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									                                                         SBI 3UI
                                                  The Virus-Microviewer

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Reference: Microviewer Set 97


1.   Bacteria when grown in a broth will make the broth cloudy. Sometimes the broth "magically" becomes clear.
     What was the explanation invented by bacteriologists to explain this observation?

Slide 1: Lambda phage on E. coli

1.   What did the invisible "bacteria eaters" turn out to be?

2.   Draw and label the E. coli bacterium (E) surrounded by
     the viruses (arrows).

3.   Which part of the virus is anchored to the bacterium?

Slide 2: Disrupted Phage

1.   This slide shows a phage particle with the head (H)
     broken open and the DNA (D) has spilled out.
     Draw and label the phage.

2.   Chemically speaking, what does a virus consist of?
Slide 3: Human Viruses-Influenza virus and Polio virus

1.   What is special about the influenza virus that makes it difficult to become immune to the flu?

2.   What disease does the polio virus cause?

3.   How are we protected against polio today?

4.   List some other human diseases caused by viruses.

Slide 4: Measles Virus Attack

This slide shows human cells under attack by measles virus.

1.   Draw and label this slide.

Slide 5: Animal viruses-Virus of the Newcastle disease and Vaccina virus.

1.   List some viruses that cause animal diseases. (Some of these attack humans also!!)

2.   What animal does the Newcastle disease attack?

3.   What is the shape of the virus?

4.   What disease does the vaccinna virus cause?

6.   Can you suggest an explanation as to why the milkmaids became immune to smallpox?
Slide 6: Viruses emerging from cell.

Viruses are always produced inside of living cells.

1.   This slide shows three viruses breaking out of a cell.
     Draw this slide and label.

2.   What will happen to the viruses once they have
     broken out of the cell?

Slide 7: Tobacco Mosaic Virus-Virus particles and Virus crystal.

1.   List viruses that attack plants.

2.   What happens to the tobacco mosaic virus rods when
     they are packed together?

3.   Draw and label the crystal of TMV in a hair cell.

Slide 8: Cancer viruses-Papilloma virus and Rauscher leukemia virus.

Viruses may sometimes cause cancer.

1.   What does the papilloma virus cause?

2.   What does the Rauscher leukemia virus cause?

3.   Draw diagrams of these two viruses.

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