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					                               SAWH Mentoring Toolkit Topics

                                  Jennifer Ritterhouse, Chair
                                SAWH Committee on Mentoring

        The SAWH is pleased to offer this new resource for its members and friends. We
have selected a range of topics of interest to graduate students, young professionals, and
even veteran historians. For topics that are particularly rich or complex, such as minority
faculty experiences and job searching, we have included multiple entries to reflect
different perspectives. We will phase in new topics over time, and we hope eventually to
incorporate an interactive aspect to the toolkit.

       The Mentoring Committee has worked with volunteers from throughout the
SAWH to make this toolkit a reality. The members of the committee are Brandi
Brimmer, Yvonne Davis Frear, Kelly Kennington, Melissa McEuen, and Jennifer

       Please feel free to contact us with your ideas or questions about the toolkit or
other mentoring initiatives.

Toolkit Topics
Academic Couples, by Rebecca Sharpless

Adjuncting, by Joan Marie Johnson

Alternatives to the Academic Job Market—Archival Work, by Jennifer Davis McDaid

Applying for a Job, by Mary Carroll Johansen

Archival Research Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Archival Adventure, by
Elizabeth Gritter

Becoming a Historian, by Karen L. Cox

Conference Presentations, by Kelly Kennington

Fellowships, Scholarships, and Assistantships, by Kirsten E. Wood

Getting the Best From Your Teaching Assistant, by Jean A. Stuntz

Graduate School Survival Guide, by Heidi Scott Giusto and Elizabeth Gritter

Grants and Fellowships, by Carole Bucy

A Guide to Completing Your Dissertation, by Shannon Frystak
Higher Education Teaching Venues and Cultures, by Melissa Walker

How to be a Successful Teaching Assistant, by Jessica Brannon-Wranosky

How to Find Mentors, by Antoinette G. van Zelm

Juggling Family and Career, by Carolyn Dupont

Just Say No, or How to Manage Your Life Outside of the Classroom, by Glenda Gilmore

Mentoring/Mentee Suggestions from Experience, by Alisa Harrison

Minority Faculty Experiences, by Elsa Barkley Brown

Minority Faculty Experiences—Questions, Questions, Questions, by Yvonne Davis Frear

Nancy Hewitt’s Bicycle (or How to Select a Graduate Program in Your Sleep), by
Danielle L. McGuire

Navigating the Job Search, by Megan Shockley

Part-time Work, by Julie Richter

Participating Effectively in [Male-Dominated] Discussions, by Amy Feely Morsman

Preparing for Comprehensive Exams, by Rhonda Ragsdale

Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals, by Connie Lester

Sexual Harassment, by Glenda Gilmore and Margaret Nunnelly Olsen

Teaching History with E-Learning Components, by Jessica Brannon-Wranosky

Tenure, by Kirsten E. Wood

Turning a Dissertation into a Book, by Anne F. Scott

You’re ABD: Now What? by Heidi Scott Giusto

Your Advisor is Leaving! by Darren J. Pierson

Upcoming Toolkit Topics
If you see something that interests you and is not assigned, please contact Jennifer
Ritterhouse at to volunteer! We’d also like to hear from
you if you have a topic to suggest that is not included here.
Diversity within the Profession


Changing Jobs After Tenure [Assigned]

Developing a Vita

Internships [Assigned]

Making Your Graduate School Experience Successful (2009 SAWH Conference
Workshop) [Assigned]

Mentoring Retrospective

Surviving Your First Year [Assigned]

Trailing Spouses and Other Dislocating Moves: Getting Reconnected in a New Town

Upcoming Mentoring Opportunities

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