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									                M A R C H I N V E N TO RY
                                             STEP UP TO QUALITY
  ALL-IN-ONE SUPER                            FIBERGLASS STEPLADDER                                  SII MAG
       LADDER                                                GRADE 1 & 1A                            STILTS
               4 ladders in 1:               *   Non-conductive fiberglass rails                * Double-sided pole
               stepladder, extension         *   Solid double-rivet construction inside & out
               ladder, multi-purpose         *   Heavy-duty moulded plastic top with tool         design improves
               ladder & scaffold trestle         tray                                             balance
               * Quick-release               *   Steel braces, stronger than aluminum           * Wrap-around leg band
                  central pivot joint            braces                                           for extra comfort and
               * Solid, box profile,         *   Extra heavy-duty 3" serrated aluminum            support
                 aircraft-grade anodized         steps
                 aluminum construction       *   Durable slip-resistant feet                    * Magnesium component
               * Even a 21’ ladder can       *   Lighter and more durable than wood               stilts saves weight and
                 easily be handled by 1      *   Duty rating: 200 lbs - Grade 1 & 300 lbs         enhances your daily
                 person anywhere in the                                                           productivity
                 house or on the job site                                           26440 6'
                                                                                 Fiberglass     * The only double-sided
               * Durable cleated rubber
                 feet                                                            Stepladder       stilts on the market
               * 300 lb capacity                                                      GRD1        today
               * 3 sizes available                                                              * Relieves strain on your knees and back
26392 All-in-One Super Ladder 5’ - 11’
                                                                                 March            compared to other single-sided models
  March Madness Price $165.99                                                  Madness          * Unique design enables a secure vertical
26393 All-in-One Super Ladder 7’ - 15’                                            Price           adjustment that does not have to push
  March Madness Price $178.99                                                    $75.99
                                                                                                  on the calf to feel secure.
26394 All-in-One Super Ladder 9’ - 19’
                                                                                                The SII Magnesium stilts feature better
  March Madness Price $196.00                                                      26441 8'
                                                                                                wear characteristics as well as enhanced
                                                                                                durability, stronger, lighter side poles and
              DURA-STILTS                                                        Stepladder
                                                                                      GRD1      extension parts. Lightweight magnesium
           Dura-Stilts are truly built for
           professionals. They combine                                           March          construction saves 2 pounds.
           the best innovative design                                          Madness
           concepts and technology on                                                                              29085 SII Magnesium
           the market.                                                            Price                           DBL Pole Stilts 15”- 23”
           No matter what trade you're                                           $97.99         March Madness Price $296.99
           in, if you have a need for
           movement        at    elevated                                        26442 6'                          29086 SII Magnesium
           heights, you owe it to yourself
           to get Dura-Stilts.                                                 Fiberglass                         DBL Pole Stilts 18”- 30”
           29092 Adjustable Stilts 18"-30"
                                                                       Stepladder GRD 1A        March Madness Price $310.99
             March Madness Price                 March Madness Price $96.99
                        $275.99                                                                                    29087 SII Magnesium
           29094 Adjustable Stilts 24"-40"       26443 8' Fiberglass Stepladder GRD 1A                            DBL Pole Stilts 24”- 40”
 March Madness Price $ 287.99                 March Madness Price $126.38                       March Madness Price $322.99

  24-Hour Shipping                                                                                                     ENTER
     Is Assured
                                                                                                                       TO WIN
     SUPPLIES in           TOLL FREE ORDERING: 1-800-667-7894                                                         A GREAT
 ALBERTA - Player of     WEB SITE ORDERING: www.builderschoice.ca                                                      PRIZE!
    our November                                                                                                       See inside
                              Mailing Address: 200 - 1275 Broad Street, Regina, SK S4R 1Y2
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 Incredible Tool Sale
 Event Flyer Draw &
                             Warehouse: Great Plains Building, Hwy #1 East, Emerald Park, SK
  Winner of the Skil
 “4-Pack” Combo Kit                         Email: builderschoice@sasktel.net                                           details.
                                             NAMES YOU CAN TRUST
        LOADING PUMP                                                      CORNER                                          CORNER
With its two-way control, this pump allows                               FLUSHERS                                        APPLICATOR
you to switch the joint compound flow to                             The 2" and 3" corner                             As with the flat applicator,
either the applicator tube or the various flat                       flushers are designed to
                                                                     wipe down as well as                             the corner applicator is
finishers that are available. The Can-Am                             feather both sides of an                         attached directly to the
pump is constructed of light-weight                                  angle in 1 pass. It is used                      nose     cone     of     the
aluminum and is built to last.                                       to follow the corner roller                      applicator tube.        The
                                                                     and wipe down excess                             function of the corner
                                                 compound left when the tape is embedded in
                                                 the corner. The spring action compensates                            applicator is to load the
                         BUILT TO                for corners that are slightly over or under 90°                      angle       with       joint
                          LAST                   and the blade design produces smoothly-
                                                 feathered angles.
                                                                                                     compound prior to running the corner tape
                                                                                                     and before using the corner flusher.
                                                      30604 TapeTech Corner Flusher - 2"                    30103 Can-Am Corner Applicator
                                                  March Madness Price $291.99                              March Madness Price $32.99
                                                      30605 TapeTech Corner Flusher - 3"
                                                 March Madness Price $ 295.99                                           FLAT BOXES
                                                      30638 TapeTech Corner Flusher - 3"                              Tapetech flat boxes will
                                                                 with Adjustable Rollers                                      automatically
                                                  March Madness Price $295.99                                                 dispense        the

                                                                                                                              proper amount of
                                                                                                                              joint compound
                                                                        APPLICATOR                                            as the tool glides
                                                                      Like      the    corner                                 over flat joints.
                                                                      applicator, the flat
                                                                      applicator is attached                     30608 TapeTech 10" Flat Box
                                                                      directly to the nose           March Madness Price $269.99
                                                                      cone of the applicator
                                                                      tube. The flat applicator                  30609 Tapetech 12" Flat Box

            30126 Can-Am Loading Pump
                                                                      is used to load a flat             March Madness Price $ 275.99
                                                                      joint with compound
 March Madness Price $319.99                     before tape is applied to the joint.
                                                              30104 Can-Am Flat Applicator           TAPER
                                                        March Madness Price $39.99                   Ta p e t e c h ' s
                   EASYCLEAN™                                                                        automatic
                   FLAT BOXES                                    42” APPLICATOR                      taper is a            LO
The flat finishing box and the EasyClean™                                                            precision-         PRIC WEST
                                                                                                                            E EV
box apply joint compound over taped joints.                                                          crafted tool                 ER !
                       They both come in                                                             engineered
                       three widths, generally                                                       and designed to rigid specifications. The
                       used for finishing as                                                         taper is lightweight and is built of stainless
                       follows:                                                                      steel, complimented with anodized
                                                 Mastic applicators are used for flat and            aluminum. The taper has a large-capacity
                        7" applies bed coat      corner finishing and are easily filled with joint
                                                                                                     joint-compound chamber, easy blade
                       10" applies finish coat   compound. The Can-Am applicator tube
                                                 allows you to run perfect joints or angles          access on a quick-change tape holder.
                       12" applies skim coat
                                                 every time.                                                            30600 TapeTech Taper
      UNIFORM         These tools require              30102 Can-Am 42" Applicator Tube
  RESULTS EVERY little effort to operate                                                                March Madness Price $1166.99
                                                      March Madness Price $124.99
         TIME         and are designed to

                      produce        uniform
results every time. The difference in the two
boxes is      capacity and cleaning; the                                 FLUSHERS
                                                                                                              ENTER TO
EasyClean™ box holds more joint
compound and is easier to clean because
                                                                    Can-Am offers flushers
                                                                    available in 2-1/2", 3" and
                                                                    3-1/2", they are used to
the back opens all the way.
                                                                    wipe the angle smooth               For every $500.00 worth of
                                                                    after    corner     rolling.               merchandise
    30644 TapeTech 7" EasyClean™ Flat Box                           These flushers leave a            purchased from this flyer, you
                                                                    perfectly finished corner
 March Madness Price $295.99                                        every time.                        will receive one entry for a
                                                                30106 Corner Flusher 2-1/2"           chance to win Two Makita 12V
   30645 TapeTech 10" EasyClean™ Flat Box                                                                Cordless Camping Kits
                                                        March Madness Price $58.99
 March Madness Price $299.99                                        30107 Corner Flusher 3"
   30646 TapeTech 12" EasyClean™ Flat Box               March Madness Price $62.99                      Retail Value $299.99 each
 March Madness Price $299.99
                                                                30116 Corner Flusher 3-1/2"            (ie $1500 order = 3 entries)
                                                        March Madness Price $64.99
                                                       DON’T FORGET
DIY 157-PIECE TOOL SET                                                                               CORNER
                     Includes an assortment                                                           TAPE
                     of    mechanic     and
                     carpentry tools in a
                                                        SPRAY 847                                 Strait Flex from Con-Form eliminates

                                                                                                                 common cracking problems
                     durable storage case.                                                                       and provides a perfect
                        37236 DIY 157-Piece       847 by Trim-Tex is a high-tack,                                straight edge with controlled
                                   Tool Set       pressure-sensitive        spray                                flexibility. The exclusive
                       March Madness              adhesive. Field tested, this                                   patented material provides
                          Price $39.53            spray is specially designed to                                 superior bonding of joint
                                                  be used in conjunction with the                                compounds.       Strait Flex
       TAPE MEASURES                              Trim-Tex line of vinyl beads.                   comes in handy 100' rolls eliminating waste
Lufkin tape measures, in a generic yellow                14330 Spray Adhesive 16.5 oz can         and saving up to 50% on installation.
case. Same great quality, even better price!
                                                       March Madness Price $5.89                         06176 “BIG” 3-Corner Tape - 100'
                     15316 16’ x 3/4” Lufkin                                                            March Madness Price $17.79
                             Tape Measure
                       March Madness
                                                                 E-Z FIRE TAPE                      06172 "ORIGINAL" Corner Tape - 100'
                                                                          Mudless Drywall               March Madness Price $15.59
                           Price $1.35                                    tape from E-Z               06173 "MEDIUM" Corner Tape - 100'
MAY NOT BE EXACTLY     15318 25’ x 1” Lufkin                              Taping Systems is
                                                                          a    self-adhesive
                                                                                                        March Madness Price $13.89
AS SHOWN                     Tape Measure
                                                                                                        SAFETY GLASSES
                                                                          f i b e r g l a s s
     March Madness Price $2.34                                            reinforced paper
                                                                          drywall tape for        The most popular safety glasses, very
1-1/4” GALVANIZED COIL                                                    use on horizontal       comfortable to wear and one of the best
                                                                                                  values. They come in a range of lens
                                                                          and vertical joints     colours and meet all OSHA regulations for
                                                                          of interior, non-       the Z87.1 safety glass.
                 The primary applications are                             load-bearing
                 for roofing shingles and vinyl   walls. Measures 2" x 250'.                      Ztek’s low price, comfort and wear-ability,
                 siding. Good for use with                                                        make this the perfect safety glass. The
                 most coil roofing nailers                02400 Drywall Fire Tape 2" x 250'       frame design fits a wide range of head sizes
                 including: Bostitch, Grip-             March Madness Price $13.50                and they are very lightweight. Order yours
                 Rite, Hitachi, Pasload,                                                          today and see what you think. You won’t be
PALLET PRICING   Porter Cable, Senco and                                                          disappointed!
                                                                       TOXIC DUST
    10201 1-1/4” Galv. Coil Roofing Nails
                              7.2m Case                                RESPIRATOR
      March Madness Price $18.79                                       3M's model #8210
                                                                       respirator provides the
     SILVER DUCT TAPE                                                  user with at least 95%
                                                                       filtration efficiency       37193 Designer Safety Glasses - Clear
          The latest solution for household           LOWEST
          repairs, box sealing and bundling.        PRICE EVER!!       against solid aerosols            March Madness Price $3.25
          Can also be used for hanging                                 which do not contain
                                                                                                   37194 Designer Safety Glasses - Amber
          polyethylene. This multi-use tape                            oil. 20 masks per box!
          tears easily, applies smoothly and                                                             March Madness Price $3.35
          holds well even on curved                            25172 Toxic Dust Respirator        37195 Designer Safety Glasses - Smoke
          surfaces.                                  March Madness Price $15.99                          March Madness Price $3.25
               33113 2" Silver Duct Tape
       March Madness Price $3.66
    3M SUPER 77 MULTI-
                                                                                                 20TH ANNIVERSARY
          High tack, high coverage and fast
          drying for permanently attaching a
          wide range of products. Perfect                 For every order placed through our web site you will
          for attaching drywall beads. This
          will bond quickly - in just 15
                                                                be entered into our draw for a beautiful
          seconds!      Does not contain
          ozone-depleting CFC’s. It has a
          low soak-in for long lasting bond.
                                                                     42” Plasma Television!
                                                               Place your orders as frequently as you like.
                         BEST VALUE
                                                              To be eligible for the draw, your order must be
                 14323 3M Super 77 Spray                   placed through our web site. Draw will be made on
                        Adhesive 2 Pack
                                                                            December 31, 2006.
  March Madness Price $18.18
     14325 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive
   March Madness Price $11.69
                                                                              GOOD LUCK!!!
                                                  EXCELLENT VALUE
 TAPING KNIVES                                                       ERGO-GRIP                     STAINLESS STEEL
Richard taping knives                                              HAMMERHEAD                       TAPING KNIVES
offer the finest quality to
the professional trades-                                           TAPING KNIVES
men as well as the d o - i t -                                     Richard's newest addition to   These tough and durable
y o u r s e l f customer. The                                      their line of products. The    stainless steel taping
flexible blades provide                                            ergonomic design reduces       knives are available in
optimum pliability and                                             muscle fatigue and strain by
                                                                   eliminating pressure points    your choice of sizes; 8",
even         distribution  of                                      when taping and scraping.
compounds. The steel head features a full                                                         10" or 12". The exclusive
                                                  The soft, rubber-like material, santoprene®,    DURASOFT®         handle
hammering end with a flat surface designed        maximizes grip, cleans easily and is
to set nail heads.                                resistant to solvents. The high carbon steel    provides a comfortable
                               30160 4" Knife     blades are heat treated, tempered, mirror       grip after many long
                                                  polished and lacquer finished.
     March Madness Price $5.36                                                                    hours on the job. These handles will not
                                                                   30311 4" Ergo-Grip Knife       swell, shrink or split when exposed to
                            30161 5" Knife
                                                       March Madness Price $6.73                  water.
     March Madness Price $5.60
                                                                   30312 5" Ergo-Grip Knife
                            30162 6" Knife                                                                        30206 8" Durasoft Knife
                                                       March Madness Price $7.11
     March Madness Price $6.20                                     30313 6" Ergo-Grip Knife
                                                                                                      March Madness Price $7.50
                                                       March Madness Price $7.69                                 30207 10" Durasoft Knife
               PERMASHAPE®                                                                            March Madness Price $8.27
                  GOLDEN                                       TROWELS                                          30208 12" Durasoft Knife
                 STAINLESS                        Trowels from Marshalltown have blades               March Madness Price $8.64
              STEEL TROWELS                       made from the highest grade stainless
Permashape trowels
from Marshalltown
                                                  steel, properly tempered to a golden finish.
                                                  The DURASOFT® handle provides a soft
are guaranteed to                                 feel, reduces fatigue and is durable.                             EVERRASP
stay flat, use after
use. These trowels                                                                                              * Copper electro-plated
are made from the highest grade of                                                                                 tungsten grit
stainless steel, properly shaped and                                                                            * Uniform even grit
tempered to a golden finish. The flat                                                                           * Permanent: Lasts up to
PERMASHAPE® blade makes applications                                                                              100 times longer than
easier with a more consistent finish. This                     24132 MXS1GSD 11" x 4-1/2"                         paper
trowel will withstand the pressure of hard
troweling.                                           March Madness Price $24.99                                 * Rounded corners for
                                                                                                                  gouge free rasping
                                                                  24135 MXS13GSD 13" x 5"
   45050 PERMASHAPE® Stainless Steel
                    Trowel 13" x 5"
                                                     March Madness Price $28.99
       March Madness Price $30.99                                 24136 MXS64GSD 14" x 4"                  45322 UGZ4 Everrasp 4” x 14”
                                                     March Madness Price $27.99                     March Madness Price $53.99
   45051 PERMASHAPE® Stainless Steel
                    Trowel 14" x 5"                              24137 MXS145GSD 14" x 5"                   45323 UGZ6 Everrasp 6” x 14”
       March Madness Price $32.99                    March Madness Price $28.99                     March Madness Price $61.99

                                                WE’RE ON THE LEVEL
                      5-WAY                                                   SIMULTANEOUS LEVEL AND PLUMB
               SELF-LEVELING LASER                                                  ROTATIONAL LASER
                                                                            ROBOTOOLZ model RT-7690-2 is
                                                                            equipped with variable speeds which
                              ROBOTOOLZ self-levelling laser utilizes
                                                                            run at 350, 600 and 1200 rpm. For
                              gravity    to     constantly     self-level   added durability, the pendulum lock
                              guaranteeing an accuracy of 1/8" @ 100        feature will protect the pendulum during
                              feet. The Robo Laser has an out-of-level      transportation and storage.
                              sensor alerting the user the unit is out of   Your complete package includes:
                              level. This laser is equipped with an             * The Robo Laser
                                                                                * Laser Detector
                              exclusive, precision, diamond-cut, single-        * RF Remote Control
                              piece beam splitter that eliminates beam          * Rod Bracket
                              offset.                                           * Target                 QUALITY AND
                                               LOWEST PRICE                     * AC/DC Adapter              VALUE
                                                    EVER!!                      * Laser Glasses
                                                                                * Kit Box
                                28386 ROBO 5-Way Self-Level Laser               * User Guide
                                                                                                           28381 ROBO Level/PlumbLaser Kit
                                 March Madness Price $252.99                                          March Madness Price $830.90
                                                      POWER BUY
                        OUTLET                       VARIABLE SPEED                           CORDLESS SCREWGUN
                        CUTTER                         SCREWGUN                               DEWALT's DW979K-2
                  DEWALT's cut-out tool        DW272 is a variable speed, 6.3 amp screw-      heavy-duty drywall
                  features a 5-amp motor       gun with depth-sensitive "set & forget"        screwgun has a "set &
                  as well as a tool-free bit   nosepiece           for                        forget" nosepiece and
                                               c o n s i s t e n t                            a    high-performance
                                               fastener         depth.                        fan-cooled motor. Your
                  Included    in   your        The DW272 fea-                                 complete package in-
                  package is: 1 general        tures a durable
                                                                                              cludes two 12-Volt XR
                  purpose bit, 1 drywall       metal gear housing,
                                               s o ft - g r i p handle                        battery packs, allowing
                  bit and 1/4" and 1/8"
                                               a n d two-finger,                              you ZERO down time, a one-hour charger
                                               soft-grip trigger                              and heavy-duty kit box.
                     15835 DW660 Outlet        switch. This screwgun is ideal for fastening
                                  Cutter                                                        27407 DW979K-2 Cordless Screwgun
                                               drywall and wire lath to 25-gauge metal
      March Madness Price $75.00               studs.                                             March Madness Price $224.00

                                                   E X T R A VA L U E D E A L                     14.4V 3/8” VSR
      MAKITA DRYWALL                             Buy 10 screwguns @ $129.00 and get
                                                  1 FREE! (Your net cost - $117.27)             CORDLESS DRILL KIT
        SCREWGUN                                 Buy 20 screwguns @ $123.00 and get           Compact tool body and lightweight design
  * Highest power to weight ratio on the          2 FREE! ( Your net cost - $111.82)          provide optimum balance and comfort.
    market today; 6.5 amps
  * Retractable belt clip attaches to tool                      27398 DW272 Screwgun
    belt and allows operation in tight areas        March Madness Price $120.99
  * Lightweight cast aluminum gear
    housing for durability
  * Adjustable depth locator assembly with              9 AMP
                                                                                                                            we ight
    SURE-LOCK feature for easy and
    consistent screw depth setting                RECIPROCATING SAW                                                           igh
  * Ergonomically designed rubber grips
                                                 * Powerful 9 amp motor for continuous                                            t
    for positive control
  * Nosepiece is easy to install and remove        operation                                  Kit includes:
  * Forward-reverse switch is conveniently       * Long 1-1/8” stroke for fast cutting          * Two 14.4 Ni-Cd batteries
    located near the trigger                     * Heavy-duty shoe features tool-less           * Universal charger
  * Sealed, large trigger switch for longer        adjustment                                   * Plastic tool case
     tool life                                   * Plastic tool case                            * 2-speed gear selection for matching the
With the purchase                                                                                 RPM to the application
of 5 screwguns
you will receive a                                                                            Get a FREE radio/flashlight with each
FREE outlet                                                                                    drill purchase (while supplies last).
cutter with each.
                                                                                                              27138 Makita 3/8” Drill Kit
                                                                                              March Madness Price $125.00
          27257 Makita #6824N Screwgun         BONUS - with every reciprocating
      March Madness Price $111.00              saw purchased, you will receive one                MAKITA 1/2” MIXING
                                               6-pack of assorted heavy-duty
   BOSCH 10” SLIDE                             reciprocating saw blades (retail value
                                               of $20.00).                                                              * Rocker-type
 COMPOUND MITER SAW                              27251 Makita 9 amp Reciprocating Saw
                                                                                                                          switch for easy
                                                                                                                          one-handed for-
* Powerful 13.0 amp motor
* 2.8 max HP                                     March Madness Price $110.99                                              ward or reverse
* Crown MITER
                                                                                                                        * D-handle rotates
   detents -31.6º
   MITER and                                         RADIO/CHARGER                                                        360° for multi-
  33.9º bevel                                                                                                             position operation
* Detents for quick,                           DEWALT's DC011                                                           * Ball-bearing
   accurate crown cuts                         Radio/Charger will                                                         construction for
* Dual rail design                             accept      9.6v-18v                                                       long tool life and
* Exclusive wedge                              DEWALT batteries                                                           smooth operation
  and slot mitre detent                        and will charge the                            * Heavy-duty industrial ½" drill chuck for
  system; consistent                           batteries in one
  and precise MITER                                                                             positive bit retention and accurate drilling
                                               hour. This work-                               * Handy chuck key is retained in handle
* Electric brake – stops blade in seconds      site radio/charger is                             to prevent loss
* MITER detent override – for easy setting     weather resistant                              * 550 rpm with double gear reduction for
  of any neighbouring angle                    and has steel speaker grills for added           added torque
                36720016 Bosch 10” Slide                                                                        27255 Makita ½" Mixing Drill
                   Compound MITER Saw                         27390 DC011 Radio/Charger                                      Model #6013BR
                                                   March Madness Price $148.99                    March Madness Price $129.00
     March Madness Price $363.80
                                HELP IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER
                          CHAMFER                                      350 BULL™                             CHAMFER BEAD
                          ADAPTER                                       CORNERS                              3-WAY CORNERS
       Designed to be two products in one.                     Designed to finish two 350                   Designed to finish an outside
       Straight out of the box, it is ready to                 Bull™      outside     corners               corner where 3 Chamfer Beads
       use to create a transition from the                     adjoining at a 90º angle.
       standard chamfer bead to a square                                                                    come together. Try the NEW
       outside     corner     to      simplify                Designed to finish two 350                    350 Chamfer Corner, for use
       baseboard installation. It can also                    Bull™ outside corners and one                 with the 350 Chamfer Bead.
       be easily cut with a pair of snips                     350 Bull™Splayed corner bead
                                                              adjoining at an outside off                    0940 Chamfer 3-way Corner
       along a marked score line to fit the
new smaller 350 Chamfer Bead.                                 angle corner.                                       March Madness
                   0945 Chamfer Adapter                       Designed to finish three Bull™
                                                              outside corners that adjoin at a                        Price $0.83
     March Madness Price $0.83                                90º angle.                                 0941 350 Chamfer 3-way Corner
                                                                         0920 Bull™ Corner          March Madness Price $0.85
                                                      March Madness Price $0.73
                       ADAPTERS                                          0921 Bull™ Corner
         Joins to a 3/4” Bullnose outside
                                                      March Madness Price $0.73                                3/4” R. Off Angle
         corner and transitions to a square
                                                                         0923 Bull™ Corner
                                                      March Madness Price $0.73
         bottom corner to simplify the                                                                      Designed to finish 2 bullnose
         installation of baseboard.                                                                         outside corners and one
                Joins to a 3/4” Bullnose                        3/4” CORNERS                                splayed     outside      corner
                                                             Designed to finish Bullnose                    adjoining at an outside off
                Splayed        Corner      and                                                              angle corner.
                transitions to a square bottom               corners that adjoin at a 90º
                to simplify the installation of                                                             Designed to finish 2 bullnose
                                                             angle.                                         outside corners that adjoin at a
                baseboard.                                     0903 2-way Bullnose Corner                   135 degree angle.
                      0917 Trim-Tex Adapter                            March Madness                                  0911 3-Way Corner
     March Madness Price $0.73                                             Price $0.51              March Madness Price $0.73
                      0937 Trim-Tex Adapter                    0904 3-way Bullnose Corner                             0912 2-Way Corner
     March Madness Price $0.89                        March Madness Price $0.51                     March Madness Price $0.73

                                                    ORDER SEVERAL
                          2-QC HOT                   BOSCH POWER BOX™
                          KNIFE KIT                 JOBSITE CD/FM STEREO
                           * Fast, clean cuts
                           * Heats and begins
                                                    * Radio/CD operates off of BOSCH
                                                      Batteries or AC power – 12V, 14.4V,        FASTENING
                             cutting in seconds       18V, 24V
                                                    * Integrated jobsite CD player with
                           * Cuts foam clean with
                             no beads or dust         CD-R/RW and MP3 compatibility-             Industry leading, 2"
   * Special alloy blades stay sharp and straight     40-second skip-free protection.            diameter     "WIND-
   * Uses less than 100 watts                       * 4-way GFCI protected outlet – Power-       DEVIL 2™ is by far
   * 16-point temperature control thumbswitch         up jobsite tools and equipment             the most popular and technologically
   * Non-twisting rubber cord                       * Meets OSHA requirements                    advanced EIFS mechanical fastening
   * Handle stays cool while you cut                * AM/FM stereo tuner with 20 FM and          system on the market. The patented
   * For use with groove blades                       10 AM station presets                      "BULLSEYE" closure arms allow easy and
Kit includes: 2-QC Hot Knife, 6” sled with          * Four preset equalizer settings and
                                                      enhanced “BOSCH SOUND”                     efficient backing out of any screw,
guide, 4” straight blade and two pieces of 12”                                                   whenever necessary, saving valuable time
                                                    * Charges 12V-24V BOSCH batteries
flat blade material.                                * Protective aluminum roll cage –            and money.       The WIND-DEVIL 2™
                   45397 Hot Knife Kit - QCKit        Protects unit from a 10-foot drop          fastening system is engineered to be
  March Madness Price $334.99                                                                    utilized in wood, light metal, steel and
                                                                                                 masonry substrates.
45414 Windlock Straight Blade 4” - 2 pkg                              37330 Bosch Jobsite
                                                                     POWERBOX™ CD/FM
   March Madness Price $22.99                                                      Stereo                   45309 WIND-DEVIL 2" PLATE
45416 Windlock Straight Blade 6” - 2 pkg                              March Madness                                      1000 PIECES
   March Madness Price $25.99                                          Price $199.99               March Madness Price $54.99

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