What Does it Really Take to Make a Guy Like You Forever? Here is What You Should Read Now

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					What Does it Really Take to Make a Guy Like You Forever? Here is What You Should Read

By Russell Jackson

If you are convinced that the man in your arms is your Mr. Right and you want him to be with
you forever, all you have to do is make sure he falls deeply in love with you so that he never
wants to leave! These simple steps will help you ensure that you receive the love of your man

Learn to win him over completely
Don't let certain habits of yours and facets of your personality give you doubts as to whether
your man could be put off at a later date. It is better to be yourself right from the start so that he
can fall in love with you because of who you really are. Don't give him surprises at a later date.
You will be surprised to know that those little quirks you have - he actually gets turned on by

Don't be afraid of being yourself
If you love to eat then go ahead and order yourself a steak! He's going to be impressed by a girl
who's not afraid to eat and who does not spout the usual "Ooh! That's way too many calories for
me!!" You want him to love you forever so don't pretend.

Don't be a nit picker
Guys are turned off by girls who are constantly nit picking and bothered about tiny details. A girl
who is always bugging her guy about neatness will find herself left high and dry. Cut him some

BE his type
YOU want to be thin as a rail and HE likes it if you have a few generous curves. So if he loves
you with some extra padding - don't resent him for it. Enjoy the attention and love he is bound to
throw your way because you are exactly how he likes you.

Prove you trust him
If you want your man to love you forever, you should make him feel comfortable and relaxed
around you. Show him that you trust him. Be honest and faithful to him and he will adore you.
Once you trust each other, the relationship has every reason to last forever

Don't try to wrangle a wedding ring out of him
The moment a guy feels that he is being coerced into making a commitment he will try to back
out and get stubborn. Leave him to make up his mind without any pressure on your side. Show
him that you are happy and contented in his company.

Don't try to upstage him
So okay, you are intelligent and he loves you for it. You don't have to keep proving it to him that
you are brilliant. Be yourself and be natural. He will resent it if you keep making everything a

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