How to Keep a Guy For Good - 5 Tips to Make Both of You Will Stay on Each Other's Arms For Always

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					 How to Keep a Guy For Good - 5 Tips to Make Both of You Will Stay on Each Other's
                                Arms For Always

Being in a relationship is not guaranteed that you will be with your lover until forever
because problems may rise up the scene which could endanger the love and relationship
that you've invested on the relationship. Because of this, it is important that you know the
ways on how to keep a guy for good.

The process may not be easy but with some perseverance and lots of love, you will be
able to go through the process with ease so you can guarantee that both of you will stay
on each other's arms for always. Here are some of the things which you can do to keep
your man:

1. Know what the Guy Likes

It is important that you give what he likes from a girlfriend. Although it is usual for men
to be given with the task of being on the look for ways that will keep their girl happy, you
need to understand that once you enter a relationship, the street becomes two-way, which
means that it must be a give and take relationship.

Instead of focusing yourself on what you like, it is the time to take some moment to have
a look whether you are giving your man the attention and love he craves from a girl.
Because of this, it pays to be sensitive about his feelings from time to time.

2. Allow your Lover to Feel that He is the Man

It is not wrong to boost the ego of your man when you can. This way, you can allow him
to feel good about his self. It is the tendency of most men to keep the person who is
giving them the sense of importance that they need to feel like a good man. By doing this
as well, you can ensure that he will do the same to you in return.

3. Make him Feel that He is Valued

Another thing that you can do on how to keep a guy for good is to ensure that you are
giving him the sense of importance that he needs. Although you can do things on your
own, it won't hurt to ask for his help from time to time. So next time you simply can't
reach the button at the back of your shirt, ask your man to do it for you.

4. Put Messages All Around

Guys are normally feeling low and stressed the moment they went out of their office,
because of this, you can paste love messages all around the house. Put some messages
like "have a smile honey!", "you have a gift his night!", and so forth. These will for sure
perk up his mood no matter how draining his day went.
5. Never Control your Man

Although there are times when you simply cannot agree with your man, this is not
enough reason for you to control his life. Allow your man to enjoy his life while keeping
you at his side. This will ensure that he will see your effort and worth.

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