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Anyway, I'm pasting an excellent and interesting post that is buried on the forum. Rather
strangely, no one responded to this post. There are some statements I have issues with,
such as, "I believe that some of the free electrons do take on a slightly positive
charge", ???? but on the whole it's an interesting read.

    Turning water into fuel
    The process of efficient electrolysis
    And the operation of the water fuel cell
    If you give me fifteen minutes I can show you how to change the world.

    Water can be burned as a fuel source. Why hasn’t it been done before? Because
    people aren’t capable of following directions, and are either guilty of too little
    confidence in their abilities, or have too much. If you read this to the end, and
    follow my suggestions, and the links I provide maybe we will see this
    technology at last. Before I start there are some things you should know. I am
    not a writer, which will become evident if you choose to continue reading. I am
    not a physicist, a mathematician, an electronics expert nor a salesman. So this is
    free knowledge. However it may cost you some money…..you may be so
    intrigued by this information that you will buy the materials (I don’t sell them)
    and begin to experiment yourself. Stan Meyer fans, stick around, because for
    everything you think you know there is still more to learn, trust me, and bear
    with me while I attempt to tell the story first, and then we will get to the good

    Stan Meyer was a man that made some very bold claims in the late 1980’s. He
    claimed to have run a car on water. In fact he did run a car on water. With an
    apparatus that he had designed and patented he was able to break H2O down
    into its component gasses. Not through electrolysis as it is originally thought of,
    but through an entirely unique electrolysis process. His claims were witnessed
    by scientists, government officials, including the patent officials where he had to
    prove his claims to get the patents, and numerous media outlets.
    In 2005 I decided to build a propane injection system for a hopped up diesel
    truck that I have. With the horsepower in my NA (naturally aspirated) diesel I
    couldn’t afford to have my EGT’s get any higher, so I was looking to add water
    vapor injection with the LPG to keep the temperatures at an acceptable level.
    While searching I came across hydrogen or HHO boosters. I instantly became
    intrigued. Propane burns slow, combined with diesel it raises the exhaust gas
    temperatures (EGT), but hydrogen burns so fast it would actually aid the
    combustion without a serious increase in the EGT’s. That would allow me to
    increase my injector pump pressures, and add even more hydrogen. Win-win
situation. Sorry to digress. I had no intention of buying any “HHO cell”. My
intentions were to decide on a system, and build one that is custom to my
application. So while researching these systems I came across Stan Meyer’s
WFC, the water fuel cell. At first I was a skeptic, so I set out to learn as much as
I could about the science behind it. My first stop was the internet where I found
a quite a few people were already researching these WFC’s, after seeing that all
of these people were working on the idea and yet no-one had been able to
produce the results that had been witnessed and reported by impartial people,
and even some that used to be skeptics I became even more interested. I am very
good at solving riddles.
Never one to be guilty of too little confidence I set out to learn everything that I
could about the science of electrolysis, the water molecule itself, and the
inventor of the WFC.

Electrolysis is simply creating a magnetic field and using it to decompose
chemicals into their components. In the form of water it becomes hydrogen and
oxygen. My first experiment was two stainless steel perforated plates separated
by 1/16 of an inch. For power I used a 12 volt trolling motor battery. I got some
production, enough to prove that the science was valid, and warranted further
Next I studied the water molecule. I hadn’t really paid attention in school; I was
too preoccupied with more important things. The H2O molecule is a neat little
thing; it is comprised of two H atoms and one O atom. The little thing holding
them together is the electron. The electron is the only bonding force, however
try pulling three magnets apart, not very hard is it, now take a swimming pool
and fill it with magnets and try pulling one of them out, it becomes a lot harder
because the force is increased over the entire surface area, and they are all
bonded together. That is water in its natural state. But what makes this situation
interesting is that it is not a simple electromagnetic bond, it is an electrostatic
bond called the covalent bond. Scuffing your feet loads you up with electro-
static energy, and touching something conductive discharges that energy. That
means that if the electrostatic charge on an electron can be discharged, it will
cease to bond. At first I dived in, almost expecting to have to go back to school
and get a doctorate in chemistry. After getting this far I decided that maybe I
should investigate Mr. Meyer a little bit. If this guy is some kind of super genius
then I wouldn’t stand a chance at learning enough without some additional
higher learning. What I learned about Stan Meyer sent me right back to my
studies with a renewed vigor. He studied at an advanced energy sciences
college, but never graduated. Remember that fact because it will become

During my investigation of Stan I began to realize that he wasn’t a super genius,
he wasn’t a mad scientist, what he seemed to be was just a “good old boy” with
some above average intelligence. How had he come to this discovery? I read
every article about, and by Stan Meyer that could be found posted on the
internet, and published in any book at the library. (Yes they still exist) I watched
every video clip with him in it; from news stories about him to home videos of
his lectures and his “car that ran on water”.

“To study a thing is to understand a thing”

There in lies the secret, to understand the invention I didn’t first need to study
the mechanics of it, I first needed to understand the inventor. He was what
confused me, he confused everybody. He used terms that weren’t exactly
correct, and in fact some of the things he said were quite misleading. His patents
skated around the issues and seemed to be lacking in relevant information. So
once again I went back to watching the videos, I studied them. I slowed them
down I paused them; I watched his mannerisms and studied the man. I came to
some very enlightening conclusions during that time. About not only Stan, but
the people working on replicating his WFC as well.
No one likes to share their secrets, and every one has a reason why. Of all the
places on the web that preach information sharing, only a few have attempted to
share anything, and I believe that is only showboating. A technology worth
billions is not something anyone wants to share, they want to be the first, and
they expect to get rich either through sales or becoming famous. The simple fact
is if the information is given away someone will get rich manufacturing the cells
and or selling them. But if I give everybody the technology, there will be too
much competition to charge to a fortune.

Stan turned down millions offered to him by the representatives of an Arab oil
company to just sit on the technology. I believe him, and I suspect that they
were from the U.A.E. Not Saudi Arabia as some have speculated. Gentlemen, I
tell you now, I know how Stan made his cell operational; it worked as he said,
and if anyone offers me a few million to stop telling the world, then I will take
their money and take care of my family and shower them with gifts. And I
underlined it to let them know in case they are reading it. In the meantime I am
going to let the world know that the technology is available, is viable and is
extremely valuable. Do not let anyone get rich from selling you this thing which
anyone can build, the key to the WFC is in the electronics that Stan used, and he
had said that himself.

Stan used an old alternator powered by an AC motor, a signal generator, and his
VIC (voltage intensifier circuit) along with his cell to produce this amazing
amount of hydrogen or HHO on demand. And this is where the story gets
convoluted so bear with me and I will clarify it at the end I promise you.

I studied the videos of Stan’s cell so that I could build one like it; I compared his
cell to the hundreds on the web. They all used the same basic materials, and
configuration, so all I had to do was gather a signal generator, an oscilloscope,
and 12 volt DC power source, build the cell and get on with it. So that’s what I
did. I chose to use flat plates instead of the tubes that Stan had settled on
because I had some around my shop and from my experiments found that the
shape wasn’t as relative as was the technique. Next I needed to double my
voltage. This was an easy task, I simply used a 24v 850ma transformer that I
had from an old fuel furnace. This solved two things, first it was close to the 26v
that Stan used, and second it was low amperage. Next I made an induction coil
salvaged from a stun-gun (crazy huh) and placed it in the circuit. By adjusting
the frequency and pulsing the voltage I now had some pretty good production,
next I gated the pulses switching the voltage off after about three seconds, when
the power switched off the primary coil’s power was interrupted causing the
secondary coil on the induction coil to fire sending the voltage way into the
kilovolt range. The gas production was getting better. After a lot of toying with
it I realized I had hit the same plateau as everyone else. The secret eluded me. I
could make gas, but I couldn’t make the gas just pour off like Stan. That is until
I started listening to Stan Meyer. In his videos his speeches are always
rehearsed, that is evident because they are almost verbatim. So it would seem
that Stan didn’t know as much about this system that he created as one would be
led to believe, he never answered the technical questions asked of him by people
that had obviously done their homework, he would just blow it off. One day I
went about researching free electrons, and came across what I thought was a
paper by Stan because it was discussing “liberated” electrons. Lo and behold it
was written by Andrija Puharich. His studies and even his drawings were almost
an identical match to Stan’s work, yet they were written before, and in the
earliest stages of Stan’s development. I came to the realization that Stan may
have been doing the same thing as everybody studying his work. Trying to
replicate someone else’s work and be as cryptic as possible so that no one else
would catch on to him, the only difference was that Stan had actually surpassed
the other inventors results, that is when it hit me…..That is why Stan had went
to that particular college and then dropped out. This man was no failure; he went
to that school for a single purpose, to learn specifically about the studies of
Andrija Puharich and none other than Nikola Tesla. He went to increase his
knowledge on the very thing he was at home working on once he had learned
what he needed he dropped out, he needed to apply his time to his mission. That
was his goal, not a degree. It always struck me as odd that Stan would go from
sales into science, he didn’t have a background in it, so how could this idea just
“pop” into his head. He says God, I say whatever. Now Andrija had a motive to
be tampering with this stuff, he had a background story. He found that he could
disassociate the atoms in water molecules using ultrasonic and ELF frequencies
while searching for a way to break up blood clots with non-invasive techniques.
But once he was unsuccessful in that respect he moved on to other things.
Somehow Stanley got a hold of this idea and started working on it. So ok, he felt
that God had led him to this great idea, and maybe he did, but the concept
justified his needing to learn more. (I should have been a detective)
But after further research I found that I wasn’t the only one that had stumbled on
to this, there were others, and yet still no one had found success. Why?

With this new information I now had other avenues to investigate, new theories
to test , more nights without sleep, and then another epiphany. Well actually a
$139.00 stroke of good misfortune. My alternator went bad in my truck, the very
truck that had started this whole mess in the first place. A diesel engine does not
have all of the excess wiring that a gasoline engine does; it lacks an electronic
ignition, a coil, and the computer “brain”. So as some of you that have ever put
a radio in an older car may recall, if you wire it up directly to the battery you get
to hear what? An incessant squealing that comes through the radio speakers, and
when I changed my alternator I did just that, when I reconnected the battery and
started my truck the radio was on an AM station. And of course I heard the
whine change pitch when I revved the engine. This whine is caused by the
rotation of the shaft (oscillations) creating a radio frequency that runs through
your cars wiring. Yahtzee! In newer cars all of the excess wiring soaks up the
signal and filters it out.
This is the reason Stan used the alternator, maybe he didn’t not have the
knowledge necessary to create a complex circuit that consisted of an Amplitude
Modulated audio frequency inducted onto a carrier wave. That is what Andrija
Puharich had used in his studies, and an alternator does just that. So now I had
the key or so I thought. If I used my alternator and removed the voltage
regulator I would get a good amount of voltage and the audio frequency in one
bundle, but how do I adjust the frequency? By adjusting the speed at which the
electric motor turns my new “oscillator”. I didn’t have an electric motor around
so I pulled the pulley, and used an electric drill on a bolt screwed into the shaft,
I checked it with an ammeter and was getting way to many amps, just like
everyone else, so I placed a jumper wire on the terminals to “fool” the alternator
into thinking that there was a fully charged battery hooked up to it thereby
cutting the amps to almost nothing and keeping the voltage high,
After hooking everything up to an old signal generator I started messing around
with settings, by adjusting the dial on the drill’s trigger I could increase and
decrease the speed thus modulating the audio frequency, the voltage did not go
through a VIC as Stan used because I did not know how to build one, instead
going through the stun-gun coil, now I looked for a toroid coil, because Stan
said he used one, I found one and was going to put it in the circuit until I found
out what they do, they actually filter out RF interference, which is exactly what
the audio oscillator was needed for. I assumed that Stan had just made a mistake
and actually had meant an induction coil because nowhere in his patent does he
show a toroid coil in the circuit. Because if it had been, the thing wouldn’t have
worked at the patent office, and if it was present in the schematic and not in the
circuit it would have raised some eyebrows. Old Stanley had used that as a ruse,
if someone had used a toroid they will not get the audio frequency that is needed
to make the cell work. Misinformation to help protect his work from duplication
perhaps? Since my cell now had an audio frequency going through it the
electrodes were almost humming, they had become the “excitors” that Stan
referred to. And my gas production, at times was just more than at previous
times, but when I would switch the pulsing voltage to off and the secondary
windings discharged, it scared me to have the thing indoors. Production went off
the charts. I thought the water was going to literally boil out.
I have made the cell, I have investigated the man, and found out he was
continuing Puharich’s work, and I later found out that his VIC is just a simple
Tesla resonant tank circuit. But wait there’s more.

As I let the cell run and continued to play with the frequency, the pulsing time
and the audio frequency (by varying the drill speed) I found sweet spots where
the water was almost boiling and would disappear at a rate where it was actually
a visible action. You could watch as the water disappeared, but then it would
slow and have to be tuned again. After awhile nothing I could do made any
production and I had actually topped off the cell three times. Lucky for me I was
outside because what happened next would have blown the roof off of the house
had I been inside with all of the gas I had just made over an hour period, I stuck
my hand into the cell to pull the plates, with the electric off (of course) and it
still almost electrocuted me, it actually sparked. I quickly double checked and
sure enough everything was off. I checked the cell, and it had stored about 3
amps and 10 volts. I am not sure how much discharged when I stuck my hand in
there, but let me tell you it cracked liked a baby lightening bolt and made my
knuckles ache for a while. I thought that was pretty amazing; I decided to go
over everything once more, just to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything. I
still hadn’t used the oscilloscope, I don’t even know how. And later that week I
had to return the equipment to the person I had borrowed it from. But I was fine,
I was satisfied that I had actually achieved some success or so I had thought. I
went back to searching for others that should have achieved success by now so
that I could hopefully share my experiences…and yet no one had achieved
anything, after two years not one other person knew this? So now my selfish
nature has just reared its ugly head, I wanted money before I just gave my hard
work over to some one else to profit from. I could care less about fame. So I
went back to studying the tapes, I wanted to find out who Stan’s sources were,
who offered him the money. Maybe I could get some of that. I would love to tell
my wife that we are millionaires and that she’ll never have to work again, I’d
love to be able to buy a couple hundred acre farm in Colorado and build some
jeeps to wheel. I’d even move my mother in-law out there. (Playing on the heart
strings for that bribe)
Life would be real sweet if I could just find out who wanted Stan’s work and get
in touch with them. I found one of them. But in the meantime I wanted to
perfect this thing.
While studying the tapes for the hundredth time I came to a point where Stan
talks about the capacitance of the cell. I hadn’t really understood before but I
think I do now. The cell works at high voltage while limiting the amperage.
Think of the electric as water. The voltage is the pressure, the current is the
volume. If you try to fill up a 5gal. container with a pressure washer it will take
you quite a while to do it. But the stream will shoot a distance, so you can fill it
up from across the yard. That is voltage.
Now fill the same bucket up with the garden hose that was hooked to the
pressure washer, it will fill the bucket quicker. Twice as fast in most cases, but
at a shorter spray distance than the pressurized stream. That is because you have
lost the “potential” energy by increasing the volume, to put the stream out at the
same distance (get the workout of it) you have to do one of two things, limit the
volume(amps) which means pressurize the stream (induction coil and circuitry)
or increase the flow rate (larger more powerful water pump/power source), and
increasing amperage increases the danger, and increases the energy being used
to create the gas, making it an inefficient process.
What we are trying to do is get the voltage to go a long distance through some
highly resistive material, so by decreasing the volume we increase the potential
(work that pressure alone can do) because it does not require more power, and
volume (amperage) just fills the container (cell) faster, reducing and ultimately
stopping its effectiveness.
So to say it in Stan speak (I hope you understand now). By limiting the amps we
allow the potential (amp free voltage) to take over, yet we still ultimately end up
with amperage saturating the WFC, this amperage comes from the minimal
current we are putting in, but also comes from another source as well. Since
there is no continuity for the current to pass through easily it charges the cell
and becomes free electrons. And I believe that the audio frequency being
inducted onto the anode acts as an inhibitor keeping the current from being able
to leave the cell at the rate it is brought in to it. Also current is nothing more
than electrons. By breaking the covalent bond, each molecule loses two
electrons; these liberated electrons remain in the water as well due to the
capacitance, once “the capacity” has been reached the cell can not release
anymore gas because there are now to many “free” electrons hanging around in
the cell that just reformulate the bonds and attach at free points helping to make
the covalent bonds stronger by increasing the negative polarity of the molecules
as a whole, and create a static layer around the cathode and anode. I believe that
some of the free electrons do take on a slightly positive charge, this static layer
that builds around the electrodes appears to trap the gas bubbles until it is
discharged by either the high voltage being gated off and shaking the cell
freeing the gas atoms thereby pulling the electrons away with it, or the polarities
of the “exciters” being momentarily switched. But if we harvest those free
electrons from the water we are helping the extraction process by taking the
generated stored current from the cell. This current can then be used to supply
power back to the electronics that power the cell. Since Faraday only discussed
the actual fracturing of the covalent bond and did not account for the efficiency
of higher grades of stainless steel being able to do the job without decomposing,
and then “harvesting” the free electrons that were “liberated” in the process as
well as those added by the process…… well I’ll just leave that argument up to
the chicken before the egghead debaters for now.

All of this through luck, and misfortune. Those of you that are studying this
phenomenon are on the right track but in the wrong position. Those who said it
can’t be done, you are wrong, it has been done. Through the hard work and
sheer genius of great men like Nikola Tesla, Andrija Puharich, and Stanley
These men who have been shunned in our history books for being
unconventional. Well if we are to examine history we will see many cases of
men with unconventional ideas that were proven right. Maybe Stan can join
their ranks.

An attempt at clarification

Now that you have the story behind this story, I will try to bring it together for
you without all of the history. And hopefully in simpler terms then the
mathematical algorithms and geek speak that Stanley and Andrija.
The main difficulty in completing this project without a doubt will be the
construction of the electronics. A microprocessor will have to be built, one that
can provide or regulate all of the necessary frequencies involved, as well as
monitoring the cell to adjust the frequencies accordingly. That is easier today
than it would have been even in 1992 when Stan realized it. And more possible
than when Andrija figured it out in the late 70’s. Like most of us Andrija and
Stan Meyer just could not complete that single most crucial component to the
WFC. (I wonder if a nice little Palm Pilot could be utilized as the brain)

Here is what I think will be required: (Remember, I am no electronics expert)

An audio oscillator and maybe an amplifier, I didn’t use an amplifier but
Andrija’s schematic shows one.

A custom built microprocessor / built to control the frequency and voltage
parameters defined from the use of the signal generator and an oscilloscope
during pre-production testing and monitoring.

The microprocessor should be of a small and efficient design capable of
controlling the audio frequency / the voltage pulse timer / as well as the voltage
frequency to the desired parameters as set through study with the use of a signal
generator and oscilloscope during pre-production testing and monitoring.

The microprocessor will also have to monitor the cell, and adjust all frequencies
accordingly, as the water’s natural resonance will change as the HHO is
produced and contaminants are left in the cell. These contaminants change the
ability of the water to maintain a steady resonance at a fixed frequency by
changing the viscosity as the level of solid contaminants rise to a higher ppm as
the water is converted. (Does anyone know what minerals cause a green/black
scum to form? Because that comes out of the tap-water where I live, in about 10
seconds there is a ½ inch layer of it on top of the water) (If you do this in a glass
container on a ceramic tile as I did you will be able to hear the change in pitch
from the glass & ceramic vibrations)

During the pulsing, the water will reach a state of near ionization, aiding in the
breakdown process due to weakening of the electrons. The pulsing charges the
H molecules natural polarity to a greater extent while weakening the negative
charge of the O molecule and electrons, this allows the bond to move from
104.5° to a 109° angle, reducing the dipolar regions hold on the H molecule and
stretching the bonding electron, which can now come into contact with more
positively charged molecules discharging the electrostatic charge and
momentarily switching off the covalent bond. And now the positive is more
positive, and the stronger negative is weakened, since the oxygen atom is now
less negative it actually has less attraction to the hydrogen atom preventing it
from readily reattaching. When the voltage is turned off after peaking, the
secondary winding of the induction coil discharges sending the voltage into the
high kilovolt ranges stripping the atoms away from each other before they can
recover. I believe that the audio frequency should be applied as a constant, not
switching off with the voltage. And by using a Tesla resonant tank circuit in
conjunction with an induction coil, voltage should reach exponentially higher
peak kilovolts. (I still don’t know how that works)
Harvesting the free electrons from the cell will facilitate continued effective and
efficient production, storing them in a capacitor and using them to assist in
powering the cell. According to Stan Meyer, storing the current from the cell
and then using it to power the cell you can actually create a closed loop system.
This may sound impossible, but think of it this way, a steam engine boils water
to make steam, the rapid expansion and movement of the air is what is used to
move the turbine engine, so energy is lost in the form of heat, but a useful
byproduct is now available to use again, the water. The wasted energy is in fact
not the heat from the steam, but the heat used to create the steam. That energy is
transferred into the steam, but since it does not become a source of energy it is
now wasted. So by using high voltage potential to gather electrons from water
you lose energy in the form of hydrogen, but since you are capturing the
hydrogen for use it isn’t lost, and since you are now taking the voltage and
generated current back into the system, and using it, it isn’t lost. The amps are
recaptured in the form of freed electrons, the voltage potential’s power, but
since it is using hardly any amperage, you need to add the kilovolt surges to
make watts.…….I’ll stop talking there. It makes sense in my head, but it took
me two long years to get my head wrapped around it. The WFC works, I have
done it, except for the closed loop part, Stan has done it, and Andrija has done it.
I wonder if there are others.

Also Faraday’s law is not broken as he intended it. He never counted on using
the potential energy of electricity (voltage) he only thought in the terms of
current, the power, he also never counted on harvesting the liberated electrons.
So if you only think of it as using voltage to make usable electrons then the
hydrogen would be the wasted energy, if you only use it to make hydrogen then
the electrons become wasted energy in the form of both electric and heat. You
can create heat, electricity (running a generator) and even desalinate water, there
are a lot more possibilities then what I can think of. But no matter what the
waste is HHO gas and electricity. Both are usable. At the end of the cycle using
a car for example, the exhaust is water, but that water needs to be recharged with
photons which come from the sun. So energy is being used, but not energy we
use or have to pay for. (FREE ENERGY)

This is all I can do for now. When I have the money to purchase the electronics
and start again I will. But in the meantime here is the secret; I have a lot more to
learn about electronics before I could ever complete it. And a lot of you are
suffering the same problem, to confident in your abilities to ask for help, and to
unwilling to share your work out of fear of losing it. Since I can’t do it, I give it
freely in the hopes that someone else can, it will take an electronics expert to
design a microprocessor to do just what I have said here. And we will all be
driving cars that run on water within a year. Sorry Big oil. But as it was said
“we didn’t come out of the Stone Age because we ran out of stones, and we
won’t come out of the oil age because we run out of oil”. We came out of the
Stone Age because our technology grew, and an idea was born, and that man
taught another man, and one after the other through history man has learned
from man and we have grown because of our ability to learn from one another’s
ideas. Only in this age of greed do we fear teaching because we may lose the
fame and fortune to another. How sad. As for the learning, most of the people
working on this technology are so smart that they look at the cell and see how it
is done, so they try based on what they know, I wasn’t that fortunate, I looked at
the cell and saw how it was made, but then I listened to what Stan was saying,
and I had to learn what he meant, as well as learn what was going on. Most of
these people already knew….and just like people have a propensity to do, they
do not listen to what they already know and they just jump right in. If you look
at the documentation and listen to Stan you will see that he used the voltage
coming from an alternator that was also used to limit the amps, doubled with a
VIC (Tesla’s resonant tank circuit) into his signal generator, then into the cell,
only a couple of times is the toroid coil mentioned, but as I said it is either
subterfuge, or he meant induction coil. And with as much as he has kept secret,
and let speculation occur just to keep these very facts hidden, I go with

But I still wouldn’t mind those millions that were offered to Stan. I’d take the
money; I have a family that I would like to spoil. In the meantime I would settle
for free gas and electricity, imagine how much cheaper the world would be to
live in without the extra bills. As for the economy; that’s just how the Feds
generate their paychecks. So don’t worry about that, this technology would
narrow the gap between the rich and the poor and do it by saving the poor some
money, only big oil companies would feel the sting, and who cares about them?
Oh’ and that secret Government Agency that was going to fund
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, high risk, high payoff research.
I contacted them and told them I’d like to talk to someone about the technology,
that it can be done and I know how…..Not one person responded. In fact they
made it impossible to contact them directly after that, you now have to get a job
with them to work on any project. They won’t take ideas. I have also contacted
the energy giants MOBIL/EXXON and BP, no response. They are only
interested in Hydrogen from fossil fuels. They rely on the fact that one man
can’t do it alone.
Only the people want this technology so we have to make it ourselves. If you
think this is BS, which is up to you, fine keep doing it wrong, but if you already
have a working cell, a signal generator, and an oscilloscope, what is the harm in
adding an audio oscillator to your arsenal? If you use an alternator as the
oscillator don’t forget the jumper wire, and use a dimmer switch on that wire to
control the amperage. Too much will keep the alternator from transferring
voltage though it will still create the AM signal. By the way, someone out there
(I won’t name names) is working on Sonosonic breakdown of water molecules,
basically taking a steel tube filled with water and vibrating it with sound waves
so fast that they can get the water to split inside the area of cavitations. Sono is
from sonar, which is sound. An electronic tuning fork in water, hmmm I wonder
what would happen by adding high voltage DC and limiting the amperage to the
milliamp level?………..
Anyway folks, I can only tell you what I’ve learned and hope someone smarter
than me can take it to the next level. Give it a shot, and let us all know how you
make out. I’m not saying I’m smarter than Stan, I only figured out what he did,
he was on his way to perfecting it before he died. I am openly admitting I have
gone as far as I can; the electronics are the key, the audio signal and pulsed high
voltage coupled with the right frequency modulations. I am not even sure that
super high k-volts are even necessary with the audio signal at the right
Do this and you have it. But if anyone suddenly does it and tries to make a huge
profit from it without cutting me in for a piece….I’m coming for you, and I
don’t want to hear that “coincidence” crap either. Do the world some good, free
us from fossil fuels and the cancer it is putting in our air and water. Oh’ and
make it so I can give my diesel another 50+ horsepower, if all the cars are
burning cleaner a little smoke won’t hurt. Hell if someone can do it I’ll go with
a gasser.
I’m not sure of everything that goes on in this system, it’s just the way it works.
Try it for yourself. Most of the terminology is gleaned from Stan, and I believe
he uses it because whether or not it is scientifically correct it feels right, and I
know some will say there is no proof because I have no videos or pics…well
people I wasn’t doing it for a movie, you-tube or a book, I was doing it to put it
in my truck. And once I got it right maybe sell it for mucho dinero contante, but
since it is a useless piece of junk without the ability to control it, I have no use
for it. All I did was figure out why and how Stan used that alternator instead of a
battery or battery charger for the DC voltage. As for the rest, look at what I am
saying, and then listen to Stan’s lectures, it is that simple.
Or you can just do what I’ve said, but I’m sure you all are skeptics, lord knows I
am. I’m not selling it to you, I’ve explained it the best I can, and I’m not saying,
I’m running a car on it. I’m saying some electronics genius needs to do the
important part and then we all can, that guy will be famous for it not me. If you
want more I can’t give it, but I’m e-mailing this to every one I can in with the
hopes that someone can fix us up with a program, or controller to keep it
running instead of the constant tuning to keep it going. I’m sick of buying fuel,
and paying for electric, (and I still want that HP for my diesel). Plus I can’t get
rich off of something I can’t do, so I figure if I can’t be rich, and I’m not going
to make someone else rich, the only other solution is to make a lot of us a less
poor by saving money!
My cell was perforated stainless plates in a 1½ qt. glass jar, nothing fancy.

A few links / make up your own mind
http://cartalk.com/content/columns/Archive/2001/March/01.html (a link that
talks about radio noise from alternators)
http://www.rexresearch.com/puharich/1puhar.htm (Puharich’s work)
http://www.rexresearch.com/meyerhy/meyerhy.htm ( Some of Meyer’s work)
http://www.familycar.com/Classroom/charging.htm (A short course on the
http://www.waterfuelcell.org/ (good videos, these are filled with clues that
helped me immensely)
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2445602063454986281 (Meyer
lecture pt1)
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8307447514823199481 (Meyer
lecture pt2)
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2912352558373468441 (Meyer
lecture pt3)
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3531210909615191815 (Meyer
lecture pt4)
http://www.richieburnett.co.uk/dcreschg.html (Meyer’s inspiration for the VIC)
http://merlib.org/node/5247 (A compilation of Meyer’s lectures)

Links to information on toroid coils and inductors

http://www.estreetplastics.com/Acrylic_Tube_s/45.htm (cheapest acrylic cell
tube I could find $20.00 for a 6” OD 23” long)
(A good place to order stainless tubing)
(Find a local SS supplier)
One other thing, Good luck!

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