Humanity by taoyni


               Creatures of God or virus from Hell?

       What can possibly oppose our superior race? After all, we are superior to
every other creature, aren’t we? We can communicate… well, pretty much every
species does. But we can write… well, ants communicate by an olfactory
language and they write down messages with saliva. Hey! We’ve got
emotions… what can tell us that we are the only species that actually do? After
all, dogs express their pain and happiness by waving their tail or ‘‘crying’’…
And by the way, not every human even have emotions. Then what makes us so

       Maybe we’re just an ethnocentric Group of individuals that thinks if
humans talk and no one answers, that’s because nobody’s intelligent enough to
answer. If I was an extra-terrestrial member of an intelligent community and I
discovered the human race, I’d grab a bowl of intergalactic pop corn and watch
what will happen with this stupid race that make war in the name of peace, eat
because their bored, and spoil their own planet, sacrificing the future
generations. I’ve made a song about a year ago concerning this subject because I
wanted to show people that there was a problem in our way of thinking, living
and imposing. Think about it; We have enough food to feed twelve billion
humans but two third of our seven billion population can’t even get three meals
a day. Water cost more than gas, we buy what we don’t need but deny giving to
the needy, etc. We extract and collect earth’s resources more and more, but they
don’t regenerate so what will we do when we run out of these resources? Every
modern transportation vehicle consumes oil, plastic is made of oil and so is
Vaseline. We’re gonna run out of oil, ya Know! What will we do without
Vaseline? We cut trees and the environmental budget for ‘‘economic purposes’’
and we are the direct cause of the ‘‘greenhouse effect’’. The worst part? We
contribute directly and a lot more than we think to the degradation of our
Universal Mother Earth. And after that we have the guts to claim we are the only
intelligent life form? I’d say the only stupid and egocentric life form is more
close to the truth. So I realize ‘‘my’’ fault in this ecological disaster but united
we stand alive, corrupted we crawl to survive. So, knowing the problem and the
solution, all that’s left is spread the knowledge and save what’s left to save.

       Music is, to my opinion, the best way to spread the message and, O Irony,
I am a musician! The rest is easy to figure out. I believe that music is the best (or
worst, depending of the messenger) way to propagate information. I can and
want to have an impact on humanity; I want my children to breath. I’ve got the
choice to sing about love, cars, marijuana, or about the real things in life such as
listed above. Guess what choice I’ve made…
Lyrics for the song: Humanity
Written and performed by: Nick Zorn

Life, this eternal journey into the mist
We search peace, but can we reach it before the abyss?
We search knowledge, but do we have a goal?
Maybe the answer lies in our souls…
We are humans, animals with a gift to think
From where we’ve been to where we’re going, is there a link?
Humanity is a society in which we communicate
But we also destroy, we love and we hate
Is there a future for mankind?
Can we see, or are we just too blind?
What do we bring to Mother Nature except destruction?
We don’t want to see it now but will we understand it later?
We’ve been here for only one million years
I’ve seen the tears and I sense the end is near
If we don’t change, it’s everybody’s problems
It’s our responsibility to solve them
We’ve got a conscience but prefer not using it
‘Cuz it’s more fun to dream than to exit
‘Cuz a dream always ends up when you wake up
But who will save us… if it’s not us?
Only knowledge can save us, I insist
Or prepare for the Apocalypse…

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