Viruses and Bacteria Assignment _ by malj


									Viruses and Bacteria Assignment #
Directions: Fill in the blank
       1. Viruses are __________ particles that cause diseases and infections.

       2. Viruses cannot make new viruses by themselves as they are non-living. In order for viruses to
          replicate they need a _________.

                                                 Host Cell

       3. Examples of viruses include: ____________, _____________ and _____________.

       4. You can get a virus from _______________, ______________ and _____________.

Directions: Fill in the blank
       1. There are two kinds of bacteria, ________________ and ________________. Archaebacteria re
       found in ________________________, while eubacteria are found in _________________________.

       2. Bacteria are ____________________ which reproduce asexually.

       3. Viruses are non-living, and bacteria are ________.

       4. Only bacteria with a ____________ can cause disease.

Classification/Naming of Bacteria
              -Bacteria are classified based on shape, growth pattern and whether or not they need oxygen.
                     1. Shapes:                                           3. Need for oxygen
                              Cocci-spheres                                    Aerobic-need oxygen
                                                                               Anaerobic-don’t need oxygen


                        2. Growth Patterns:

                              Diplo-a pair OO         O
                              Staphylo-grape cluster OOO

                              Strepto-long chain OOOOOO

              -Bacteria are named using a combination of growth pattern and shape:
                          Example: “diplococci” -              “streptobacilli”-
Directions: Name/classify the bacteria below.

1. Write down the correct bacteria shape next to each picture:

2. Name the bacteria shapes below; remember arrangement (diplo, staphylo, strepto) comes before shape
(cocci, bacilli, spirilli).

               A.             =_________________

               B.             =_________________

               C.             =_________________

               D.             =_________________

               E.             =_________________

               F.             =_________________

               G.             =_________________

               H.             =_________________

               I.             =_________________

3. Draw pictures of each bacterium I name:
              A. Diplococci=

               B. Diplobacilli=

               C. Streptospirilli=

               D. Staphylococci=

               E. Staphylospirilli=

               F. Streptobacilli=

               G. Streptococci=

               H. Diplospirilli=

               I. Staphylobacilli=

4. Match the description with the kind of bacteria:
               A. Aerobic, rod shaped pairs of bacteria             1. Streptococci-needs oxygen
               B. Anaerobic, long chains of spirals                 2. Streptospirilli-doesn’t need oxygen
               C. Aerobic, long chains of spheres                   3. Diplobacilli-needs oxygen

5. Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria. Can antibiotics kill viruses? Explain your answer.

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