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                        Maintenance/Custodial Planning Team
The entire Maintenance/Custodial staff reviewed the written Maintenance/Custodial plan at the in-
service dinner on June 26, 2008. The only changes or additions recommended were updates of staff
and inventory.

                               Maintenance/Custodial Staff
       Huntsville School District Maintenance Staff/Custodial Staff:

       Primary              Middle School               High School          Gym/Fieldhouse
       J.B. Canion          Raymond Griffith            Jerry Daehn          Marty Thurman
       Larry Luallen        Ronnie Watkins              Don Herring          Larry Carpenter
       Gary Faulkner        Cheryl Kacmarcik            Wanda Herring
       Tobe Bohannan        Jeff Reeves                 Johnny Watkins
       Ted Brumley                                      Shawn Watkins
       Hazel Brumbley                                   Cody Thomas
       Caroll Fultz                                     Dale Dennis
                                                        Mike Keck

       Intermediate         Administration             Saint Paul       Transportation
       Randy Watkins        LaDonna Keck               Ethel McComas    Robert Cozad
       Joyce Scates                                    Joan Smith
       Lee Holt                                        Russell Woodward District Technician
       Donnie Scates                                                    Charles Coger
       Ed Copenhaver

                Overview of the Maintenance/Custodial Program

The maintenance and custodial staff of the Huntsville School District maintain 419,870 sq. ft. of floor
space and 71.21 acres of grounds.

During the summer of the 98/99 school year, an overall maintenance/custodial plan was initiated.
The Maintenance/Custodial planning team evaluates the plan each year to suggest needed changes.

Annexation of Saint Paul School and additional building plans in the near future may require a
restructuring of the total program.

The overall goal of the maintenance/custodial program in the Huntsville School District is to produce
an attractive, clean, safe environment for the entire staff and student body of the Huntsville School
                    Goals of the Maintenance/Custodial Program
1.  Standardize products and equipment district wide.
2.  Reduce product cost with measurement control systems.
3.  Create a safer working environment and stay in compliance with OCEA guidelines.
4.  Provide better training and in-service programs for every maintenance/custodial employee we hire
    through a bi-annual inservice training program .
5. Simplify the ordering process and keep the inventory down.
6. Establish an equipment work order and overall reactive and preventative maintenance
7. Eliminate all equipment that is out of date, broken, or will never be used again.
8. Develop a building and grounds inspection report form which will be used as needed in a walk
    around visit to all schools by the assistant superintendent .
9. Build an inventory of need everyday equipment on each campus, such as basic hand tools, push
    lawnmowers, weed eaters, etc.
10. Define each persons areas of responsibilites that work within the maintenance/custodial program.
11. The overall goal of the Maintenance/Custodial program in the Huntsville School District is to
    produce an attractive, clean, and safe enviroment for the entire staff and student body of the
    Huntsville School District.

                 Central Office Areas of Responsibility Related to
                      Maintenance/Custodial Program in the Huntsville School District
     1. Inspect all buildings and grounds as needed and prepare a list for each school of the
         supervisor’s recommendations of maintenance/custodial issues that need to be addressed on
         each campus.
     2. Walk through the supervisor’s list of recommendations with the principal. Also on this day,
         meet with daytime custodians and order supplies for the month for each school.
     3. Go see all night custodians as needed. Follow up on any needs they may have which relate to
         Central Office responsibilities. As needed check all maintenance/custodial equipment on each
     4. Set up, monitor, and communicate with a company to service and repair all
         maintenance/custodial equipment.
     5. Keep accurate inventory record of all maintenance/custodial equipment.
     6. Plan and conduct a custodial and maintenance in-service for all employees two times per year.
     7. Be in charge of utilizing the bidding process on all building projects, renovations, and/or
         purchasing of supplies and equipment, and deal with companies and contractors.
     8. Initiate, supervise and follow up on yearly inspections that take place at each school over the
         course of a school year: gas line checks, hot water heater inspections, health inspector visits,
         OSHA visits, safety audits, fire extinguisher inspections, etc.
     9. Update building and equipment insurance coverage each year.
     10. Meet at the end of each school year with the Maintenance/Custodial Planning Team to update
         and revise the Maintenance/Custodial written program for the next year.
     11. Provide in-service training for all new maintenance/custodial employees as required by the
         Academic Facilities Division.
     12. Monitor and appropriately spend the overall maintenance/custodial budget .
                   Request for Maintenance/Custodial Service
The Huntsville School District utilizes a web-based program called School for all reactive
and preventative work order procedures. All 357 employees have access to the system through a
work order link on our Huntsville School District Web Page.

        Maintenance/Custodial Building and Grounds Inspection Report

High School___      Middle School___    Intermediate___       Primary___ Gym___        Bus Shop__

Date_______________         Time___________

                    Areas Checked                                    Results
                                                      Satisfactory         Needs Improvement

Restrooms           _____                             _____               _____
Classrooms          _____                             _____               _____
Offices             _____                             _____               _____
Hallways            _____                             _____               _____
Supply Closets      _____                             _____               _____
Equipment           _____                             _____               _____
Grounds             _____                             _____               _____
Garage Floor        _____                             _____               _____

Supervisor recommendations:


All maintenance/custodial personnel hired in the Huntsville School District beginning at the start of the
99/2000 school year will go through an in-service training program. Components of the program will

1.  Key orientation to all facilities.
2.  Tour of all facilities.
3.  Explanation on equipment and supplies.
4.  Explanation on maintenance of equipment and supplies.
5.  Explanation on ordering of equipment and supplies.
6.  Explanation on work order report forms for broken equipment.
7.  A series of tapes from the Buckeye Honors School and University custodial programs which
    include all aspects of cleaning with product and equipment usage.
8. Go through written maintenance/custodial plan.
9. Time sheet explanation.
10. Abestos Awareness Orientation and video.
11. Environmental Health & Safety OSHA Requirements explanation and video.
12. Introduce to district treasurer for explanation of salary and benefits.
13. A meeting with the representative from DATEK custodial service provider.
14. A meeting with the assistant superintendent for an overview and explanation of goals of the total
15. A monthly visit with all employees by the assistant superintendent and a representative from the
    custodial service provider.
16. Two in-service training sessions per year will be conducted for all maintenance/custodial

                                 CUSTODIAL EQUIPMENT

An equipment needs assessment was conducted during the 98/99 school year of all custodial
equipment in the district. The following equipment is in place and being used at the respective
Primary                     Middle School                     High School          Gym/Fieldhouse

Viper Vacuum Cleaner        300 Scrubber                       1-Sharp Vacuums      300 DS Scrubber
Supersuction Colt Pickup    2-Electrolux Upright Vacuum        Carpet Machine       1 Buffer (H Speed)
Speed Scrubber              Dirt Devil Vacuum                  Propane Burnisher    1 Buffer (L speed)
Propane Burnisher           Sm Carpet Cleaner                  2 Autoscrubber       Shop Vac
Speed Scrub/pickup          2-Shop Vacuums                     1-20” Burnishers     2 Vacuum Cleaners
Mustang Buffers             Scrubber/Pickup                    Propane Burnisher    1 pickup machine
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner       1-Buffer                           2 Battery Charger    1 Tennant buffer
Auto Scrubber               Supersuction Colt Pickup           Hoover Vacuum
Panasonic Vacuum            Tenant Auto Scubber                3 Box Fan
Baracuda Stripper           Panasonic Vaccum                   Hand Vacuum
Intermediate              Hoover Wind Tunnel Vaccum          Wet Vacuum
Propane Burnisher         Scrubber 5300                      Scrubber
Mustang Buffer                                               Tenant Viper Vaccum
Auto Scrubber                                                Carpet Fan
Panasonic Vacuum                                             5400 Scrubber
Sidewinder buffer
Viper Vacuum
2 Tenant scrubber/ pickup
Eagle 21 propane burnisher

At this time the custodial staff is adequately equipped.

              Maintenance Dept. tool inventory exceeding $50

   1- Skil 14 volt cordless drill
   1- Miketa hammer drill
   1-60” Bush Hog ZT25 gas mower          1-FS85 Stihl trimmer
   1- hand pole pruner

   1-8ft fiberglass stepladder
   1- 6ft aluminum stepladder
   1- 6cf wheel-barrow
       1- Dewalt ½” cordless H- drill
       1- 8ft fiberglass stepladder
       1- 60” Exmark ZTR mower

       1- Dewalt ½” cordless H-drill
       1- Dewalt ½” cordless drill
       1- 8ft fiberglass stepladder
       1- 6ft fiberglass stepladder
       1- 20ft aluminum ext. ladder

      1- ½” Dewalt cordless H-drill
      1-8ft fiberglass stepladder
      1-60” Grasshopper 928D mower
           High School
   1-   Dewalt ½” cordless H- drill
   1-   Hitachi 3/8” drill
   1-   60” Bush Hog ZT25 mower
   1-   BG 65 Stihl blower
   1-   16ft Little Giant ladder
   1-   FS85RX Stihl trimmer
   1-   10ft fiberglass step-ladder
   1-   8ft fiberglass step-ladder
   1-   6ft fiberglass step-ladder

           Maintenance Shop
1-3600 Ford tractor w/loader
1- 24ft aluminum ext. ladder
1- 5ft blade Grasshopper

1- FS85 Stihl trimmer
1- Little Wonder power vac 6hp
1- 1hp Craftsman bench grinder
1- Sears 4 ½” band saw
1- Milwuakee 12” chop saw
1- Dewalt 14” chop saw
1- Miller 150 amp AC/DC welder
1- Wed-pak Lincoln wire welder
2- 6 cf Wheel- barrow
1- wood lathe
1- Joiner plane
1- ½” Rockwell floor drill press
1- Westward 60 gal air compressor
1- pto seeder
1- Dewalt router
1- Dewalt 12” miter saw
1- Sears 10” table saw
1- Acetylene torch set
1- SH65 Stihl blower
1- FS86 Stihl trimmer
1- 14gal, 12 volt Fimco sprayer
1- 36” aluminum pipe wrench
1- S hook tool
1- Troy-Built pressure washer
1- ½” socket set
1- Skil jig saw
1- 7 ¼ “ Skil saw
1- Wagner 110 volt paint sprayer
1- David White level & tripod
1- Milwuakee heat gun
1- Milwuakee saw-z-all
 1- Bosch ½” 110 volt H-drill
 1- Porter Cable 3x21 belt sander
 1- Shihl 009 chain saw
 1- pipe cutter & dies
 1- 1/6 hp Ace sump pump
 John Deere 25A flail mower
 1- MF20 Massey Fergerson tractor
 1-55gal Fimco sprayer (not usable)
 1- 16ft tandem trailer
 1- Bostitch 16 ga finish nailer
 1- 21” Poulan highwheel mower
 7” Dewalt hand grinder
 1- Four Gas Air meter
 1- 18 volt cordless circular saw
 1- EZ Rooter ER4W398
 1-FS85R Stihl trimmer

 1- 100,000 BTU Reddy Heater
 1- Bench grinder
 1- 6ft aluminium step-ladder
 1- ½” Dewalt 14.4 volt H-drill
 1- 24ft aluminum ext. ladder
 1- 32ft aluminum ext. ladder
 1- 31/2hp Sanborn air compressor
 1- 55-56 Hesston tractor & loader
 1- 6cf wheel-barrow
 1- 16ft tandem Ark City trailer
 1- 60” Hustler mower
 1- 3 point tractor mounted cultivator
  1- Bosh ½” hammer drill
  1- Stihl BG55 Blower

 1- 60” Zipper TS20 mower
                             MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES

There is a maintenance man assigned to each school in the Huntsville School District. His primary
responsibility is the campus he is assigned to. He may be asked to work other places throughtout the
school year if a need arises, such as graduations, storm damage to another campus, etc.

You answer directly to the principal of the school you are assigned to. Any and all purchases must
first be approved by that principal.

On every school campus a space has evolved over the years where maintenance equipment is kept.
There is also a District Maintenance Shop located on the Middle School campus.

Each school needs to build up an inventory of needed everyday equipment, such as basic hand tools,
push lawnmowers, weed eaters, etc. Larger tools such as table saws, chain saws and welders, are
stored at the District Maintenance Shop. Whenever you use any of the District equipment, take it
back to the shop when you are finished with it.

All maintenance men in the Huntsville School District are utilized to maintain the school grounds, and
the mechanical trades of plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work. We try to maintain everything in
house that we can. Outside companies are only called when necessary.

During the 2004-2005 school year the Huntsville School Board implemented a maintenance foreman
position. Job responsibilites include:

   1.     Serve as the maintenance man at the Intermediate School.
   2.     Carry cell phone daily to serve as contact person for any maintenance related emergencies
          that may occur anywhere in the District.
   3.     Pick up and distribute all reactive and preventative maintenance work orders. Monitor
          through the completion process.
   4.     Check all nightlights in the District one night every month.
   5.     Stay late after school or on weekends with plumbers, electricians, etc. while they are
          working in the District.
   6.     Check buildings over extended holidays for frozen pipes, graffiti, etc.
   7.     Clean school grounds and sidewalks of snow/ice on weekends when necessary.
   8.     Serve as a runner for parts and equipment as needed from the surrounding area vendors.
   9.     Keep inventory of all maintenance equipment.
   10.    Serve as contact person for yearly inspections: pressurized gas line checks, hot water
          heater inspections, health inspector visits, OSHA visits, safety audits, asbestos inspections,
          fire extinguisher inspections, etc.
   11.    Maintain the District Maintenance Shop with appropriate supplies and keep organized and
   12.    Build up an inventory of maintenance catalogs, websites, etc. for price comparisons and
          needed equipment.
   13.    Be on call for any/all night emergencies maintenance related that might occur in the School
   14.    Serve as a trainer for all new maintenance employees.
   15.    Any other school related maintenance work assigned by the superintendent.

The maintenance/custodial program in the Huntsville School District is on its way up and it will
continue to gain momentum with support from the Board of Education and the attention it is now

The budget of expenditures for the 2007/20008 school year was $1,816,420.48. This figure meets
the required 9% expenditure of state equalization aide required by every school in the state on M/O
expenditures by the Academic Facilites Division.

Currently 33 maintenance/custodial employees maintain 419, 870 sq. ft. of floor space and 71.21
acres of school grounds.

Maintenance/custodial expenditures ranks second in the operation of the Huntsville School District
with the greatest budget expenditure being salaries.