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 Ladder Handle                     Our Customers Say it Best!
                                   This product has saved me many hours
                                   carrying my ladder and tools from my work
The Strap-n-Go Ladder Handle       truck to the work site in one trip. I love it!
takes the hassle out of trans-     Marco Gagliardi
porting a ladder!
                                   As a pipe fitter, it’s always been a hassle
Simply strap it on, lift and go!   opening doors with my extension ladder.
Your other hand is free to carry   With my Strap-n-Go Ladder Handle, I can
                                   finally enter a building with one hand free
other items, instead of having     to open the door!
to “steady the ladder”.            Jerry Kondak
Saves trips from the truck to      I have installed the Strap-n-Go Ladder
the work site!                     Handles on all my step and extension
                                   ladders and the accessory shoulder strap
Features:                          also works great on my tool bag, five
                                   gallon buckets and even my refrigerant
  Easy to use ergonomic            jugs. Thanks for the great idea!
  design.                          Tracy Lyle

  Heavy-duty weatherproof          I received my Strap-n-Go Ladder Handle
  material with stainless steel    as a gift and it sure saves my back when
                                   I am using my ladder for chores around
  support rail.                    the house. I even use the Strap-n-Go
  For commercial, construction,    handle as the hanger to hang my ladder
                                   on our fence.
  and residential use.             Karen Porter
  Universal design-fits wood,
  fiberglass, and aluminum
  ladders.                                        Strap-n-Go
                                            A Division of iQpod, LLC
                                                                                    Carrying a Ladder
  Reduces the risk of back              15466 Los Gatos Blvd., #109-112              Just Got Easier
  injury.                                    Los Gatos, CA 95032
                                             Phone: 888.206.0277
  Meets OSHA Requirements.               Email:

                                                            Built in the USA
                                                   Carrying a Ladder Just Got Easier!

   Strap-n-Go                                                   Strap-n-Go                                   Strap-n-Go
       Ladder Handle                                            Ladder Handle EX                               Accessory Strap

   Universal Step Ladder Handle
    Fits Fiberglass, Wood & Aluminum Ladders

                                                                      Ladder Handle EX                       Hands Free Shoulder Strap
                                                                                                                   Fits Either Ladder handle
                                                                  Both ladder handles are ideal for:         The adjustable Strap-n-Go Accessory Strap
                                                                         •   Contractors                     fits both of the ladder handle products
The Strap-n-Go Ladder Handle system features                                                                 allowing you to carry your ladder hands
several technical innovations. The basis for the                         •   Electricians                    free.
system is the heavy-duty stainless steel support                         •   HVAC Services                         • Saves you trips to the work site.
rail designed to evenly distribute the weight of a
ladder. The textured rubber ergonomic grip handle                        •   Plumbers                             • The special cross chest design
maintains comfort and control for the user while the                     •   Painters                               won’t slide off your shoulder.
    wrap over extension strap fastens both sections of                                                            • The extra large clips allow you to
the ladder together to ensure a more safe and                            •   Carpenters
                                                                                                                     also use this strap to carry tool
secure transport. The attached D-rings allow users                       •   Handyman                                bags, buckets, refrigerant jugs,
to carry the weight of the ladder on one’s shoulder                      •   You!                                    duffel bags or any other load
using the optional hands free shoulder strap.                                                                        comfortably and securely.

                                                    For additional information visit:
                                                        For questions or comments call 1-888-206-0277

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