through Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm                             41

 Camp Fantástico Little Amigos Spanish                     W!
 Summer Camp is an interactive, hands-on                 NE Camp Fantástico Grade School
 language learning adventure featuring adven-                       Spanish Summer Camp
 tures in art, music, and games. We combine              The fun begins with Spanish! We engage
 vocabulary and conversational phrases to                children in Spanish language and culture with
 introduce your camper to all aspects of the             activities that develop excitement and interest.
 Spanish language! The daily activities vary             Children will practice speaking and listening
 from playing Spanish bingo to creative art              and will grow in their awareness, knowledge,
 projects to charades and singing and much               appreciation and understanding of the Spanish
 more! Your camper will go home with all their           speaking culture through art, music and games.
 completed projects as well as supplemental              The camp will close with a “fiesta” that will
 materials to help him/her learn and reinforce           highlight the week’s activities. We welcome
 the Spanish language! The camp will close with          AMIGOS with or without previous exposure to
 a “fiesta” that will highlight the week’s activities.   Spanish language instruction.
 Minimum 12, maximum 20                                  Minimum 12, maximum 20
 Ages 4-6                                                Ages: Grades 1-4
 2110.247 Monday through Thursday, June 14-17            2110.249 Monday through Thursday, June 14-17
 2110.248 Monday through Thursday, June 21-24            2110.250 Monday through Thursday, June 21-24
 Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm                                Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
 Willoughby Senior Center #12                            Willoughby Senior Center #12
 Class Fee $104 / Resident Discount $99 + $10            Class Fee $104 / Resident Discount $99 + $10
 Material fee, payable the first day of class.           Material fee, payable the first day of class.
 Viva Spanish!™ Language Programs                        Viva Spanish!™ Language Programs
 42                     Willoughby Parks & Recreation --- 440-953-4200
                Gymnastic Camp                             Pre-School Cheerleading Camp
This camp balances tumbling and uneven bars           Preschoolers learn the foundations of physical
with balance beam and vaulting skills. Gymnasts       movement, coordination and body awareness
and cheerleaders will benefit from this camp as       while creatively having fun learning preschool
we focus on strength and flexibility, skill           cheers, chants, motions, jumps and tumbling.
progression and body awareness skills. Wear           Cheerleaders present a picture perfect moment
leotard or loose clothing with no belts and shirts    pep rally for family and friends on the last day.
that will stay tucked in. Bring water bottle and      $5 insurance fee due to instructor the first day
healthy snacks. A $5 insurance fee is payable to      of class. Wear to camp: Tennis shoes &
the instructor the first day of camp. Wear to         identified pompoms. Bring to camp: water bottle,
camp: leotard or loose fitting clothing, no belts     lunch for AM and water bottle/snack for PM.
and shirts that will stay tucked in. Bring to camp:   Ages: 4-5
water bottle/lunch for AM and water bottle/           2110.360 M/W/F, June 21-25
snack for PM.                                         2110.361 M/W/F, July 19-23
Grades 1-6                                            Time: June – 10:30 am-12:30 pm; July - 1-3 pm
2110.350 Monday/Wednesday, August 2 & 4               Garfield Park Ballroom,7967 Mentor Ave.
2110.351 Monday/Wednesday, August 2 & 4               Class Fee $41 / Resident Discount $36
Time: Grades 1-6 Beginner 10:30am – 1:30 pm;          Northshore PREPS – 440-946-1703
Grades 3+ Intermediates 2:00-5:00 pm
Taft Center, 1580 E. 332nd Street, Eastlake                           Tumbling Camp
Class Fee $50 / Resident Discount $45                 This tumbling camp focues on tumbling skill
Northshore PREPS – 440-946-1703                       progression and body awreness skills needed for
                                                      most every sport! $5 insurance fee due to
                                                      instructor the first day of class. Wear to camp:
                                                      Loose fitting clothing, no belts. Shirts that stay
                                                      tucked in. Bring to camp: water bottle & snack.
                                                      Grades 4-7
                                                      2110.353 T/Th, June 22 & 24
                                                      Time: 10:30 am-12:30 pm
                                                      Garfield Park Ballroom, 7967 Mentor Ave.
Cheerleading, Jumps & Tumbling Camp                   Class Fee $37 / Resident Discount $32
Cheerleading isn’t just cheers, chants, and           Northshore PREPS – 440-946-1703
motions. Jumps and tumbling are the skills that
make cheerleading a sport. Build confidence as                     Tumble Cheer Camp
we focus on skill progression for safe and            This camp has it all! While the main focus is on
confident backward rotation and tumbling. Learn       tumbling skills and jumps needed specifically for
cheers and chants combined with motions and           cheerleading, you’ll learn more cheers and a
jumps plus tumbling – everything for today’s          basic dance to enhance the sharpness of your
cheerleaders. $5 insurance fee due to instructor      cheer motions. $5 insurance fee due to
the first day of class. Wear to camp: Loose           instructor the first day of class. Wear to camp:
fitting t-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes Bring to        Loose fitting clothing, no belts, shirts that stay
camp: water bottle and snacks.                        tucked in. Bring to camp: water bottle & snack.
Grades 1-3                                            Grades 4-7
2110.354 Monday through Thursday, June 21-24          2110.352 T/Th, July 20 & 22
2110.355 Monday through Thursday, July 19-22          Time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Time: June – 1-3 pm; July 10:30 am-12:30 pm           Garfield Park Ballroom, 7967 Mentor Ave.
Garfield Park Ballroom, 7967 Mentor Ave.              Class Fee $37 / Resident Discount $32
Class Fee $45 / Resident Discount $40                 Northshore PREPS – 440-946-1703
Northshore PREPS – 440-946-1703                                                                     43
                Cooking Camp
Spend the summer with Two Crazy Kids at
Kids Can Cook! Summer Camp. These                        Willoughby South High School
creative classes allow our little chefs to learn
cooking basics while preparing and assembling        Rebel Basketball Camp
the recipes. The unique twist with the classes is    June 14-17 -- 8:30 - 11:30 am
that the creation that is made in class is dinner    South High School
for your family that night! Two Crazy Kids has       Boys entering grades 4-8
been busy in the kitchen preparing new recipe        $75/camper
for this unique summer camp. The kids will           Coach Mark Habat - 975-3631
prepare and bring home a dinner each day of          Info: mark.habat@weschools.org
camp! That’s no cooking for 4 days straight!
That’s what we call a “Summer Vacation!”
Kids and parents alike have responded
positively to our cooking classes and the kids
had comments like, “I loved being the chef for                   Kids SCUBA Camp
the night!” and parents said, “I love how proud     You will learn how scuba diving can be the
my son is to show off his dinner!” Cooking is a     adventure of a lifetime. You will complete all
wonderful way to build self-esteem and allow        the requirements for the classroom and pool
your child to feel a sense of accomplishment! If    training portion of the PADI Open Water
you child has allergies, you must contact Two       Certification Course in a safe & enjoyable way.
Crazy Kids before registering.                      Ages: 10-14
Grades K-6                                          Session 1 July 26-30, 9:00 am-3:00 pm
4095.905 Tuesday-Friday, July 27-30                 Session 2 Aug. 9-13, 9:00 am-3:00 pm
Time: 10:00-11:15 am                                Location: Euclid Ave. Pool
Location: Willoughby Senior Center Kitchen          Class Fee: $320/ Resident Discount $305
Class Fee $85 / Resident Discount $80 + $20         Instructor: Call Just Add Water at 942-7575
ingredient fee payable on July 27                   www.justaddwaterscuba.com
Two Crazy Kids -- www.twocrazykids1.com
Enriching children one activity at a time

             Another Fine Mess!
Dive in & explore creativity! Small, intimate
arts and craft class in the park! It’s fun &
easy, and kids of all ages will love the projects
that they create and take home! Projects will
be fun and exciting for all!
Grades K-4
0050.426 Wednesdays, June 23-July 14
Time: 10:00-11:15 am
Location: Daniels Park Rotary Pavilion
Class Fee $45 / Resident Discount $40
Instructor: Diane Johnson

44                    Willoughby Parks & Recreation --- 440-953-4200
                              Funutation Tekademy
                            “Making the World Computer Smarter!!”

                    2D Video Game Design (no experience needed)
Design a basic computer video game! Learn computer graphics techniques and animation
fundamentals. Create an exciting landscape for your game. Load, animate sprites and add sound.
Each student gets a disc of their projects and the software (Scratch).
Ages: 8-12                                        Class: 0010.402 M-F July 12-16; 9:00 am-Noon
Location: Willoughby Senior Center #12            Class Fee $175 / Resident Discount $170

                                     Digital Art & Animation
Students will use Alice to create a 3D programming environment to create animations which can
be a story, interactive game or simply a dance. Learn the fundamental principles of object
oriented programming. Populate a virtual world and then animate the people, animals, and
vehicles. Students will get to keep the work they create and get a copy of Alice.
Ages: 8-14                                        Class: 0010.404 M-F, July 12-16; 9:00 am-Noon
Location: Willoughby Senior Center #12            Class Fee $175 / Resident Discount $170

                                      3D Video Game Design
 Step up to the next level of visual excitement and gaming. Add light and texture to create a
realistic environment that looks like a real world. Create levels, obstacles, enemies and
music.Place your action characters in a 3D environment. Watch the scene and the characters
come to life.
Ages: 8-15                                         Class: 0010.406 M-F, July 12-16; 12:30-3:30 pm
Location: Willoughby Senior Center #12             Class Fee $175 / Resident Discount $170
  NE XBOX360 Game Design NEW!!
Learn to make games like Tetris, Pac-Man,
Asteroids or Bejeweled for the Xbox 360. The
Video Game Design tool (C# using Visual C#
Express) uses a combination of typed commands
and a drag-and-drop tool. We teach students the
game development cycle from design to finished
game. The games can be played on a computer
or XBOX360. Games can be submitted to
Microsoft’s annual Dream-Build-Play Challenge
game design contest.
Ages: 8-15
Class: 0010.405 M-F, July 12-16; 12:30-3:30 pm               2009 Summer Camp at
Location: Willoughby Senior Center #12                    the Willoughby Senior Center
Class Fee $175 / Resident Discount $170

              Office Hours --- Monday through Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm                       45
Willoughby Parks & Recreation                                                                PRSRT STD
#2 Public Square                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
Willoughby, OH 44094                                                                             PAID
(440) 953-4200 - Phone                                                                     WILLOUGHBY, OH
(440) 953-4204 - FAX                                                                         PERMIT #94
e-mail parksandrec@willoughbyohio.com

                                            POSTAL PATRON
                                         WILLOUGHBY OH 44094

                Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                 is offering discounted Amusement Parks tickets!

   Good any day:            gate price your price   savings
   3&up, 48” & taller        $ 45.99 $ 36.50        $ 9.49    Good any day:      gate price your price savings
   Jr/Sr, Under 3/Over 62    $ 19.99 $ 17.50        $ 2.49    48” & over          $ 48.99 $28.50       $20.49
   Ride & Slide              $ 75.99 $ 69.50        $ 6.49     under 48”, 60+     $ 31.99 $23.50       $ 8.49
   Soak City                 $ 29.99 $ 24.50        $ 5.49    Over 48” 2 Day Pass $ 48.99 $48.50       $ .49
   2 & Under                 FREE                             2 & Under           FREE

   Good any day:            gate price your price   savings   Good any day:      gate price your price   savings
   48” & Over                $ 26.99 $20.50         $ 6.41    40” & taller        $ 19.95 $ 15.50        $4.45
   Jr./Sr.                  Purchase at gate                  Under 40”           FREE
   2 & Under                 FREE

        For additional information, contact Willoughby Parks & Recreation at 440-953-4200.
                             Sorry, no discount coupons may be used!
                      Only cash or check will be accepted. -- No credit cards
                              ALL SALES FINAL -- NO RETURNS
                             Tickets go on sale in the beginning of May

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