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									General Manager's Report                                                               Council Meeting
                                                                                        24 March 2010

General Manager’s Report


ITEM NO.                                         ITEM                                             PAGE NO.

   1.       2010-2011 Management Plan Community Consultation
            Meetings .................................................................................... GM - 02
   2.       Vacant Land Guginya Place ...................................................... GM - 09
   3.       Loan Funding For Yass Dam Raising ....................................... GM - 11
   4.       Councillors Questions Without Notice...................................... GM - 13

                                               GM - 1
General Manager's Report                                           Council Meeting
                                                                    24 March 2010
1.     2010-2011 Management Plan Community Consultation
       Reporting Officer – Julie Buckley                           FILE: M.03.00.00


To provide Council with the issues that were raised during the Community Consultation
meetings held in the Local Government area during February and March.


During February and March Community Consultation meetings were held in the Yass
Valley Council Local Government area that provided an opportunity for the community
to raise issues and projects that they would like Council to consider in the formulation
of Council’s Management Plan.

A total of 140 community members attended the Community Consultation meetings.
Listed below are a break-up of numbers in attendance at each meeting together with
Councillors who attended the meetings in the villages.

        VILLAGE              COMMUNITY                    COUNCIL
                              NUMBERS               REPRESENTATION
        Bookham                  4                        Councillors
                                                  Carmody, Frost & Luchetti
                                                    GM, DO, DP & BSM
        Bowning                     11           Councillors Carmody, Frost,
                                                Luchetti, McHarg and Williams
                                                        GM, DO & DP
        Wallaroo                    36           Councillors Carmody, Frost,
                                                    McHarg and Williams
                                                        GM, DO & EO
        Wee Jasper                  14                    GM & BSM
        Yass                        16           Councillors Carmody, Frost,
                                                Luchetti, McGrath, McHarg and
                                                     GM, DP, DO & DC
        Gundaroo                    16           Councillors Burgess & Frost
                                                         GM, DP & EO
        Binalong                    15           Councillors Frost & Luchetti
                                                     GM, DP, DO & DC
        Sutton                      16           Councillors Frost & Needham
                                                    GM, DO, DP & BSM
        Murrumbateman              12            Councillors Frost, Luchetti &
                                                     GM, DP, DO & DC

Abbreviations: GM – General Manager; DO – Director Operations; DP Director
Planning & Environmental Services; DC – Director Corporate & Community Services;
BSM – Business Services Manager; EO – Executive Officer.

                                         GM - 2
General Manager's Report                                            Council Meeting
                                                                     24 March 2010

The issues that were raised at Binalong, Sutton, Wallaroo, Murrumbateman, Wee
Jasper, Yass, Bookham, Bowning and Gundaroo are listed below. Staff are working
through these items and will include capital items in a schedule of projects and
maintenance items will be included as part of the preliminary budget.

These meetings have proven to be a valuable opportunity for dialogue between Council
staff and community in addition to items to be raised for consideration by Council in the
upcoming management plan.


Considerations in 2010/2011 budget estimates.




That the information be noted.

1     Noxious weeds eradication – Council to raise at next SSNPA meeting
2     Request for urgent repairs to washout on Sutton Grange Road
      Burrinjuck Road – Cooinda entry: investigate drainage; winter – black ice
3     problem; 500m up road towards Fairview – investigate drainage (currently
      water flows across road after rains)
4     Request that rubbish be cleaned up from some properties in the village
5     Request for a garbage bin to be reinstated at Burrinjuck Road turnoff
6     Linemarking on Burrinjuck Road needs to be remarked
7     Support from Council if Gun Club relocate to Linbrook Reserve

     Investigate bindies on school side of bridge along footpath and grass growing
     over footpath
     Cemetery landscape plan – natives to be planted (community willing to help
     with planting etc)
3    Urgent priority – disabled toilet at Hall
4    Street trees (bottle brush) – Bowning Road/Montem Street near Roll-on-In Cafe
5    Landscape plan around main street
6    Investigate condition of footpath from Hotel to Bridge
     Consultation suggestions – school newsletter; notice in shop; combine with
     Hall Committee ‘meet & greet’.

                                        GM - 3
General Manager's Report                                             Council Meeting
                                                                      24 March 2010

    Concern over the safety of cyclists using Wallaroo Road (mornings on
1 weekends). More cyclists using road - investigate as to whether cyclists are part
    of a club.
    Investigate safety, security & dumping of rubbish on Parkwood Road (CCTV,
    street lighting ?)
3 Investigate condition of Rochford Road (vision); request for improvement.
4 Police – concern that no station takes responsibility for Wallaroo area.
    Speeding vehicles - request for Police patrols for speeding vehicles on Wallaroo
    Investigate feasibility of recycling of refrigerants from white goods at transfer
7 Consider subsoil drainage for road repairs in the area.
    Linemark double lines on bridge on Wallaroo Road (vehicles overtake on
9 Change venue for future meetings – Wattle Park or Hall Pavilion.
    LEP – Advise Residents Group when LEP on exhibition, provide summary in
    simple language and survey suggested with available LEP options.

                                   WEE JASPER –
1    Bridge Deck – broken boards – advise RTA
     Trees with low overhanging branches – an issue for most roads request for
     urgent investigation of Tumut Road and poplars on bridge approach
     Investigate flattening of batters with grader of Beveridge Place & Williams
     Place to enable verge mowing
4    Weed spraying of Beveridge Place & Williams Place
     Nottingham Dip Culvert – note that Roger Kershaw may have a dozer to assist
     in culvert widening works
     Replace concave mirror on Tumut Road (800mm) – it has been missing for 2
     months – excellent for traffic safety
7    Widen corner on Tumut Road; approx 2.5m from bottom of road
     Wee Jasper Rd – additional delineation (signs/markings)- near segment marker
     Valley Views – confirmed that it was well received; requested an additional 20
     copies at Tavern (shop if open)
     School – numbers down and whatever assistance Council can give would be
11   Table drains on Tumut Road between Wee Jasper village and Oakey Creek
     need clearing out since storm - urgent
12   Monitor Caves Road / Wee Jasper Road intersection give way in village –
     speeding motorists
13   Provide contact details for Uriarra crossing to see when it is closed or not
     (Belconnen Police?)
14   Query as to when missing link 1.8kms section of Wee Jasper Road will be
     completed (2010/11?)
15   Fairlight Road in poor condition and needs grading
16   Arrange for grading of Mountain Creek Road (in front of ‘Fairbank South”)
17   Contact RFS to arrange clearing of fire trails near Corridigbee (north west area)

                                        GM - 4
General Manager's Report                                           Council Meeting
                                                                    24 March 2010

                                  WEE JASPER –
18   Develop maintenance plan for replacement of guttering, ridge capping and
     downpipes on Community Hall (eastern side)
19   Request for trimming of trees around tennis court (pine trees) and two trees
     near Recreation Ground Fire Shed
20   Provide information to Community Hall Committee regarding Council
     Community Facilities Grants
21   Arrange for trimming of claret ash tree on Wee Jasper Road (entry to Yass)
     50kph sign – sign obstructed
22   Investigate road condition and culvert (blocked?) on Mountain Creek cutting
23   Contact Parks & Wildlife Ranger about visitors being responsible for removing
     their own rubbish – suggest signage be erected

1    Footpath continuation from Pollux St to Irvine Square
2    Request vacuum be used instead of blower in cleaning main street
3    Investigate shrubs blocking vision at give way sign at Amaroo and Weemilah
4    Alcohol free zone signage – additional signs
5    Trim shrubs at Coronation Park to ensure that Toilet signs are visible
6    Good Hope Road - 1.8km blind corner, rough LH bend beyond
7    Rough Streets - Shaw St, Church
8    Mount St - O’Brien St to Hovell St - poor road condition
     Crossing Comur St is difficult – investigate midblock crossing between Meehan
     & Lead Sts
10   Speed in Comur St a concern – especially near Rossi Street
11   Weed spraying at Joe O’Connor Park – cat’s heads
12   Investigate additional rubbish bins - Joe O’Connor Park, Skate Park
13   Request for pedestrian path from Ford St to Flat Rock crossing
14   Heated Swimming Pool
15   What is life span of current pool – pool doesn’t meet current standards; other
     clubs may refuse to swim at Yass ( lack of wet deck; non-compliant starting
16   Maintenance and seating around pool area
17   Condition of access to disabled carpark at pool
18   Safety at entrance to and from pool from Laidlaw St
19   Need for Bus Stop to be constructed at Cnr Discovery Dr and Cooks Hill Rd
     (Waterworks side)
20   Incentives for businesses to improve their presentation and stay open longer to
     attract people to the main street
21   Council consider purchasing Commercial Hotel to develop as new Chambers
     and offices
22   Rubbish at Service Centre, install bins at exit?
23   Consider sullage dump point for caravans to attract them into town

                                       GM - 5
General Manager's Report                                             Council Meeting
                                                                      24 March 2010

1 Cork Street pathway – repair surface with crushed granite
    Arrange for map of village numbering to be sent to Community Association
    and place copy at shop and Wine Bar
    Hall Committee to provide estimate required for upgrading works at Hall for
4 Request for funding of a 15 year tree strategy for Gundaroo Park
5 Arrange for Streetscape plan to be placed at shop
6 Investigate drainage in Lot St – washing road away
7 Dairy Creek Road – clay sections need resheeting (investigate)
    Concern regarding safety of pine trees on private properties close to Council
    roads (Dairy Creek Road – Sutton Road)
9 Rubbish being thrown over front tip fence – check after new fence erected
    Concern regarding safety of pushbikes on Sutton Rd – need to widen crests &
    curves- provide sufficient width on shoulders
11 Causeway flooded at Sutton (McLaughlins Creek) - raise level when
    reconstructed (flooded 3 times in past 15 years)
12 Investigate street light near Catholic Church (suggested that there used to be a
    light here)
13 Concern safety vehicles/pedestrians out the front of the School (Lot St) –
    investigate alternatives to slow traffic – Road Safety Officer to liaise with
14 Request to continue footpath along Rosamel Street
15 Concern at speeding vehicles in David Street
16 Investigate options to slow traffic down in Cork St – in conjunction with
    streetscape Plan; arrange for traffic counts (near Rosamel, and between Lot &
    Faithful Sts); contact Police for regular patrols; enquire with RTA for speed
    camera installation
17 Market Gardens – truck loads and unloads from carriageway (mid to late
18 Request for turn lanes or Stops Signs on Federal ramps to Sutton Rd - Contact
19 Develop heritage guideline policy for development within the village

      Pool needs approximately $30,000 – filtration for babies pool, wheelchair
1     access to pool, re-cementing around pool, pool needs repainting, investigate
      leak in main pool (getting worse)
      The pedestrian access ramps in Fitzroy Street are too steep eg Post Office (if
      grade can’t be reduced investigate fixed handrail)
      New footpaths - Queen Street (Fitzroy to Richmond) and bottom of Fitzroy
      Street (from garage down on both sides)
4     Grading of roads in and around the area (eg bottom end of Stephens,
      Garryowen, Grogans)
      Street lighting generally poor throughout the town especially in Richmond,
5     Woolrych & Twynam Streets – (Progress Association to identify priorities) is
      solar an option?
6     Complete Bike Path and continue to the main street up Wellington Street
7     Bus stops along Stephen Street (safety)

                                         GM - 6
General Manager's Report                                         Council Meeting
                                                                  24 March 2010

    Speed and dangerous overtaking a concern along Stephens Street – investigate
    double barrier lines
9 Complete of bitumen sealing of Richmond Street
10 Statue of soldier in Memorial Gardens (RSL?)
11 BBQ at park reported to be out of order
12 Intersections Fitzroy St & Glengarry Rd with Burley Griffin Way are
13 Footbridge at bottom of Stephens Street in disrepair
14 Trees at Queen and Stephens Street blocking visibility (near Police Station)
15 15 Monteagle St – gravel covering hydrant, dying tree should be removed
16 Request for advanced directional sign prior Illalong Rd (eastbound)
17 Mechanics Institute needs air conditioning
18 Elms on Monteagle Street need attention
19 Level rubbish tip as hazard reduction (RFS)
20 Clean up trees and vines Queen Street near Old Royal Guesthouse (Fire truck
    visibility) (RFS)
21 Hydrants filling up with silt (eg 31 Queen St)
22 Clean up of, and access to, vacant lots on Mylora St, near St Patricks,
    Dickinson St (RFS)

    Bywong/Victoria Street intersection - give way priorities. Vehicles heading
    North or turning right fail to give way.
    Bywong/Victoria Street intersection. Northern side – table drain culvert needs
3 Upgrade Guise Street East of Moorong to a sealed surface.
4 Crown Land West of Moorong Street (behind fire shed). Proposal to create
    community parkland. Also weed issue (patersons curse, serrated tussock, St
    Johns Wort).
5 Blackberry infestation in Creek behind hall.
6 Sutton Road near “Sutton Engineering” water ponding on road after heavy rain.
    Old shop corner – public toilet sign directing people towards Rec. Ground.
7 Confusing for visitors. Suggest additional sign at Sutton Road/Majura Lane
    General untidiness of Camp Street/Victoria Street intersection. Investigate
    landscaping options
    Curve sign on Camp Street heading North towards butchers should be T-
9 intersection. Also sign on Sutton Road approaching Sutton near crossing
    should indicate which is the major road.
    Temporary traffic islands at Victoria/Bywong Street intersection need

                                      GM - 7
General Manager's Report                                           Council Meeting
                                                                    24 March 2010

1 Request for notice of regular updates of proposed works in the area.
    Field Day Traffic Management requires improvement (suggestion to separate in
    and out roads).
3 Lobby RTA for a slip lane on Barton Highway/Murrumbateman Road corner.
4 Provide safer pedestrian and horse access at Barton Highway/Murrumbateman
    Road intersection.
5 Implement Recreation Grounds Master Plan (RGMP).
6 Secure tenure of land to allow development of RGMP.
7 RGMP Priority 1 - develop multipurpose indoor facility.
    RGMP Priority 2 - develop additional sporting area to separate horse events
    from ball sports.
    Several maintenance issues at Recreation Ground require the development of
    maintenance/upgrade program (especially Oak trees, hall).
    Request for advisory speed signs for speed humps and RRPM’s on South
11 Investigate installation of solar panels on Recreation Hall roof.
12 Improve approach to Jones Park bridge to provide access for wheelchairs from
    carpark to toilets.
13 Increase cycleway maintenance (cracks and weeds).
14 Cycleway/multiuse along Isabel from McIntosh Circuit seen as a priority after
    2009/2010 works.
15 Request for assistance with DA for extension of meeting room (Rec Ground
16 Left turn slip lane into Hillview Drive from Barton Highway required for traffic
17 Acacia Way and McIntosh Circuit intersection – improve left turn; consider slip
    lane / approach barrier / warning signage.
18 Request for horse riding warning signs at the start Acacia Way.
19 Consideration for rural residential estates to be 50kph speed limit (matter to be
    considered on receipt of request from any of the Community Associations)?
20 Guide post maintenance in estates.
21 Barton Highway right hand turn to Euroka Avenue – slip lane is too short,
    safety issues.
22 Safety at Macintosh Circuit and Barton Highway intersection – Right turn onto
    highway dangerous due to traffic volume. Left turn into McIntosh dangerous
    due to short turn lane, lack of warning and speed of traffic.
23 Brick footpath on Hercules Street in front of smash repairs needs repair.
24 East Street – paved footpath opposite entry to shop requires a pram ramp.
25 Lobby for Murrumbateman Bypass to improve road safety.
26 Concern at the lack of action regarding long grass on Crown Land

                                       GM - 8
General Manager's Report                                          Council Meeting
                                                                   24 March 2010
2.     Vacant Land Guginya Place
       Reporting Officer – Darryl Gold                                 FILE: PR1535


To consider the possible purchase of Lot 1 DP 782734.


2.1    Background

Lot 1 DP 782734 as outlined in red on the diagram below has an area of 1.593 Ha. It is
in private ownership and is surrounded by land in public ownership. The land was
Zoned 6(a) (Open Space) on gazettal of the Yass LEP in 1987.

2.2    Request to Purchase

The owner has written to Council suggesting that the land is best held in public
ownership and has sought Council’s response to the request to purchase the land.

2.3    Significance of Land

The land area in question contains a large portion of what the local indigenous
community refer to as the old black’s camp. This site is comprised of a group of hut
platforms/mounds which date to late 1800s. The area was occupied by Aboriginal
people until the early 1900s and huts were constructed of timber and iron. This area is
of high Aboriginal significance and is currently being considered as An Aboriginal
Place listing under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.

                                       GM - 9
General Manager's Report                                               Council Meeting
                                                                        24 March 2010

The land also includes some remnant native grassland which has been identified as an
important site from a conservation perspective by the Department of Environment and
Conservation in 2005. Due to the conservation value of this corridor, Council recently
acquired the area south of this land at no cost as part of the recent Dockery Subdivision.


There is no allowance in the current budget to purchase the land in question and any
purchase would need to be funded from reserve.


There are environmental and public interest issues in the land being held in public


That Item 2 of the General Manager’s Report be classified as CONFIDENTIAL and
considered in the Closed Meeting of Council in accordance with Section 10A(2)(c) of the Local
Government Act as the material it contains information that may confer a commercial
advantage on a person with whom the Council is conducting (or proposes to conduct)

                                         GM - 10
General Manager's Report                                         Council Meeting
                                                                  24 March 2010

3.     Loan Funding for Yass Dam Raising
       Reporting Officer – David Rowe                             FILE: W.02.00.20


Recommending acceptance of the $7.5M loan offer from the State Government.


3.1    Background

Council was advised at the meeting of 25 February 2010 of a 10 year interest free loan
for the amount of $7.5M for the raising of the Yass Dam under the NSW Local
Infrastructure Program. I advised the Department that the loan conditions were
unacceptable to Council as there was no provision to extend the contract due to
unforseen circumstances. The Department has now advised verbally that it has varied
the conditions of the loan to allow for extensions of time related to unforseen
circumstances. A revised loan agreement is expected to be received shortly.

3.2    Loan Agreement

The key elements of the loan are:

      Loan to be accepted by 1 April 2010
      The loan will be provided in a lump sum to Council on the drawdown date
      The loan is required to be repaid in 10 annual instalments of $750,000
      Milestone reports required every 6 months after commencement
      Final report is required to be audited
      Council must indemnify the Crown
      Substantial commencement must be achieved by 30 September 2010
      Project must be completed by 30 March 2012

3.3    Works Program

It is proposed to finalise the design and award tenders for the dam raising by
30 December 2010.

Council does however need to be able to demonstrate substantial physical
commencement of the works by 30 September 2010. To achieve this it is suggested that
Council call tenders for the construction of the Morton Avenue/ Hardwick Lane bridge
over the Yass Dam.

3.4    Discussion

As reported to Council’s meeting of 24 February 2010, the value of the loan to Council
is in the order of $3M to $4M in real terms depending on the borrowing interest rates.

Whilst it is desirable to achieve further financial assistance, it would be prudent to
accept the assistance that is currently on offer.

                                      GM - 11
General Manager's Report                                            Council Meeting
                                                                     24 March 2010


Council will need to consider an increase in water charges for the 2010/11 Management
Plan. In line with earlier modelling the price will need to increase on average $1.50 per
week per consumer.




(a)    That the NSW Local Infrastructure loan of $7.5M for the raising of the dam wall
       be accepted.

(b)    That the Mayor and General Manager be authorised to sign the loan document
       and affix the seal thereto.

(c)    That tenders be prepared and called for the construction of a bridge and
       approaches at Morton Avenue over Yass Dam.

                                       GM - 12
General Manager's Report                                               Council Meeting
                                                                        24 March 2010

4.     Councillors Questions Without Notice
       Reporting Officer - Julie Buckley                                FILE: C.08.00.00

To provide information in reply to Councillors questions without notice.


Councillor Williams            Bicentennial Spillway Walkway           24 February 2010

Asked if the pedestrian walkway across the Bicentennial spillway could be inspected for
significant damage?
RESPONSE                                             Officer:         Director Operations
Remedial works have been programmed.                                  STATUS: On-going

Councillor Burgess             Give Way Sign – Elms Road &             24 February 2010
                               Yass River Road

Asked if Investigations could be undertaken in relation to installing a Give Way sign at Elms
Road & Yass River Road?
RESPONSE                                             Officer:         Director Operations
To be presented to Traffic Committee for consideration on 18 May.     STATUS: On-going


The ‘Council Actions’ were updated and distributed at the beginning of March. Any
queries in relation to these Action Sheets are best forwarded straight to the relevant
Director, however Councillors may wish to raise any particular item in ‘Questions
without Notice’.


That the information be received.

                                         GM - 13

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