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Buy Drugs Without Prescription Online: Legal or Not

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There are numerous online pharmacies established on the Internet today.
Along with the sites that are authorized to dispense prescription
medications to consumers are the rogue online pharmacies. These are
called rogue websites because their operations, which include allowing
consumers to buy drugs without prescription online, are recognized as
illegal. In this article, the author provides a list of why consumers
should avoid availing the services by rogue online pharmacies.

buy drugs without prescription

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With the continuous advancements in today's technology, particularly in
the use of the Internet, people all over the world can accomplish their
everyday chores and errands with only a few clicks of their computer
mouse. One of the many things that consumers can now do online is to
order or purchase prescription drugs or medications by means of the many
Internet pharmacies established on the web.

There are indeed a lot of online pharmacies that are authorized to
dispense or sell prescription medications to consumers. Apart from the
online pharmacies that are noted to operate legally, rogue Internet
drugstores also proliferate the World Wide Web. These are termed rouge
pharmacies for these sites do not have license to distribute prescription
medications to online consumers.

Consumers can easily determine if a certain online pharmacy is legal or
not. One of the notable differences is that rogue online pharmacies allow
consumers to buy drugs without prescription. Purchasing or ordering
medications without the proper prescriptions is illegal in the United
States. Instead of requiring prescriptions, rogue Internet pharmacies
only feature online questionnaires as basis for their drug
recommendations. This process may be harmful to consumers' health, for
questionnaires cannot really fully determine one's health condition.

As such, the United States' Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is firm on
its warning that consumers should not be duped or be fooled with the
tricky promised benefits of illegally operated online pharmacies. Despite
the strict program on regulating the establishment of websites that offer
pharmaceutical services, there are a still a handful of illegal online
pharmacies on the Internet today.

Aside from operating illegally, below is a list of the other notable
reasons why one should avoid availing the services of rogue online
   1. Majority of rogue online pharmacies do not protect the information
(whether these are personal or financial data) they acquire from
consumers. With this, there is a possibility that the information these
sites acquire from their clients are passed on to third party entities
for spamming purposes.
   2. Since rogue online pharmacies only require consumers to answer
questionnaires as replacement to prescriptions, the medications these
sites recommend are not 100 percent efficient or effective to treat the
health conditions of the consumers.
   3. Most of the time, the featured low prices of rogue websites are not
exactly what the consumers are bound to pay once they order or purchase
their medications. Additional fees are commonly added to these sites'
price offerings. These add-on fees may be declared as medical fees, order
fees, account set-up fees, or shipping fees. Also, the low price
offerings of rogue online pharmacies frequently change. Exaggeratedly low
prices of medications are just promotional means of these sites to lure
consumers on availing their services.
   4. Illegally operated online pharmacies do not provide complete
contact details on their sites. With this, consumers will surely find it
difficult to contact the website they have chosen if ever problems occur.
Consumers should remember that legitimate Internet pharmacies should have
an existing address and a telephone number posted on their sites. Contact
information of websites is important as this makes it easier for
consumers to deliver their complaints, questions, or queries regarding
the services of the website.