Seasonal Flu and Pandemic Influenza

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					                                                What is the state doing?
   What should I be doing?
To prepare at home:
   Stay up to date on all immunizations,
                                                    Kansas has a plan for
                                                responding to pandemic influenza.

                                                                                       Kansas Department of Health & Environment, Roderick L. Bremby, Secretary
      especially flu and pneumonia shots.

   Make it a habit to fill your prescriptions
                                                The plan calls for public health
                                                agencies to perform disease
                                                tracking and investigation.
                                                    Local, state and federal
     several days before you run out.

                                                                                                  The State of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius, Governor
                                                agencies, healthcare professionals,
   Plan ahead to have medications, food,        and the private sector will work
      water and other necessities on hand.      together in a coordinated effort to

   Have at least one hard-wired phone and
     know how to reach your family and
                                                maintain essential public services
                                                and preserve community health.
                                                    These agencies will share
     support network.

To stay informed:
                                                information with one another and
                                                the public throughout the duration
                                                of the pandemic.
   Check the KDHE Web site:
                                                We are:

   Listen to and watch national and local
                                                    Preparing to obtain antiviral
                                                       medications and distribute
                                                       vaccines if they are
                                                                                                                                                                  What You
      news and read newspapers.

   Follow directions from state and local
                                                    Assisting healthcare facilities
                                                                                                                                                                   Can Do
                                                       in planning for a patient
      health officials.
                                                       load much larger than
                                                       normal with short staffing.
                                                                                                                                                                  to Protect
If you become ill:
   Get plenty of rest, drink fluids and take
     non-aspirin pain relievers for fever
                                                    Helping businesses prepare to
                                                       keep critical operations
     and body aches.                                Planning to ensure that
                                                       essential supplies and
   Stay home until you feel well enough to             services to the state are not
      resume normal activities (may take               interrupted.
      more than a week).
                                                 To read the State’s Pandemic
   If you become ill to the point of needing     Influenza Preparedness and
       assistance in doing normal, everyday
                                                     Response Plan, visit:
       activities, contact your healthcare
What we all need to know: There is no pandemic influenza in the world today, but...
                                                                                               ... a new influenza virus spread from
                                                                                               birds to humans in Asia has drawn
 What is influenza?                                                                            attention to the possibility that pandemic
       Influenza (“the flu”) is a virus                                                        flu could arrive in the United States soon.
 affecting the respiratory system. Every
 year, new seasonal influenza viruses                                                           What is pandemic influenza?
 emerge and cause illness in Kansas,                                                                  Pandemic influenza is a worldwide
 resulting in about 1,000 deaths due to                                                         outbreak of influenza caused by a new
 influenza and its complications.                                                               virus to which people have little or no
       The symptoms are high fever over
     0                                                                                          immunity. The symptoms of such a virus
 101 F, coughing, body aches, headache,
 and fatigue. Seasonal flu and pandemic                                                         would probably be similar to those of
 influenza affect society very differently                                                      seasonal flu, but the duration and/or
 from each other.                                                                               severity of the symptoms would be
                                                                                                different. The virus would spread in the
Influenza            How Influenza             How to Avoid Getting and Spreading               same way as a seasonal influenza virus.
Symptoms             Spreads                   Influenza
                                                                                                      The prevention and treatment
Fever of 101o F or   Influenza viruses are     Practice good health habits starting today!
                     spread in tiny droplets                                                    measures for such a virus would also be
more                 expelled when                                                              the same as for seasonal influenza. The
                                                   Wash your hands frequently with soap and
                     coughing or sneezing.           warm water or an alcohol-based gel.        H5N1 “bird flu” virus is one that could
Headache             They can easily spread                                                     cause an influenza pandemic, but today
                     from person to person.
                     People can also               Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.     it is not pandemic influenza.
Extreme tiredness    become infected by
                     touching something            Cover your coughs and sneezes. Use a        When to Seek Medical Help
Dry cough            that was recently               disposable tissue and throw it away            You should seek medical help if you have a
                     contaminated with the           immediately, or use the crook of your     high fever with a headache, shortness of breath,
                     virus and then touching
Sore throat                                          elbow to keep the virus off your hands.   are unable to eat or drink, or have excessive
                     their mouth or nose or
                     using their hands when                                                    tiredness that prevents you from using the
                     eating. A sick person         Avoid close contact with people who are     kitchen or bathroom in your home. A high fever
Muscle aches                                         sick.                                     is defined as having a body temperature of 101o
                     may be able to infect
                     others several days                                                       F or more. These are signs that you are sick, may
A runny nose is      before showing any            Stay home when you are sick.                be contagious and may have influenza. Seeking
not typical of the   symptoms and up to                                                        help when you feel sick with these symptoms
influenza virus.     five days after                                                           will help make sure you are using the healthcare
                                                   Get a flu shot every year.
                     becoming sick.                                                            system in a responsible way.

                         Visit the KDHE Web site at: for more information and updates.

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