“This is my Life” Parallel Timeline Project_ 1000 points by malj


									                     “This is my Life” Parallel Timeline Project: 1000 points

                                      Due Date: May 11, 2009

Directions: A popular hobby for some people is coin collecting. We will be using this hobby to
understand the concept of parallel timelines and autobiographical narratives.

Suggested materials:
   1. Large heavy poster board (construction paper does not work well for this project since
        pennies are heavy).
   2. Family photos, if possible
   3. Rubber cement
   4. Permanent Glue – Elmer’s glue may not be strong enough to hold materials
   5. Colored pens
   6. Tape, rubber cement or glue sticks
   7. Unlined note cards/blank white paper for writing labels
   8. Access to research information (the internet, the public library, books, newspapers, etc).

Your autobiographical timeline:
   1. You will begin this project by collecting pennies.
           a. You will collect a penny that was issued the year you were born.
           b. You will then collect pennies for each year of your life, including the present year
   2. Talk to your parents/guardians about an important event that happened in your life for
       each year.
   3. Use permanent glue to mount the pennies on the poster board, in chronological order
       (1997, 1998, 1999 and so on) – pennies should be mounted in a straight line.
   4. Write the year of the penny, with marker, next to the coin.
   5. Write a complete sentence explaining an important event in your life that happened in that
       year. (Remember, spelling and punctuation will be graded). This sentence must be complete, or
       you will not receive full credit.
   6. Be as creative as possible.
   7. Extra Credit: Add photos/illustrations to each date (tape, rubber cement or glue sticks
       adhere photos/illustrations to the poster board).

    Your historical timeline:
       1. Create a second timeline directly parallel with your autobiographical timeline, either
            directly above or below.
       2. Label the same dates as the personal timeline.
       3. Research important historical events throughout the world for each year of your life.
       4. Write a complete sentence describing one event per year in history, and label them on the
       5. Add photos of the period of history, if possible.

             **Failure to complete this project will negatively affect your grade**
           ***This is a project, and is graded under the category of performance***

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