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									Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT

Speaking - 2

WORD                  KOREAN    DEFINITION
Jewish         adj    유대교의      following or related to the religion of Judaism

hardship       n      곤란, 고충    a difficulty

hope           v      소망하다      to want or expect something

cultural       adj    문화의       relating to arts or other intellectual activity

specific       adj    명확한       precise; exact

endure         v                to tolerate something
overcome       v      극복하다      to conquer or defeat a problem

accomplish     v      성취하다      to achieve something

authentic      adj    진정한       real

                                an    organized    network        of    routes    for
bus system     n      버스 시스템
                                transportation by bus
enough         adj    충분한       as much as is needed; adequate
                                a specific location where a bus stops to pick up
bus stop       n      버스 정류장
                                and let off passengers
                                a place of residence situated with other similar
apartment      n      아파트
                                units in a larger building
route          n      길; 항로     a road, way, or path that is traveled

                      더   이상
no longer                    not now; not anymore
                             the state of being caused bother, trouble, or
inconvenience n       불편
repair         v      고치다       to fix or mend; to restore to a good condition

expensive      adj    값비싼       highly priced; costly

Unit 2
career         n      직업        a long-term job

salary         n      봉급; 급료    the amount of money paid to a worker
rent           n      집세        the payment to live in a home
emotional      adj   감정적인       affected by feelings

sufficient     adj   충분한        enough

ensure         v                to make sure
creative       adj   창조적인       new and original

satisfy        v     만족시키다 to fulfill a need
duty           n     의무         a responsibility
stainless steel n    스테인리스 a type of metal that does not rust

curve          n     곡선         a line that gradually bends like part of a circle

                     (정치적.사     an effort by a large group of people to try to
movement       n
                     회적) 운동     change something
sunburst       n     강렬한 햇살 a burst of sunlight
                     기술의,       requiring specialized knowledge         or   ability,
technical      adj
                     전문(적)인     especially in math or science
diverse        adj   가지의,       made up of many differing parts
worldwide      adj   세계적인       all over the world

                     내부,   실내 the inside of a building, especially the way it is
interior       n
                     장식       decorated
disposal       n     처분의 자유 the power to use something

Unit 3
invention      n     발명         something new that is created

plastic        n     플라스틱       a synthetic material
depend         v     …에         to rely on somebody or something
journey        n     여행         a trip somewhere

profound       adj              great
traditional    adj   전통의        relating to an old custom or belief
versatile      adj   다능한,       having many uses
superior       n     뛰어난        better than others

crucial        n     중요한        important

shame          n     유감 된 일     an unfortunate incident
innocent      adj    결백한   not guilty
                     내쫓다,  to officially force someone to leave a school or
expel         v
                     면직시키다 an organization
                           to remove or eject someone from a program or
kick out      v      쫓아내다
                           a place
                     …에게 죄를 to claim that someone has done something,
accuse        v      추궁하다,
                            usually bad

policy        n      정책         a standard agreed way of doing something

                                the act of copying another person's work and
plagiarism    n      표절
                                claiming it as your own
deceive       v      속이다        to trick

                     달갑지 않은
resort        v             to choose an unfavorable option

Unit 4
respect       v                 to admire and value someone else

wisdom        n      지혜, 지식     accumulated knowledge from life experience

lead          v      지도하다,  to guide someone
rid           v      (…으로부터 to free yourself of something
                     ) 자유롭게
diligent      adj    근면한        hard-working

neglect       v      무시하다       to ignore someone or something

                                the giving of one's free time, money, or goods
charity       n      자선; 봉사
                                to people who need help
welfare       n      복지         well-being

simultaneously adv   동시에        at the same time

carnivore     n      육식 동물      an animal (or plant) that eats animals

                     홱  잡다,
snap          v             to close quickly
juice         n      즙, 주스      a liquid that comes from a plant

digest        v      소화하다       to process food
                    (어떤        something that         has   a   big   influence   on
factor        n     현상의)
                               something else
                    요인, 원인
deficient     adj   부족한        inadequate; not enough

                    일련, 연속, a group of similar things that come one after the
series        n
                    시리즈     other
stimulate     v     자극하다       to cause a physical response
emit          v     등을)     to send or give out something

Unit 5
                               a day to celebrate a special person or even,
holiday       n     휴일
                               often connected to religion
celebration   n                an event to show happiness about something
                               to speak to a god in order to ask for help or to
pray          v     기도하다
                               give thanks
war           n     전쟁         a long armed fight between groups or countries

ceremony      n     의식         a ritual for a formal occasion
religion      n     종교         a set of beliefs based on faith

national      adj   국가적인       associated with a country

honor         v     공경하다       to respect

resist        v                to refuse to give in
picnic        n     소풍         a meal had outdoors often in a park
hold          v                to host an event (past participle = held)
gymnasium     n     체육관        a building or room designed for playing sports

honestly      adv   정직하게       in an honest manner

voucher       n     상품권        a written certificate exchangeable for goods

attendance    n     출석; 참가     the act of being at an event

essential     adj   필수적인       necessary
impose        v     강요하다       to put on someone by authority
protest       v     항의하다       to express objection

Unit 6

perhaps       adv   아마         maybe
opera          n     오페라          a style of singing

scenery        n     풍경           landscape or natural surroundings

surf           v     서핑을 하다 to ride the waves using a board

architecture   n     건축           building design or style

fluent         adj   유창한          to be able to speak a language with ease

immigrate      v     이주하다         to move and settle in a new country

informal       adj   을  따지지 unofficial; relaxed; casual

reside         v     거주하다         to live somewhere

molten         adj   녹은           in a hot, thick, liquid state

seabed         n     해저           the ground at the bottom of the sea
                                  a place where a particular activity frequently or
hotspot        n     환락가
                                  easily takes place
                     잠자는     (것
dormant        adj                temporarily inactive, as if sleeping
matter         n     물질           a substance or material of a certain kind

explode        v     폭발하다         to blow up, burst, or shatter

climactic      adj   절정의          extremely exciting or decisive

hazardous      adj   위험한          very dangerous

repeatedly     adv   되풀이하여 again and again

Unit 7
act            v     행동하다         to do something

souvenir       n     기념품          something bought to remember a place

lonely         adj   쓸쓸한          feeling alone or isolated

homesick       adj   향수병의         longing to be at a home

tour           n     관광여행         a trip visiting several places

guide          n     안내자          a person who leads tourists

impulse        n     충동           a sudden urge
appropriate    adj   적절한        fitting or suitable

investigate    v     조사하다       to take a look; to examine

frustrated     adj   좌절한        feeling discouraged or disappointed

quarter        n     4분의1       one fourth of something
syllabus       n                an outline for a course
                     요목, 대요
quit           v     그만두다       to stop or give something up

anthropology   n     인류학        the study of human beings
passion        n     열정         a powerful feeling or desire
qualify        v     통과하다,  to show necessary ability in a preliminary contest
                     자격을 얻다

coach          n     코치,        a person who teaches a sport
absence        n     결석         failure to attend

Unit 8
keen           adj   열중한     eager or enthusiastic
                     흐트러뜨리 to take someone's attention away from what he or
distract       v     다, 딴 데로 she is doing
                             the work and planning needed before starting
preparation    n     준비
unclear        adj           not understandable; confusing
extend         v     늘이다     to make longer
anticipate     v     예상하다       to expect or look forward to something

inevitably     adv   불가피하게 happening without chance of avoiding it

curriculum     n     교과과정       the subjects or topics taught in a class
regret         v     후회하다       to feel sorry for a past act
brilliant      adj              exceptionally smart
                                someone who investigates when something wrong
detective      n     탐정
                                something that helps us to understand or solve a
clue           n     실마리
                                someone who shares an activity with another
partner        n     동료

analyze        v     분석하다       to study something closely

vague          adj              not clear in meaning
predict        v     예언하다       to say what will happen; to guess
                      관련시키다, to show how something or someone                     is
implicate       v
                      연루시키다 connected to something or someone else
                      계획, 음모,
scheme          n             a secret plan, usually to commit some crime

Unit 9
favorable       adj   호의적인       approving; advantageous

surround        n     주위         to be in the space around someone or something

location        n     위치         the position or place where something is

absolutely      adv          emphatically true; without a doubt
prominent       adj              well-known; distinguished
hesitate        v     주저하다       to delay briefly because of fear or doubt
focal point     n     주의 등의) the center of attention
equip           v             to provide with things that are needed
                      갖추어 주다

likewise        adv   마찬가지로 in the same way; also

renovate        v     등을     to change or improve a building/room
                      새롭게 하다

opposition      n     반대         an opposite idea or feeling; resistance

advisor         n     충고자        a person who gives help or advice

beneficial      adj   유익한        advantageous; helpful

interact        v            to communicate or act with others
                      서로 영향을

resident        n     거주자        a person living in a certain place

justification   n     정당화        a reason for doing something

occupy          v     차지하다       to be in a space
hence          adv    그러므로       for this reason; therefore

Unit 10
direct         adv    직접의        without interfering people, factors, or influences
proud          adj    여기는,       feeling pleased, satisfied, and happy
enrich         v                 to make better
sculpture      n      조각(물)      a three-dimensional piece of art

whereas        conj   …에 반하여 in contrast; on the other hand

societal       adj    사회의        for society

grand          adj               impressive; wonderful
                      위엄 있는
temporary      adj    일시적인       not lasting for a long time

tourism        n      관광 사업      the industry of people traveling for pleasure

                             a fight between two groups, especially between
combat         n      전투, 투쟁
                             an emergency service that rescues people in
coastguard     n      연안 경비대
                             difficulties at sea
                             the condition of being free from control by
independence n        독립
                             another person, organization, or state
                      동맹한,   joined in alliance with other nations, people, or
allied         adj
                      연합한    groups
                             the combined bodies of land, sea, and air troops
armed forces   n      군대
                             of a country
voluntary      adj    자발적인       acting by choice rather than by external pressure

                                 the protection of something, especially from
defense        n      방어
                                 attack by another
                      시민(공민)<    relating to what happens within a state or
civil          adj
                      으로서>의      between different groups of citizens
                      해외(로부터     across or beyond sea, especially in another
overseas       n
                      )의         country

Unit 11
member         n                 a person in a group
rarely         adv    드물게        almost never

extremely      adv    극단적으로 very
continue       v      계속하다       to keep going
controversy        n     논쟁         a widespread disagreement on a difficult topic

enthusiastic       adj   열렬한        showing excitement or interest

instruct           v                to tell someone to do something
                                    something that encourages someone to do
incentive          n     격려, 자극
                         (생각 등을)
dismiss            v     버리다,    to refuse to consider something
boss               n     사장, 주임     the person who supervises or pays employees

double             v     두   배로 twice the amount
skip               v     건너뛰다,  to miss; to be absent; to not attend
requirement        n     필요물        something that is necessary

sociology          n     사회학        the study of human society
journal            n     간행물,    a book or magazine published for studies
shift              n     교체, 교대, a period of work
accumulation       n     축적         continual growth or addition

                                    a contribution of money or something valuable
investment         n     투자
                                    to get eventual returns

Unit 12
et cetera (etc.)                    more examples; and so forth; and others

give in            v            to accept demands
                         을 그만두다
fit in             v                to conform well with surroundings
certainly          adv   확실히        without doubt

actions            n     행동         things that somebody does

overwhelm          v     압도하다       to affect someone's emotions in a complete way

vocabulary         n     어휘         the words of a language

attribute          v           to think something is caused by something else
observe      v     관찰하다     to notice something by watching

jungle       n     밀림, 정글   a tropical forest

shriek       n              a loud high-pitched sound or scream
                   소리, 비명
meaning      n     의미       what something means or signifies
                            a plant made of wood that is much shorter than
bush         n     관목
                            a tree
territory    n     영토       land or area
oral         adj         of the mouth
caution      v     경고하다, to warn
apparent     adj   명백한      clearly understood

evaluation   n     평가       an assessment of the value of something
SAMPLE SENTENCE1                                          SYNONYM        ANTONYM

Israel is the only Jewish country in the world.           Hebrew

During wars, people experience many terrible hardships . burden          prosperity

All parents hope that their children have happy lives.    dream          pessimism

There are many cultural differences between Asians and
Many people like math more than history because math
                                                          particular     general
always has a specific answer.
Soldiers taken during the war often have to endure a
                                                          withstand      quit
lot of pain.
Helen Keller was able to overcome being deaf and
blind, and eventually learned to communicate.
In 1969, the United States accomplished its goal of
                                                          achieve        fail
putting a man on the moon.
It can sometimes be difficult to see if a painting is
                                                          genuine        fake
authentic or fake.
Some cities have no subways so people have to use the
bus system .
Students often do not have enough money to pay for
                                                          adequate       inadequate
expensive things.
It is helpful to have a bus stop near one's house.
In an apartment building, there are many residential
                                                       flat              mansion
When a road is closed, people have to take a different
route .
People no longer believe that the world is flat.
It is an inconvenience for the main road to be closed.    nuisance       convenience

Repairing a car often costs a lot of money.               fix            break

Buying a brand-new computer is expensive.                 dear           cheap

University students often think it is difficult to choose a
career .
Doctors earn a much higher salary than teachers.            income
Rent in big cities is much higher than in small cities
because there isn't as much space.
Parents are often very emotional when they watch their
                                                            passionate    cold
children graduate.
Millions of poor people in Africa do not have a
                                                            adequate      insufficient
sufficient amount of food.
Being friendly with others will ensure that you are never
Most people think that artists and singers are creative
                                                            imaginative   uncreative
Even though a Mercedes Benz is expensive, its owner is
                                                            please        dissatisfy
usually satisfied with the car.
It is the judge's duty to always be fair and honest.        task
Stainless steel is used to make cutlery because it does
not rust.
When driving around hills, there could be more than
                                                            arch          straight line
one curve in the road.
Art Deco was a popular design movement of the 1920s. campaign

When the Sun first comes up in the morning, you can
see a sunburst .
When something electrical breaks, it is often because of
                                                         mechanical       untechnical
a technical fault.
A city where people from very different places live
                                                         assorted         alike
would be called culturally diverse .
If a movie is popular all over the world, someone could
                                                        global            local
say it was successful worldwide .
When people move into an old house, they often want
                                                        inside            exterior
to change the interior design.
If a person buys a box of candy bars, it could be said
that they have a lot of them at their disposal .

The invention of penicillin helped save many people's
People used to use feathers for pens; now, almost all
pens are plastic.

Your taste in music often depends on your personality. contingent

Magellan was the first person to journey around the
Mohandas Gandhi had a profound impact on many
                                                       intense            superficial
people including Martin Luther King Jr.
Many people in Asia prefer traditional medicine rather
                                                       accustomed         new
than modern Western medicine.

Duct tape is so versatile ; You can use it to fix anything. adaptable     unadjustable

Paying more for clothes usually means that you get
                                                     better               inferior
superior quality and design.
To be successful in business, it is crucial that you
                                                     important            unimportant
provide good service.
It is a shame when natural disasters happen.         disgrace             pride
At a trial, a person is found guilty or innocent .      righteous        guilty
Students who break a school's rules may be expelled .   discharge        admit

Some parents kick out their children when they finish
                                                      discharge          welcome
You shouldn't accuse someone of a crime if you don't
                                                     blame               vindicate
have any proof.

What is your country's policy on capital punishment?    tactics

Plagiarism is a big problem in man universities.        literary theft

Children often deceive their parents when they want
                                                    trick                enlighten

It's unfortunate when people have to resort to stealing
to get food.

During the Cold War, both the US and Soviet Union had
                                                      admire             disrespect
to respect each other because they each had bombs.

Young people usually don't have much wisdom .           intelligence     ignorance

Genghis Khan died leading his army to war.              command          follow

In 1979, doctors were able to rid the world of small
                                                     abolish             preserve
pox, a very deadly disease.

Diligent students usually get good grades.              conscientious    lazy
People who neglect their health usually feel sick more
                                                       disregard         cherish
often than people who take care of themselves.

People often feel good after helping out a charity .    donation

Parents must always care for the welfare of their
To play the piano, you must use your right and left
                                                        concurrently     separately
hands simultaneously .
Tyrannosaurus Rex was the most ferocious carnivore of
                                                        meat-eater       herbivore
all time.
You must be careful when using a mousetrap that it
doesn't snap your fingers.
It is smart to drink the juice from coconuts if you
cannot find water.
People often say to wait an hour before going
swimming to let your food digest .
Not exercising is a main factor        in people being
When a person is sleep deficient , it is very difficult for
                                                            inadequate   ample
them to concentrate and stay awake.
A series of words together make a sentence.                sequence

Restaurants often give bread to customers before the
meal to stimulate their appetite.

The Sun emits rays of sunshine.                            give off      absorb

Many people do not have to work on a national
                                                                   work day
holiday .
After winning the World Cup in 2006, Italy had a huge commemoratio
celebration .                                         n
Every year, millions of Muslims go to Mecca in Saudi
Arabia to pray .
Germany and France have gone to war many times.            conflict      peace
Every country has different wedding ceremonies .           celebration
Many people follow the rules of their religion very
                                                           belief        atheism
The BBC is the national TV channel for the United
                                                           interstate    international
It is common to honor great people by naming a street
                                                           respect       contempt
in a city after them.
                                                                         be susceptible
Taking medicine helps the body resist some diseases.       withstand
Summer is a great time for a picnic at the beach.      outdoor meal
Every four years, the Olympics are held in a different
School sports are done in a gymnasium .                    arena

Friendships are more successful when people speak without
honestly with one another.                        pretence
A meal voucher can be traded in for food in a cafeteria. coupon

Perfect attendance is one of the ways to ensure that
                                                     presence            absence
you are learning the most you can in the classroom.
Having a passport is essential when traveling.             vital         inessential
Parents often impose curfews on teenagers.                 dictate
Many people protest by carrying signs on the street.       complain      support

Perhaps the air would be cleaner if we didn’t have cars,
but it would take a long time to get where we want to possibly
Pavarotti is one of the most famous names in opera .                         rock

Forest scenery in the fall is absolutely beautiful with all
of the leaves.
Hawaii is one of the best places to surf in the world.

The architecture of Paris's Louvre Museum mixed both           building
old and new styles.                                            design
Most people who work in the United Nations are fluent
                                                               articulate    inarticulate
in at least two languages.
The Potato Famine from 1845 to 1851 caused many
                                                               migrate       deport
Irish to immigrate to other countries.
ESL students rarely get opportunities to practice
                                                               casual        formal
informal English.

Recently, many rich Russian businessmen have chosen
                                                    live in                  visit
to reside in England rather than live in Russia.
When metals like steel are made very hot, they turn to
                                                               smelted       solidified
liquid. They become molten .
When a ship on the sea sinks, it will do so until it finally
                                                               ocean floor
hits the seabed .
A very popular nightclub or restaurant could be called a
social hotspot .
A volcano that has not erupted for a long time is called
                                                               inactive      active
dormant .
Matter is the term used to describe any substance or
When a firework or rocket is set on fire, it will explode.     blow up       implode

In a movie, the most important part at the end is
                                                  exciting      unexciting
usually climactic .
Many household chemicals can be hazardous to our
                                                  dangerous     safe
health if consumed.
When someone goes to the same store again and
                                                  over and over seldom
again, they go repeatedly .

Puppies often act badly. They must learn how to be
Many people bring back souvenirs for their friends from
their vacations.
People who move to a new city without any friends can
                                                               forlorn       sociable
often feel lonely .
If you live in a foreign country for a long time, you may
become homesick .
Sometimes tours can be a cheaper way to travel than
going by yourself.
A guide can usually tell you lots of good information
that many books don't tell you.
Children often find it hard to control their impulses .        drive
When you go to work, you should wear clothes that are
                                                           suitable       inappropriate
appropriate for the job.
Detectives always investigate an area when something
bad happens.
When things don't work properly, people can become
                                                           disappointed   encouraged
frustrated quickly.
Three months is a quarter of a year.                       a fourth
It's important to read the syllabus carefully when you
start a new class.
When something becomes difficult, you shouldn't quit .     resign         apply

Anthropology is the study of humans.                       sociology
It is important to have a passion for what you do.         dedication     indifference

It is very difficult to qualify for the Olympic Games.     prepare        disqualify

Every sports team needs a coach .                          instructor     player
In a small class, teachers notice every absence .          no show        presence

Children are often keen to play games.                     enthusiastic   reluctant
Loud students often distract other students who are trying
                                                           confuse        focus
to study.
Often people read about where they are going in
preparation for going on vacation.
Even now, doctors are still unclear about exactly how
                                                           ambiguous      explicit
the brain works.
People in jail rarely want to extend their time.           lengthen       reduce
Telephone companies did not anticipate how popular
                                                           expect         doubt
text messaging would be.
Eating healthier foods inevitably leads to stronger,
                                                           naturally      possibly
healthier people.
Every university has its own unique curriculum .           syllabus
Older people sometimes regret that they did not do
                                                           lament         applaud
something when they were younger.
Leonardo Ad Vinci was a brilliant artist, sculptor, and
                                                           intelligent    unintelligent
After a crime occurs, a detective usually comes to find
out what happened.
Fingerprints are one of the first clues that police look
for at a crime scene.
It is much easier to row a canoe with a partner than
                                                           associate      competition
doing it by yourself.
School teaches children to analyze a problem and then
                                                           examine        overlook
figure out how to solve that problem.
Many people think that politicians give vague answers
                                                           ambiguous      detailed
to difficult questions.
Fortune-tellers say that they can predict the future.      guess
The criminal was implicated in a crime.                   accuse

The mafia is involved in many schemes to make money. plan

A favorable review in a newspaper can often help a new
                                                          approving     disagreeable
restaurant do well.
With fruit, we usually eat the part that surrounds the
Pirate maps usually show the location of a great
Wayne Gretzky is considered to be absolutely the best
                                                          certainly     questionably
hockey player of all time.
Many prominent scientists like Einstein, Bohr, and Fermi
                                                         conspicuous    inconspicuous
have won the Nobel Prize.
Many parents hesitate to let their children drive a car
                                                         be reluctant   eager
for the first time.
During the 1960s Pele was the focal point of the
Brazilian soccer team's offense.

Rich countries are much better equipped to deal with
                                                     gear up            unprepared
disasters than poor ones.

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Spain sent
sailors around the world to claim new land. Likewise similarly
                                                       ,                opposite
Portugal also took a lot of land.

Many people renovate after buying a house.                refurbish

There is a lot of opposition to an idea in a debate.      antagonism    support

If you don't know what course to take, you should
speak to an advisor .
Learning English can be very beneficial .                 advantageous harmful

When learning a new language you should interact with
native speakers.

Students living in a dormitory are residents of the
                                                    dwellers            outsiders
A heart attack can be a justification for an operation.   reason

It is annoying when all parking spaces are occupied .     engage        free
Radiation is dangerous. Hence , we protect ourselves
from it.

Doing homework usually has a direct effect on a
                                                undeviated                  indirect
person's grade in a class.
Most people feel incredibly proud after graduating from
                                                        pleased             ashamed

Milk is often enriched with other things to make it even
                                                         improve            deprive
Michelangelo's 'David' is one of the most famous
sculptures in the world.
American Thanksgiving is celebrated in November,
whereas Korean Thanksgiving is usually celebrated in even though
The government needs to take care of societal needs.

A grand buffet usually has too much food to choose
                                                              impressive    unimpressive
Not eating for a day or two is only a temporary way to
                                                              impermanent   permanent
lost weight.
Greece makes more money from tourism than anything
When two groups fight against each other, they go into
                                                              battle        peace
combat .
Search and rescue at sea is one of the main jobs of the
Coast Guard .
When a state or area in a country becomes its own
                                                              freedom       dependence
country, it gains independence .
The winning side in World War II were the allied forces.      united        unallied
In some countries, citizens must serve in the armed
forces for a certain amount of time.
Some people like to do voluntary work, like serving
                                                    willing                 involuntary
food to homeless people.
Hundreds of years ago, castles were built with very high
                                                         protection         offense
walls as a form of defense from enemies.
Civil war can occur when the citizens of a country fight
over what they believe is right.
In the military, soldiers often have to leave their families to
                                                                abroad      interstate
serve overseas .

It is often difficult and expensive to become a member
of a country club.
Large animals like deer and lions are rarely seen in big
                                                              seldom        frequently
People who win the lottery are extremely lucky.               greatly       moderately
People often choose to continue learning by going to
                                                              persist       discontinue
graduate school after finishing university.
In the 1976 Olympics, two African-American runners
created a lot of controversy when they chose to wear debate                unanimity
black gloves while they received their medals.
People are becoming more and more enthusiastic
                                                         interested        unenthusiastic
about skateboarding.
Parents always instruct their children to be polite when
they have company.
Businesses often give money as an incentive for people
                                                         stimulant         deterrent
to work harder.
Before the 1920s, women's ideas were often dismissed
                                                     send away             welcome
because men thought that they were smarter.

You should always be respectful of your boss .              manager        employee

Most people would like to double their income.              multiply       decrease

It's best not to skip classes.                              omit           attend
A high TOEFL score is a requirement              at many
Sociology is the study of people and their societies.       culture

Doctoral students often have their essays published in a
journal .

Nurses usually have to do shift work.                       period
In the Arctic, there is a large accumulation of snow each
                                                          gathering        dispersal
Good investments can earn people a lot of money.            contribution

When moving to a new home, you have to pack your
                                                       and so forth
clothes, clean you house, move your things, et cetera.

After years of fighting, Protestants and Catholics finally
                                                           concede         hold out
gave in and agreed to peace.
Westerners with blonde hair and blue eyes often do not
fit in when traveling through Asia.
All parents certainly want their children to grow up to
                                                            undoubtedly    doubtfully
be successful.
The actions that you take today can have a big effect
on tomorrow.
Basketball players often overwhelm people with their
Using big vocabulary when you speak can make you
sound smart.
Many people attribute pizza to Italy, but it was actually
                                                            associate      disassociate
first made by Italians living in New York.
Many tourists love going to Africa to observe all the
                                                      watch             overlook
wild animals.
Tigers are one of the most scary animals in the jungle .   wilderness

It is common for people to shriek when they are
                                                   screech              whisper
Many people wonder what the meaning of life is.    signification
Blueberries grow on bushes , while bananas grow on
Russia has more territory than any country in the world. zone
Many language tests now require an oral test to make
                                                     spoken             written
sure that people can speak the language well.
Teachers and parents always caution students about
                                                   warn                 dare
From a very young age, it was very apparent that
                                                 clear                  unlikely
Mozart would become a brilliant musician.
Good bosses receive good comments on employee
evaluations .

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