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									Thank you for considering Lake City Propane! If you need clarification or would
like to discuss a particular situation, please feel free to contact us at 944-1018.

Below you will find a series of questions, and based on the answers, a variety of
actions might need to be taken to determine the best course of action to switch

It is our goal to make the process of switching to Lake City Propane as simple and
cost effective as absolutely possible. While safety will not be compromised, you
have our commitment that we will make every effort to make the transition as
painless as possible. While Safety is job # 1, customer satisfaction is a very close

It is important to note that the information below should not be considered legal
counsel or guidance. If you have questions about particular contract issues, you
should contact a legal professional to address your concerns. Lake City Propane
can provide contacts for this type of information. If you would like more
information on this, please contact us => Odell@LakeCityPropane.com or 944-1018.

There are four primary areas to consider:

1. Billing relationship with your current provider – click here
2. Tank ownership – click here
3. New installation pending – click here
4. Distribution Relationship – click here

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       Billing relationship with current provider
                   (scroll down to the applicable section)

1.1.    “Pre-buy”
  1.1.1. If you paid up front for propane, you may still have a credit balance
  1.1.2. If you have a credit, you will need to consume that credit with your
       current provider before you switch or you will lose that money
1.2.    C.O.D
  1.2.1. If you pay at the time of delivery, then you shouldn’t have any billing
       constraint to switch providers
1.3.    Monthly billing
  1.3.1. If you pay a set monthly amount (sometimes called budget billing),
       then you will need to check the status of your account before switching
  1.3.2. Check your latest bill to determine if you have a credit on your
  1.3.3. If you are unsure, contact Amerigas to confirm the payment status of
       your account

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                            Tank Ownership
 *** There are many different situations and concerns on this issue. We are
still in the process of developing a comprehensive process to address domestic
         tank concerns. Please feel free to contact us for details ***

2.1.      Customer Owned Tank –

  2.1.1. Congratulations! If you own your own tank, then there are no tank
       restrictions to keep you from switching propane suppliers

2.2.      Leased Tank (above ground) –

  2.2.1. If you have a signed lease for your tank with Amerigas, then you will
       need to either purchase this tank from Amerigas or purchase a tank
       from us. We will offer a lease/purchase program for those customers
       who would like to spread the cost out over time. Details to come soon on
       this program – please review the website, email, or call us for details.

  2.2.2. Contact Amerigas to request a quote to purchase the tank that is
       already in service at your location.

2.3.      Leased Tank (underground) –

  2.3.1. As with the above ground leased tanks, if you have a signed lease with
       Amerigas on your tank, then this tank will have to be purchased from
       Amerigas or a new tank will have to be purchased from us in order to
       switch providers.

  2.3.2. If you are in this situation, please contact us for details on possible

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               Tank Ownership (continued)

2.4.     Not sure of ownership –

  2.4.1. Call Amerigas and ask if the tank is leased from them

  2.4.2. If so, ask them to send you a copy of the lease contract

  2.4.3. Ask for the tank serial number

  2.4.4. Verify the serial number matches your tank serial number

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                        New Installation Pending
3.1.       Have you already signed a lease for a tank?

  3.1.1. Yes –    Has the tank been installed?

     Yes – please contact Amerigas for a quote on the
                    purchase price for the tank.

     No - please contact us for options!

  3.1.2. No –    Please contact us for options!

3.2.        Have you purchased a tank?

  3.2.1. Congratulations! You have no tank restrictions to switch providers

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                 Distribution (Route) Status
4.1. Once you have determined that you want to switch to Lake City Propane,
   you may need to notify your current provider that their services are no
   longer required

4.2. If you are currently on a “Keep Full” program (your current propane
   supplier is responsible to make sure your tank does not run out of gas)

   4.2.1. Call us to determine a date when we can pressure test and validate
       your installation

   4.2.2. Make sure you have plenty of propane to last you through that date

   4.2.3. Then you can call Amerigas and request that they change you to a
       “Will Call” status (customer controls the frequency of the delivery)

   4.2.4. As with any important call, it is a good idea to record the date the
       call was made and the person that documented the request

   4.2.5. Keep a close watch on your propane levels to make sure you don’t run
       out. If you have any questions, please give us a ring…

4.3. If you are currently on a “Will Call” program, then no change will be
   necessary for your current supplier

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