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How to Act Around a Man? Here Are the Most Vital Skills Every Woman Out There Should Have


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									How to Act Around a Man? Here Are the Most Vital Skills Every Woman Out There Should

By Russell Jackson

Men always present a very conflicting picture of how they want a woman to behave with them.
Some men claim that they like women to be submissive while some men love handling over the
top, high maintenance alpha woman. Decoding this behavior code can get very complicated for
women and it can get very perplexing to not know how to behave in front of a man. Here are a
few tips to help you manage.

Be yourself
No matter what men say, they want to be with a woman who is real. If you are with a man who
doesn't, its time to look for another man. Don't let go of who you are to please a man or say
things that you don't or will never do. Give him the real deal at all times.

Don't try to impress
When you are with a man remember to keep yourself in the position of the prize. Don't try to
please the man; he is anyways impressed with you. Make him work hard to please you and get
your approval.

Don't agree with everything that he says
Have a mind of your own. You don't have to agree to everything that he says. Voice your
opinion, have intelligent discussions and argue if you have to in order to prove a point that you
believe in. Don't however get defensive or take offence to what he is saying. It's just a point of

Don't be too inquisitive
You must never be too inquisitive around a man. Ask him too many questions and you get
slotted in the snoopy category. You must especially refrain from asking him too many personal
questions. Why do you need to know how many girlfriends he has had when you have met him
only twice?

Don't be too uptight
Learn to be relaxed and playful around men. Being too uptight, opinionated or taking things
personally is not the right attitude, Have a sense of humor and learn to laugh off things that are
said in jest unless they are extremely offensive.

Don't look desperate
Never appear to be desperate for a relationship. Men can sense desperation from a mile away and
will avoid you completely if you seem like a relationship hunter. Be contented with your life and
look like you are out to have a god time around men.

Don't reveal too much information
Just like asking for too much information is bad, revealing too much about you too should be
avoided. You have to make a man work for his bread. Let him chase you and work hard to get
information regarding you and you will have him hooked.

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