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BID FP 10-1890

                                        CALL FOR BIDS


                                        AERIAL TRUCK

The Board of Commissioners of the Winnebago County Forest Preserve District will receive sealed
bids in the Purchasing Department, Winnebago County Administration Building, 404 Elm Street,
Room 202, Rockford, Illinois 61101 until 2:00 P.M., March 2, 2010.

A public opening and reading will be held at this date and time.


                                      “AERIAL TRUCK”
                                   2:00 P.M., MARCH 2, 2010

The Board of Commissioners reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids or to waive
technicalities, or to accept any item of any bid. Information is available from the Purchasing
Department, Winnebago County Administration Building, 404 Elm Street, Room 202, Rockford,
Illinois 61101. Telephone: (815) 319-4380, Fax: (815) 319-4381, E-Mail

The documents constituting component parts of the Bid Form are the following:

       I       Call for Bids
       II      Requirements for Bidding and Instructions to Bidders
       III     Information Sheet
       IV      Detailed Specifications
       V       Bid Forms

Legal Advertisement for Bids published in the Rockford Register Star on February 11, 2010 or visit
our website



The bidder must submit a bid or proposal on the forms furnished by the Purchasing Department. All
blank spaces on the bid or proposal form must be filled in. Authorized signature must be the
individual owner of a proprietorship, a general partner of a partnership, or signed in the name of a
corporation by an officer whose title shall be stated. Bids or proposals shall be sealed in an envelope
and marked as required in the instructions. The bid or proposal is contained in these documents and
must remain attached hereto when submitted.


The County of Winnebago as a Governmental Unit pays neither Federal Excise Tax nor Illinois
Retailers Occupational Tax, and therefore, those taxes should be excluded from bid. Our Tax
Exempt Number is: E9992-3963-06.


The bid should provide that all payments are subject to the Local Governmental Prompt Payment


Any bidder may withdraw their bid or proposal at any time prior to the time specified in the
advertisement as the closing time for the receipt of bids or proposals by signing a request therefore.
However, no bidder shall withdraw or cancel his bid or proposal for a period of sixty (60) days after
said advertised closing time for the receipt of bids or proposals; the successful bidder shall not
withdraw or cancel their bid or proposal after having been notified by the Director of Purchasing
that said bid or proposal has been accepted by the County Board.


Each bidder shall submit catalogs, descriptive literature, and detailed drawings, where applicable, to
fully illustrate and describe the material and/or work they propose to furnish.


The Winnebago County Forest Preserve District reserves the right to cancel any contract in whole
or in part without penalty due to failure of the contractor to comply with terms, conditions and
specifications of this contract.


Expenses incurred in the preparation of proposals in response to this bid or proposal is the Bidder's
sole responsibility.



In cases where a specified item is identified by a manufacturer’s name, trade name, or other
references, it is understood that the bidder proposes to furnish the item identified. If the bidder
proposes to furnish an “equal,” the proposed “equal” item must be so indicated in the written bid or
proposal. The County shall be the sole determiner of the equality of the substitute offered.


All materials shipped to the Winnebago County Forest Preserve District must be shipped F.O.B.
designated location, County of Winnebago, Rockford, Illinois.


Deviations and exceptions from terms, conditions, or specifications shall be described fully, on
bidder’s letterhead, signed, and attached to the Request for Bid or Proposal. In the absence of such
statement, the bid shall be accepted as in strict compliance with all terms, conditions, and
specifications and the bidder shall be held liable. Bidders are cautioned to avoid making deviations
and exceptions to the specifications, which may result in rejection of their bid or proposal.


In determination of award, cash discounts will only be considered when all other conditions are


Purchase orders shall be placed directly to the contractor by an authorized agency. No other
purchase orders are authorized.


All services, work and materials must comply with all federal and state laws, County ordinances,
rules and regulations that in any manner affect the production and sale of the product or service
contained herein. In the event federal or state funds are being used to fund this contract; additional
certifications, attached as addenda, will be required. Lack of knowledge on the part of the vendor
will in no way be cause for release of this obligation. If the District becomes aware of violation of
any laws on the part of the vendor, it reserves the right to reject any bid, cancel any contract and
pursue any other legal remedies deemed necessary.


Any responses and supporting documents submitted in response to a bid or proposal will be subject
to disclosure under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.



All bidders must bid prevailing wages. The Successful Bidder will be required to provide certified
payroll records on a monthly basis according to Illinois Act 820 ILCS §130/5.


The Substance Abuse Prevention on Public Works Act, Public Act 95-0635, prohibits the use of
drugs and alcohol, as defined in the Act, by employees of the Contractor and by employees of all
approved Subcontractors while performing work on a public works project. The Contractor/
Subcontractor herewith certifies that it has a superseding collective bargaining agreement or makes
the public filing of its written substance abuse prevention program for the prevention of substance
abuse among its employees who are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement dealing with
the subject as mandated by the Act.

Bidders and their Subcontractors (if applicable) certifies that the entity has signed collective
bargaining agreements that are in effect for all of its employees, and that deal with the subject
matter of Public Act 95-0635, or certifies that the contracting entity has in place for all of its
employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement that deals with subject of the Act, and
will attach the substance abuse prevention program that meets or exceeds the requirements of Public
Act 95-0635.


Firms wishing to protest bids or awards shall notify the Purchasing Director in writing within 30
days after the invitation to bid opening. The notification should include the bid number, the name
of the firm protesting and the reason why the firm is protesting the bid. The Purchasing Director
will respond to the protest within 30 calendar days.


In case of disputes as to whether or not an item or service quoted or delivered meets specifications,
the decision of the Purchasing Director, or authorized representative shall be final and binding to all


These Standard Terms and Conditions of Bid or Proposal shall apply to any contract or order
awarded as a result of this Request for Bid except where special requirements are stated elsewhere
in the Request; in such cases the special requirements shall apply. Further, the written contract
and/or order with referenced parts and attachments shall constitute the entire agreement and no
other terms and conditions in any document, acceptance, or acknowledgement shall be effective or
binding unless expressly agreed to in writing by the contracting authority.



In connection with the performance of work under this contract, the contractor agrees not to
discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of age, race, religion,
color, handicap, sex, physical condition, developmental disability, sexual orientation or national
origin. This provision shall include, but not be limited to, the following: employment, upgrading,
demotion or transfer, recruitment or recruitment of compensation, and selection for training,
including apprenticeship. Except with respect to sexual orientation, the contractor further agrees to
take affirmative action to ensure Equal Employment Opportunities. The contractor agrees to post in
conspicuous places, available for employees and applicants for employment, notices to be provided
by the contracting officer setting forth the provisions of the Non-Discrimination Clause.


The Bidder, by its officers, agents or representatives (hereafter referred to the Bidder) present at the
time of filing this bid, say that neither they nor any of them, have in any way directly or indirectly,
entered into any arrangement or agreement with any other Bidders, or with any public officer or the
Winnebago County Forest Preserve District, Illinois, whereby, the Bidder has not paid or is to pay
to such Bidder or public officer any sum of money, anything of value or has not directly or
indirectly entered into any arrangement or agreement with any other Bidder or Bidders. Whereby,
no inducement of any form or character other than that which appears upon the face of the bid will
be suggested, offered, paid or delivered to any person whomsoever to influence the acceptance of
the said bid or understanding of any kind whatsoever, with any person whomsoever to pay, deliver
to, or share with any other person in any way or manner, any of the proceeds on the Contract sought
by this bid.


The Bidder is not barred from bidding on this Contract as a result of a conviction for the violation of
state laws prohibiting bid rigging or bid rotating.

The Bidder, by signing the bid form, acknowledges, understands and abides by all of the above
"Requirements for Bidding and Instructions to Bidders".

                                     INFORMATION SHEET

Sealed bids will be accepted in the office of the Director of Purchasing, 404 Elm Street, Room 202,
Rockford, Illinois 61101, for the procurement of an aerial truck with attachments meeting the
detailed specifications.

The detailed specifications for the truck are based on an International 7400 (SFA) 4X2
Conventional Cab. Specifications for attachments are given strictly as a guideline to assist the
bidder with the necessary requirements. Any manufacturer, make and model will be considered as
long as it meets or exceeds the minimum requirements with the exception of the truck which must
be an International 7400 (SFA) 4X2 Conventional Cab.

Bidders must provide written details on any deviations to the detailed specifications. It will be the
Winnebago County Forest Preserve’s sole decision if deviations meet specifications. All decisions
will be final.

Bidders must include the price for all manuals to include parts and service for the truck, engine,
hydraulic pump, PTO drive, aerial lift, tool boxes, transmission, and axles. Two (2) operator’s
manuals and two (2) service manuals must be included at the time of delivery.

Winnebago County Forest Preserve requires delivery and Unit Certification including the Dielectric
Test and Stability Test. Unit must be clean upon delivery.

Delivery will be made to the Winnebago County Forest Preserve, 5500 Northrock Drive, Rockford,
Illinois 61103.

All equipment must be F.O.B. destination.

All fees are to be included in the bid price to include delivery charges and preparation fees. Dealer
shall provide all safety equipment required by Federal, State and local regulations. Winnebago
County Forest Preserve will handle all license and title transfers.

Any request for information, clarification, etc. shall be submitted to Sally Claassen, Director of
Purchasing, 404 Elm Street, Room 202, Rockford, Illinois 61101, by telephone 815-319-4380; fax
815-319-4381, or e-mail

                                DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS


It is the intent of these specifications to describe an International 7400 (SFA) 4X2 Conventional
Cab and various equipment options of standard manufacture. All parts not specifically mentioned
in the scope of these requirements, which are necessary to provide a complete manufacturer’s
vehicle, shall be furnished by the successful bidder.


Two services and parts manuals, instructions, and warranty certificates shall accompany each
vehicle. Certificates of Title (ownership) shall be included at the time of delivery.


The vehicle furnished shall be the manufacturer’s full size model and appurtenances not herein
mentioned, but necessary to furnish a complete vehicle, shall be included, ready for use upon

Those specifications shall be construed as minimum. Should the manufacturer’s current published
date or specifications exceed these, they shall be considered minimum and shall be furnished.


Inspection of the vehicle shall be made at destination. When equipment inspected fails to comply
with the specifications, equipment may be accepted and operated subject to the correction by the
manufacturer and/or agency. No payment will be made for the equipment until the corrections have
been made.


Quantity:       One (1)
Year:           2010 or Newer
Model:          International 7400 (SFA) 4X2 Conventional Cab

        Aerial bucket lift truck with chip box, toolboxes, and towing equipment.
                       GVWR - 39000 lbs.
                       Wheel base - 213”
                       CA - 138”
                       Axle to frame - 75”
        Engine Maxx Force DT (diesel)
                       Engine HP - 285 HP
                       Engine torque - 860 lb ft @ 1300 RPM
                       Governed speed - 2400 RPM
                       Transmission - Allison 3500 RDS-P
                        4th generation controls, wide ratio, 5-speed, with overdrive, on/off highway,
                        includes oil level sensor with PTO provision, less retarder with 80000 lb.
                        GVW and GCW-Max.
                       Front axle - 16000 lb. capacity (Meritor MFS-16-143A wide track I-Beam
                       Rear single driving axle - Single reduction 23000 capacity with 200 wheel
                        ends, and drive controlled locking differential. Meritor RS-23-160
                       Rear axle gear ratio - 5.63
                       Rims – steel painted
                       Front tires – Two 315/80 R 22.5 XZY-3, Michelin load range L, 20 ply
                       Rear tires – Four 1/R22.5 G338 IAD, Goodyear load range G, 14 ply
                       Paint – truck – forest green
                                 Cab guard – forest green
                                 Front and rear rims – white
                                 Aerial lift – white
                                 Chip box – forest green
                                 Toolboxes and add-ons – forest green
                       Front tow hooks – Two frame mounted inside rails
                       Frame rails – Heat treated alloy steel (120000 PSI yield) 10.866” X 3.6.22” X
                        0.433”; 456.0” Maximum OAL
                       Front axle drain plug – Magnetic
                       Front axle lube – EMGard 75 W 90 synthetic oils
                       Suspension front springs – 18000 lb. capacity multi leaf shackle type
                       Front bumper – steel swept back painted


Brake system
              Brake system – air dual system
              Spring brake chambers – two rear parking
              Brake lanes – color and size coded nylon
              Dust shields – front and rears
              Air pressure gauge – two air 1 and air 2 gauges located in instrument &
              Parking brake valve for truck
              Quick release valve – Bendix on rear axle for spring brake release
              Front and rear slack adjusters – automatic
              Spring brake modulator valve R-7
              Trailer connections – four wheel with hand control valve & tractor protection
              Drain valve mounted in wet tank
              Air brake – ABS full vehicle wheel control system (4 channel)
              Front axle brake chambers – Haldex 24 sq. in.
              Rear axle brake chambers – Haldex GL 3030 LH DHO (30/30 spring brake)
              Rear brakes air cam – S-cam 16.5” X 7.0” includes 30/30 sq. in. long stroke
               brake chamber & spring activated parking brake.
              Air compressor – Bendix TU – FLO 550 13.2 CFM capacity
              Steering column – Tilting and telescoping
              Steering wheel – Two spoke, 18” Diameter, black
              Steering gear – Sheppard M-110 power
              Exhaust system – single, horizontal, & vertical right side tail pipe & guard
              Exhaust height – 10’
              Electrical system – 12-volt
              Battery box – steel with fiberglass cover
              Data link connector
              Fuses – SAE blade type
              Hazard switch – Push on/push off
              Headlight dimmer switch – Integral with turn signal lever
              Headlight – Two sealed beam halogen 5” X 7” rectangular with chrome
               plated bezels
              Horn – air and electric
              Jump start stud – located on positive terminal of outermost battery, remote
              Windshield wiper – 2-speed with washer and intermittent
              Alternator – brushless 12 volt 185 amp capacity, pad mounted
              Body builder wiring package
              Air conditioning
              Battery system – Three 12 volt 2775 cc total
              Radio – AM/FM with weather band
              Trailer connection socket – 6 and 7-way rec. mounted at rear of frame
              Headlights – Long life Halogen


Brake System Continued
             Switch body circuits – Body builder with 6 switch panel 20 amp per channel,
              80 amp max.
             Starter motor – (38 MT type 300)
             Circuit breakers – manual reset
Engine – Diesel (Max Force DT)
             Fuel filter – with fuel water separator and heater
             Governor – electronic
             Cylinder sleeves – wet
             Fan drive – direct drive type two speed
             Radiator – Aluminum 1663 sq. in. core
             Antifreeze – Red Shell Rotella extended life coolant – 40 F.
             Air cleaner – single element
             Engine speed control – hand and provisions for body builder remote mount
Auto transmission
             oil cooler
             Shift control – push button type
             Trans oil cooler
             Trans oil – synthetic
             Rear axle lube – synthetic oil
Setup Options
             Fuel tank – Top draw, non polished aluminum, 50 U.S. gal., 16” tank depth
              with quick connect outlet, mounted left side under cab
             Cab – Conventional
             Block heater – 110 V
             Power take off – Electronic activation switch
Special Requirements and Safety Equipment
       All engine and engine emission related system fluids must remain as a stable liquid,
       unaided within the normal expected vehicle ambient temperature operating range of
       -20 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
             Two outriggers – two front
             Install rear sign holder
             Fire extinguisher
             Triangle flare kit
             Cone holder (location to be determined at pre-paint inspection)
             Backup alarm (87 decibel alarm)
             Install outrigger pad holders, one near each outrigger
             Four heavy-duty rubber steel chocks
             Two aluminum outrigger pads – 24” square, 1” thick
             Install wheel chock holders under body each side near rear wheels
             Full cab guard
             Access ladder off curbside front of cab guard
             Access ladder from platform to cab guard
             Outrigger pad holders


Special Requirements and Safety Equipment Continued
             Backup alarm
             Slope indicator
             Full body harness and lanyard (extra large)
             Manufacturer’s recommended amount of hydraulic oil and flow to provide
              power to the aerial lift unit chip box and hoist.
             PTO and pump to provide hydraulic power for aerial chip box and hoist.
             Alternate two speed throttle control located at pedestal and tail shelf.
             Outrigger boom interlock system for outriggers.
             Aerial lift painted white – all other equipment tool box, chip box, hitch, etc.
              painted to match truck forest green.
             All LED lighting truck and equipment.
             4” round flashing LED amber lights in chip box. Each upper rear corner of
              rear and on each front corner of the cab guard. Two Ecco, model 3810A LED
              oval amber strobe lights surface mounted, one on each side of the front grill
              of the chassis wired to single switch in the cab.
             Heat and air conditioning
             Window – power and tinted
             Locks – power
             Gauge cluster – electronic
             Windshield and mirrors – heated
             Driver seat – air suspension high back with integral headrest
             Passenger seat – Two man passenger fixed back, integrated headrest in both
              occupant positions, vinyl, with under seat storage compartment
             Mirrors – Two Rectangular, 7.44” X 14.84” Convey both side 102” inside
              spacing, breakaway type, heated thermostatic controlled with two heated
              spotting mirrors

Aerial Lift
   Mounted directly behind cab – two down riggers
   Versalift insulated over center aerial lift, model 270E (VO260 with 10’ elevator)
               Horizontal reach over center            50’ 8”
               Horizontal reach non over center        46’5”
               Maximum platform capacity               350 lbs
               Lower boom lift eye capacity            1500 lbs
               Height to bottom of platform            70’ 10”
               Working height                          75’ 10”
               Stowed travel height                    12’ 9”
               Weight of lift                          9600 lbs.


Aerial Lift Continued

    Hydraulic System
              Operating pressure                     2900 PSI
              Flow rate                              7 GPM
              Filtration                             10 Micron Return
              System type                            Open Center
              Power source                           PTO pump
   Boom Action
              Upper boom articulation                245º relative to lower boom
              Lower boom articulation                125º from horizontal to 35º past vertical
              Rotation                               360º continuous
   Insulation Gaps
              Upper boom insulation gap              214”
              Lower boom insulation gap              24”
   Options
              10’ elevator
              Platform mounted UNITROL single lever control including safety trigger and
               emergency stop/dump valve
              Full pressure turret mounted controls with override
              Engine start/stop system at upper controls
              Continuous rotation including three slip rings
              Seven gpm (26 lpm) open center hydraulic system with a 2900 psi (205
               kg/cm2) operating pressure
              Fiberglass upper boom tested per ANSI A92.2-1990 for Category C, 46 KV
               and below, including vacuum flashover protection system
              Chassis insulating system (lower boom insert) providing 24 in. (0.61 m)
               insulation gap including accommodations to bridge insulation gap for testing
               per ANSI A92.2-2001
              Elevator assembly giving additional 10 ft of vertical height, fully boxed arms
               with easy access to cylinders for maintenance
              A-frame outriggers with pivot feet, two control valves and a selector valve
              Two sets of hydraulic tool outlets at platform, w/pressure limit, including flat
               face quick disconnects.
              Two ½ in. (12.7 mm) diameter return lines.
              Remote mounted hydraulic reservoir with a 30 gallon (113.51) capacity.
              Closed 24 in. X 24 in. X 42 in. platform with one inside/outside step.
              Platform liner and vinyl cover.
              Non-lube bearings used at all pivot points.
              Mounting hardware.
              Boom stow cradle and ratchet type tie down strap.
              Hydraulic power provided by PTO and pump.
              Hydraulic oil


   Options Continued

                    Unit painted urethane standard white.
                    Safety harness and lanyard.
                    ANSI A92.2-2001 data plate.
                    35 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir
                    Shut off valve for hydraulic system reservoir

Chip Box & Tool Boxes
Arbortech 12’ L X 8’ W X 5’ H chip box with following features.
    Barn door tailgate (24” high)
    LH interior ladder box with pruner shelf and rear door
    Two street side doors swinging outward accessing ladder compartment.
    Light package (LED) with 6 prong trailer plug.
    Coal tar interior
    Exterior paint forest green
    5” long sills
    Backup alarm
    Rear step
    Two wheel chock holders
    Outrigger pad holders
    Access ladder off curbside front of cab guard
    Access ladder from platform to cab guard
    Sub frame hoist assembly (scissor type holder) - 15000 lb. capacity
    Fully covered cab guard
    Tool box and chip box painted to match truck
    Arbor Tech wrap around saddle box install in front of chip box 24’ L X 51” H X 96” D with
       adjustable shelves and eight rope hooks.
    Two left side behind and front of rear axle tool boxes 36” W X 18” D X 18” T
    Two right side behind and front of rear axle tool boxes 36” W X 18” D X 18” T
    One rear step
    One sign holder attached below back of chip box 5” rear belly under body box
Floor Structure
    3” structural channel crossmembers @ 4.1 lbs. per ft.
    5” runsills @ 9.0 lbs. per linear ft. with subframe hoist or two 8” runsills @ 8.5 lbs. per
       linear ft.
    10 GA galvanneal floor
    Two 7” X ¼” formed channel as with rear upright support posts
    Two 7 gauge corner gusset plate with light pockets
    One 4” X 4” X ¼” rear support tube
    12” high, 12 gauge formed light box with light pockets and license plate recess.
    Sectioned, removable sides of 12 gauge inner panel and 16 gauge outer panel galvanneal
       steel, reinforced with 2” X 2” X 1/8” square tubing.
    Stationary bulkhead, 12 gauge galvanneal steel reinforced with 10 gauge, 2” X 3-3/8”
       formed channel. Bulkhead extends over cross body toolbox.


Construction Continued
     Floor of 10 gauge galvanneal steel with 3” structural channels crossmembers and two
       structural channel longsills.
     Roof of 14 gauge galvanneal steel in 48” and 24” long X 12” high removable sections. Each
       section is reinforced with two formed ribs and two 2” X 2” square tubes. 48” section weighs
       250 lbs. and 24” section weighs 150 lbs.
     Standard 24” high barn door tailgate.
     Lights and wiring harness meet FMVSS standards and are fully enclosed in formed 12
       gauge galvanneal rear light boses.
     Interior coated with coal tar epoxy.
Compartmentation (Chip Body)
     Ladder box with pruner shelf inside chip box on streetside – 12 gauge galvanneal.
     Flat rear access door with offset/strap hinges and ergonomic T-handle latch – 12 gauge
     17 ½” wide X 26” high body length inside dimensions.
     13” wide X 14 ½” high pruner compartment.
     13” wide X 10 ½” high door opening.
     Two streetside 24” X 24” access doors to ladder box (swinging outward)
     Hold open retainer.
     Right-hand swing 270º with locking pin.
     24” high with two 4” long heavy-duty welded hinges, ¾” bolt pins and sleeves with grease
Dumping Equipment
     Hydraulic flow for hoist
     Scissor-type hydraulic hoist 15000 lbs.
     Body prop.
LED Electrical Lighting (Chip Body)
     Seven 2.5” side marker clearance ID lights with reflective lenses. LED
     Four 4” stop, tail, and turn lights. LED
     Two 4” back-up lights. LED
     One license light. LED
     Two 2.5” front marker clearance lights. LED

Rear Towing Equipment
      Electric brake controller
      Air hookup for trailer with air brake
      Chassis frame for pintle and receiver hitch
      Six pin trailer connector
      ¾” steel rear plate
      49,000 lb. pintle with 360º travel (28” from ground to pin hook rest)
      Two chain D rings
      Class III receiver (18” to bottom of receiver)
      Chain hook for break away cable
                                                                                         Aerial Truck – 10-1890
                                                                                                  March 2, 2010

                                             BID FORM

TO:            Sally Claassen, Director of Purchasing
               C/O County Board of the County of Winnebago
               404 Elm Street, Room 202
               Rockford, Illinois 61101


The undersigned declares he has carefully examined the requirement, information sheet, detailed
specifications and bid form. In addition, declares that this bid is made without any connection with
any person making another bid, that the bid is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud, that
no member of the Winnebago County Forest Preserve District Board or other officer of the District,
or any person in the employ of the County is directly or indirectly interested in this bid, or in any
portion of the profits thereof.

BASE BID PRICE:         $__________________________________________________________

WARRANTY:               ___________________________________________________________


ESTIMATED DELIVERY: ____________________________________________________


Received Addendum: _______________________ of ________________________________.

Company Information:

Female Business Enterprise (FBE)                Yes______     No______

Small Business Enterprise (SBE)                 Yes______     No______

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)              Yes______     No______

If yes, check the following boxes that apply:

       Black/African American______             Hispanic_______
       Native American or Alaskan Native_______ Asian American_______

Total Annual Sales:     $__________________________________

Type of Organization:

       Individual_______       Partnership______       Corporation______     Other_______
                                            Aerial Truck – 10-1890
                     V                               March 2, 2010

               BID FORM
          AERIAL TRUCK – 10-1890



CONTACT PERSON _______________________






E-MAIL NO. ______________________________

FEIN NO. ________________________________

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