Alabama Hunting - How To Be Successful On Your Alabama Hunting Trip

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                  Alabama Hunting - How To Be Successful On Your Alabama Hunting Trip
                                                             By Jimmy Harris

   Why is Alabama hunting such a popular pastime? Quite simply, this is one of the hunting hotbeds in
the country, and as you are about to find out, for good reason.

 It is a haven for deer and birds, such as duck and geese, and while you won’t find a lot of exotic, larger
game to hunt here, if you are content with the more traditional animals, such as deer, duck, squirrel,
etc, then Alabama offers what you need.

 First off, let’s start with duck hunting. Alabama is always considered a tremendous place for duck, and
there are a lot of them in the state. The only negative about the sport is that you generally have to have
inclement weather in order to succeed with this, something that deters many.

 When the sunny weather comes there will not be as many duck, and when the bad weather arises, the
ducks are out in force. Therefore, if you can handle the elements, then you will be successful with
Alabama duck hunting.

 Also, the longer stretch of bad weather there is, the better your chances of getting a duck. One rainy
day might not be enough to bring them in, but a period of several days to a week or more of bad
weather can often do the trick.

In other words, if you look out your window and see the sun shining, don’t bother going out that day.
This is a sport that truly rewards the committed hunter.

 As I stated earlier, ducks certainly aren’t the only popular hunting game in the area. Deer are out in
force as well, as there are almost 2,000,000 whitetail in the state. I

 n other words, Alabama deer hunting is another thing you need to try if you are an avid hunter, and if
you are a beginner, this is a tremendous place to learn the sport.

 In fact, the state currently has the highest density of deer in the whole southern tier, as it contains
roughly forty five deer for each square mile in the areas that you can hunt for these animal.

However, should you be looking to go after male deer, as many more experienced hunters prefer, you
will probably not find the pickings to your satisfaction, as Alabama hunting is notorious for having few

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 If you want to enjoy the best possible chance of getting a deer in Alabama, here are a few tips that will
serve you well. First off, just like any other state, make sure you are familiar with where the deer will be
before the actual day of the hunt, so that you don’t waste your whole day or trip trying to find a good
place to hunt.

 I would recommend you go check out the hunting grounds the day before you actually start, figure out
where the deer are most likely to be (i.e. where their watering hole is, where they are likely to go for
food, etc) and of course, try and determine wither they live as well.

 This will enable you to get in between their living area and where they need to get to for food and
drink, and intercept them. This is a critical element for success.

 All too many hunters just set up shop anywhere in the woods, and go the whole day without seeing a
single deer within striking distance. Don't make this same mistake when going on an Alabama Hunting

Tired of hours of fruitless hunting? Want to ensure your success on your Alabama Hunting trip? Check
out, and learn little known secrets on becoming a world class hunter
starting today.

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                       Ohio Deer Hunting - How to Prepare For Your Hunting Trip in Ohio
                                                           By Jimmy Harris

When it comes to hunting, Ohio deer hunting is actually one of the most popular locations to go, to
many peoples’ surprise. When you think of Ohio, you usually don’t think of an outdoor lover
paradise-instead, you might think of Cleveland, Lake Erie, and a lot of farm land. What they don’t think
of is hunting, or really anything outdoors related.

 However, deer hunting in the state is very popular as well as many other kinds, and abundant, and
you can certainly find plenty of opportunity available to you if you go here.

 Believe it or not, there are quite a few forests in Ohio, more than you might think, which is why there
are so many deer. Regardless of whether you want to go bow or gun hunting, you can find a lot of
opportunity here.

 Here are some tips to help make your Ohio deer hunting trip more successful right off the bat. One of
the things you should know is that deer sleep during the day, and usually are most either at the
beginning or end of the day, which gives you a thirty minute window to work with while it’s light.
 Therefore, there is no time to waste when finding the best hunting spot, because if you get this wrong,
you definitely don’t have time to relocate for that time period.

 One of the most important things you can do for your Ohio deer hunting trip is to know the area you
are going to inside and out before getting started, and be sure you look for things such as where the
deer trails are, where they will be going for food and where thy live.

 This way, you can position yourself between these locations, and catch them while they are going
past. You will need to get there quite early to find this information out, however; also, you could
consider taking out a hunting lodge with you, for a price, of course.

 Knowing your location and getting there beforehand is always important, but particularly when you are
hunting in a place where you’ve never been to before, as you likely haven’t with Ohio deer hunting. Be
sure you leave yourself at least several hours to scope it out and determine the best places to hunt for
your Ohio deer hunting

 Also, you might consider taking a guide with you on your trip, particular if you’ve never been to the
area before, as they can show you the best places quickly and easily so that you don’t have to spend
your entire trip trying to do this. This will help eliminate the steps I described above, because your
guide will know right where to go.

 Yes, this can be a bit of an investment, but if you are serious about getting deer on your trip, I’d
recommend this. The prices will vary depending on how many people you have in your group, and you
generally get a discount the more people you have for your Ohio deer hunting trip.

For more info on Ohio Deer Hunting, check out This is a popular hunting
site that reviews equipment and hunting locations, and much more.

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