ASQR-15.1 Checklist _Handling_ Storage_ Packaging_ Perservation

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					                                                      ASQR 15.1 Rev 1
                                  Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery

#    Par #                            Requirement                            S    CAR       N/A   Comment
              Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Prevention
              Is a Foreign Object Damage (FOD) preventative
1    4.1.1    program documented and implemented to protect
              UTC member’s product?
              For suppliers with design control, does engineering
              personnel ensure design considerations for FOD
2    4.1.3
              prevention and resistance to damage and that designs
              are not conducive to debris entrapment?
              Material Handling
              Does supplier control uncoated parts where contact
3    4.2.2    with other elements could be detrimental to the part
              (e.g., columbium, titanium, magnesium)?
     4.2.3    Is there accountability/control of tools including small
              parts and hardware?
              Does supplier provide care and use of protective
5    4.2.4
              Is there control of residual magnetism in excess 3
6    4.2.5
              gauss in product as well as associated tooling?
              Are all sources of contamination identified, evaluated
7    4.3.2    and controlled to preclude contamination of parts
              following each cleaning operation?
8    4.3.5    Are process areas free of food and beverage?

              Does supplier ensure environmental conditions do not
9    4.3.7
              induce contamination through airborne contaminants?

              Are abrasive cleaners/blocks not be used for cosmetic
10   4.3.8    touch–ups on product with internal passages, unless
              specifically authorized by UTC Member.
              Are storage facilities provided as necessary to isolate
11   4.4.1
              and protect material pending use or shipment?
              Are materials subject to degradation issued from stock
12   4.4.3
              on a “first in – first out” basis?
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                                                    ASQR 15.1 Rev 1
                                Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery

#    Par #                           Requirement                           S    CAR       N/A   Comment

              Is shelf–life control applied to processing material, as
13   4.4.4
              Preservation and Packaging

              Are preservation fluids regularly checked for
14   4.5.2    contamination and maintained free from contaminants
              through filtering or replacement of preservatives?

              Is oil system contamination from silicone–based
15   4.5.4
              lubricants prevented?
              Does the supplier ensure packing material does not
16   4.5.8
              induce contamination to parts and assemblies?
              For UTC Member drawings not including special
              preservation instructions
              Are castings made of low alloy steel, plain carbon
              steel, ductile iron or martensic stainless steel
17   0
              preserved prior to shipping using oil per MIL–L–2104
              or equivalent?
              Are Optical systems, electrical components or
     4.5.1    assemblies containing cadmium, lead, zinc or
       1      magnesium not protected with Vapor Corrosion
              Inhibitor (VCI) treated materials?
              Is the packing slip/shipping label completed per
              instructions provided on the Purchase order and
              include the following:
                   packing slip number
                   supplier name
                   P.O. number
                   line item number (if applicable)
19   4.6.1
                   “ship to” address
                   P/N nomenclature
                   S/N where applicable
                   first lot shipped when applicable
                   First Article Inspection applies when applicable
                   reference to any non–conformance documents
                   Country of Origin

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                                                    ASQR 15.1 Rev 1
                                Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery

#    Par #                           Requirement                           S    CAR       N/A   Comment

              Suppliers not on self–release or controlled by a Supplier
              Quality Assurance Representative (SQAR) When UTC
20   4.6.2    Members approved NDT sources are used, does the
              supplier list the member approved NDT source on the
              packing slip?
              Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control

              Does the supplier institute adequate procedures and
21   4.7.1    controls to prevent damage to electronic equipment
              and components which are sensitive to ESD?

              Are provisions made for protection of electronic and
22   4.7.2    electrical material which is sensitive to electronic
              discharge (ESD), per MIL–STD–1686?

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