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					Almar Marinas

September 30, 2006                          ALMAR                                            ANCHOR
 Special points of interest:
 • Almar acquires Marina del
   Rey Marina.
 • There are now 15 Almar Mari-
   nas to serve you.
                                                                MARINA NEWS
 • Time to winterize!

 • Dragon Boat Races in San                         Welcome, Marina del Rey Marina
   Francisco Bay

                                         Almar’s newest acquisition is Marina del Rey Marina in Southern California, ide-
                                    ally located in the “crown jewel” Marina del Rey area of Los Angeles. Boaters in
                                    the marina have access to a fuel dock, a pump-out station, restaurants and major
                                    groceries. They may also enjoy the pool at the adjacent hotel. There are 386 slips
                                    in the marina, accommodating boats from 22 ft. to 113 ft.

                                         Marina del Rey itself is in the midst of an exciting redevelopment. The Los An-
                                    geles County Department of Beaches and Harbors has a plan for the area that in-
 Inside this issue:                 cludes the addition of nearly 2,000 apartments and more than 900 hotel rooms, ad-
                                    ditional boat storage and new shops, restaurants and offices, all subject to approval
 Ballena Isle Marina           2
                                    as part of their current status report. The vintage Fisherman’s Village is also slated
 Bahia and Peninsula                for a new look, and additional hotels are proposed.
 Marinas                       3
                                         Stop by the Marina office and meet our charming Kiwi boater and Manager,
 Treasure Isle Marina          4    Julie Summers, Office Manager, Betse Tessman, also a boater, Customer Service
                                    Representative, Nadia Antonios, and any of the able maintenance staff who may
 Cabrillo Isle Marina          5    drop by.
 Oakland Marinas               6
                                       Relax, have a cup of coffee in the newly refurbished office, and see for yourself
 Martinez Marina               7    why boaters continue to be drawn to this beautiful and dynamic locale.

 Ko Olina Marina               8

 Ventura Isle Marina           9

 Anacapa Isle Marina           10
                                                                                                            Page 2
Ballena Isle Marina
       For those of you whom I have not met yet, allow me to introduce myself. My
name is Linda Leathers and I am the new Marina Manager at Ballena Isle Marina. I                      Anchor
certainly look forward to meeting all of you in the near future. First, let me give you
a little background on who I am and what experience I bring to the job. My hus-
band, Tim, and I took off cruising in 1997 from Sausalito. We joined the Baja Ha Ha       September 30, 2006
and had a blast. Our cruise was cut short when I was hired to co-manage Marina
Cabo San Lucas. What a beautiful place to learn the marina business. After four
years, Tim and I transferred up to San Diego. During our five years there, we had
the pleasure of rebuilding Cabrillo Isle Marina. Tim is now the Regional Vice Presi-
dent for Almar Management, Inc. and is responsible for all the Almar marinas in
Northern California. So, since the beginning of the rebuild of Ballena Isle Marina
has already started, it was natural for me to follow him up north.

     For those of you who enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs at our Annual Barbe-
que, we thank you for attending. After all, this is one of the few times during the
year that we are able to show you how much we appreciate having you in our ma-            “The World Masters Open
rina. It gave Tim and I a chance to meet many of you and, I must say, we are quite            Water Swimming
pleased with the friendliness of our boaters.
                                                                                           Championships were a
      Thank you for your patience in allowing us to support “The World Masters                 great success.”
Open Water Swimming Championships” on August 11. Can you believe that in 2 ½
hours, over 900 swimmers of all ages and genders from 67 different countries par-
ticipated in the event? We appreciated your understanding when we had the need
to close the marina during that time, so we could contribute to this positive world

     If you happen to run into Mario Lopez, our new maintenance foreman, please
say hi and let him know of any concerns. Mario and I have already embarked on
an extensive to-do list and you should start seeing the results soon. Our goal is to
improve and maintain the existing facility in a functional and safe manner until we
dredge and install the new slips. When finished, we will have the newest marina in
the Bay Area. It will be a place you will love to continue bringing your family and
friends. We thank you for your help and understanding as we go through this proc-
ess and will try to make it as painless as possible.

      I am very glad to be
here and look forward to
meeting each and every
one of you. We are in a
very unique location
within the Bay Area and,
when we are finished, I
know you will be pleased
with the results.

      Ballena Annual BBQ
                                                                                                      Page 3
Bahia & Peninsula Yacht Marinas
    HEAR YE! HEAR YE! HEAR YE!! Channel Islands Harbor is active
during these fall months. As always, our first and foremost concern is for                       Almar
our boaters’ safety.
                             Attention Mariners
    Between September 30, 2006 and January 15, 2007 the hydraulic
dredge “H.R. Morris” will be staging and conducting maintenance dredging
                                                                                  September 30, 2006
of the Channel Islands Harbor entrance on a 24-hour basis. The dredging
activity will be taking place in various locations in and around the harbor
entrance and sand trap area. The various locations may require changing
buoy systems and dredge pipe configurations, using support equipment on
Silver Strand and Hollywood beaches. Vessel navigation and pedestrian
activity near the dredging operation is inherently dangerous. Mariners
must exercise all due caution and prudence when navigating in these ar-
SHORT BLASTS. Contact the Harbor Patrol on VHF Channel 12 for direc-
                                                                                   “As always, our first
                                  Education                                        and foremost concern is
     If you are new to boating or have many year’s of experience in boating
                                                                                   for our boaters’ safety.“
and have never taken a U.S. Coast Guard Aux. Boating Skills And Sea-
manship Course, you owe it to yourself to attend. The knowledge that you
will gain will increase your skills and confidence and make you a better,
safer boater who understands the rules of the road, waterway “highway”
signs, safe trailering, boat handling, marlinspike seamanship, and much
more. Among the many reasons to attend is to both reaffirm as well as to
increase your current knowledge and to possibly apply for a discount on
your marine insurance costs. Contact Ken Grim (805) 382-9382 for Octo-
ber and November class schedules.

                       Courtesy Vessel Safety Exams
    What is this? A courtesy vessel exam is a FREE check of a vessel’s
equipment for compliance with federal, state and local safety requirements.
Some of the required items checked are: proper display of numbers; cur-
rent registration or documentation; personal flotation devices; visual dis-
tress signals; fire extinguishers; correct ventilation; backfire flame control;
sound producing devices; navigation lights; and state & local requirements,
including placards & CO. During the Vessel Safety Check, the vessel ex-
aminer has an opportunity to discuss with the boater the purpose of the
marine safety equipment, to clarify various federal, state and local regula-
tions, to review local boating conditions, to answer any boating-related
safety questions, including accident reporting; charts and aids to naviga-
tion; survival tips; fueling & fuel management; float plan; weather & sea
conditions and low cost safe boating classes. In Ventura County, contact
Paul Bick at (805) 857-1344 to arrange an appointment or go online http:// for more information.
                               More Fun Stuff
    The Ventura County Maritime Museum ranks among the best on the
west coast. They are the recipients of the majority of the Marple collection
of authentic hand-built square sail reproductions. The figurehead on one
model has over 600 hours of labor in the making of it.
                                                                                                               Page 4
Treasure Isle Marina
    Greetings from Treasure Isle Marina, in the dead-center heart of San Francisco
Bay. Following our wet spring, this summer has really been great for getting out on                       Anchor
the water.

    Roger Ladwig, our new Marina Manager, has been busy getting acquainted with            September 30, 2006
the facilities, systems and tenants in the marina. He and Todd Tholke, are working
to keep the old Navy docks looking good and functioning safely. If you haven’t al-
ready done so, stop in and say “hi.”

    We’d like to welcome some new boaters to our community:

        Arjan Bok - Custom built 43 ft catamaran – “ROTKAT” – D05
        Ben Blakenship – Santana 22 – “FLOWER POT” – A07
        Robert Faulkner – Beneteau 40 – “EUROPA” – D21
        Eric Wall – Catalina 310 – “SQWALL” – D13

    We also want to welcome the members of the Treasure Island Yacht Club, who
are renting a permanent dinghy dock for their anchor-out guests.
                                                                                           Roger Ladwig, new Marina
                         San Francisco Dragon Boat Festival                                 Manager at Treasure Isle
                                                          September 23rd and 24th saw                       Marina.
                                                        a flurry of activity as Treasure
                                                        Isle hosted, for the second
                                                        year, the Annual Northern
                                                        California International
                                                        Dragon Boat Championships
                                                        and Festival. This is their 11th
                                                        festival and, to date, the larg-
                                                        est. Over 100 teams from
                                                        around the world competed
                                                        for a number of titles. Spon-
                                                        sored by Kaiser Permanente,
                                                        Dragon Boat racing dates
                                                        back to a 2000-year-old Chi-       “Treasure Isle hosted, for
                                                        nese custom.         Each team
consists of 20 paddlers, a steer person and a drummer, racing in 50-foot boats over          the second year, the
a 500-yard course. Six boats, all decorated to look like sea dragons, race at one              Annual Northern
time in a colorful and thunderous display. There were high school, novice, corporate,
non-profit, competitive and senior divisions, providing all levels of competition.          California International
                                                                                                 Dragon Boat
     The two-day event attracted over 10,000 spectators to both view the races and           Championships and
visit the festival area, where vendors and community groups provided food, drink,
music, children’s activities (Dragon Land) and community outreach programs.                        Festival.”

    Treasure Isle Marina is pleased to provide the facilities and venue for this event.
We’d also like to especially thank our boaters who generously gave up their berths
to accommodate the boats and racers.

                                  Santana Sundays
     Sunday, September 17, saw the inaugural “Santana Sunday” race series. Al-
though the winds were light by San Francisco Bay standards, 16 Santana 22’s com-
peted in an informal day of fleet racing. TIM boater, Pete Trachy, started this as an
opportunity for Santana 22 owners, several of which are berthed here, to continue
getting together after the YRA season was over. They plan to have races in Clipper
Cove on the third Sunday of every month, with a barbeque afterward.
                                                                                                                 Page 5
                                                        Cabrillo Isle Marina
   Well, summer is almost over, and we had a great time this season. The marina
had lots of events and happenings, and there was a change in staffing. The marina
has a new Marina Manager, Elaine Lutz. Elaine has been with Almar since Novem-                              Anchor
ber 2005. She transferred here from Ventura, and has fallen in love with San Diego’s
beautiful weather and warm people. She is especially impressed with how nice the
tenants and staff have been, and feels very welcomed by everyone. If you have not            September 30, 2006
met her already, stop by the office to say hello.

   Tim and Linda Leathers are still part of the Almar family, but have transferred to
Alameda in the San Francisco Bay Area. Linda is Marina Manager at Ballena Isle
Marina, while Tim is Almar’s Northern California Regional Director. They both did a
super job managing Cabrillo Isle Marina, and we wish them the best of luck in their
new home.

   The Annual Marina Barbecue was held this year on Saturday, August 12. Thank
you to those who attended. We appreciate having all of you in our Marina and this
event gives us a chance to say thank you for keeping your boat at Cabrillo Isle Ma-
rina. Once again, we enjoyed terrific Mexican fare and live music. We had delicious
carne asada and pollo asada, rice, beans, chips and guacamole. Beer, wine and so-
das were also provided. Jose Cordova provided music and entertainment. Many
tenants brought salads or desserts to share, for which we are always grateful.
Around 200 people attended. The weather was warm and beautiful and everyone
had a great time.

    As they have done in the past, West Marine generously donated items for the raf-
fle. We also had prizes for treatments at The Spa at the Sheraton, a free haul out at
Shelter Island Boatyard, iDock for 30 days free internet, pump-outs from All-Bay, as
well as gift certificates for the marina. Miramar Fire Extinguishers set up their truck in
the parking lot, so that tenants could have their fire extinguishers re-charged at a dis-
count. Be sure to attend next year, as this is Cabrillo Isle Marina’s chance to throw a
big fiesta and thank you for choosing our marina to dock your boat.

   The August 26th Anchor-Out at Spanish Landing was cancelled, but a party was
planned on the patio outside the office instead. Everyone brought food to share.
Around 40 people showed up and they stayed until the wine and beer ran out. It was           “Cabrillo Isle Marina has
a great time, and we will certainly be having another “Party on the Patio.”
                                                                                             a few upcoming events that
   Cabrillo Isle Marina has a few upcoming events that you won’t want to miss: On             you won’t want to miss.”
October 28, we will be having our annual swap meet here in the marina’s parking lot.
So, if you’re cleaning out your dock box or lazzerette, this is a perfect opportunity to
sell some of your old unwanted items. Likewise, if you’re looking for a bargain, bring
some cash and - you never know - you just may find a treasure.

   On December 9, the marina will be holding its annual Christmas Party on the patio
by Papanani's Deli. The marina will provide some food and drinks, and the tenants
are welcome to bring a pot-luck dish to share.

   Also in December, on the 10th and 17th, the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights takes
place. Hundreds of boats from all over San Diego Bay take part, and up to 80,000
people will attend to watch the parade of lighted boats. The parade can be watched
from the Harbor Island waterfront, directly across the street from the marina. So
bring your friends, a blanket and some lawn chairs, and enjoy a nautical tribute to the
Holiday Season.

   Best wishes for a fantastic holiday season, from all of us at Cabrillo Isle Marina.
                                                                                                          Page 6
                                                         Oakland Marinas
     WHAT HAPPENED? ! Summer came to Oakland and it seems we were all
having such a good time that, two blinks later, it was gone. One Boat Show ended                     Anchor
and I’m looking out the window observing another one happening. It’s true, time
does go fast when you’re having fun!! Oh well, lets not stop having a good time -
lets just extend it into fall and enjoy our boats even more this year. What do you       September 30, 2006

    Fall is going to be really busy at Oakland Marinas this year. We have most of
the slips at Jack London Square booked up for guest slippage in October, and a
major project to complete before the end of the year. What is the project? Well, we
have just procured the second floor of the building at 1855 Embarcadero. It is the
gray building at Central Basin. We are going to split the area into four offices, one
of which will be the new Oakland Marinas office. The fuel dock office will also be
renovated slightly to become a fuel dock/sub-office for the marina. This will provide
a more central base for the main office, but still maintain a sub-office for customer
service in Jack London Square. That project, coupled with our continuing schedule
of dock cleaning, scrubbing, repairs, and restoration, will make fall become winter in
no time at all. We will let you know when the move will happen, and you can come
by and say howdy!

     We are happy to announce that Bay Yacht Sales will be joining the Oakland
Marinas family. They will be joining us at Central Basin in one of the new offices.
They are moving over from Grand Marina, where they have been selling brokerage
power and sail boats for the last thirteen years. They also have offices in Sacra-
mento and San Diego, so if you’re upgrading, give them a call. They will find that
dream boat for you. Also, Olympic Boat Sales will be expanding their office at Jack
London Square and taking over the old marina manager’s office. As you know,
Olympic does new yacht sales and has the boats to wish for on the front row. For
new or used boats, either one of these great companies will be happy to help you
                                                                                            “Let’s not stop
    Finally, the staff and I would like to thank all of you. Your response to our re-
quests for updated file information has been great and the ladies in the office really
                                                                                              having a
appreciate it. Also, all of the nice comments on how the docks are cleaning up have          good time!”
the outside crew really encouraged. They are eager to have a good fall and winter
to make the basins even more appealing for all of you. Your kind words are appre-
ciated and certainly go a long way with the staff. Thanks again.

                                                                  Well that is it for
                                                                  now, we hope by
                                                                  the next issue to
                                                                  have some pic-
                                                                  tures of the new
                                                                  office for you. If
                                                                  you are down at
                                                                  your boat or just in
                                                                  the area, stop in
                                                                  and say hi!
                                                                                                       Page 7
Martinez Marina
                              New Marina Manager
Hi and welcome, everyone. Let me introduce myself, as I am your new Ma-
rina Manager. My name is Craig Paulsen and I got involved in boating eight
years ago, buying a 26-foot S2 sailboat with my friend. The plan was to              September 30, 2006
keep it two to three years and, if we liked it, graduate to a larger boat. Well,
a year later, we took our wives up to the Benicia Marina for the Memorial
Day weekend. On the board was this beautiful 36-ft. C & C Sailboat. Quite
a bit more money than our S2, but it’s amazing how we could justify our way
into it. The rest is history. Five years ago I got talked into joining the Spinna-
ker Yacht Club. Today I am the Commodore and enjoy every day of it.

                           “Take Five” Winner
    Congratulations, Romeo Antonio, this month’s winner of our “Take Five”
recognition program. Romey, as we call him, is very well liked among our
staff and boaters. He has been our maintenance person for at least five
years. He always takes the extra effort to make sure your water and electric-
ity are working and the docks are in good order. Recently he has painted
addresses on every slip. Thanks, again, for the good job, Romeo!

                                    Bait Shop
     Our bait shop is a popular spot at the marina and, as I understand it, it
will be very busy within a few weeks. There are two fishing derbies coming
up. The first one is the Concord Police Stripe Bass Derby. Everything you
need is available: tackle, bait, ice, information on the hot spots, what type of
rigging you need to catch the big ones, cold beer, soft drinks and snacks.
This is your one-stop shop.
                                                                                      Romeo Antonio is this
                           Martinez Yacht Club
                                                                                       month’s ‘Take Five’
    The Martinez Yacht Club is an organization that provides another reason
for making the marina a popular destination. Recently, we had two cruise-                  Winner.”
ins to our guest docks from Riverview and Oyster Point Yacht Clubs. There
were 20 boats in all. These folks know how to party. The weather was per-
fect both weekends. Three more cruise-ins are scheduled for the third and
final weekends of September.

                          Pollution Prevention Week
    Pollution Prevention Week was September 18-24, 2006. The volunteers
started early. This marina, which is already pretty clean, has never looked
better. People were picking up everything from everywhere. It would be
wonderful if this took place once a month.
                                                                                                        Page 8
 Ko Olina Marina
                  Aloha to the Almar Ohana from Ko Olina !

     Well, another summer is setting in the west and fall is rising in the east.           September 30, 2006
The weather has been great, with temperatures in the mid-80’s during the day
and low-to-mid 70’s in the evenings. As you may or may not know, Ko Olina
is on the west side of Oahu, where we enjoy mostly sunny and dry conditions
throughout the year.

     The Resort is in a full construction boom, with three projects going on at
one time. The Marriott Vacation Club has begun construction on their third
building, with completion of the first of two phases scheduled for early 2008.
Ko Olina Beach Villas, which are adjacent the MVCI, have begun construction
of what will be 325 luxury condo units, with prices starting at 1.6 million per
unit. Crescent Heights, which will be a Trump-branded “Condotel,” and
squeezed between the two previous projects, will begin construction in De-

     Our Sixth Annual Customer Appreciation Dinner was held in August. As
always, the 300-plus guests that attended were very appreciative of the ma-
rina staff’s efforts in preparation of this yearly event. There was a variety of
Japanese, American, Korean and, of course, Hawaiian food served and a D.J.
provided uninterrupted music for four hours.

     The Sixth Annual Ko Olina Billfish was another success, with 25 boats
participating. The winning team of Maui Jim boated a 684 lb. Pacific Blue
Marlin and took home a check for $17,500.

     We seem to always run out of space and time with so much more to talk
about but, hey, if you want more, come visit us at Ko Olina and we will be glad
to give you all the latest news and a tour of our beautiful resort. Please join
us in congratulating Jamie and her new husband, Vaughn Akau, on their mar-
riage August 27 in Vegas, as well as the anticipated arrival of their new
daughter. Until next time, Au Hui Hoe E Malama Pono and Aloha from the Ko
Olina gang.

                                  Almar Anchor
                   is published quarterly by Almar Management, Inc.
                                  Editor, Sally Mitchell

 For further information about Almar Marinas or the contents of this publication, please
                (310) 541-3830 or consult our website at:
                                                                                                  Page 9
                                              Ventura Isle Marina
    Summer 2006 was a fast, fun frenzy. We started out with our Annual
Swap Meet in the parking lot. Everyone brought plenty of treasures from
their dock boxes and the bartering was fierce. In July, Anacapa and Ven-        September 30, 2006
tura Isle Marinas hosted the Nick Rendezvous at Prisoner’s Harbor. We
had a total of 54 boats arrive for a wonderful potluck onshore and tons of
fun on the water.

                           Annual Barbeque
    In August we enjoyed National Marina Day with our Annual BBQ on the
marina green. This party was attended by approximately 300 boaters, who
enjoyed music by Allan Thorhill, and chicken barbequed by the boys. We
played bocce ball and there were prizes from our very generous vendors
and merchants.

                              Catalina Trek
     In September, we made the annual trek to Catalina. A total of 16 boats
made the trip from Ventura and we had one boat from San Diego. Now we
are going into fall and we have our monthly seminars. Watch for the post-

                                Fire Season
    Speaking of fall, we would like to remind everyone that it’s fire season
and there are Santana winds this time of year, so please secure your sails
and strap down your dinghies. We have been experiencing heavy smoke
and ash from the “Day Fire,” so expect some extra cleaning when you come
to your boat. Please take the time to clean the ash off your boat when you
can. We are finding that, the longer ash stays on the docks, the harder it is
to remove.                                                                      “Summer was a fun, fast
                        Christmas Light Parade
   This year, the Christmas Light Parade theme will be “Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho,
This Is The Life For Me.” The parade will be the nights of December 1st
and 2nd. Plan on showing up early. This is the one night we run out of
parking spots. The Fire Department shuts the road down at 6:00 p.m., so
have your guests come early, as well.

    We make every effort to keep all our records current in the marina of-
fice, but sometimes changes happen and things slip through. If you have
moved or changed your phone number, please give us a call. We would
be happy to make the changes to your account. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us.

   We are here seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We will
be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but will reopen the day after
both holidays. Have fun!
Anacapa Isle Marina                                                                                                Page 10

     For those of you who have not yet heard, I am the new Marina Manager at Anacapa Isle Marina. My name
is Jennie Fisher. I took over for Jeri in July, as Jeri has gone back to her “home” marina at Ventura Isle Ma-
rina. We have several new (and some old) faces, both in the office and on the maintenance team. Please
help me welcome all of them: Julie McCampbell, Office Manager; Gabriella Folger, Customer Service Rep;
Lynne Wendt, Customer Service Rep. (from Ventura Isle Marina); Patrick Stock, Maintenance Supervisor;
Ysidro Garcia, Maintenance; Samuel Gonzalez, Maintenance; Hector Mora, Maintenance; Wade Gourley,

                                           “Take Five” Program
    If you’ve received exceptional or above-the-call-of-duty response from any of our Anacapa Isle Marina em-
ployees, please take a moment to let marina management know. We appreciate any feedback from boaters
and condo tenants to help us select our next Employee of the Month. So far, this year’s Employees of the
Month have been Samuel Gonzalez – February, Ysidro Garcia – March, and Julie McCampbell – August.

                          4th of July Celebration
    The 4 of July is always a big deal here at the harbor. The City of Oxnard
puts on a wonderful aerial display directly overhead and everyone from all
around Oxnard came to watch. The day was full of activities all around the
harbor. It started with a parade, followed by exhibits, live entertainment, lots
of children’s activities, and ended with the fireworks display. We had a good
turnout. Everyone enjoyed themselves in and around the clubhouse and on
the docks. It was great fun.

                           N.I.C.K. Rendezvous
    I was unable to attend this year’s Rendezvous, but I heard from Jeri and some of the attendees that it was
a huge success. There was a record number of boats, with Anacapa Isle Marina winning the “most boats in
attendance” trophy. Once we get the plate engraved, the trophy will be on display in our marina office. I per-
sonally want to thank Nick and Kit for the tremendous effort they put forth every year in helping to put on this

                                   Annual BBQ & National Marina Day
  My first real project was organizing the Annual BBQ, and even though I had very little time to get the word
out, it was a huge success. I had many, many volunteers setting up for the event, helping arrange the music,
cooking, serving and tearing down – THANK YOU SO MUCH. It was a great way for me and my new staff to
get to know many of the boaters and condo residents. Please stop by the office and take a look at the photos.

                                         Annual Parade of Lights
    This year’s Parade of Lights theme is “Winter Fantasy”. It’s scheduled for Saturday, December 9, with the
parade beginning at 7:00 pm. Anyone interested in participating in either the Dock Decorating Contest or the
Boat Decorating Contest should contact the Channel Islands Harbor Visitor’s Center at 805-985-4852 to get
entry forms and applications. B and D docks have won the dock decorating contest the last seven years in a
row. Plaques depicting their placements are displayed on the Marina Office wall. It will be interesting to see
who will win this year – I can’t wait for all the excitement!

    Don’t forget we offer free boater instruction to all our new boaters, both for sail and power boats. We want
to make sure your boating experience is a happy one while at Anacapa Isle Marina. Come see us if you need

    The hydraulic dredge, “H. R. Morris” will again be in the harbor, starting September 30 through January 15.
And to make you even more happy, we offer free donuts in the Clubhouse on Sunday mornings – please stop
by and say hello and let us know how you’re doing.

                                         Happy Boating!

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