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					Rev: 10/15/03
  Item     Guidelines
    1.    All bargaining unit agreements have contractual requirements regarding layoff and injured worker candidates
          which stipulate that they have rights superceding any other claims in filling positions. For the majority of
          bargaining units that determination is made prior to the job request being posted. However, the GGU differs -- if
          a layoff or injured worker becomes available at any time during the posting period for a position, that individual
          may have rights to that position. This means that a check must be done before posting and after the recruitment
          period closes. The Recruitment Unit will perform the preliminary check and alert the hiring manager of the
          existence of a layoff or injured worker candidate. When recruitment closes the manager must send an email to
          the Recruitment Unit requesting that this check be done. The Recruitment Unit will return reply; retain this
          response. This check must be completed prior to contacting anyone for an interview.

    2.     All applicants must first meet minimum qualifications (MQ's) before going any further in the selection process,
           including bargaining unit members, veterans and underutilized applicants. This is the first responsibility of the
           hiring manager and the first step in determining the interview pool. Applicants who fail to meet any part of the
           MQs (educational requirement, experience requirement, etc) must be eliminated from competition and receive no
           further consideration. If you are uncertain whether an applicant qualifies, contact the Recruitment Unit.

    3.     All applicants are required to disclose any felony conviction received at any time, or a misdemeanor conviction in
           the last five years. An applicant possessing a conviction may be interviewed without prior approval of the
           Recruitment Unit.

           If your applicant pool contains no applicants with convictions, you may check N/A. Some Divisions have internal
           policies for criminal conviction and background checks that are more extensive and supercede the instructions
           below. Managers in those divisions must follow internal procedures.

           Only when a direct nexus between the nature of the offense and the work of the position can be shown might a
           conviction be considered a bar to employment. This determination must be made on a position-by-position basis.
           For example, because an individual cannot be hired into a certain clerical position does not mean he/she will be
           barred from competing for other clerical positions.

           If you believe it is inappropriate to interview an applicant due to the nature of the offense call your
           Recruitment Unit contact in the Juneau Human Resource Office for guidance. The determination
           that an applicant’s conviction will be a bar to employment must be made prior to offering an interview,
           not after.

           Applicants with convictions are required to provide documentation of the offense. A copy of the
           judgment for felony convictions, or the required written explanation of a misdemeanor are mandatory, with
           one exception being a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS). For an individual who has been given a
           Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS) and who has completed all terms of probation, whose conviction
           has been expunged, or pardoned, disregard the existence of the conviction. The hiring manager may ask
           for other documentation necessary to determine the nature and relationship of the offense to the work of
           the position, including conditions of probation, suspended imposition of sentence, etc. The applicant
           must provide this explanation and clarifying information before going forward in the selection process or
           the application will be considered non-responsive. WPA does not provide a method to transmit this
           information, so the manager notifies the individual where it should be submitted.

           Once it is determined that the conviction is not a bar to competing for that position, the individual
           proceeds to the next step in the selection process. Remember that any documentation regarding a
           conviction is confidential. Only those with a business reason to know may review the information
           (e.g. the hiring manager, his/her superior, Recruitment Unit), and it may only be used for the purpose of
           making a hiring decision for that specific position.

Orig: 6/25/01
    4.     AS 39.25.159 (a) and (c) requires that qualified veterans having 10 veterans’ preference points will be offered an
           interview for all open competitive vacancies (vacancies for All Alaska Residents). This preference does not
           extend to All Department Employee or All State Employee recruitments. “Qualified” means meets the
           minimum qualifications. WPA automatically identifies 10 point veterans.

    5.     AS 39.25.159 (a) and (c) requires that qualified veterans having 5 veterans’ preference points will receive
           consideration for all open competitive vacancies. This preference does not extend to All Department Employee
           or All State Employee recruitments. “Qualified” means meets the minimum qualifications. “Consideration”
           requires review of the veteran’s work history and education as described in the applicant profile and JQS to gain
           enough knowledge of the veteran’s background in relation to the job to be able to determine whether the person
           should be given further consideration. If the hiring manager wishes to offer a qualified veteran an interview the
           manager may do so. However, offering an interview is not required as it is for a 10 point veteran.

 6,7& 8.   The GGU contract requires that the 5 most qualified bargaining unit members must be offered an opportunity to
           interview. SSU requires all members are offered an interview. “Qualified” means meets minimum
           qualifications. If the applicant pool contains fewer than 5, all must be offered an interview. If the number of
           qualified bargaining unit members exceeds 5, evaluate all qualified bargaining unit members to determine the 5
           most qualified (GGU). This provision extends to all types of recruitments.

    9.     Bargaining unit contracts allow only state employees with permanent status to apply for these recruitments.
           Retain this documentation with your records. If an applicant indicates in their profile or JQS that they have
           probationary or nonpermanent status, you cannot consider them. If in doubt about the permanent status of any
           applicant contact the Recruitment Unit for assistance.

  10-11.   It is Department of Health and Social Services policy that all qualified underutilized applicants will receive
           consideration. “Qualified” means meets minimum qualifications. “Consideration” requires review of the
           applicant’s work history and education as described in the applicant profile and JQS to gain enough knowledge of
           the applicant’s background in relation to the job to be able to determine whether the person should be given
           further consideration and an opportunity to interview. Any qualified underutilized applicant may be offered an
           opportunity to interview.

   12.     Candidates must read and sign the form at the time of the interview. The form must be kept on file along with all
           of your recruitment documents for 3 years. The original signed form must be sent with all the hiring paperwork for
           your approved appointee's. The Applicant Certification form can be found in this workbook.
                                                        Applicant Certification Form

   13.     It is highly recommended that work references be checked, at minimum, for the proposed appointee. Reference
           checks should be performed prior to requesting legal hire approval. Although some employers policies restrict
           them from commenting on a former employee's performance, you can still confirm the dates, titles, duties, and
           responsibilities. Some DHSS divisions have internal policies regarding background and reference checks.
           Managers in those divisions must follow internal procedures.

   14.     If a proposed appointee is related to an employee of DHSS, a nepotism waiver must be completed. Applicants
           identify relations in the State Employment Status section of the JQS. The manager submits a completed
           nepotism waiver to the HR office for approval by the Commissioner. Approval is required for all hires including
           initial appointments, promotions, transfers and rehires. Click Nepotism Waiver Form to pull up the form.
                                                          Nepotism Waiver Form

   15.     If you are unsure of what dispo comments are acceptable, please contact the Recruitment Unit in Human

Orig: 6/25/01
   16.     Duplicate applicants can be easily identified and noted by simply selecting the "Duplicate Application" option from
           the drop down menu.

   17.     Identify your proposed appointee by using the "Appointed to Position" point-&-click comment from the "Disposition
           of Applicant" drop-down menu. If dispoing a multiple-PCN list, you must designate each candidate to a specific

   18.     Each applicant not meeting the MQ's must have a dispo comment that clearly explains what experience or
           education was lacking.

   19.     Yes responses to DQ questions that require specific experience or education must be documented in each
           applicant's profile and/or JQS. If a candidate was interviewed whose responses were not supported in the profile
           or JQS, please explain. Information used to determine the candidate's suitability for the position must be based
           on documentation provided by the applicant and retained.

   20.     Advance step placements must be approved prior to appointment. First the manager receives legal hire approval
           of the appointment; then the advanced step may be requested. The requested step must be approved by the HR
           Office prior to the appointee's first day of work. Advanced step placement cannot be approved retroactively. This
           process starts with the hiring manager filling out the necessary paperwork (please see form) and submitting to the
           Recruitment Unit in HR for a determination. Please refer to P&P 806.
                                                            Advance Step Worksheet

The manager must document the criteria used to determine which candidates will be interviewed. For example, "must have
answered yes to DQ #s 1-5, 10 and have 1 year of direct-service experience within the last 5 years".
If the proposed appointee is not the highest-scoring candidate at the conclusion of your selection process, please explain

Orig: 6/25/01
Orig: 6/25/01
Orig: 6/25/01
Orig: 6/25/01
              STATE OF ALASKA
               Department of Health and Social Services

                                Applicant Certification

I certify that the information I have provided during the application process for
_________________________________(job class) is true and complete. I understand that if I
deliberately conceal or provide false information during this process I may be removed from the
applicant pool for this vacancy, prohibited from applying for future vacancies, or removed from
my job. I also understand that the information obtained during the application process may be
released in an authorized legal investigation; and that for the purpose of this certification, a
photocopy of facsimile of my original signature shall have the same force and effect as my
original signature. I agree that the State of Alaska, or its agents, may contact current or former
employers or other persons who know me in order to obtain additional information or to verify
the information I have provided.

_____________________________                                 ___________________________
Signature                                                     Date

_____________________________                                 ___________________________
Printed Name                                                  Social Security Number
(Attach copies of all Applicant Profile, JQS, final dispo comments, recruitment bulletin, and the scoring
mechanism/worksheet used)
Appointee:                            Reqested Range/Step:
Date of Hire:                         Job Class:
     Applicant's Name                  Rank         Education and Experience Summary

Minimum Qualifications (per class specifications):

Analysis (comparison showing appointee's education and/or experience substantially exceeds minimum
qualifications for job class and other candidates ranked the same or higher. Indicate how the exceptional
qualifications will be of particular benefit in performing the duties described in the PD for the above PCN):

Hiring Authority Printed Name                                  Printed Position Title

Hiring Authority Signature                                                    Date

Following Section Completed by Personnel Only


Approved [ ] Step:                                             Disapproved [ ]

Kimberley King, Human Resources Manager                                             Date
                           PCN #
                           Job Class Title
                           Your Name

1) Have you attended the Workplace Alaska for Hiring Managers class?                        Yes   No

2) Once you learned that you had a vacancy did you check the Position Description (PD) to   Yes   No
   ensure it was updated to reflect the duties of the position?

3) If needing update, did you submit the updated PD to Human Resources?                     Yes   No

4) Did you get the approval from your Division Director to post the position?               Yes   No

5) Have you completed the Job Request on the internet?                                      Yes   No

6) Once you completed the Job Request, did you put it in "Open" status?                     Yes   No

7) Did you email Human Resources that your request is ready for review?                     Yes   No
                             STATE OF ALASKA
                               Department of Health and Social Services
                              FRANK H. MURKOWSKI, GOVERNOR

                                                            Request For Nepotism Waiver
A. In accordance with 2 AAC 07.950(c), authority is requested to appoint the individual listed below to the
   indicated position.
                                                                                   NEW EMPLOYEE
Name (Last, First, MI)                                                                                       Division/Section

Location                                      Class Title                                                                                   PCN

The following current employee's of this Department (or agency) are related to the above individual by blood or marriage within the
second degree of kindred. As provide by 2 AAC 999(37) "second degree of kindred" means a father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister,
grandfather, grandmother, grandson, or granddaughter, in a full, half or step relationship.

                                                                               CURRENT EMPLOYEE
Name (Last, First, MI)                                                        Relationship                   Division/Section

Location                                      Class Title                                                                                   PCN

Name (Last, First, MI)                                                        Relationship                   Division/Section

Location                                      Class Title                                                                                   PCN

               Each employee listed above is supervised by different supervisor?                           [ ] Yes                If no, request may not be approved.
Comments by the requesting Appointing Authority: I certify that there will not be a direct supervisory relationship between the named individual and the current employee's listed

Signature of Appointing Authority                                             Printed Name                                                  Date

B. In accordance with 2 AAC 07.950(c) your request is recommended for approval by ________________________, DHSS
Human Resources Manager.

*Note that approval is for this specified position only. Any change in status/position will require a new approval.
 Any change in duties which creates a direct supervisory relationship voids this approval.

            Approved*                 Not Approved

Commissioner's Signature:                                                                                                       Date:

           rev: 4/26/02
                   STATE OF ALASKA
                    Department of Health and Social Services
                  FRANK H. MURKOWSKI, GOVERNOR

                                                    Residency Affidavit
  Under Personnel Rules, Alaskan residents receive preference in employment with the State of Alaska. Alaskan
 residence for purposes of employment preference shall be established when a person is domiciled in the State of

Domicile is defined as:


I have read and understand the above definition of Alaskan residence and domicile. I certify that my domicile is currently
within the state of Alaska, that I established such domicile on__________________, and that Alaska is my true and permanent

           Print Name                                                 Social Security Number

           Current Address                                            State of Alaska Address (if different)

           If you are currently out of Alaska, please indicate the reason for the absence.

           What date do you plan to return? _______________________

           Do you have a current driver's license?
           State _______ License Number___________ Date Issued ___________Exp. Date________


                                                (FOR OFFICE USE ONLY)
Requested by/return to:________________________________________________________________________________

1. Please List your addresses for the past five years, giving dates of residence at each.
2. If you served as a member of the armed forces during the past five years, please complete the following:
                                                                                      Residence Upon Entry         Residence Upon
              Service                   Location             From       To                                           Separation

(A copy of form DD-2058 may be required)

3. Educational Background. Addresses of schools attended within the past five years.

                                                                                            Did you claim Alaskan residency for non-
                                                                       Dates Attended      resident tuition purposes? (Proof from your
          Name & Address of School            Part-time   Full-time    From       To                 school may be required).

4. Are you a registered voter?
   If yes, please complete the following:
         State               ________________________
         Voter Registration No.________________________
   Have you voted absentee during the past four years?

5. Do you have an Alaska hunting or fishing license?
   If yes, please complete the following:
         Date of Issue       ________________________
         Number of years and months listed as resident_________________

                        Division:                                                    PCN(s):
                       Job Class:                                          Supervisors Name:
                 Recruitment ID:                                        Date Submitted to HR:

      1) All Bargaining Units: When the posting period for this recruitment ended, did you
         check with the Recruitment Unit to ensure no layoff or injured worker candidates had become         Yes   N/A

         become available for this job class during the posting period?

      2) Did you review each Applicant Profile and Job Qualification Summary (JQS)
                                                                                                             Yes   No
         to ensure the minimum qualifications (MQ's) were met?

      3) Did you get prior approval from HR on your decision NOT to interview                                Yes   N/A
         any applicant with a conviction?
                                                                                                             Yes   N/A
      4) Did you offer the opportunity to interview all 10-point veterans who met MQ's?

      5) Did you consider all 5 point veterans who met MQ's?                                                 Yes   N/A

      6) GGU positions only: If you had 5 or fewer bargaining unit members who met the                       Yes   N/A
         MQ's, did you interview all of them?

      7) GGU positions only: If you had more than 5 bargaining unit member who met the                       Yes   N/A
         MQ's, did you interview the 5 most qualified?
       8) SSU Positions only: For all recruitments, did you offer the opportunity to interview to at least   Yes   N/A
          5 permanent SSU members?
      9) All State Employee/Department Employee recruitments only: Have you confirmed                        Yes   N/A
         with HR all applicants who meet MQ's are permanent employees (required!)?

     10) Did you consider all underutilized applicant in each underutilized group?                           Yes    N/A

     11) Is your proposed appointee an underutilized candidate?                                              Yes    No

     12) Did all interviewed candidates sign the Applicant Certification attesting to the                    Yes    No
         accuracy of the information provided in the Applicant Profile/JQS?
                                   Applicant Certification Form

Rev:1/24/02,#3 Guide, Add #11
     13) Checking references is required; did you check references for the                                           Yes    No
         proposed appointee's?

     14) If proposed appointee(s) is currently or formaly employed by the State, did you have HR                     Yes    No
         review the personnel file?
     15) Is the proposed appointee's related to anyone employed at Health and Social
                                                                                                                     Yes    No
         **If so, you must have a nepotism waiver approved prior to making the job offer**
                                       Nepotism Waiver Form                                                          Yes    No

     16) Have point-&-click and Managers' Dispo Comments been entered for all applicants?
                                                                                                                     Yes    N/A

     17) Have duplicate applications been dispoed using the "Duplicate Application"
                                                                                                                      Yes   No

     18) Has your proposed appointee's been dispoed using the "Appointed to Position"
         point-&-click?                                                                                              Yes    N/A

     19) For each applicant not meeting the MQ's, did you explain what experience or
         education the applicant lacked in the Managers' Dispo Comments?                                              Yes   No

     20) Did you ensure that the applicants responses to the Desired Qualification (DQ)
         questions were supported in the Applicant Profile and JQS?                                                  Yes    N/A

     21) If selected candidate is new to the State system or accepted a lower level position in different class series,
         have you informed the candidate that the hire will be at Step "A" unless approval is obtained for higher
         placement prior to hire date?
                                   Advance Step Worksheet

         If after reviewing an applicants JQS and Profile, and you have reasonable doubt the applicant
         is a State of Alaska resident for an in state recruitment, please send the applicant a Residency
         Affidavit and submit to the Recruitment Unit for a determination.
                                   Residency Affidavit
         Explain below the specific criteria you used for offering an interview. ( required! )

         COMMENTS (Please explain below any "No" answers or relevant information about your recruitment)

Rev:1/24/02,#3 Guide, Add #11