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Sustainability Toolkits_


									Sustainability Toolkits:
 a short guide to what is
  available if you want to
  regenerate and protect
        the environment.
                             The rise of the word „sustainability‟ in the
                             contemporary world of regeneration can
                             sometimes lead to a confusing slippage
                             between “long-term economic viability”
                             and “long term environmental
                             preservation”. Although these two poles
                             can be united by the deployment of
                             greener technologies and social habits,
                             they are not the same thing.

                             At RegenWM we have reviewed the
                             toolkits that already exist to promote
                             environmental sustainability and are
                             packaging some up for you. Without too
                             much prejudice we have extracted three
                             examples from the UK which will be good
                             learning tools with practical application
                             for thinking about sustaining the
                             environment in a regeneration context.
                             Taken together they will give practical
                             advice, project themes, some paperwork
                             and frameworks for action.
Implementing Action for                          Maximising the Environmental
Sustainability: an Integrated                    Sustainability of the West
Appraisal Toolkit for the North                  Wales & the Valleys Objective
West 2003                                        1 Programme: A Step-by Step
                                                 Guide for Project Applicants
         Developed and published by the          and Programme Managers
North West Regional Assembly, this
toolkit aims to help decision-makers,                    This project guide (published in
planners and investors assess the                2000), which grew from Objective 1
contribution of their individual work            funding in South Wales, provides specific
towards priorities for sustainable               guidance and ideas on how projects can
development.                                     be made more environmentally
         Integrated appraisal generally is       sustainable. Suggestions include for
at an early stage of development, but            example, designing and constructing
utilising this toolkit, evaluating the           employment sites which minimise
process in a variety of uses, and learning       wastage of resources such as water,
from the experience of others will all           energy, wood and stone. Or, what about
help to further refine it. The developers        involving local people in developing a
will welcome your views on the toolkit           community wildlife area, or perhaps
and details of the ways you are using it         developing markets for sustainably-
as this will help in further refining it. This   produced agricultural products? Advice is
is a very positive feature of the toolkit,       also given on targets and selection
and the NWRA and its partners are                criteria and on useful sources of further
commendably committed to this „share             help and information.
and develop‟ approach which is core to                   There is good information and
all sustainability. You can download the         suggestions on how to design projects,
tool kit or view online at:                      and about the linkages between the                       different components of regeneration.
                                                 This document will help programme
                                                 managers in all sorts of fields meet the
                                                 goals of environmental sustainability.
                                                 View the report contents on:
ecoregen website                       
         ecoregen describes how land can         enviroguide/contents.htm
be improved and restored in a way that
produces benefits for both people and
wildlife. It is an easily accessible website
that takes you through the basic
ingredients for sound environmentally
sustainable regeneration projects.
         ecoregen is about reconnecting
people with the land around them. It is
about helping communities get the
maximum benefit from land in their
neighbourhood while ensuring that as a
society we recognise our responsibilities
to the environment.
         ecoregen is a valuable
information resource, with links.
However, it is also more than that.
ecoregen offers a step-by-step guide to                                      Compiled by:
restoring damaged land. The ecoregen                                           RegenWM
'toolkit' offers a wealth of a practical tips,                        L2 Millennium Point
advice and contacts to help community                                       Curzon Street
groups and professional bodies overcome                              Birmingham B4 7XG
the challenges involved. View online at:                                  0121 202 3260                                   

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