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									The Purpose of
Internet Bots
What are Internet Bots

   Internet bots, also known as web
  robots, are software applications that
 run automated tasks over the internet.
The Use of Internet Bots

Without even knowing, Internet Bots
are being used by most. The following
ten points are to help demonstrate the
usage of an Internet Bot.
The Use of Internet Bots

1) Internet Bots are used in
   organizations to make them more
   efficient and help accelerate tasks

2) Bots are used to interact
   automatically with web interfaces
The Use of Internet Bots

3) Internet Bots are used to recognize a
   web-user, to gather and retain
   information from a users visit.

4) Make use of a bot to update
   information and manage sources
The Use of Internet Bots

5) Internet Bots are used to gather
  information through: the use of
  electronic tools or cookie technology

6) Be aware, Internet Bots can also
  gather passwords and capture
  financial information
The Use of Internet Bots

7) Internet Bots can also grab the
  content from web sites and re-use it
  without permission

8) Internet Bots can be used for online
  automated trading functions (i.e.
The Use of Internet Bots

9) Internet Bots can be used to repeat
  tedious and time consuming computer

10) Internet Bots are used for daily
  functions such as weather updates,
  currency exchange rates, sports
  results, telephone numbers, etc.

In conclusion, Internet bots can be used
        for everyday tasks, jobs and
  applications. The Internet is essential
    in today's day and age and without
   Internet Bots, the complete internet
  experience would be entirely different.
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