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									4/12/2010                                                                                  Page 1

                      Marine Surveyors & Consultants
                                    2727 NE 32nd Street
                                 Fort Lauderdale. Fl. 33306
                         Tel. # (954) 801 2140 or (954) 630 2141
                                   Fax. # (954) 630 8784

Deficiencies noted during inspection of “LADY ANAYANCY”

Underwater Hull Areas
  1. Anti-fouling paint worn, this needs to be fully sanded and renewed
  2. There are numerous very small blisters in the gel-coat, these should be removed
      when sanding and an epoxy barrier coat applied prior to painting
  3. Rudder bearings slightly worn
  4. Cutlass bearings worn
  5. Port cutlass bearings worn
  6. Dings in propeller tips, service
  7. Zincs are worn, renew
  8. Thruster zincs are worn
  9. Starboard trim tab is bent on the outboard side
  10. Heavy marine fouling on hull
  11. Heavy marine fouling on running gear
  12. Heavy marine fouling inside the sea water thru’ hull fittings
  13. Poor fiberglass inside the bow thruster tube
  14. Underwater lights to service
  15. Pins worn at the lower end of each trim tab ram
  16. Screw missing at the starboard trim tab lower ram bracket
  17. Heavy scrape into the gel-coat all the way from the bow to the stern on the
      starboard side including damage to the transducer that is aft
  18. The deflector piece is missing from the starboard engine underwater outlet
  19. The deflector piece is cracked on the port side

   1. Topsides to clean, wax & buff
   2. Heavy ding in the gel-coat at the bow
   3. Rusty stainless steel fittings inside the engine room vent housings
   4. Rust stains at the port-holes
   5. Anchor chain locker drain cover is corroded
   6. Port-side fuel tank vent cover is corroded
   7. Dings noted in the rub rails
   8. Scuff marks on the port-side from the floating dock

   1. Anchor shackles to be safety wired
   2. Anchor rode bitter end to be secured
   3. Water lying in the windlass recess due to the positioning of the drains and hoses,
       one drain hose has no clamp on it inside the locker
   4. The windshield covers are sun damaged
4/12/2010                                                                               Page 2

   5. The snaps are corroding, service all
   6. Rust stains on the exterior stainless steel & life-lines
   7. Forward rails are bent
   8. Dings in the rub rails
   9. No lanyards on the deck fill caps
   10. Starboard fuel tank deck fill needs to be adjusted
   11. Aft curtains are dirty
   12. Catches at the storage lockers are corroded
   13. Ding at the port-side of the swim platform side coaming
   14. A piece of equipment has been removed from the starboard side of the platform
       leaving holes into the fiberglass
   15. The swim ladder is hard to pull out and to store back in
   16. The transom locker door at the shore cables is damaged
   17. The support arm at the above locker door is hanging loose
   18. All courtesy lights are poor, not working and corroded
   19. The finish of the gel-coat on the side of the superstructure is poor
   20. Hard ware is poor
   21. Heavy wear marks on the port-side of the platform
   22. Heavy ding at the inboard side of the transom gate frame
   23. Rusty drinks holders

   1. Gas strut on the hatch at the top of the stairway is rusty
   2. Anchor light cover is missing
   3. Light mast is damaged
   4. The forward navigation light (which is part of the anchor light) is facing aft
   5. Snaps are pulling out of the fiberglass for the enclosure curtains
   6. Enclosure is poor
   7. Bimini is poor
   8. Seat cushions are dirty
   9. Chart Plotter / GPS is missing
   10. Refrigerator is not cooling down
   11. The liquer dispenser is missing in way of the sink leaving numerous open holes
   12. Corrosion on the sink faucet
   13. Autopilot not working
   14. Bow & stern thrusters not working
   15. Remote control for the thrusters not working
   16. Port-side engine gauges not working
   17. Hinged panel to the port-side of the helm is loose
   18. The panel below the above locker is loose

   1.   Carpets dirty
   2.   The straps for the two recliners are broken
   3.   Ice maker is not cooling down
   4.   Trim around the windows is poor
4/12/2010                                                                                  Page 3

   5. Overhead panels are loose
   6. Overhead lights to service

Galley & Dining Area
   1. Scrapes and silicon on the galley counter
   2. Refrigerator is dirty
   3. The sliding locker door outboard of the stove top is hanging loose
   4. The cook top is not working
   5. No water pressure even when water was added to the tank, I noted water leaks
       below the galley

Forward Stateroom
   1. Rope lights below the bed are hanging loose and are not working
   2. Bed lights not working
   3. Vinyl poor
   4. Overhead lights to service

Port Head Compartment
   1. Faucet is corroded
   2. Light switch is hanging loose
   3. Floor drain is corroded
   4. Locker door hard ware is loose

Starboard Shower Compartment
   1. Faucets are corroded

Starboard Mid-ships Guest Cabin
   1. Dirty & wet bilges
   2. Valance trim around the bed is hanging loose
   3. Aft panel is hanging loose
   4. Water lying outboard and below the water heater, it appears to be a water leak
      from the water pipes in way of the back side of the galley, fully check and repair
   5. New fiberglass has been added to hold the floor and steps together that lead down
      from the galley to the cabins
   6. The fiberglass tabbing is broken and a crack noted in the plywood bulkhead above
      and aft of the fresh water heater

Machinery Space
  1. Oil, dirt and water in the bilges
  2. All of the space is very dirty from numerous leaks and the leaking starboard
      engine exhaust
  3. Rusty hose clamps
  4. Water leak and stains on and below the port engine especially on the outboard
  5. Oil leaks below the starboard engine
  6. Dirty racor fuel filters
  7. Single clamps on sea water hoses
  8. Please see the engine surveyors report
4/12/2010                                                                                     Page 4

Below Cockpit
   1. The cross over hose from the starboard water tank to the port fresh water tank has
      come off the port tank and although I tried to re-secure it there is not enough hose,
      repair or replace and secure the hose, fill the tanks and prove all of water system
      including the water heater and all pipes, faucets, showers etc
   2. One lag bolt hanging loose at the forward end of the port water tank
   3. Leak stains at the deck joint port and starboard aft
   4. Drain hose missing from below the port side storage locker
   5. All of this area is dirty

   1. Clean air conditioning screens
   2. Service overhead lights
   3. Port holes to service, lubricate the seals, hinges and catches
   4. Interior & Exterior to detail
   5. There is a black storage bag in way of the generator and another bag in the storage
      next to the water heater that have seized zippers
   6. Thru’ hull valves to exercise regularly
   7. The vessel is a bank “repo” and shows as such with little care and poor
      maintenance noted.


 Fuel Tanks, Fill to prove integrity.
 Anchors, Safety wire all shackles.
 Fire Extinguishers, Service and date tag.
 Fixed Fire fighting system, Service and date tag.
 Flares, Purchase and store on board.
 Life Jackets, purchase correct size & number for those onboard.
 Navigation & anchor lights, Service & prove.
 USCG Plaques, Install plaques for oil pollution & garbage disposal.
 First-Aid kit, Purchase.
 Rules of the Road Booklet, purchase.
 Sea Water Hoses, Double clamp all hoses.
 Fume Smoke detectors, replace batteries & prove all.

There are no apparent leaks around the fuel tanks or fuel system and the above “Must
recommendation” to “Fuel Tanks, fill to prove integrity” is included as a standard
recommendation by the undersigned. 


Malcolm J. Elliott
Attending surveyor
February 4, 2010

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