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					By definition, sterling silver jewelry contains 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of copper or other alloy.
It’s hallmark is .925 and will commonly be located on a bracelet or necklace clasp, the inside of a ring
band or the backside of an earring. Like gold, sterling silver is a precious metal and can last for a
lifetime with the proper care.
When you think about sterling silver jewelry, you may think about its coloration. A warm finish gives it
an appearance that mimics white gold, but is much less expensive. Compared to gold, which is often as
much as $30-40 per gram, sterling silver is much more reasonably priced and you will be getting a lot
more flash for your cash. This makes sterling silver rings a very popular choice not only for casual
wear, but also for sterling silver wedding sets.
Because it contains copper, which will oxidize over time, sterling silver jewelry will require polishing
in order to prevent it from taking on an antique appearance. In order to prevent this from happening,
some designers have begun producing rhodium plated silver. For a piece of jewelry to be classified as
rhodium plated, a certain amount of rhodium must be applied to the base metal’s surface. Rhodium is a
metal that offers the same appearance as sterling silver, but is believed not to tarnish.
All types of sterling silver jewelry are popular, but sterling silver rings remain one of the top choices.
Whether it’s because your hands are always visible or you simply believe that bolder is better, sterling
silver rings will provide you with a wider band and overall bolder presence at a fantastic price. The fact
that you get more bold for your buck is not exclusive of sterling silver rings, but rather in all sterling
silver jewelry.

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