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					college                  Campus        Department

                                       Computing and IT
College of West Anglia   Various       Aim Higher

                         Isle          Fashion

                         King's Lynn   Music





                                       Performing Arts


         Coaching Science Degree

Contact           Activity

James Whitehead   Would like to set up a project in schools
Rhiannon Harris   Meeting on 28th June

                  New course but will have catwalk show in 2009

John Lawrence     Gigs in schools and public concerts
                  Milton open/fun day 19th May, hospices come to see animals, horse riding
Stephanie Frost   lessons, revision sessions for pre vet exams,
                  Erasmus students from Germany mentored

Steve Clarke      Exhibitions in K/L art centre (opened by Mayor and free to public)

Margaret Waller   Exhibition on 11 June - free to public @ Isle College

Cameron Smith     Volunteering in schools/mentoring

Sadie Tibbett     Yr1 : Narrative Arts - Tour/performances around schools for assessment.
                  Yr2 : Research own idea of what community is, make a proposal for a
                  community piece. 2 Performances - 1.Storytelling : enacting to aid parents
                  on how to tell a story with feeling. Done in schools and library. 2.Social
                  Services : Acorn Centre, use general public as performance team. 'Wizard
                  of Acorn' 5 Performing arts students from Peterborough Regional College
                  are working with parents and staff at the Acorn Centre in Scalford Drive to
                  produce a Community Theatre production. Students write scripts.
                  May/Sem 2.
                  Yr3 1. Stilton Festival 50 students perform 2. LSC funded - office
                  engagement 3. Homeless/Aids Awareness - students act as trainers to
                  Also a group of 10 visual arts students have done small performances to
                  develop dramatic skills. Performance - Holocaust memorial event @ Key
                  Theatre in Jan. Festival in Nov/Dec. Musical theatre production in Feb.
                  Sem. 1 performance @ Christmas. Sem2 performance in April/May.
Paul Bloomfield   Yr1 placement e.g. local heritage Flag Fen (archaeological centre) public
                  Yr2 own placement e.g. school/community local history group and
                  archaeological academy = yr9 kids doing test pits w/ students help. Survey
                  of Nene Valley - liaise with local community groups to get them involved.
              Thorney - looking at Abbey in partnership with Earthworks. PRC & Thorney
              Society (25k funding for field work. Peterborough Regional College
              students recently helped in a project to uncover hidden secrets of
              Thorney’s past. The excavations, which are being paid for through a
              Heritage Lottery grant, were led by the Cambridgeshire Archaeological
              Field Unit and involved members of The Thorney Society, as well as
              College staff and students on degree and A level programmes with the
              community getting involved). In the future - to rebuild 17th Century Abbey

Ian Gummery   Two of our 1st Year students (Lewis Sparrow and Dan Seaman) are
              involved in coaching and support counselling at the local Southend Pupil
              Referral Unit.
              Here they work with young pupils who have been excluded from school for
              various reasons, supporting them to develop their learning skills and also
              coaching them in soccer and basketball respectively.
              The purpose of the unit is to assist young students of school age who have
              a variety of issues to resolve, to be re-integrated into mainstream
interviewed   Submission of info
Central Departments
University Library         Assistant Directors of Library Services

Student Union

Student Support Services   Cambridge Chaplaincy
Chelmsford Chaplaincy
                               Employer Mentoring Scheme

                               Sports Department

Community Development Office

Alumni                         Alumni Relations & Development Team

Central Marketing Services     Aim Higher

Digital Copy Services
Employment Bureau
Estates and Facilities
International Office

Office of Secretary and Clerk
Vice Chancellors Group
University Registry

Research & Development Services   East of England Hub

Human Resources                   Equality & Diversity

Campus Management
Margaret March (Chel)

Roddie Shepherd (Cam)

Esperanza Fernandez (Nigel Cooper)

Nigel Cooper
Adam Dinham (Nigel Cooper)

Ivor Moody
Katy Morris (Cam)
Jan Haldane (Chel)

Steve Dupree

Tara White

Sharon Wuyts

Nadiene Taylor
Jenny Webster

James Ringer

Caroline Shanahan

Brenda Joyce

Faith Marchal
Free, unmonitored access to what's on the shelves - including, for example
DVDs. A limited number of guest log-ins which give restricted access to
other digital resources.
Sports teams coach disadvantaged kids.
Bar is open to public in Cam Tues & Thurs & Chel every other Sat for
comedy nights and live music.
Cambridge City Council elections held in Uni; invited them to do Hustings
& invite in the community.
RAG - money to charity. (Leanne/Errin)
Theatre society.
Animal Action
SU Gym Cambridge available to alumni
Roots & Shoots has three strands:
 a.. community
 b.. environment
 c.. animal welfare
1. Students collect non-perishable food items for Jimmy's Night Shelter on
an ongoing basis and, by selling Soup on the Run, raise funds for
environmental and development charities.
2. They support local restaurants & work w/ staff to show them why to
recycle; help them work out the amount of money saved and signpost them
to better recycling opportunities and services. Web - and have worked with the
botanic Gardens on school visits.
In March 2007 Nigel ran a conference on Climate Change in Fenland that
attracted 80 people.
The Maltings in Ely was full for the ‘conversation’ on climate change
organised by the Diocesan Environmental Group with sponsorship from the
Environment Agency. Planned by the Revd. Nigel Cooper as an ‘antidote
to climate change conferences’, the day offered an enticing mix of up to
date scientific information from experts, predictions and visualisations, plus
the chance for participants to explore in discussion together some of the
economic and political questions influencing priorities for action. Those
attending represented a good cross section of local interest groups, with a
significant input from the churches.
Speakers from the Environment Agency, Anglian Water, the Middle Level
Commissioners, FWAG, EEDA, National Trust and Fens Tourism filled the
morning session with presentations on critical issues for the Eastern
region. If there were any sceptics to start with, few could have remained
by lunchtime. Predictions on climate change suggest that without action to
combat the current trends, temperatures will have risen by up to 8o Celsius
by 2080, winter rainfall will increase by up to 30% and summer rainfall will
have decreased. The sea level will rise by 7 metres. Coupled with the
planned population growth, and the increase in tourism because the
Continent will be unbearably hot, the need to manage the extra water
required for domestic and agricultural use will be dramatic. The Fens still
rely on the pumping stations for drainage, and the £35-38 million
replacement for the St Germans installation will be operational by 2009.
Farming, the traditional mainstay of the Fens, will be threatened by both

drought and floods, but will benefit from better yields and the chance to

diversify into new crops such as sunflowers, maize and grapes. Farm

emissions must be reduced and measures implemented to reduce the use

of nitrogen fertiliser. Wind turbines, and solar panels on farm buildings will

be widely used as energy centres for the community. The important

conservation work of the National Trust at Wicken Fen will also redress

some of the impacts of climate change. At EEDA the Climate Change

Partnership is engaged in strategic planning. By good stewardship

everyone can take personal energy saving measures to conserve

resources as demonstrated by the Energy Saving Trust.
Nigel also networks with faith communities in the city and wider. He is a
member of three clergy networks, of East of England Faiths Forum and of
Cambridgeshire SACRE. Through the associate chaplains he has direct
contact with several different churches and also Muslims and an interfaith
minister with responsibility for Hindus and Sikhs. Through the Deans and
Chaplains group he also has contact with Jewish and Hindu communities.
Adam runs FaithNetEast - an information and learning hub for faith
communities in the East of England. FaithNetEast provides training for, for
example, faith groups working with immigrant workers, asylum seekers and
unemployed people.
Mission Croatia is in its eleventh year. Last year 32 staff and students from
our University spent two weeks renovating accommodation in
hospitals/care homes.
Fully subscribed Cambridge and Chelmsford - where '3 of the mentors are
Mentors are recruited from the public sector, charities, business and
Students' volunteers at Enter: International Festival and conference for
Fun Technology Art
NewRun held in May 25-29 April 2007.

Little Havens Children's Hospice Bike Ride on May 13th '07

Students as Mentors: Cambridge. The scheme is now in its sixth
successful year and involves current undergraduate students engaging in
face to face mentoring with Yr9 pupils in local schools. This scheme is
voluntary and mentors aims are to increase awareness, raise aspiration
and improve attainment of their mentee.

Local community groups use rooms within the university free through the
Student & staff volunteering within the community through the CDO.
Event organising for organisations raising money for or awareness of an
A charity jazz concert is taking place in the Cramphorn Theatre on Friday
17th November in aid of the Music Therapy Appeal.
A proposal outlining the future direction of Music Therapy fundraising is
being put together for presentation at the Anglia Trust meeting during
The Weather Lottery, which supports Music Therapy, will be re-launched to
staff, students & alumni during March/April.
Working with Craig Lancton & 2 art alumni, the team are looking to put on
an alumni/past staff art exhibition in the gallery in 2008. Called Mindspace
the theme would be the influences of tutors on their students' work. 17
alumni & 11 tutors are already signed up and the date is tbc. It is
envisioned that this will be the first of a bi- or tri-annual series of alumni
Aim Higher Central Essex was launched in Sept '06 to target yr 11
students who take part in a day of activity focussing on University life.
Parents are invited for part of the day and are briefed on finance and have
the opportunity to ask questions.
"Professor Fluffy" project. This project is part of the National Aimhigher
Project designed to raise awareness in Yr6 students, and to demystify
university for them. Students engage in interactive activities such as
Professors Fluffy's very own website and comic book, and take part in
visits to both FEC's and HEI's.
Looked After Children. This project works in conjunction with Essex County
Council and is aimed at encouraging children in care to remain in
education/re-enter the education system and progress to level 3 by
encouraging students to obtain 1 GCSE at grade A-C.

Students as Mentors: Essex. The scheme is now in its sixth successful
year and involves current undergraduate students engaging in face to face
mentoring with Yr9 pupils in local schools. This scheme is voluntary and
mentors aims are to increase awareness, raise aspiration and improve
attainment of their mentee.
YPiHE. The Young People into Higher Education project has been running
since 1999. Anglia Ruskin is involved in 15 of the 21 schemes operating in
the East of England. It starts with students in Yr8 experiencing a 3day
event; 2 days at a FEC, 1 at a HEI. Student's parents are encouraged to
attend the 3rd day at the HEI. The students have repeat visits to FEC's
and HEI's in yrs 9-11.The aims of the scheme are to raise awareness of
the post 16 educational options available when participants leave school.

Aimhigher Campus Visits. A range of services to schools and colleges
including on Campus Visits. These are either one (1) or two (2) day events,
but can be tailored to suit. We offer these programmes as generic "Uni Life
taster" sessions, or as subject specific events.

HE Summer Schools for students in yrs 10, 11 and 12 since 2001. We
offer both residential and non-residential visits and SS range from 2-3
Development of a Student Ambassador scheme

Looked after children (LAC) ICT project in 3rd year.

Uni funded. Level 3 students in schools. James gives talks to kids about
HE. Student Ambassadors give life talks - they work with marketing on lots
of other events inc. Aim Higher. James does subject specific days and
generic info days where kids come on campus.

 Links with the Billericay Rotary Club. They host some of international
students for the weekend.
Equality Scheme - e.g. links with CECF & ProAct promoting on website &
talk to them regarding issues that come up at ARU.
Momentum Arts - ARU Arts Council
Faith sits on the CCC steering group BME scheme.
ARU Essex Equality Diversity Network.
Hate Crime Panel - Essex. Frankie Whiffen sits on this.
Employer forums -
Uni provide space for various events - LGB, BME
ARU Travel Management Plan. This was created to ease the pressure
that the university puts on the local environment including car shares,
walking, public transport, cycling, etc.
     campus   Department
              Music and Performing Arts
ALSS   Art and Design
English, Communication, Film and Media

Languages and Intercultural Communication
                 Humanities and Social Science

                 Anglia Law School

                 Computing (Cam and Chel)
Science & Tech   Design and Technology
                 Forensic Science and Chemistry
                 Life Sciences
Optometry and Ophthalmic Dispensing


Primary Care, Public Health and Social Policy (Chel and
Health & Social Care Social Work and Social care (Chel and cam)
                     Placement Development and Support

                     Human Resource Management and Marketing

                     Accounting and Information Systems

                     International Business and Strategy

Programme                   Contact

Music                       Alan Rochford

Drama                       Alex Byrne

Creative Music Technology   Julio D'Escrivan

Music Therapy               Helen Loth

                            Helen Odel-Miller

                            Helen Loth
                  Sharon Wuyts

Mumford Theatre   Richard Purkiss

School of Art     Paul Marris


                  Douglas Jeal
                                Craig Lancton

Film     Studies,       English, Sarah Barrow
Communication, Film & Media

                                Trish Sheil

English / Writing               Katy Price

EFL Enterprise                  Sarah Schechter
English Language Teaching to Mary O'leary

Philosophy                    Tristan Moyles

Public Service                Emma Brett

                              Julian Luttrell
                              Dave Hughes
Sport Science                 Dan Gordon
Life Sciences                   Francine Hughes

Fellow Higher Education Academy John Siderov

                                Rupal Lovell-Patel

Psychology                      Eamon Strain

Social Policy                   Adam Dinham
                         Stephen Moore

International Business   Robert Jones

                         Richard Howarth
Activity                                                                      interviewed   Submission of info

Lunchtime concerts free to the public during semester time only. Usually
150 - 200 a time and students have to attend. They have visiting
professional musicians and occasional student ensembles. Funded by
ARU arts council £5000 & match funded by the music department.
Professional performers come and perform under fee or as a favour.
Sometimes they stay on in the afternoon and give an afternoon workshop
for staff and students.
Evening concerts are student orientated and take place at West Rd (Cam
Music Festival in June where the students have 4/5 concerts a day for a
week - student exams but a public recital.
Cam Music Festival (every 3 yrs) is a very high profile event. Last one Nov
'06. Alan is on the Board of Directors & ARU sponsors the event.
Also doing public courses sponsored by Apple Computers. Run music
publishing services at
Education Module - where students go into schools. Enterprise in Creative
Arts with placements in 3rd yr inc. arts, education, Britain Symphony.
NIE @ The Junction in Cambridge. The project brings together theatre
artists from different countries who want to explore the possibilities and
conflicts of working in a blend of languages, styles and cultural
Development of teaching materials for blind/partially sighted students in

partnership with RNIB.
A project between a local charity, Cambridge Mencap, and local families
who have a pre-school child with a learning disability. This is two music
therapy groups and it is a joint partnership in terms of development and
making joint funding bids. This has also lead to contacts with other local
groups such as the Portrage Service, which could lead to more
engagement with the Clinic, and for students as part of their training.
The Music Therapy Clinic has been awarded funds by CCC's Kick Start
Fund to run a 9 month music therapy project in partnership with
WinterComfort For the Homeless. A qualified music therapist will provide
weekly music group workshops to help build motivation and self-
confidence amongst participants. Workshops will include active music-
making using a variety of accessible instruments and approaches, which
have been shown to be helpful in developing communication and social
skills, and facilitate insight into personal difficulties.

There are a number of examples of projects within the community run
through the clinic, and it also functions as a community resource.
The Clinic offers anyone in the community access to music therapy for
them or their children/other family members. So people ring up, the clinic
talk to them about their needs, make recommendations and find them an
appropriate therapist to see in the Clinic.
A charity jazz concert is taking place in the Cramphorn Theatre on Friday

17th November in aid of the Music Therapy Appeal.
A proposal outlining the future direction of Music Therapy fundraising is

being put together for presentation at the Anglia Trust meeting during

The Weather Lottery, which supports Music Therapy, will be re-launched to

staff, students & alumni during March/April.
The theatre's programme reflects the University's inclusiveness and
diversity. Productions are chosen to appeal to different segments of the
• Professional touring companies
   - some 'bankers' like Hull Truck's Bouncers
   - some that won't sell out like What I Heard About Iraq
 • Very well - supported local amateur companies. Bodywork's West Side
Story attracted 2000 people - family, friends and supporters from the wider
community - in its ten days' run.
 • Student work
 • Music - regular lunchtime concerts
 • Occasional lecturers
 • Public meetings
Ruskin Gallery 2x yr leaflets announcing exhibitions.
Future project to work with Cambridge Open Studios to allow them to use
studios in the summer when the gallery lies empty.
2008 Summer schools in art for adults - income generation.
Cambridge City Council Partnership to find premises for off site projects for
Fine Art Degree students. Open to public
Photography - puts on exhibitions at Addenbrookes Hospital in April (2nd
Graphic design student won award by mayor for community art project
logo. (leaflet)
 All 3rd yr School of Art Students have a show in London.

Douglas Jeal's partnership with the Institute of Astronomy for an annual
public exhibition of site-specific sculpture.
Partnership with Arts Council East to fund 'Enter'_ to hold public
networking events about new technologies and act as a venue for
performances as part of the Enter_ Unknown Territories festival.
Hoardings project and Public Art project over 8 years with Ashwell Property
Company to help engage the wider community with a large development
project being initiated in the city centre.
Alumni working with Craig Lancton & 2 art alumni, the team are looking to
put on an alumni/past staff art exhibition in the gallery in 2008. Called
Mindspace the theme would be the influences of tutors on their students'
work. 17 alumni & 11 tutors are already signed up and the date is tbc. It is
envisioned that this will be the first of a bi- or tri-annual series of alumni
ARU as a founding partner of the Cambridgeshire Film Consortium.
Together with other local education providers (Long Road Sixth Form
College, Longsands College in St Neots, and Parkside Community
College), as well as with Screen East, City Screen and the Cambridge Film
Festival, ensure that a wide range of film education activities are set up for
those who enjoy film throughout the county. Activities include workshops
for children, evening courses for adults, screenings, study days and talks
for schools and colleges, work experience opportunities, resource packs,
Closely involved in a Heritage Lottery funded project (£45k, administered
via ALSS) bringing together primary school children and residents of care
homes in 3 Cambridgeshire villages via reminiscence work on film/cinema
and the Home Front of WW2. The Education Officer who co-ordinates all
these activities is employed by Anglia Ruskin and the education assistant
is a former Anglia graduate of Film and Creative Music Technology who
also worked as Sound Designer on part 2 of the Lottery project above.
Involved in the Cambridge Film Festival, with Anglia students working as
volunteers in administration, design, hospitality, research, journalism, or as
participants on workshops that also include students from local schools.
One or two each year work as interns for a longer period (Jan-July) and
have had the chance to go to Berlin or Cannes Film Festival.
Via the Consortium, staff participate in curation of film seasons and events,
design and delivery of courses, introduction of screenings etc which
provides additional opportunities for networking, raising Anglia's profile,
and enhancing the activities for the local community. Staff and student film
work is regularly screened either at end of year events or as part of the
Cambridge Film Festival (competitive selection). Next year, we will be
working together on a range of Film and Environment projects (screenings,
workshops, competitions, etc) that will involve politicians (UK and US),
activists, film-makers, relevant companies e.g. from the Science Park,
NGOs (local, national and international), and local community groups and
individuals. The Film Consortium set-up is recognised as a model of good
practice throughout the country.
With the help of the University Arts Council, Katy has organised a number
of Writing/Poetry events, both on campus and in local pubs, which involve
poetry, music, and performance and which are open both to students and
members of the public.
DID' NHS English for Doctors & Nurses.
Comenius Centre has 8 centres in Eastern region & based @ ARU. Centre
puts on various events for Key Stage 2&3/FE/HE students to stimulate,
promote & enhance languages. Teacher upskilling/ methodology
Languages classes for businesses who need to work with companies
abroad - ACRE / RLN & match funded.
Sarah wearing her ARU hat is on the board for 'PAL' which gave 100
unemployed people over 2 years free part-time study to help them back
into education and then into employment.. The PAL project is funded by
the Higher Education European Social Fund (HEESF)
English for Refugees are free lessons given by our Certificate in English
Language Teaching to Adullts(CELTA) trainees to local refugees.
Partnership with the Refugee Centre and Social Services to find the
students and our trainees work out the syllabus and teach the students.
This was short listed in 2005 for a British Council Award in 2005. Originally
funded by ARU Active Communities Fund
 Project - Imbedding Innovation in small/medium enterprises. 3 workshops
 over 3 sessions, 2 days each. ESF funded in partnership w/ Lancaster &
  Salford UNI's who will compare methodology - what did & did not work at
 end. Workshops started 1st June, next session 15/16 June. 15 candidates
  have enrolled from small businesses who are often isolated. Workshops
  assess where they are & where they want to be - business planning. See
                               also Robert Jones
50 hrs with disadvantaged / hard to reach groups. Students placements in
police, fire service, council housing unit, Go East, St John's Ambulance,
Essex Ambulance, Essex Council, Met police.
 Employers engagement forum - various bodies sit on the forum and
consult on how the degree should be taught in the changing environment.
Riot training with police.
Networking event in Sept. for all public service ppl - David Skinner.

Science week
Science week
Science week
During Science week the team offered hands on activities.
Funded £130,000 from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to monitor and
evaluate landscape-scale habitat creation projects in the Fens.
The project, in partnership with The National Trust and The Wildlife Trust,
also involves the Environment Agency and the Natural Environment
Research Council Centre for Ecology and Hydrology at Monks Wood, will
see the creation of a new Project Officer post to carry out monitoring of
both hydrological and biological parameters at two new habitat creation
projects. 1. The National Trust's Wicken Fen Vision project aims to create
3,700 hectares of wetland and other habitats between Wicken Fen
National Nature Reserve and the northern edge of the City of Cambridge
2. The Great Fen Project is a partnership between the Environment
Agency, English Nature, Huntingdonshire DC, and The Wildlife Trust
developed to create a 3,700 hectares of wetland between and around
Woodwalton Fen National Nature Reserve and Holme Fen National Nature
Reserve in Huntingdonshire (

Involved in Science week. To find out more

Working with Sancton Wood school partnership. Holme Court - specialist
school. A knowledge transfer partnership to develop an easy to use
assessment kit for teachers @ HC who are a school for kids who have
Dyslexia. Dyslexia diagnosis has different types and no clear definition.
This research will allow teachers to get more detail of condition e.g.
whether they have ADHD or dispraxia and enable them to tailor help to
their needs. Funding - DTI / ESOC / School (1/3 each) Starts July 07.
Science week

Adam runs FaithNetEast - an information and learning hub for faith
communities in the East of England. FaithNetEast provides training for, for
example, faith groups working with immigrant workers, asylum seekers and
unemployed people.
Dealing with Street Life People in Cambridge: punitive & welfare
responses. This research explores the conflicting responses to street
people from the different agencies and community "players". The research
is indicating that legislation intended to deal with the "problem" is filtered by
these agencies and players, as well as the responses from the street
people themselves producing variable outcomes.

 "EMBEDDING INNOVATION" sessions to an audience of SME owner-
managers and funded by the ESF (in collaboration with University of
Salford and Lancaster University). Working with Tristan Moyles canvassed
local enterprises for their views when redesigning the MBA programme
ahead of reformulation and validation.
 As part of the "FAST FORWARD" enterprise network, we had 3 guest
speakers and one visit in semester. See details attached. Local business
people take part in the FAST FORWARD activities. PP slide overview of
FAST FORWARD will follow.
Our team did well in the UBC in February to reach the semi-finals at
Proctor & Gamble in Weybridge. See note attached. PP slide will follow.
The Suffolk County Council DMS cohort have just completed E&I module
at their Ipswich HQ. These local government managers are engaged in
radical change processes within SCC.
MBA graduate, John Wroe, runs an enterprise called "Momentum Arts" in
TASTER DAYS for 6th former groups at Anglia Ruskin.
Submission of info
     campus             Department

                        Education Studies
  Education Studies     Initial Professional Studies
                        Continuing Professional Studies

                        Computing (Chel and Cam)
   Science & Tech       Design and Technology
                        Built Environment
                        Nigel Powell

                        Acute Care
 Health & Social Care   Long Term conditions and Older people
                        Primary Care and Public Health
                        Social Work and Social care (Chel and cam)
                        Mental Health and Learning Disability
                        Child Youth and Family Studies
                        Placement Development and Support
                        Advanced Practice and Research
                        Allied Health and Counselling

                        Human Resource Management and Marketing
        AIBS            Accounting and Information Systems
                        International Business and Strategy
       Anglia Law School

Programme                Contact

Complimentary Medicine   Kate Tenbeth

Social Enterprise        Andy Brady
Business   Robert Jones

           Kathy Quinlan

           (Lindsey Squire)

Active Families Event on 15th July. ARU working w/ various partners inc. NACRO,
Community Sports Project, Chelmer Housing Partnership, Mid Essex PCT, Police,
ECC Connexions, Chelm CVS. Working w/ Melbourne area on an activity day for
young people. ARU role - complimentary therapy massages on day, £100 donation,
Ruth Moody Sex Ed.
Working with Chelmsford Youth Festival at Central park in August

Working at Chelmsford Race for Life. Faculty sponsoring and giving free massages
and reflexology to runners.

WISE (Working in Social Enterprise) was an ESF funded project delivering NVQ
level 4 equivalent business management training to leaders in organisations looking
to strengthen their skills and develop additional income streams, and to individuals in
communities wishing to develop new social enterprise ideas.
Developing Skills involves delivery, to the same audience, of shorter training
programmes in specific field such as marketing, finance, business planning and the
Both programmes have attracted significant numbers of students who had previously
either never attended university, or never studied business management. They have
been delivered either at participants' workplaces or in community venues.
Strategic partnership work in Essex with voluntary and community sector groups

including Voluntary Sector Training (VST) and Workskills Essex (WSE). The

university launched a sub-regional social enterprise network (now run by WSE) and

is leading, with its partners, on Investing in Communities projects for the VCS in all 3

of Essex's sub-regional economic partnerships.
Regional consultancy and infrastructure building with Social Enterprise East of
England, the region's network for social and community enterprise. Work has
included research into knowledge management issues for the network, and the
development of a marketing strategy that will deliver value to its member
 EEDA's "Running the Gauntlet" 2007 competition is underway. Anglia Ruskin

Chelmsford is one of 3 university campuses hosting the R-T-G

boot camps in June and July. The competition is for SME owner-managers looking to

develop innovation within their enterprises.
Contributing to VOYAGE, an ESF-funded programme aimed at start-up and early

stage entrepreneurs and also large organisation employees who are responsible for

change within their organisations. The first session is 12 June at Chelmsford.

The concept underlying Streetlaw is to use the skills and knowledge of our
undergraduates to develop the legal knowledge and understanding of students in
schools. Streetlaw at Anglia Ruskin has now been operating for one year. The work
with the schools is carried out solely by the students but they are co-ordinated by and
supported by a senior member of academic staff. In doing this not only to the school
students benefit but our students also develop their own knowledge and skills ,
particularly team working and presentational skills.
There are no particular limits upon the type of project which will be undertaken in the
school as one of the prime aims of the initiative is to respond to the needs of schools.
To date the work has included talking to school students about life as a law
undergraduate and legal advice about specific areas of law affecting the school
students (eg employment law). The largest project involved working with a primary
school which was campaigning to introduce traffic restrictions on the dangerous road
outside the school. As part of this campaign, our students wrote and organised a
mock trial set in the context of the school and the dangers of the road. Our students
worked with the school students over a period of time, preparing the school students
so that they were able to enact the trial- all parts being taken by the primary school
The trial itself was performed at the school, with a large audience including the
school governors and a video-recording was made to enable the trial to be used for
campaigning purposes. The unusual nature of this led to an item on local radio
highlighting the dangers of the road and the need for action.
interviewed   Submission of info