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                                             All About Genesis Bows
                                             By Jennifer Walterscheit

  The versatility of the genesis bows has the attention of all archers these days. It has a diverse draw
weight spanning 10 pounds to as much as 20 pounds. It also has a zero percentage of let of. This
helps archers do away with standard draw length needs. Thus, these genesis bows are able to cater to
both children and adults alike.

 High energy shots
 Though the draw weight can be set to 20 pounds in the genesis bows these can shoot and release as
much energy as a regular recurve bow of 35 pounds weight. The holding weight is also adequate in
these bows to facilitate easy string pull using the fingers. Thus, whether it is a child or an adult,
shooting these genesis bows is very easy.

 Single cam
 The new set of genesis bows come with one cam. This helps archers avoid the tedious tuning
sessions needed from so many other bows. The genesis bows also provide a lesser degree of recoil
due to one cam being present. Plus, with such a technology in place, there are more chances of a shot
being accurate while reducing the amount of noise while shooting.

 Various age groups
 The beauty of the genesis bows is that anyone from children to adults can use it. It is highly
recommended for beginners as well as seasoned archers alike. The absence of specific draw lengths
means that children can continue using these genesis bows well into their adulthood. Parents can
easily buy and select these bows as they do not have to measure out the draw length for their child.
With the right draw length always there, shooting the genesis bows is very easy. This is especially
good for the beginners who are just starting out with archery. Having good shot placement and fit
means inculcation of good shooting habits from the start. These genesis bows are also superb for
family outings as everyone in the family can shoot them easily. Even school clubs and other
organizations can benefit from using these bows as there is no need to measure out draw lengths etc.
These genesis bows are a perfect set to use along with video target mechanisms and hence all stores
love stocking up on these bows. The tough exterior finish and durable design of the genesis bows
means that they will last for several years to come. Compared to many other brands in the market
these days these bows will last more years.

Kit form

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Now the genesis bows are even available in an attractive kit form. These kits come replete with the
trademark Genesis bow, 5 arrows made from aluminum, color matched quiver with belt tube, arm
guard, 2 target faces for archery as well as an instructional manual for all owners of the genesis bows.
Thus, not only are these bows fantastic for starting out with archery, they are very long lasting, look
attractive, are very versatile and a good value for money. They can last for many more years when
compared to their counterparts, thus making these genesis bows a very good investment.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

            Techniques on How to Shoot Using Your Genesis Bows and Youth Bows
                                       By Jennifer Walterscheit

The new collection of genesis bows promise a world of learning to the interested archer. However,
before you start using them, you need to know how to shoot these bows. Here is a step by step guide
to doing so.

 The right stance:
 It is important to have the correct stance while shooting your genesis bows. Make sure your feet are
shoulder width away from each other and need to be at 90 degrees to the line of shot. Never slouch or
shift from side to side as it can upset the balance of your shot.

 How to nock your arrow:
 Typically the genesis bows arrows come with three vanes. You must always make sure that the vane,
which is odd colored, is facing in the other direction from your bow. Make sure to nock your arrow right
on top of the string just below the estimated nocking point.

 Placing the fingers:
 You also need to know the right way to place your fingers. Place the genesis bows string in the joints
of your three middle fingers and use your thumb to touch the pinky. This is the correct method of finger

 While shooting your genesis bows you need to know how to place the anchor. Once you draw the
string, touch the bowstring to the nose and simultaneously place your hand’s top part beside your jaw

 Your aim:
 The correct aim is crucial to ensuring a good shot in your genesis bows. Start by closing the left eye if
you are a right hand shooter or a right eye in case of the opposite. Then look downwards into the shaft
of the arrow and make sure to align this with your target.

 Preparing for the release:
 It is essential that you do not hold on to the string on the genesis bows too tight or else the shot will
not come out proper. Instead, relax your grip on the bowstring and gradually allow the bow to shoot the
arrow by itself.

 After the release:
 Do not make the mistake of putting your arms down once the arrow release from your genesis bows
has happened. Instead, make sure to keep the arms up for sometime after the arrow has been

 Easy upgrades available:
 One of the advantages of using the genesis bows is that you can purchase optional accessories which
can easily upgrade your bows. This way, you can continue using these genesis bows for a long time to
come. The look and feel of these bows is pretty much like regular adult bows.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 By learning these tricks and techniques, you will soon be able to master shoots with your genesis
bows. Of course, the more advanced steps and techniques will come with more practice but these
essential steps should see you through at least at the start. Once you get a little more advanced in
your shooting techniques, you can then buy additional equipment and accessories to bring in added
punch into your next shot!

Eagle Archery has a wide selection of Kids and Youth bows including Genesis Bows.  Check us
out online at

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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