HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY by drshriniwas


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									HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY The original meaning of the Greek word Physiology is study of nature. In the course of time it came to be identified with the functioning of the living beings. Thus today we have plant physiology, bacterial physiology, animal physiology, human Physiology etc. In Human Physiology we have molecular physiology, cell physiology, endoxcrine physiology, cardivascular physiology, respiratory physiology etc. In Applied Human Physiology we have Space Physiology, Sports Physiology, Exercise Physiology, High Altitude Physiology, Environmental Physiology, Clinical Physiology etc. The concept of Human Physiology is getting holistic and closer to to its original meaning, because of the appreciation of the interactions of everything in the external environment, internal envrionment and also the effects of what happened in the past on human life!! Human Physiology therefore must be defined as study of the dynamic interactions amongst everything in the Nature with focus on the Human Life. (Cf. Stress: Understanding and Management and Superliving by Dr. Shriniwas kashalikar)

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