Egg Box Chinese Dragon Centerpiece

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					    Chinese New Year Dragon Centerpiece

    What you'll need:

       Paper egg carton
       Scissors
       Hole punch
       Yellow craft paint
       Black craft paint
       Paint brush
       Paint with daubers (or BINGO marking paints); or craft paint and paint brushes
       7mm Wiggle eyes
       1/4" White pom-pom balls
       Red felt scrap
       Tacky glue
       2 Jingle bells (1/2")
       Ribbon (we used 1/4" wide)

    How to make it:

1.     Cut the cups apart on the egg carton. Even out the edges so the cup will sit evenly upside
    down on the table.
2.     Paint the inside of one cup black for the inside of the mouth. Paint the outside yellow.
3.     Using as few or as many cups as you wish, paint the outside of the cups yellow. Let dry.
4.     Using the daubers, let the children paint different color dots on the yellow cups. Let dry.
5.     Hole punch 2 holes in each cup directly across from each other.
6.     Lace the ribbon through the holes to tie the dragon together.
7.     Tie a jingle bell on each end of the ribbon.
8.     Glue the head on the dragon. Note: You may need to "prop" the head up while it dries.
9.     Cut a red tongue out of felt and glue inside of mouth.
10.    Glue 2 pom-poms on top of the head and then glue 2 wiggle eyes attaching them to the
    pom-poms. (see photo) Let dry.
11.    If you like, you can add a "leash" through the hole of the dragon to walk it around.
    Plum Blossoms Centerpiece
    These pretty plum blossoms make great project for spring or Chinese New Year. Plum
    blossoms are considered a symbol for courage and hope.

    What you'll need:

         Brown chenille stems

         Pink tissue paper
         White craft glue
         Styrofoam ball, cut if half
         Scissors

    How to make it:

1.         Cut chenille stems into unequal lengths, some long some medium.
2.         Twist two unlike lengths together and bend and twist ends to make them look like
3.         Cut pink tissue paper into ½” squares.
4.         Lay branches onto work surface and line with a layer of white glue. Do not put glue on
      the stem.
5.         Place the handle end of a thin paintbrush into the center of a tissue paper square. Twist
      the tissue paper around the handle.
6.         While tissue paper is still on the end of the paintbrush handle, dot it onto the glue on the
      branch. Tissue paper should stick to the glue and slide right off the handle. Leave a space
      between tissue paper flowers and repeat process. Let dry.
7.         Turn branches over and repeat on other side.
8.         Paint the Styrofoam ball with brown paint and let dry.
9.         Insert branches into Styrofoam ball.


          Increase or decrease the size of the chenille stems and tissue paper squares to adjust the
      ease of use for the age of your child.
          Plum blossoms are usually pink but can also be a light pink or almost white. Use
      different shades of tissue paper to change up the craft.
          This makes a fun craft for spring, use any color tissue paper to adjust for the season!

    Fortune Cookie Table Decoration

    You can guess your fortune with this felt fortune cookie decoration, but no peeking! This kids
    craft is a great table decoration for Chinese New Year or New Year's Day.

    What you'll need:

          Tan felt
          Yogurt lid (or similar size)
          Black marker
          Scissors
          Low-temp glue gun
          Thin strip white paper
          Black pen
          Water in a jar (in case of burns!)

    How to make it:

1.         Write a good fortune on the piece of paper with the pen. An example could be: You will
      find peace and happiness. (Note: Only the ends of the paper will
2.         Trace around lid on felt with black marker. Cut out.
3.         Fold felt in half and crease by pushing down with finger.
      Open felt.
4.         Put a continuous line of glue around the outside edge of the
      tan circle.
5.         Immediately lay the white strip of paper across the felt circle
      to one side of the crease, be sure to let the paper stick out on both
      ends. (see photo 1)
6.         Immediately fold the felt over and press with fingers until
      glue sets.
7.         Push the felt in the middle of the folded area (see photo 2) to
      make the felt puff up. Then add some glue in the middle where the felt will meet when
      pushed together.
8.         Push the ends toward each other and hold until glue sets.

    This can be a place marker with the scout’s name
A bigger one can be the centerpiece.

Egg Box Chinese Dragon Centerpiece
You will need:

2 Egg boxes
Colored paper
Tissue paper


Paint the egg boxes in brightly colored paint. When the paint is dry, cut out two of the
egg compartments from one of the boxes and glue these to the lid of the other egg
box the form the eyes (see the photo below).

Cut a mane, eyes, nose, mouth and other decorations from colored paper. Glue these
on to your dragon’s head.

Draw some scales on the tissue paper. Finally staple the tissue paper to the back of
the head to form the tail of your dragon.
    Paper Lantern

    A fun paper lantern to decorate your home for Chinese New Year. Make many lanterns of
    different colors or decorations and hang them around your home.

    What you'll need:

         Construction paper
         Scissors
         Tape
         Stapler
         Ruler
       Pencil
       Glue, glitter, sequins, if desired to decorate your lantern

    How to make it:

1.       Use your ruler to measure and cut one inch off the short end of your paper. Set aside to
    use as the handle.
2.       Fold your paper in half lengthwise.
3.       Draw a line one inch from the end of the long edge of the paper opposite the folded
    edge. This will be the line where you stop cutting.
4.       Measure and mark lines one inch apart starting at the folded edge and moving towards
    the "stop cutting" line. (see photo)
5.       Cut on the marked lines up to the "stop cutting" line.
6.       Unfold the paper.
7.       Re-crease the paper in the opposite direction. This will hide any pencil marks.
8.       Match the long edges together on the lantern and use tape to hold it in place.
9.       Staple the handle to the top of the lantern. (see photo)
10.      Make as many lanterns as you wish and display them around your home.
11.      If you wish, add glue, glitter, sequins or other things to decorate your lanterns.