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					                           Complete Liquidation: Benson Motors GMC, Buick, and Dodge
                                                            100 S. 16th St • Ames, IA
                                                     Sunday November, 29 2009 at 9:00 A.M.
 Directions from Hwy U.S. 30 take Duff Ave Exit 148. Travel North on Duff to 16th St. Benson Motors is located at the corner of Duff and 16th. We will be operating
in two selling rings at times during the auction. Watch all advertising for specific selling times. In the event selling times conflict with your items of interest
                                                               be prepared to bring an extra bidder.
5-ELECTRIC/HYDRAULIC ABOVE GROUND HOIST: 3-Challenger 9,000 LB, 1 PHS, Asymmetrical; 1-Rotary 9,000 LB, 1 PHS, Asymmetrical; 1-Rotary 7,000 LB, 1
PHS, Asymmetrical
5 AIR COMPRESSORS – AIR DRYER: Sullair Supervisor II E58 20 HP Encapsulated Air Compressor; 3 PHS 240V; Sullair 200 Gal Horiz. Storage Tank; Excel
XL250B Refrigerated Compressed Air Dyer, 1 PHS; Quincy QTH10-120, 10 HP 2 Cyl, 120 Gal Hor Storage Tank, 3 PHS; Quincy 7.5 H.P. 120 Gal Hor Storage
Tank, 3 PHS; 2-Champion VR58 5 HP Hor Storage Tank, 3 PHS;
WASTE OIL FURNACE: Clean Burn CB-2500 Waste Oil Furnace W/250 Base Tank
TIRE MACHINE – WHEEL BALANCER – HYDRAULIC JACKS – PNEUMATIC JACKS: Hunter DSP7700 Electric Wheel Balancer 115V 1 PHS; GM (Hunter) TC3250 Rim
Clamp Tire Machine; Pedestal Tire Spreader; Back Buddy 350A Brake Drum/Hub Lift; 2-Gray FSJ-60A 6,000 LB Pneumatic Floor Jacks; Norco Hydraulic
1,000 LB Telescoping Floor Trans Jack; Astroline 5T Hydraulic Floor Jack; 3-Blackhawk 2T Hydraulic Floor Jacks; Gray HTJ 1,000 LB Telescoping Hydraulic/
Pneumatic Trans Jack; Norco 1,000 LB Cap. Telescoping Hydraulic Trans Jack; Gray BF-100 Pneumatic Bumper Jack; Gray Pneumatic Body Lift; 5500 LB
Pallet Jack; Gray TNT 550 14,000 LB Pneumatic Truck Jack
CHRYSLER & GENERAL MOTORS DIAGNOSTIC: Chrysler DRB III; Chrysler Star Scan & Mobile; Chrysler Wi-Tech VCI Pod; Chrysler MOS II, Dell 16” Monitor, Dell
GX260 Pentium 4; GM Tech 2; Medtronic’s Micro 420 Digital Battery Analyzer; GM Tech 1
BRAKE LATHES – AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR – AIR CONDITIONER: GM/Accu Tern 8922 Disc/Drum Brake Center W/Truck Hubs; Several Quality Hose Reels; Sun VAT 40
Charging System & Brake Load Tester; Wynns DU-All Coolant Power Drain & Fill Bulk Recycler; Kent-Moore J-45400 Strut Spring Compressor; Kent-Moore
CH 4885 Strut Spring Compressor; Wilton & Columbian 4, 5, and 6” Vises; Engine Stands; Associated 70/60 W/420 Amp Boost Battery Chargers; Graco
Pneumatic & Manual Pump Lubesters; Continental 2T Engine Crane; Doerr 2,000 LB, 120V 1 PHS Electric Overhead Hoist; Overhead Safety Stands; Poly
Castered Oil Drains
Accu-Turn OCL-74747 on Car Disc Brake Lathe: 4 & 5 Qt Fluid Fill Cans; 30 Gal Hand Pump Gas Buggy; 5T & HD Jack Safety Stands; KM J41413-200 Evaporative
Emissions Tester
Robinair ACR2000 134A Refrigerant Recovery/Recharge Station: Wynns Power Flush Coolant Flush System; SPXEELD Evaporative Emissions Leak Detector; KM
(Robinair) 17534 134A Refrigerant Recovery/Recharge Station; Quality Pneumatic Hose; SPX KM J45096 Trans Flow-Flush System; Wynns Trans Serve
Plus; KM J39851 R-12 Pureguard Refrigerant Monitor; 5 & 6 Ft Lyons, Equipco Metal Work Benches; OTC Hydraulic Press; Robinair 10295A R-12, R22 Smart
Cart A/c Charging Station
AUTO APPEARANCE – BODY SHOP – PARTS WASH CABINET: Pickup Wash System 5.5 H.P. Honda Engine, CAT Pump, and Hose Reel; Pur-Clean Lot Master Reverse
Osmosis Spot Free Rinse W/300 Gal Poly Tank; Single axel wash trailer 8 H.P Honda, CAT Pump, Hose Reel, and Poly Tank; Pur-Clean 2000 WM Reverse
Osmosis Spot Free Rinse W/500 Gal Poly Tank; Hotsy 1300 PSI, 2.2 GPM Hot Water Washer; PMW 1 PHS Parts Wash Cabinet 34 x 43; GE Electric HD Cloths
Dryer; Roper 4 Cycle HD Washer; 2- Super Stand 2 Sheet Metal Paint Stands; Manual Door Jack; Trisk Hotspot Curing Lamp; Curemaster/Trisk ETS-2 Curing
Lamp ; Lencospot Mark II Spot Welder; 3m 36” 2 Wheel Masking Paper Cart; Miscellaneous Body Shop Supplies; Blackhawk Porta Power; 2-Buske Collision
Post; Cyclone Pneumatic Paint Shaker; Hercules GWR Pneumatic Paint Gun Washer; 36 x 42 Explosion Proof Cabinet; Wilson Fresh Air ½ H.P. Pump and
Mask; Sheet Metal Prep and Paint Stands; Air Cel Air Management System; Portable Pneumatic Paint Pots 2 & 6 Gal; Cam Spray 1 PHS, 2.2 GPM 1450 PSI
Hi-Pressure Washer; 210 Gal Pickup Bed Poly Tank; Milwaukee 5000 RPM Grinder; Pneumatic Tools associated with Body Repair
TRUCK REPAIR – WELDERS – PLASMA CUTTER - LATHE: Overhead A Frame on Wheels with Chain Hoist; Metal Cutting Band Saw; IR ¾ Dr. Impact; Truck Seal Driv-
ers & Axel Sockets; Walker J-823 1500 LB Dual Wheel Dolly; Duracraft ½” Elec. Floor Drill Press; Chicago 816 8ft Brake; South Bend Metal Lathe 5 Ft Bed,
13” Swing; Waber Horizontal (Zip Cut) Horizontal Drilling Machine W/Sioux ¾ Drill; Auto plasma 450, 120V, 1 PHS Plasma Center; Hypertherm Powermax
1000 G3, 3 PHS Plasma Cutter; Ideal ARC Sp-200 Wire Feed Welder, 1 PHS, 220V; Airco 1447 Wire Feed Welder W/Mighty IV Wire Feeder 3 PHS; Miller
CP – 250TS Constant Voltage DC Wire Feed Welder W/5 – 22A; Constant Speed Feeder; Airco CV-300 Wire Feed Welder ; Airco Mighty II Wire Feed Welder;
Millermatic 135 115V Wire Feed Welder; Allum. 2 Step Truck Repair Platform; 10Ft Truck Repair Staircase;
Full and Partial Tanks of Oxygen and Argon; Acetylene Torch Sets
OVERHEAD PARTS STORAGE PLATFORM – PART BINS – SHELVING - CABINETS: 33’ 4” x 25 Parts Storage Platform W/Stairs and Railing; 14 x 9 x 8’H 3 Sided Tool Cage;
72 - 3 x 7 Parts Bins; 24 - 3 x 7 Clip Adjustable Parts Bins; 6 – 3 x 7 Slide Adjustable Parts Bins; Several Metal Wall Cabinets; 7 Ft Metal Storage Cabinets
(New and Used Parts Subject to Iowa Sales Tax)
Curtis Key Guns; Antique Genuine Chevrolet Parts and Accessories Clock; 10 H.P. 230/460 3 PHS Elec. Motor; Chrysler Lean Burn Tester; Dozens of Fire
Extinguishers; Pedestal, Squirrel Cage and Other Shop Fans; Snow Rakes; Mopar ATF-4 55 Gal Drum; Metal Inventory Cabinets ; Graco Fineball Pneumatic
Pumps; Lot Striper; 2 Wheel Drum Cart and Other Carts; Time Clocks; New 20” Truck Wheels; 2 Werner 8 & 2 6’ Fiberglass Ladders; Truck Mud Flaps; Hoppy
Headlamp Aimers; Tool Carts; Car Roller Dollies; 01 Le Sabre Bumper Cover ; 00 & 02 Dodge Truck Chrome Grills; Reese Trailer Hitches; 03 Regal Rear Bum-
per Cover ; Rendezvous Rear Bumper Cover; 2 – 02 Rendezvous R.F. Doors; La Crosse R.R. ¼ Panel; Dakota SB Bed Liner; Fiberglass Wheelflone Running
Boards; 9 Ft Wood Step Ladder; 24 & 28 Ft Allum Exten Ladders; Rubber Exhaust Hose; Large Offering of Quality Pneumatic Hose and Extension Cords; New
take off, quality used tires including LT245/7516”, 225/60, 16”, 265/75 16”, 235/85 R16”, 235/75R15”, 215/75R15, 265/7016 “; Misc Spare Tires and Wheels;
Used GM Alloy Truck Wheels; Used and New Hub Cap Inventory; Bowman inventory including Cotter keys,fuses,clips,body and fender washers,bumper
bolts, soliderless terminals,round head machine screws,grease fittings,machine screws,keys maxi fuses,jack nuts,well nuts,air brake fittings,wire & cable
clamps,headlamp retaining screws,spirol pins,GM speed nuts, O rings,plastic rivets vac fittings, push nuts, lock parts and more.
FORK LIFTS – TOW DOLLY – SNOW PLOW – BULK OIL TANKS: Allis Chalmers AU1593 L. P. Fork Truck; Kar Kaddy 260 W/Surge Brakes; Meyer Elect/Hyd 7 ½ Ft Snow
Plow 73-87 Chev or GMC; Yale Pneumatic Tire 6cy Gas Fork Truck; 3 – 265 Gal and 1 550 Bulk Oil Tanks; Used Oil Bulk Tanks; Oliver Gas Forklift, 28-7022
OFFICE FURNITURE – COMPUTERS – VENDING MACHINES: 2 Drawer Vertical and Horizontal File Cabinets; 36 unit dollar bill snack machine; GM helpdesk training
center ; Pepsi bottle 50 cent machine; 4 drawer file cabinets; Mr. Goodwrench display cabinet; 4 – 7 x 8.4 fabric glass office modules with desk; Composition
corner computer hutch and other computer hutches; Triple S 1725 rpm floor burnishes – buffer; Executive swivel office chairs; GM advertising entrance mats;
4 6 x 8 U shaped metal Formica top executive desk ; 24 Burgundy and Black Customer Chairs; 6 & 8 ft banquet tables; GMI 115V popcorn machine; Literature
display racks; Hon Formica-metal L shaped desk; 36 x 42 metal storage cabinets; Schwab 5000 fireproof legal fire cabinet; Netfinity 5600 server-pent III; HP
Pavilion XE746 - Intel Celeron; DIT Corp pc AMD duron; 3 – Compaq desk pro-pent III; Lexmark Optra I312 Printer and 7705; Okidata microline 184 turbo
printer; 3-CRT 15” and 2 CRT 17” Monitors; Miscellaneous small office supplies
185 ML Supramax Vehicle Lock Boxes
SERVICE AND PARTS MANUALS: General Motors, Chrysler, American Motors and Renault Service and Part manuals. For Inventory access www.delzellauctions.
KENT – MOORE AND MILLER SPECIAL TOOLS: Dozens and dozens of poly boxes of Chrysler and GM Special tools. Complete auction catalogue w/lot numbers of
special tools at
                                                              Ring Selling Times and Assignments:
Ring 1 9:00 AM selling taxable merchandise only, new and used parts. Then misc items and small service related items. 11:00 Major service equipment, fork
lifts, auction catalogue will be available online of items to be sold at 11:00. After major shop equipment Chrysler and GM specials tools.
Ring 2 9:30 AM selling service and parts manuals followed by part bins and overhead part storage, then office furniture, computers, etc
                           Iowa and Local Sales Tax will be charged on new and used parts. Bring your tax permits with you.
                                      Removal time- all merchandise must be removed by December 12, 5:00 p.m.
Payment Methods – cash, personal or business checks, out of state bidders must have a bank letter of guarantee made to Delzell Auction Company. No items
                   removed without a paid receipt. Auction held inside heated building and lunch wagon on site. No buyer premium
            Equipment Preview and bidder registration Friday November 27th 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday Nov 28th 9:00 AM-2:00 PM

                          Benson Motors- Owner • 515-232-2462
                          Sale Arranged & Conducted By         elzell uction      D                      A                       co
                                   Hwy 61 S. • Mediapolis, IA 52637 • 319-394-3510
                                     www. • Email:
                             Monte P. Delzell • 319-759-9431 / Mark Delzell • 563-370-6692
                                        Ill Lic# 441.00353 • Minn. Lic# 7305037
                                       Wisconsin Registerd auctioneer 1872-052

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