Enterprise Virus Prevention Policy

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Virus Prevention Policy
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This policy provides guidance on virus prevention practices for State of Wyoming information
resources. A virus is a program that replicates itself and spreads throughout the computing
environment. A virus detection program monitors a computer for potential virus activity, scans
files typically targeted for viruses for characteristic virus "signatures" and reports the results.

This policy applies to all devices capable of propagating malicious code that are attached to the
State of Wyoming network.

Virus detection software will be used on all devices connected to the State of Wyoming network.
Agency IT staff shall be responsible to ensure that all devices have virus detection software
installed and that virus patterns are up to date.

In order to prevent virus propagation, no executable software regardless of the source may
knowingly be loaded on devices connected to State of Wyoming networks without prior agency IT
staff approval.

Agency IT staff will verify that software is virus free before it is loaded onto a device.

Users must not intentionally disable virus protection software unless directed to do so by agency
IT staff.

Software and data coming from any device connected to the State of Wyoming network,
distributed to another organization or customer shall be checked using the latest virus patterns
and found to be virus free prior to distribution.

If symptoms of a virus are detected, users shall alert their agency IT staff immediately.

Users must not try to eradicate viruses without the assistance and direction of agency IT staff.
Procedures shall be established and relayed to users for handling virus infection incidents.

Only devices approved by agency IT staff may be connected to the State of Wyoming network.

                                                             CIO Approved Date: 06/17/2004