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					                     ARE YOU A BOGAN?                                         Answer 'y'
                                                                                or 'n'
1. Would you walk down the shop in PJs and moccasins?                             y
2. Have you ever bought anything at the Salvo Shop?
3. Would you eat your fish and chips with your fingers?
4. Do you regularly drink Jim Beam or Bundy?
5. Do you only use low cost airlines?
6. Would you shop in cheap as chips?
7. Have you ever used an outside toilet?
8. Have you ever owned a datsun, an old monaro or XF ford?
9. Do you have beer after your meal?
10. Do you play darts?
11. Do you ever eat your meal on your lap in front of the TV?
12. Have you or your partner ever worn a black bra under a white shirt?
13. Have you ever owned a Adidas trackpants?
14. Have you ever stood in your front garden and drank a can of beer?
15. Would you swig out of a bottle?
16. Ever you ever lived in a council house?
17. Do you cut the paper up when you've run out of loo roll?
18. Do you have a pair of good going out thongs that you wear down the pub?
19. Would you leave the house without having a wash?
20. Have you ever had a mullet, rats tail or a perm?
21. Do you read picture magazine?
22. Have you ever brought a watch worth more than $200?
23. Do you have take-away more than 3 times per week?
24. Is the majority of your shopping convenience food?
25. Have you ever owned a shopping trolley?
26. Do you know a Wayne or Tracy?
27. Have you ever been to the theatre?
28. Would you consider naming one of your children Shaniqa or Dwayne?
29. Ever you ever spent more than $6 on a bottle of wine?
30. Do you wear runners other than for working out?

total questions asked                                                             1

total posh                                                                        1

ratio                                                                             1

percentage                                                                       100

                   You Beauty! You are 100% Bogan!!

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